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Other Comments:
From what I researched through, the original company was Confidential Later it changed (names, owners???) and became UALADYS.COM. Around the start of 2008, this company split in a melodramatic feud between supposed owners in Ukraine! It became 2 identities, and
You will see from the above addresses, the parent company is in USA.
Essentially, these companies continue to operate in a similar fashion.
Clients, either find the site OR are enticed to join the site by ladies (as I was from!) and then you begin writing to ladies in their gallery.

ALL letters are translated, at a cost TO YOU, regardless if the lady speaks YOUR language! Services for the ladies are FREE!
You cannot have personal contact details or be in direct contact with ladies, apart from through the agency!
You pay for letters, photos and videos and they try to get you to send gifts as well, which they supply from their SHOP on the internet site, at 3 times the cost you can buy over the counter!

On the surface, one can feel protected and ensured that the ladies exist! After all, its through an agency!!!
In brief, I visited ladies in 2008 and 2009, via these 2 agencies.
Having written to ladies from both agencies at various cities around Ukraine, I thought that my chances of connecting with at least ONE would be assured!
The agency encourages men to buy their TOUR packages, which gives YOU accommodation, introduction and translation with the girls you nominate...All at considerable costs!!!
The girls put they search for (their age) to 55 or 60 year old men in their profiles, when they are in their 20's??? As an 'older' guy, having YOUNG girls write to me, claiming that I was what they were after as a partner, and age makes NO difference, is quite seductive and the rouse they use, ensuring you write and eventually visit!
This is when things started to go bad! 2 weeks before my departure in 2008, and flight, visa and package are arranged and PAID, I received letters from ladies. SUDDENLY, they found work, in another part of Ukraine, another country...They are finishing their study, exams, looking for work, they are visiting sick, dying or a family member JUST died, or their family member just went to hospital and they need to be by their side 24/7!!! or they are opening their business.....The list continues, and YES, it ALL happened to me in these 2 trips! And yes, I was going to Ukraine to meet...WHO??? So I went, as canceling incurs fees as well!!!
Then if you do meet with a lady you wrote to, then they take you shopping!...for clothes, perfumes etc Or they take you to expensive restaurants...Even if they can speak English, as with my case, they are not allowed to by the agency, who inserts a translator, so the agency makes a profit from that as well!!! And if you go to a restaurant, of course you pay for the translators lunch/dinner as well!!!
This is all 'nicely' written for the unsuspecting male clients in the agencies advert, which also includes spiels about age difference! So the agency can claim that its 'clearly written', both in the internet site adverts, and the agreement you sign BEFORE you meet with ladies...Then the agency will say...Why did you do agree?...

Also another reality for me was that when I met these girls, mostly, they did NOT know anything about me, though I had written to them for months before visiting!!!

Then there are the more adept ones that can lead you to believe there is a future, and milk you for all they a scammer style.....Some will openly ask for money, others allow you to offer, then they put their hands in both your pockets...You will go home with empty hearts and pockets!
If you read the Gallina P episode on this site, it will give you an insight to what I experienced on my last visit. She is typical of the lady I met through this agency, and decided enough was enough! She is listed a s a scammer for good reason!
NOW, I will highlight this episode from the discussions I have had with the agency! They have essentially 'whitewashed' the situation, and now offer me some of the money I gave to this lady (Gallina P) so that I will remove my postings of her!!!
I will post my letters to the agency and their replies of how they deal with a 'scam' issue, and then claim they have a GOOD reputation!

I hope it will enlighten you and save you money and emotions!

So in this, I hope you will learn about these agencies through my experience!

I will post letters soon!

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2009-10-08, 12:23:20
OJAS from United States  
@Vicoz, see my question to Venezolano, and his answer http://www.delphifa..=19#175061
2009-10-10, 12:34:05
venezolano from Venezuela  
2009-10-13, 07:09:28
anonymous from Spain  
After my experience with an agency I would not engage in online dating ever again

At least I did not have to make a wasted trip to Donetsk. These agencies and their ladies are playing mind games with men´s emotions.

Did the lady write 'do not come'? Or was it the Agency that wrote that paragraph of the letter and not the lady?

My credit card company want all my receipts for what I have paid - well they did stop the relationship by preventing me from using my credit card which had been used for the previous 18 months and 80 letters to one lady.
2009-10-13, 10:16:25   (updated: 2009-10-13, 10:29:13)
venezolano from Venezuela  
It is a basic rule not giving money to people you don't really know. Perhaps some of the ladies are real but this agency is trying to corner you. All must be done using the agency even the more private issues. they want to wipe your wallet and bank account.

I have heard of people receiving email letters without subscribing into this agency. I have received letters from this ladies telling me they're already in love with me and I haven´t sent the lady anything.

I don't think it's a good idea expending 20.000 or 30.000 $ USD for dating a girl.
2009-10-13, 10:39:29   (updated: 2009-10-13, 10:41:18)
venezolano from Venezuela  
Amigo de España.

Si te estafaron es posible recuperar el dinero. Probablemente sea un procedimiento judicial engorroso e involucra a la Interpol. He leído de estafadores que han capturado tanto en Rusia y Ucrania.

No me gusta oír de personas que han sido estafadas (si éste fuera el caso). Esta gente es de la peor escoria que se puede encontrar. No solo se burlan de hombres en su buena fe. También le roban las imágenes a mujeres y hasta el nombre también. Aún cuando ellas no lo sepan.
2009-10-13, 11:30:03
anonymous from Spain  
Hola venezolano

Tengo la impresión que en algunos casos están engañando la mujer también. En la ultima carta diciendo que no quiere ver me en Donetsk en la ultima parágrafo, en la primera ha dicho muchas gracias un millón de veces para la carta de mi cumpleaños, me ha gustado

En el tercer parágrafo '....compartir contigo..'

Y la trecero 'hay otro hombre..' ¿Escrito por ella o la agencia?

Casi seguro que VISA quiere vista de las cartas, la ultima seguro.

Un saludo cordial de Villanueva del Rosario
2009-10-13, 12:00:01   (updated: 2009-10-13, 12:25:59)
anonymous from Venezuela  
Amigo de España:

Aqui tienes el link que puse anteriormente;


Ahi dice lo siguiente

Reports continue to flow in!! Guys have extensive correspondence with girls, contact them through other agencies and the girls have no idea who the guy is. Girls are admitting that the agency makes them sign a contract where they agree not to join other agencies, not to talk about correspondence with anyone and not to talk about how the agency operates.

Sin embargo en el perfil 1008 de y el 14231127 de son la misma mujer.

A mi me sugiere que están jugando con la misma mujer o simplemente están usando su imagen. También tengo que decir que hay perfiles de chicas muy hermosas que llevan años en ambos sitios (en los dos que mencioné). Disponibles y todavía sin conseguir pareja.

Saludos de Venezuela
2009-10-13, 12:38:00
Venezolano from Venezuela  
Translation from the comment Above

Amigo from Spain

Here you have the link I posted before


It says the following:

Reports continue to flow in!! Guys have extensive correspondence with girls, contact them through other agencies and the girls have no idea who the guy is. Girls are admitting that the agency makes them sign a contract where they agree not to join other agencies, not to talk about correspondence with anyone and not to talk about how the agency operates.

However in profile 1008 from and 14231127 from are from the same woman.

It suggests me that they're playing with the same woman or using her image. I must tell you that there are very beautiful girl profiles that has been there on both sites for years (the two I mentioned above). Available and without finding couple.

Greetings from Venezuela
2009-10-13, 12:49:55
anonymous from Spain  
Hola amigo de Venezuela

Yo he leído este articulo muchas veces y estoy seguro que la chica que estaba escribiendo no va encuentra un novio a través de la agencia. Valle puedo pedir un favor de un amigo que el escribir a ella pero es un poco feo.

Ella me escrito atreves de primero en 15 diciembre 2007. Si ella es sincero hemos llevado muy bien pero como VISA no me han dejado pagar mas la agencia se acabado.

Mejor que los hombres olvidan las rusas y Uranias y que VISA y MASTERCARD dejan ser cómplices de este feo negocio. ¿Verdad?

Un saludo de Andalucía España

2009-10-13, 12:51:13   (updated: 2009-10-13, 12:55:36)
venezolano from Venezuela  

Right know I'm trying to help my Spanish friend at this thread

I am trying to explain how these agencies work and why they are blacklisted and

Please help me out posting what you know.

Thanks to all
2009-10-13, 13:03:45   (updated: 2009-10-13, 13:33:21)
venezolano from Venezuela  
Amigo de España.

Es muy probable que en este negocio sucio Estén invulucrando a mujeres, En algunos casos utilizan a las mujeres como tontas útiles.

También utilizan, además de VISA y Mastercard, las transferencias de remesas a través de Western Union y Moneygram. Ya me han pedido. Afortunadamente no les he dado ni un centavo. No creo que VISA ni Mastercard puedan hacer mucho sin un proceso judicial.

De todas maneras es bueno que coloques tus comentarios aquí para evitar que más gente sea estafada.

Espero que salgas de la deuda pronto.

Saludos desde Venezuela
2009-10-13, 14:27:02
anonymous from Spain  
Hola amigo de Venezuela

Haz clic aquí -

Desde la información del contador aquí creo que los primeros visitantes eran de Washington ¿FBI? y Mosco ¿KGB? también mucho interés desde Kiev (¿Policía Ucraniano?)

Por desgracia VISA o MASTERCARD no van a publicar si un sitio Web es un fraude por si hacen son cúlpales también. Siguen dejando estos sitios Web con su signo engañando más gente.

Gracias a Dios estaba un piloto de coche de carreras y aprendido controla mi corazón en asuntos sentimentales – si entras una curva con una problema sentimental puede ser te costera la vida. ¿Una Rusa o Un Ucrania valle esto?

Un saludo y buenos noches de Provincia de Málaga
2009-10-13, 14:58:06
venezolano from Venezuela  
Hola Amigo de España.

Gracias por la información.

Francamente no creo que hallan sido policías los primeros. Yo creo que primero vienen las víctimas y después las autoridades. Recuerda que para denunciar una estafa deben estafarte primero. La policía actúa después de la denuncia.

De todas formas yo creo que este es un fraude bien organizado. También tiene contactos en Rusia, Argentina y China (sitos equivalentes de chicas con otras nacionalidades).

Me despido desde Venezuela.

Buenas noches allá en España, mientras aquí es de tarde.
2009-10-13, 16:14:09
anonymous from Spain  
¿Extraño amigo de Venezuela?

Mi Tarot 12 de octubre (fecha de la carta de la señorita) “En un nivel emocional, se extendió a día de hoy demuestra que usted está pasando por un período difícil. Sus emociones son sinceras y sentidas (la Luna), pero una fuerza externa (la Torre *) está alterando el medio ambiente de su vida amorosa. Argumentos, revelaciones dolorosas, la separación temporal o incluso se cabo - se le imaginando lo peor.” * ¿Agencia cambiando el contenido de la carta?
2009-10-13, 16:49:34
venezolano from Venezuela  
Hola amigo de España.

Yo respeto tus creencias en el Tarot. Aún cuando sean coincidentes, ¿Pero qué tal si en verdad la chica y tú se conocen de verdad?

Yo en tu caso, y pidiendo disculpas de antemano, me haría esa pregunta. ¿Quién sabe si tu 'chica' le está escribiendo a otros a la vez?

Yo ya me he topado con personas que se sienten con el corazón roto y otro tanto con los que se sienten humillados. Después el tiempo cura las heridas. Yo personalmente me buscaría una novia de mi país sin tener que pasar por todo este calvario de las agencias matrimoniales a través de la Internet.

Hay montones de comentarios en este sitio en varios idiomas sobre este tema. Afortunadamente a mi no me engañaron y me compadezco de los que estafaron.

Tengo tiempo tratando de indagar estas estafas. Estoy seguro que están orientadas a robarles a los de habla inglesa. Pero no implica esto que los de otros países sean inmunes a estos ataques.

Debes recordar que los países de la antigua URSS son repúblicas empobrecidas; el caldo de cultivo para el dinero fácil y mal habido.
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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