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United States
+1 (315) 849-4959
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External Holding Ltd
26 main street,
Victoria House,
apt. suites 41/42
Trip coordinator in Ukraine
+38 (068) 963-90-15

Fax number:
+1 (866) 290-0526
USA branch:
TwoCon Corp.
1905 E 17 st
New York City
NY 11229, USA

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For any question in english
about this site please call:

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NEW YORK, NY 10009

Other Comments:
From what I researched through, the original company was Confidential Later it changed (names, owners???) and became UALADYS.COM. Around the start of 2008, this company split in a melodramatic feud between supposed owners in Ukraine! It became 2 identities, and
You will see from the above addresses, the parent company is in USA.
Essentially, these companies continue to operate in a similar fashion.
Clients, either find the site OR are enticed to join the site by ladies (as I was from!) and then you begin writing to ladies in their gallery.

ALL letters are translated, at a cost TO YOU, regardless if the lady speaks YOUR language! Services for the ladies are FREE!
You cannot have personal contact details or be in direct contact with ladies, apart from through the agency!
You pay for letters, photos and videos and they try to get you to send gifts as well, which they supply from their SHOP on the internet site, at 3 times the cost you can buy over the counter!

On the surface, one can feel protected and ensured that the ladies exist! After all, its through an agency!!!
In brief, I visited ladies in 2008 and 2009, via these 2 agencies.
Having written to ladies from both agencies at various cities around Ukraine, I thought that my chances of connecting with at least ONE would be assured!
The agency encourages men to buy their TOUR packages, which gives YOU accommodation, introduction and translation with the girls you nominate...All at considerable costs!!!
The girls put they search for (their age) to 55 or 60 year old men in their profiles, when they are in their 20's??? As an 'older' guy, having YOUNG girls write to me, claiming that I was what they were after as a partner, and age makes NO difference, is quite seductive and the rouse they use, ensuring you write and eventually visit!
This is when things started to go bad! 2 weeks before my departure in 2008, and flight, visa and package are arranged and PAID, I received letters from ladies. SUDDENLY, they found work, in another part of Ukraine, another country...They are finishing their study, exams, looking for work, they are visiting sick, dying or a family member JUST died, or their family member just went to hospital and they need to be by their side 24/7!!! or they are opening their business.....The list continues, and YES, it ALL happened to me in these 2 trips! And yes, I was going to Ukraine to meet...WHO??? So I went, as canceling incurs fees as well!!!
Then if you do meet with a lady you wrote to, then they take you shopping!...for clothes, perfumes etc Or they take you to expensive restaurants...Even if they can speak English, as with my case, they are not allowed to by the agency, who inserts a translator, so the agency makes a profit from that as well!!! And if you go to a restaurant, of course you pay for the translators lunch/dinner as well!!!
This is all 'nicely' written for the unsuspecting male clients in the agencies advert, which also includes spiels about age difference! So the agency can claim that its 'clearly written', both in the internet site adverts, and the agreement you sign BEFORE you meet with ladies...Then the agency will say...Why did you do agree?...

Also another reality for me was that when I met these girls, mostly, they did NOT know anything about me, though I had written to them for months before visiting!!!

Then there are the more adept ones that can lead you to believe there is a future, and milk you for all they a scammer style.....Some will openly ask for money, others allow you to offer, then they put their hands in both your pockets...You will go home with empty hearts and pockets!
If you read the Gallina P episode on this site, it will give you an insight to what I experienced on my last visit. She is typical of the lady I met through this agency, and decided enough was enough! She is listed a s a scammer for good reason!
NOW, I will highlight this episode from the discussions I have had with the agency! They have essentially 'whitewashed' the situation, and now offer me some of the money I gave to this lady (Gallina P) so that I will remove my postings of her!!!
I will post my letters to the agency and their replies of how they deal with a 'scam' issue, and then claim they have a GOOD reputation!

I hope it will enlighten you and save you money and emotions!

So in this, I hope you will learn about these agencies through my experience!

I will post letters soon!

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2019-11-30, 10:16:05
anonymous from Albania  
2019-12-01, 07:02:10
Natalia Lomakina
Instagram: nataxal1991
Instagram: natalia19910806

professional Local and International Scammer, my relationship with Natalia Lomakina started from January 2017 until November 2019, started her scamming career when she was 21 years through Uadreams dating agency, the first Victim is Joe Grimes from America, I met her in Kharkov- Ukraine when she was 21 years old, then we met again in Dubai January 2017 to Start a new relationship, she claimed that her heart broken for years because of her relationship with Joe Grimes, and she don't have any boyfriend and looking for love and creating her dream family, she was working with Ukrainian Army for 3 years, her contract with Army ended on December 2017,

but she very creative and smart girl in creating different stories about her difficult life, she creating story on me that her contract with Ukrainian Army not terminate because of the war between Ukraine and Russia, in March 2018 she asked for 15000$ to help her to quit from army, she told me that she will give this money as a bribe to army doctor to make a fake report that she not healthy girl to continue in army Service.

in November 2019 after 3 years of relationship I found a photo of Natalia Lomakina in Canadian night club in Kiev with another man in Halloween BDSM Sexy Party date 2 November 2019, then I discovered the below facts.

1- she was in relationship with 4 guys from Different countries, Guy#1 is Grisha Bogach, she live with him Nikolaev City- Ukraine for 6 years, relationship ended on December 2017
2- Guy# 2: Sergey Peltec from Berlin Germany, relationship starts from June 2016 to November 2019, relationship broken because I communicated this Guy, they lived together for 6 months Berlin and 3 months in Kiev between 2018 and 2019, in those 6 months Natalia Lomakina told me that she is working in Donetsk City for 6 months and NATO not allowing using mobile SIM card and only WiFi is allowed and sometimes Russian Disturbing WiFi and 3G Signals.

3- Guy#3- Afif - Dubai UAE, Relationship started from January 2017 to November 2019

4: Guy#4 dk_Evgenii, the new boyfriend, relationship started from August 2019 until November 2019, they broke up because of me when I communicated her new boyfriend

5- this Girl is very smart in creating stories, and she never forget a single word in any conversation with any of her 4 boyfriends and she remember everything, she is ready to meet all your family, she cleaning your home, cooking, sex, great girl in love, very easy to trust her baby face and her words, and very hard to discover her Evil soul, using men for money, in November 2019 she created a story the she take 27000$ bank loan to give a bribe to army doctor to make a fake report that she not healthy to continue in army work while she is already her contract with army ended on December 2017, she planing to take this money from me to buy new home in Kiev and to open her optic shop, now she has an optic shop in Kiev.

2019-12-01, 07:04:58
Natalia Lomakina
Instagram: nataxal1991
Instagram: natalia19910806

2019-12-01, 07:07:43
anonymous from Israel  
Natalia Lomakina
Instagram: nataxal1991
Instagram: natalia19910806

Boyfriend #1: Grisha Bogach

2019-12-01, 07:10:12
Natalia Lomakina
Instagram: nataxal1991
Instagram: natalia19910806

Boyfriend #2: Sergey Peltec from Berlin Germany

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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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