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Dating scammer Hindu Ali


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Name: Hindu Ali



Other Comments:
watch this one she is slick takes her time but she will try to take you for all she can get.

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2008-12-05, 01:06:27   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  
2009-06-28, 21:16:04
anonymous from United States  
Hidu Ali (a.k.a. Amisu Wahab or Kandi) seems to be going by Sherifatu Hussei as well. She told me her 'mum's' name was Kandi. She is very good at her scam and has several men and women to back up her ridiculous stories! Even fake doctors at the clinic where her mum is being treated and needs money immediately or she will die! Get's rather entertaining after a while, and the nude photographs that she sends aren't too bad either!!! :)

2009-07-04, 13:34:29   (updated: 2009-07-04, 13:38:26)
More Sherifatu Husseni, Amisu Wahab, Hindu Ali, Osai Williams, or whatever the scammers name is. We need to expose this ring! Does anyone know from where these pictures originate? I see that some of this woman's photos have been posted as early as 2007! She hangs out on Yahoo chat and starts the scam from as an unpaid guest claiming to be from Wilmington, DE. From there she admits to living in Accra, Ghana it then it only gets more entertaining! This guy is a total moron and can barely speak English and is a real SCUMBAG!! BUT, he will always tell you that he 'loves you' and that you are 'my destiny' and he can't wait to 'have your children'!! :)
2009-07-06, 11:40:57
anonymous from United States  
Seem to be having trouble posting comments or getting a new scammer identified. What is the procedure?
2009-07-06, 23:16:02   (updated: 2009-07-06, 23:29:47)
anonymous from United States  
More Sherifatu Husseni, Amisu Wahab, Hindu Ali, Joyce, Osai Williams, or whatever he/she is calling himself/herself these days! Most messages originate from Internet cafes in Accra over Yahoo chat from Ghana, but can't be traced to an IP origin. This group uses a very intricate bunch of con-artists to call you and claim validity for Sherifatu and her needs. They are really persistent and don't seem to fear detection or prosecution! Let's bury these assholes!! He/she is a moron and does nothing but give Ghana a bad name!!
2009-07-09, 12:47:59
Does anyone know where these photos of Sherifatu Husseni come from? Some of them seem to have been around for almost three years. This scammer, Sherifatu Husseni she calls herself, will actually e-mail you her nude photos with a totally bullshit story about how much she loves you and then claim that her photos have been stolen and that's why they appear on so many scam and porn sites! Her IP address is impossible to trace, but most likely uses various Internet cafes in Accra, Ghana. She (he) is a REAL piece of work and can't compose a simple sentence in English....although she claims to be highly educated. Can't send proof of her identity because she needs money to be able to do that! Won't present herself to the US Embassy because she is afraid of the government and can handle everything herself.....just send money!! Has an excuse for everything!!!
2009-12-04, 21:15:09
anonymous from United States  
I know her as hidu Ali she says her mothers name is Maryann ali, and that she has a brother the age of 15 I have a lot more pictures that she has sent me dressed in the panties that i have sent her, she write me every day and has even sent her I. D. picture but she won't send a picture of where she lives and her family I ahve accused her of being a scam artist and she acts like she doesn't understand the word, she is waiting for her internet bill to be paid
2009-12-05, 01:03:56
007 from United Kingdom  
Whatever else you do, DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY!!


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2009-12-05, 01:11:08
Liven Lirey not R from Japan  
@2009-07-04, 13:34:29 (updated: 2009-07-04, 13:38:26)

@2009-12-04, 21:15:09
anonymous from United States

Please don't post Nudity on Delphi.
Thank you !

2009-12-06, 15:42:13
anonymous from Burlingame, United States  
Well I really got took by this woman who ever she is. I felt sorry for her and her family after her 'Dad ' died and the church that he was a minister at she said that ' The fellowship just ran away' and now after knowing her I can see why she is the greediest woman with no sense of conscious a conniving imp from the far reachs of hades and she is very stupid to boot, and I really think that nothing but harm will come to her and whoever her henchmen are > I was about 65% sure when I met her that she was a scammer, but everybody deserves the 35% of trust untill... BE FORWARNED THIS WOMAN WIL DO ANY AND EVERYTHING FOR A BUCK, SHE IS TO NEVER EVER ,EVER BE TRUSTED I HAVE SOME INFORMATAION ON HER AND IF ANYONE IS WILLING TO CALLBORATE, her current phone number is 011233248533963 she is to stupid to change it, I even told her that I would still help her if she in earnest apologized to al the people tha she beat and promised to reimburse the people that she stole from that I would help her pay , and that she wouldn'y get a cent more from me ...and the stupid cow never contacted me so this is her reward I have about 30 complete nude pictures of this person ( Who ever she is) and I informed her that i was going to post one picture in every Blog, search engine, face book, and give anyone any information that I know about her to make her pay...(she has goota pay..dumb cow). I read in one of these blogs that someone thinks that it is a man instead of a woman, she does Photo shop a lot of her photos and the documents are probably fake also ( Am going to check @ her embassy here In the Bay Area about a I.D. she sent me,ahe will ask for money to update her exit Visa to come visit the U. S. like I would send her a ticket so that she could disappear with refund she is so stupid that it makes you believe she is real, some one else is her handler I know that nude ctures are frown upon here but this is the only device that seems to hurt her ( If it is indeed her could be the picture of a friend because the voice and face just don't seem to match...she is an odd one and I have talked to some who say's that he is her brother even call me ( Mister ) I will post this picture and one every day until this Monster is put away for a long time she is just awful



Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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