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These comments comes actually from Russia!

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2009-01-23, 00:51:24
anonymous from United States  
2009-01-23, 04:49:19
anonymous from United Kingdom  

Dear good friend, This is about your fund in Central Bank Of Nigeria

I know that you might be surprise on this mail, but I am telling you the truth. I know that it is against my official duty to release confidential issue like this to an outsider. There is nothing I can do to help you beside this; I am taking this bold step because of my belief as a Christian.

What I want to tell you is about your fund with the Federal Government of Nigeria, there are a lot forces working against you right from the last CBN Governor Chief Joseph Sanusi and the current Governor Prof. Charles Soludo, even some othe bank officials here, they have been frustrating you by demanding upfront payment from you constantly, If I tell you that they are using all these money you sent to them to work against you, you might not believe it. But it is reality.

There is a way I can assist you get your fund without you paying any charges to get your fund, it is risk but one have to take it, I have assisted one woman from Mexico with it, it worked out though her fund was US$2.5m. What you have to do is to open another bank account any where, if you can open it in another place, it will be nice, but what you have to bear in mind is that you have to retransfer the fund to another account immediately you confirmed the fund in your account, I know why I want it this way.

If you want me to go ahead, let me know as soon as you get this mail, if I make the transfer on this week, it might be next year January that they will find out and by then, you have retransferred the fund into another account.

Get back to me as soon as you get this mail through this my private e-mail address only for security reasons ( ) so that I will be in better position to know what to do,you are also to re-confirm your contract/inheritance amount to enable cross check if it is inline with what we have in our file.

Remember,you are advise to reply only through this email address:

Dr. Mrs. Veronica Amadi

2009-01-24, 09:24:13
anonymous from United States  

Head Officae : LG House, 250 Bath Road,
Slough, Berkshire, SL1 4DX
United Kingdom.


Winning Ticket : CN6327932,
Raffle Draw Winning Email:()
Date: 24/01/2009

Congratulations, we the staffs of LG congratulate you as one of the lucky winners on this year LG E-MAIL PROMO. Your E-mail has been selected as our lucky winners and has won for you the sum of £700,000.00 GBP (Seven Hundred Thousand Great British Pounds) This is to promote and encourage the use of LG PRODUCTS around the world. I am Mr. James Keegan (Esq) your claims officer and i am in receipt of your recent email regarding the claim of the just concluded LG Promotion.Your application for claim of winning prize is under process and full settlement will be made upon certification of your details.

All winners for the online version were selected randomly by the Lg Electronics Balloting System without the winner applying from World Wide Web sites through computer draw system. LG collects all the E MAIL ID of the people that subscribes to yahoomail, msn, hotmail, aol, and others.

This is a promotional draw which officially launches the new system. With funds accrued exclusively from previous draws,payouts to all winners are guaranteed and will be transferred in record time. This correspondence officially confirms that we are in receipt of instructions relating to the payment of your winnings. Please complete the form below with correct information and email back to us with a return email . Looking forward to your swift respons




*BENEFICIARY'S NAME :_____________________________________

*Residential Address:_________________________________________
*SEX:_____________________________________________________ __

*MARITAL STATUS:_________________________________________

*MOBILE NUMBER:__________________________________________

*WINNING No:______________________________________________

*NEXT OF KIN: ____________________________________________

The options to receive your winnings are:
1. CASH PICK UP: You can come down in person to collect your funds here in the UK (CASH). You will be required to present a valid International Passport as proof of Identification amongst other documentation which will be required if you choose this option

2. CASHIERS CHEQUE: This is In consonance with our policy in this regard, be advised that if you opt for the cashiers cheque, you will be referred to our affiliate financial Institution that you can make enquiries concerning modalities. That is to say if you opt for cashiers cheque you are to notify this office that we may forward your check per your request to the issuing bank.



Congratulations once again..

Phone: +44-704- 571-1167
Fiduciary Agent for Lg Promotion
Sweepstakes International Program

Copyright 2008 LG All righreserved
This e-mail is intended only for the above addressee. It may contain
privileged information. If you are not the addressee you must not
copy, distribute, disclose or use any of the information in it. If
you have received it in error please delete it and immediately not.
2009-01-24, 15:23:59   (updated: 2009-01-24, 15:25:57)
anonymous from United Kingdom  

My Name Is Henry J. Tingwei,

I have a serious big business to propose to you, i was a successfull Businessman until a few
Years ago, when i had some business problems, which with your help we can be able to sort out.

This business to gross 23 million, 400 hundred Thousand American Money.

I want you to help me receive this fund, Rest assured I can make this transaction work perfectly and safely for us you understand,
and with your co-operation for the success of this business I offer to you a good percentage of the fund as your share.

If interested pls contact to me as soonest your convenience at my e-mail:

I give you all necessary information on this business and how we make it work .

I expect your reply and my response be swift. Thanking you much now.

Reply soon.

Henry J. Tingwei (END)


2009-01-25, 06:34:41
anonymous from United Kingdom  
ACTUAL REPLY FROM: Dr. Mrs. Veronica Amadi - see 2009-01-23, 04:49:19 above

'Thanks for your mail ; the content therein is well understood. Yes i will help you get your fund but if anyother person is contacting you on this then that person is a scammer because i knew so well that the big names in our bank does not want you to receive your fund so there is nothing like anybody trying to help you out,instead they will demand so many money from you to use and work against you, at the end of the day you will not get a dine.

I cannot tell you that I am not aware of what is going on in the Central bank of Nigeria where i work, if I said so, it is the lie of the century, and that was what prompted me to leak the whole thing to you in my last mail to you.

You might not believe it but it is 100% truth, the main purpose of the Governor (Prof. Charles Soludo) and cohorts that all they are doing is to divert your fund to another account, they first want to frustrate you and along the line, you will abandon the fund and they will have easy transfer without any opposition from any quarter that is why they keep on demanding money from you. Let me tell you they are working against you towards this your fund transfer.

I put myself in your position as a fellow human being, how will I feel if I am the one going through what you are passing through in the hands of my people, please what I need from you is TOP SECRECY AND TRUST, let the rest on how to transfer the fund successfully into your account be my responsibility. But with the help of his personal secretary, As I told you that I will make an arrangement with Soludo’s personal secretary a woman of our type for her to help us achieve aim. I have discussed that with her and she has agreed to help us bring out all your transfer documents and any papers regards to your payment.

You have to reconfirm your account informations to me and thereafter will credit your fund into your account and you will re-transfer it to another account immediately you confirmed it. About the documents that will back up the transfer, I will make them available for you, you have to give me a copy of your ID card and current contact address where I will send the original transfer documents by FedEx or DHL immediately the transfer is made if you cannot come down to Nigeria to sign them.

I have also made arrangement with one of our Legal Attorney, who will help us go to the Federal High Court, Abuja to get the neccessary documents that will back up the transfer of your fund to your nominated bank account, His name is Barrister Morris Darlington, when the time comes i will let you know.

I have explained you of myself that I am happily married to Dr. Joseph Amadi, he is a medical Doctor here in Nigeria, and I have five kids, three boys and two girls. The attached is my staff Identifications card for you to know whom you are dealing with and also it serves as a base of assurance to you that this very transaction will be completed as planed since you abide and follow my advice.

Finally, you will open a new zero [account without money or less than $30] account where you will re-transfer the fund immediately you have confirm your fund to your account this is to avoid tracing after the transfer has been made.

God bless.

Dr. Mrs. Veronica Amadi

2009-01-25, 09:48:49
anonymous from Argentina  

De: Mr. Walter Grant (
Enviado: viernes, 23 de enero de 2009 11:06:37 p.m.

British LOTTERY Online AWARD DEPARTMENT.P.o Box 1010, Liverpool L70 1NL,UNITED KINGDOMRef: FR/9420X/05Batch: 074/05/ZY369 WINNING NOTIFICATION: We happily announce to you the draw (#978) of the British LOTTERY, on-line program held on This day of January, 2009. Your e-mail attached to ticket number: 5647560054-188 with Serial number 5368/02 jackpot lotto winners drew the lucky numbers:(-02-06-21-34-35-49-(46-) 'bonus no 46.that won' you the lottery in the 2ND category i.e.:match-5 plus bonus. You have therefore been approved to claim a total sum of Ј500,000 (Five hundred Thousand pounds sterling) in cash reedited file KUT/9023118308/03 in a total sum of Ј76,300,000 (seventy Six Million Three hundred Thousand pounds Sterling) lotto jackpot shared amongst the first sixty(60) lucky winners in this edition. This promotion takes place weekly.Your Ј500,000 (Five hundred Thousand pounds sterling) would be released to you by our payment office in Europe; our agent will immediately process the release of your funds as soon as you contact him: Name: Mr. Eddie WengerE-mail: edwenger01955@yahoo.cnTel: +44 7035950163 You are also required to send him yourpersonal information. in this wayNAME:..................................................AGE:.....................................................SEX:......................................................ADDRESS:............................................EMAIL:.................................................TEL.:.....................................................FAX:.....................................................OCCUPATION:........................................COUNTRY:............................................. Yours Sincerely.Mr. Walter GrantBritish LOTTERY AWARD DEPARTMENTP.o Box 1010, Liverpool L70 1NL,United Kingdom.

2009-01-25, 09:51:07
anonymous from Argentina  
Contact Via E-mail {}‏
Enviado: jueves, 22 de enero de 2009 06:55:26 p.m.

You have a bank draft of $78,000.00 USD, which await the outstanding payment of $275USD.Contact the TNT courier company for claims with your information. Contact person Mr. West Oduduwa,Email:

2009-01-25, 09:57:54
anonymous from Argentina  
De: Mr.Dave Hammett (
Enviado: domingo, 18 de enero de 2009 10:09:45 p.m.

From: The Desk of Mr. David Hammett.The Personal Account officer.Diamond Bank Plc[DBNPLC].Reply to: My Dear Friend, I am Mr.David Hammett, accountant for foreign bill of exchange operation department of the Diamond Bank Plc(DBNPLC)here in Nigeria.I am writing you due to the following and impressive information about you through an internet geneological research. In my department,we discovered along term deposited fund of{$18.Million} Eighteen Million,United States Dollars in an account which belongs to a foriegn Deceased customer,who died alongside with his family in a auto crash on April 21st 2004 in Lagos-Nigeria. The management have been expecting his next of kin to come over for his claim as the huge fund can not be release unless somebody applies for it legally as the beneficiary/next of kin to the deceased/fund as indicated in our banking guideline.Unfortunately all efforts to locate the next of kin to the deceased by the bank management proved abortive.Now as the personal accountant to the deceased,after much official enquiry/verification through the deposit files of the deceased, I was able to realise that his supposed next of kin died along side with his (WIFE) in the auto crash on April 21st 2004. I will like to present you to the bank as the bonafide next of kin to the late deceased since you bear the same last name with the deceased so that this fund can be transfered to your bank account as the bonafide beneficiary to the fund. The banking law and guideline act 00.02 of the foreign beneficiary fund release stipulates that if such fund remain unclaimed after the exsisting period of four years,as the fund shall be automatically transfered into the national treasury account as unclaimed bill.As the personal accountant to the deceased, I therefore decide to make business with you by releasing the fund {$18.Million} Eighteen Million United States Dollars (interest included)to you as the next of kin to the deceased for safe keeping of the fund/subsequent disbursement as I do not want the fund to be transfered into the national treasury as unclaimed fund. Note :This transaction is 100% risk free as I have all required information/documents which shall aid the total accomplishment of this fund into your personal account as the beneficiary to the deceased.Upon the confirmation of your positive response,I shall send to you by fax/mail the commencement step,full information of the bank and that of the deceased for instant inception of this transaction,I will prefer if you contact me on my private email Sincerely Mr.David HammettPersonal Account OfficerDiamond Bank Plc [DBNPLC]. Disclaimer: This electronic message may contain information that isProprietary, Confidential, or legally privileged or protected. Itis intended only for the use of the individual(s) and entity namedin the message. If you are not an intended recipient of thismessage, please notify the sender immediately and delete thematerial from your computer. Do not deliver, distribute or copythis message and do not disclose its contents or take any action inreliance on the information it contains.

2009-01-26, 04:59:00 from Soko Banja, Serbia  
I recived a message from UK mational lottery which sais that i won 500 000 uk pounds. It sais that the money is in the bank in Nigeria. would you please help me to find out the thruth?

2009-01-26, 07:40:26
anonymous from United Kingdom  
2009-01-26, 07:43:20   (updated: 2009-01-26, 07:45:31)
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Here's some more crap below, from SCAMMERS!

'My Dearest friend,

I am happy to inform you that I have suceeded in transferring the fifteen mill
ion United States Dollars to bank of Italy with the assitance of a Paraguay fr
iend, whom based on agreement received 25% of the entire money for his financi
al involvement.

Present I have relocate to South Korea to establish the eletronic company proj
ect with my own share as I have earlier proposed. Nevertheless, I cannot forge
t you, especially your honest effort, though it did not yield positive fruit,
but I still appreciate it, thanks you very much, meanwhile I have a surprise p
ackage for you.

Contact my secretary in Africa and his name is Dossou Michel with the followin
g address:

Name ; Mr Dossou Michel
Email ;
Tel ; +229-93694372

You should also send him your full information such as the follow;Your full na
me Your address Home/Office number.I have intructed him to direct you on how y
ou would receive the sum of $1,500,000.00 United States Dollars in internation
al bank draft which I set out for your compensation.

please I want you to accept it in good faith. I really appreciate all you did
and I pray that we would meet someday, but right now I too busy for some time,
you know what I mean, so feel free and get in touched with Dossou Michel.

I remain your bossom friend,
Mr SmiKoffi

チワワの 画マイニチ更新中!「どうも、マイニチワ!」


2009-01-27, 08:48:26
anonymous from United Kingdom  
2009-01-27, 15:43:18
anonymous from Brazil  


4C,Shield Road, Ashford, Middlesex, TW15 1AU,

London. United Kingdom.


Dear Customer,

Welcome to GLADSTONE ONLINE COURIER SERVICES, This organisation is hereby inform you that the British Lottery Department have sent your winning package to us to enable us deliver it to you in person in your Country.

Therefore, we are in possession of your certified cheque worth Two Million And Five Hundred Thousand Great British Pounds ( £2.500,000.00) and other winning documents which is to be couriered to you in person at your door step through our dispatch office.

Meanwhile, you are to please confirm your alternative mailing address which you have sent to us to enable us dispatch your parcel to your door step which the lottery department has handed over to us by your lottery promotion processing agent and your package shall be released as soon as you pay for your Registration charges which they have already informed you in the lottery dept.

AT GLADSTONE COURIER SERVICE, our goal and mission is to provide quality logistical solutions which exceed our expectations at a competitive price. Our aim of providing global excellence in transportation is provided by our staff members and worldwide suppliers who are here to serve your requirements through to the next century.

Gladstone Couriers is a global air cargo wholesales, and has an exclusive network of international agents ensuring complete logistical support for all international cargo requirements.

In U.K, Gladstone Couriers is headquartered in London and has coast-to-coast representation to permit direct and economical flights or by other transportation means.

This delivery parcel for greater protection has also been insured in accordance with delivery regulations under unlimited liability. This comprehensive cash in transit insures for your consignment and has been arranged (for effective and fast customs clearance).

Order number for Lottery prize parcel: (ORDER NUMBER:CRC/002244765).You will be asked to give your order number before signing for any document at the arrival of your parcel at your assigned destination.

Note: You are hereby advised to keep your order number confidential as this company will not be liable for any uncertainty whatsoever bearing the misconduct on the path of the customer.

Prices quoted indicate the Air Express services available from our ofice to your destination. The actual availability of services is determined by destination area code or city name, and subject to commodity and value restrictions for dutiable delivery.

Whosoever must present the delivery official identification card regarding to the above names mentioned,will be given a tracking number to monitor your goods online.You can now begin the final step of the claims process, which is the transfer of your cash prize to you. With regards to this, find below option open to you.

This e-mail sent to you is to inform you that the Verification Dept at the headquarters of the BRITISH NATIONAL LOTTERY AWARD has officially cleared you for payment.

The original copy of your certificate together with covering documents (Money Laundering protection and Letter of Affidavit for Claim) from the British government stating that the money was obtained legally through a registered lottery programme(BRITISH LOTTERY PROMOTIONS).

In this regards you are therefore required to use this most convenient option for non-residents below:

Gladstone Mail special delivery
Max Delivery Duration 42hrs
Mailing /freight cost £99.5
Fuel Surcharge £ 76.01
Insurance £190.00
Vat(5%) £105.00
TOTAL £470.06GBP.

Meanwhile,delivery of your parcel commences after the payment of the registration of the parcel have be confirmed by the accountant,because it will be use for all the documentation exercise,so that we will be authorised to delivered your Package to you in person and its due to 9/11 incident because of this issue parcel most be registered with your name as the winner and as soon as this is done your package will be send to you via Route Nine.

We want to inform you to act fast so that we can complete the registration of your winning before the deadline because our agent that is assigned to your Parcel will be in your doorstep within 72hrs because of this we want to use this opportunity to delivered your package to you in person at your doorstep as soon as your registration fees is confirmed.

We sincerely hope the above information is helpful to you and We would like to thank you for giving us this opportunity to serve your needs and Please, call us as soon as you confirm this mail for further action.

Should you have any further queries, feel free to write or call us.

Please, keep your information of your winnings to avoid double claim.

Until we hear from you again take care!

Your Friendly Customer Care Service.

Mr. Williams Peterson,
TEL: +447045703834.


2009-01-28, 14:38:26
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Found some!


2009-01-28, 20:28:55
anonymous from Chile  
Dear Lucky Winner,

We are pleased to inform you of the final announcement that you are one of
our winners of the UNITED KINGDOM NATIONAL LOTTERY international Lottery
programs.The online cyber lotto draws was conducted from an exclusive list
of 21,000 e-mail addresses of individual and corporate bodies picked by an
advanced automated random computer search from the internet,no tickets were

After this automated computer ballot, your e-mail address emerged as one of
three winners in the category \\\\\\\\\\\\\\'A\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' with the
following winning information:You have therefore been approved to claim a
totalsum of £1,000,000,00 (One million pounds sterling).

REF No: UK/9420X2/68/OSY
BATCH No: 074/05/ZY369/OSY

To file for your claim, Contact the processing Consultant:
Contact the processing Consultant:
Contact Person : Mr.kelvin Brown
Contact Number :+447031942741
Email :
Email :

Do fill out the claims form to Mr.kelvin Brown, in other to process the
claims of your prize without delay.


1.FULL NAMES:________
5.MARITAL STATUS:_________
7.E-MAIL ADDRESS:_________________
8.TELEPHONE NUMBER:___________
9.AMOUNT WON:______________
11.STATE _______

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