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World Phone Card: another questionable calling card reseller

Warning: do not buy from World Phone Card if you need to make a call with a calling card.

I bought a calling card from world phone card ( ) this morning. I paid $20 for a 'WPC Long Call Phone Card' with my credit card.

They have local access numbers and an 800 number (which costs an extra 1c per minute of calling time).

Right now, 45 minutes after the purchase, when I try to use the card, their computer says 'You do not have sufficient funds to make this call'.

I tried both the 800 number and a local number. A call to support of the card explained me (after 25 minutes on hold!) that the reseller (worldphonecard) has to transfer the money into the phone card account. This seems to take quite a while.

I have bought calling cards from other web sites and the card was available instantly after purchase. If you plan to use your calling card instantly, forget about

I will update this article as the situation progresses.

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