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Dating scammer Anna Ogannisyan


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Name: Anna Ogannisyan


Anna Ogannisyan
13 Garegina Nzhde.apt 74
Ararat 377501
Republic of Armenia

Anna Ogannisyan


Other Comments:
I wanna warn for Anna Ogannisyan from Armenia who is a big and dangerous scammer and lie that she loves men for that she wanna taken theirs money from them.She most be stoped.I have been scammed of her on a very big sume of money.

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2009-05-27, 23:33:52
wanwan from Japan  
2009-05-28, 02:36:28
Magnus from Norrtlje, Sweden  
Hello football Wan Wan.Barcelona is the winner.I thought they should winn before the match.Spanish football is very fast and tecnic and Spain goes sure to Worldshampion ship next year.
2009-05-28, 02:56:19
Magnus from Norrtlje, Sweden  
Hello Wan wan.Yes,I have got my emailadresses to the admins in E-kontakt,Parship and passion,and the scammers has sure got them in the databas.And I saw Svetlana in the link Ojas has give here.She was in It is many scammers who takes contact with serious dating sites there they know that it easier for them to lie and manipuletad men on this sites.
2009-05-28, 04:32:51
anonymous from Sweden  
Hello wan wan.I plays with the scammers now.I have a structuresystem about how I does is.How are you today?
2009-05-28, 04:34:09
Magnus from Huddinge, Sweden  
Hello wan wan.It was me,Magnus whos tell you the last message.Take care.
2009-05-28, 04:42:05
mAGNUS from Huddinge, Sweden  
Hello wan wan.thank you for information about svetlana.I should do what I CAN
2009-05-28, 07:41:17
OJAS from United States  
While you wait, you could practice Anahit. Dirk posted ''her'' e-mail address here http://www.delphifa..=48#148602 This one may be a patient Boris, it can save time to use template responses from earlier http://www.delphifa..=59#69007
Just open with a surprising introduction:

Hello my new friend, thanks for giving me your e-mail address. It will be easier for us to correspond privately. Do you have any photos?
Your new friend

When ''she'' asks for your photos http://images.googl..Killer%22
When ''she'' asks for your phone number http://www.delphifa..?p=2#90289
2009-05-28, 07:44:12
Magnus from Dalar, Sweden  
I just wondering how we can find the ip-adresses from the scammers?How we can found the countrys and citys and something?And how the scammers can hide ip-adresses?
2009-05-28, 08:09:51
DOC from United States  
OJAS, Thats a good idea. I should just start emailing ''her''? They do not question how you found their email or get suspicious of you?

I was looking at my profile I used on the dating site I found ''Olga''. When I signed up I used a email that is provided by my ISP, they have told me before that they filter out spam and junk. Does this make any sense to you? Why I have not received any scam mail,but then I used yahoo to talk to ''Olga''. So should I talk to the scammers on my yahoo address?
2009-05-28, 08:16:36
DOC from United States  
Hello Magnus, I think Steve showed you awhile back on here how to look at the IP addresses with Outlook Express.
2009-05-28, 08:20:05   (updated: 2009-05-28, 08:23:56)
Whenever you get online, your computer is assigned an IP address. If you connect through the router, all of the computers on that network will share a similar Internet Protocol address; though each computer on the network will have a unique INTRAnet address. An IP address is the Internet Protocol (IP) address given to every computer connected to the Internet. An IP address is needed to send information, much like a street address or P.O. box is needed to receive regular mail. Tracing an IP address is actually pretty straightforward, and even though it's not always possible to track down a specific individual, you can get enough information to take action and file a complaint.


An Internet Protocol (IP) address is a numerical identification and logical address that is assigned to devices participating in a computer network utilizing the Internet Protocol for communication between its nodes.[1] Although IP addresses are stored as binary numbers, they are usually displayed in human-readable notations, such as (for IPv4), and 2001:db8:0:1234:0:567:1:1 (for IPv6). The role of the IP address has been characterized as follows: 'A name indicates what we seek. An address indicates where it is. A route indicates how to get there.'[2]

The original designers of TCP/IP defined an IP address as a 32-bit number[1] and this system, now named Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4), is still in use today. However, due to the enormous growth of the Internet and the resulting depletion of the address space, a new addressing system (IPv6), using 128 bits for the address, was developed in 1995[3] and last standardized by RFC 2460 in 1998.[4]

The Internet Protocol also has the task of routing data packets between networks, and IP addresses specify the locations of the source and destination nodes in the topology of the routing system. For this purpose, some of the bits in an IP address are used to designate a subnetwork. The number of these bits is indicated in CIDR notation, appended to the IP address, e.g.,

With the development of private networks and the threat of IPv4 address exhaustion, a group of private address spaces was set aside by RFC 1918. These private addresses may be used by anyone on private networks. They are often used with network address translators to connect to the global public Internet.

The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) manages the IP address space allocations globally. IANA works in cooperation with five Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) to allocate IP address blocks to Local Internet Registries (Internet service providers) and other entities.

IP traceback is a name given to any method for reliably determining the origin of a packet on the Internet. Due to the trusting nature of the IP protocol, the source IP address of a packet is not authenticated. As a result, the source address in an IP packet can be falsified (IP address spoofing) allowing for Denial Of Service attacks (DoS) or one-way attacks (where the response from the victim host is so well known that return packets need not be received to continue the attack). The problem of finding the source of a packet is called the IP traceback problem. IP Traceback is a critical ability for identifying sources of attacks and instituting protection measures for the Internet. Most existing approaches to this problem have been tailored toward DoS attack detection. Such solutions require high numbers of packets to converge on the attack path(s).

2009-05-28, 08:26:06   (updated: 2009-05-28, 08:45:05)
OJAS from United States  
1) It helps to setup a dedicated e-mail account for baiting.
2) If a scammer contacts you on any other account, reply from the dedicated account, saying that you have problems with the other account
3) This dedicated account should be capable of
4) If you already have a profile in scammer-infested dating site, you can edit it, remove pictures, show a baiting (=dedicated) e-mail address
5) Scammers only need to see a profile, just any profile at all. They don't discriminate due to age (18-75) acceptable, although around 45 is preferred. They also practice no discrimination based on nationality, gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, creed, color, etc., as long as you have the greens!
2009-05-28, 08:34:50
wanwan from Japan  

This thread is a Full House !
It is a great !
And you're the Owner,,ha,ha,ha,.
Svetlana issue.
Please ask OJAS,Dirk,Steve for searching her sender IP.
They are the Master like YODA.
See the mail header info.
copy and paste it on the Mail header tracer.
You can find her IP,very easy for you.
My sveta,,,, = University of Massachusetts
And yours?

Hi,Doc.May I ask you ?
Please support Magnus.
Thanks my Dirk,IP's info.
I don't know your face,but I think you are the good american,
good writer,good fighter like this dog(sorry joke ).

I learn lots from my mates,thanks !!
Have a good day !

Magnus,it is your turn !!
I guess Sveta is a dead meat girl !!

2009-05-28, 09:18:00
Magnus from Dalar, Sweden  
Hello Doc.I writes with 'olga' now.

'she' or 'he' has asked me many times about many now and I have now writes to she or he that I shall send her money.And when I have got hers adress I go to Moneygram or western Union and says to them that this adress is from a thieve.I have talked with Moneygram here in Sweden and I know they gonna listen to me if I says to them taht they must be observant on thsi adress.It is mine plan.What do you think about this?
2009-05-28, 09:50:53
wanwan from Japan  
I guess you love a football,,,,,.
Now there are few Japanese footballers in German league.
And I am very happy to get the news from Germany.
Japanese footballer '' Hasebe '' has got a championship in German football league.
Great !!

I love and respect your posts,thank you!
Have a good day !

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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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