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CareerBuilder Job Scam - payment processing


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The following is in reference to, an online jobs board, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.

CareerBuilder Job Scam

I posted my resume on; I was solicited by a potential employer affiliated with CareerBuilder, Niamax Limited. The email was sent on CareerBuilder letterhead, as are many emails I receive from the CareerBuilder site. The soliciting company's website is; this company is listed as doing business in the United Kingdom.

After expressing my interest with their company, I was emailed a legal document (employment contract) to email or fax back to them. The employer then conducted a preliminary "background check" on me and offered me a job. I agreed to work part-time for them as an independent contractor, processing payments from their customers in the United States. I was instructed that I needed to process these payments through Wells Fargo Bank, and would need to obtain a Wells Fargo Bank account if I currently didn't own one.

I accepted two payments (online transfers) into my Wells Fargo Bank account from two other Wells Fargo Bank customers that were supposedly Niamax customers. I was instructed to send the bulk of each payment to a specified business associate, after subtracting my 6% commission, and the Western Union transfer fee. I sent both payments to business associates in Athens, Greece by Western Union; both payments were picked up same day. One man's name was Cornet Deglos, the other was Cleys Mercken.

Wells Fargo Bank has now reversed the initial online customer transfers into my account, stating the transactions were unauthorized (hacked from the accounts of other Wells Fargo Bank customers). I am now responsible for the gross amount ($1977.30) of both unauthorized transactions into my account because I withdrew the money and sent it on, as instructed by my employer, Niamax Limited.

Wells Fargo Bank is not interested in discussing the fact that their system was breached by a hacker, or the fact that I only processed the payments. I asked Wells Fargo Bank why holds were not placed on these online transfers into a NEW account, but they gave no answers, and didn't provide me with an explanation.

Additionally, I notified CareerBuilder's Integrity Team regarding their affiliation with this employer. The representative stated CareerBuilder can't screen all employers utilizing their website, and that I should have read their fraud disclaimer, which is obscurely located in fine print on their website.


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2006-03-31, 22:11:30 from United States  
They contacted me as well using a Career Builder formatted job post. When I received the contract I noted that it was written well. However, the text the author hadwritten to expain the nuances of the contract was pathetic. Extremely poor grasp of the English language,definition of words, sentence structure, etc. While reading the text, I noted that if Iread their tewxt out load it sounded very much like an individual from the Middle East souinds when they still are learning to speak English. This struck me as odd seeing as how the cpompany was supposedly headquartered in the UK and the e-mail appeared to have originated in the UK. If this was true, why would a legitimate British company allow a foreign employee to write an explanation and clarification of a contract written in perfect English? Seems like something was rottenin the originatorslocation and true identity.
What sealed the deal for me was when I sent the information back neglecting to attach thje completed contract. I thought that I would hearfrom the company inm the morning as they began their business day 6 hoursprior to my location in Houston. When nI sent the e-mail w/o the attachment, I received a response in less than one minute. (Those Brits must work all night long). The text reply I received is copied below:

There is no attachments to this email.
Please send it again.
Thank You anticipated

I respoonded that I felt uncomfortable sending bank account numbers toi a company/individual that I did not know or fully trust. Again, a response witin less than a minute. This time a little harsher. see below:

WE WONT need any of your private information, such as
SSN, Mother Maiden Name or anything. WE do not want
you to believe that this is a trick in order to get
your personal banking information or credit card
information. We are just trying to get along and
extend our services and this is why we need someone
who can take care of this thing!

In order to start working together you`ll have to
send us an email with the following information:

-Name exactly as it appears on your account(first
name and last name)
-Account number
-Bank routing number
-Branch number
-Your branch address and phone number

Thank You anticipated

I responded by copyimng the letter above explaining the individuals bad experience when he/she signed on as an employee of Niamax Pharma Ltd. I incluced my textat the top which stated:

This is why I was uncomfortable sending you bank account numbers, Moron!

Funny, that was over 3 houurs ago and no response as of yet. I guess the Brits finally went home to grab some sleep!
2006-04-08, 12:11:38
anonymous from United States  
2006-04-09, 08:05:02 from United States  
Ya know, I try to think of myself as at least smart enough to figure things out...I just sent the second payment via western union. I called Wells Fargo and told them what I was doing before I did it and they just told me if someone uses my account without my knowledge to let them know....great. I cannot afford this.
2006-04-28, 20:43:27
anonymous from United States  
the same thing happened to me... only the names were boryn wynen and the other was voet paling.... they were both sent and picked up in athens, greece
2006-04-29, 14:01:08 from United States  
We All need to team up and get this resolved. Please e-mail me and let's get together. Thanks
2006-05-02, 20:01:52
anonymous from United States  
I am suppose to get my first donation tommorrow, from Diara Foundation at, from Brain Torres, I guess after hearing from all of guys, I certainly will back out of it. Thank you guys!!!
2006-05-09, 08:15:46
anonymous from United States  
Brain emailed me today wanting me to get started with his 'charity' company. We all need to contact the FBI or someone and have this guy put under a jail!!!!
2006-05-09, 13:19:43 from United States  
lets do it then.. email me
2006-05-17, 15:50:16
anonymous from United States  
This post saved me a lot of money. I emailed Wells Fargo and offered to help them catch these guys biut got no response. I have gotten 3 similar types of this scam.

I also emailed career builder and got a boiler plate response.

2006-05-19, 18:34:32
anonymous from United States  
2006-06-13, 17:05:58 from United States  
I am the most recent victim of this scam, but not its last as Wells Fargo refuses to help me either. I had exactly the same thing happening. A. careerbuilder needs to make it tougher for employers to view resumes. That might help to weed out the scum. B. Wells Fargo needs to beef up security or take responsibility for their lack of security.We should have Internet security work with interpol and get some results, but they wont listen to a few whiny Americans who have to pay back a couple thousand dollars.
2006-06-18, 10:58:06 from United States  
I check back to this site frequently... i am willing to help catch these guys if anyone has any ideas
2006-06-19, 15:04:27 from United States  
I do not..I need help with Wells Fargo..they are being horrible...I have no idea how to catch them, maybe we need to yell louder so Wells Fargo will take notice..maybe WE should try contacting the FDIC ourselves??
2006-06-22, 20:14:02
anonymous from United States this site claims to be the central reporting agency for federal and state agencies on internet fraud. It works with the FBI. Might be worth a try!
2006-06-23, 12:29:24 from United States  
THANK YOU.. I will give it a try
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