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Dating scammer Sandra Da_Rocha from Accra/Ghana


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Name: Sandra Da_Rocha from Accra/Ghana



Other Comments:
Woman from Accra - Ghana

this woman speaks about the love and she wants to get married
but this is everything lied
she wants only payments has
and or else nothing
the payment method with westerns union is very common in Ghana
and you should not use
since alone the addresses only western union are addresses
and therefore are worth nothing
I have many contacts with women from Ghana
and warn in front of every contact
because these women only are out for deceit
Somebody thinks it before I write what wrongly am
please, this one likes after see on the home page of the German embassy
there is no agent reports this authorizedly either is
this one from outside concludes the VISA applications
A visa application should find if actual instead of
himself then must the German embassy at the contact in Germany report person

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2009-04-14, 10:08:02
anonymous from Germany  
I dont think you are right. My theory is as follows: This Ghanian mafia 'hijacked' Lias19 photos and are using them without knowledge of Lia. When you see the video of you will hear her speaking with clear US accent.
For me Lia and the one from Accra are different persons. They only used the photos of Lia downloadable from interent.
At the end Im not able to prove that, of course.
Hope you did not spend too much money on her. Maybe someday we get her.
2009-04-22, 02:37:44   (updated: 2009-04-22, 02:58:55)
anonymous from Boston, United States  
2009-04-22, 02:56:42
anonymous from United States  
well i caught her red handed she goes by another name SALLY UMAR from accra africa and my dad like i said in my last comment fell for that shit unitll i found this site and put it all together and to think my father wanted to buy tickets next year to go and get her , but she never asked for money maybe because he just started talking to her for two weeks i dont know but i feel like going down their to find this scamer its not right to fool around with peoples feelings.
2009-06-23, 20:42:38
anonymous from Australia  
just wondering if anyone has had dealings with this lady .And is she a scammer
2009-06-24, 02:08:49
[hidden] from Salem, United States  

The Lady as, You put it is a guy as nearly 100% of scams are done by men.
This last statement that they wanted to go kick some butt.
Is foolish at best.
The photo's are stolen nearly 100% of the time.
They use fake names and have many e mail addresses.
If by some miracle, You could track down the real IP address.
What are, You going to do walk in the Internet Cafe filled with young men
scamming on every computer in the room.
The best anyone could hope for is to escape without their throat being cut.
The Police are part of the problem.
The only way scammers will be stopped is if people stop sending them money.
There are absolutely no White or Black, Men or Woman on line from
Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal, Dakar, Refugee Camp, Gold Coast, Ivory Coast,
All of West Africa on line for any reason that are not scammers.
The Porn Stars in the stolen photo's have nothing at all to do with the scams.
I don't need to see a name or anything else to know for certain this was a scam.

Kind Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//
2009-06-24, 07:52:11
anonymous from United States  
hi guys does any one have info on this person and I wonder if she is a scammer was recently contacte by her and was looking for information but did not find any where here in the posts let me know.

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Esther Ansomaa from Accra, Ghana
Dating scammer Esther Ansomaa from Accra, Ghana

2009-06-24, 09:34:02
anonymous from Madison, United States  
From BadDog:

LISTEN TO AGENT 86!!! He only speaks the truth as he has proved!!!!!

Listen to WanWan, Fred, Steve_Dux, Pirate, OJAS and others who have been investigating and verifying beyond a doubt that these scammers exist and how they operate. They only exist to lie, steal and rob you blind.

Are you so desperate that you will give your hard earned money to another MAN??? IF you are gay what are you doing looking at womens pictures? SO you are not gay!
Well you are giving 'Presents' and supporting the worst lying, thieving, stinking, fraudulent con artists on this beautiful Earth.

WanWan! Use the 'Force' to wipe the blindness from these poor dupes eyes. As the man said, They are all 'pussy blind!'

I live in one of the poorest, most economically challenged areas of Appalachia in the US and even here....I could take a picture and a letter...and the dumbest guy on the street would say...'That is not a REAL only a picture!'....stolen 99.9 % of time from some fox who is totally ignorant of what the scammers are using it for. YOU ARE NOT TALKING TO THE GIRLS IN THE PICTURES!!!!! You are talking to Boris or Mohammed or Charlie or Joe who is probably more well endowed than you are; maybe even monetarily!!!!!!

THINK!!!!!! Donate your money to supporting the servers this site runs on. Do LOCAL kindnesses if you can afford to. BUT do NOT send ANY money to these scammers.
Go to Russia or Africa in person. Find your true love. Bring her back and love her forever.
A good way to get killed, kidnapped or just beaten senseless for just what you have in your pockets.

WAKE UP GUYS!!!!!! 'Do you think she is a scammer?' HELL YES. Get the F_ _ _ off the computer and get a life locally...if you are so willing to part with money find a local hooker to massage your ego and other parts. At least you will be left with SOME satisfaction. Is a full Inbox worth your life savings or what you can borrow to send to your 'Honey Dearest?' Well your 'Dearests' name is 'Abdul' (NOT Paula) and would cut your parts off and sell them if he could. WAKE UP and smell the sweat in that Internet cafe that your 'Letters from your Sweetest' are coming from. Be skeptical. Do not trust ANYONE who asks for your money on the Internet!

Read those threads. Think. Ask hard questions. Watch for mistakes. Wonder why they contacted you only? You are gullible, oversexed and underchallenged in your daily life!

Get a life today. Try baiting the scammers for a change!

'Live long and prosper' quote from an another imaginary character 'Mr. Spock' who at least is entertaining without costing you any hard earned money!

Mata-Ne friends

2009-06-24, 09:58:55
wanwan from Japan  
@BadDog !!

So Great Posting on Delphi !!
I respect you.
Everyone !! People in the world !!

Please listen to him !!
When you will read his great message,
you can find '' The Truth '' on his post.

He says '' wipe your eyes out ''
'' Learn the truth ''
'' Never send your hard working money to SCAMMERS ''

Thank you,Great BadDog !!

And may I ask you?
Please do me a favor.
Lately scammers ,sending their scam email with TROJAN.
And they use '' ZIP file ''.
I know the reason why they use ZIP file(trojan) in their scam emails.
But I can not explain the reason with fine English on here.
So instead of me,my BadDog will explain the reason why scammers use the ZIP file(trojan) in scam mails.
Your technical explanation will be very helpful to @newbies of computer users.
I know you are very busy person.Thank you for your time.

Mata-ne!! my mates.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Anna Ogannisyan

2009-06-24, 11:45:04
OJAS from United States  
Thanks, BadDog.
A good way to get killed, kidnapped or just beaten senseless for just what you have in your pockets.,00.html
@Newbies http://www.delphifa..html#74539
2009-06-24, 12:27:58
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  
Anonymous from the US 2009 - 06 - 24, 07:52:11

Just in case, Your sitting there and are still wondering if the picture
You posted is a scammer or not.
Forgive me for forgetting, Her real name.
But there are plenty of copies of not only that picture but a good
supply of nude pictures posted on this site.
She is not a scammer at all.
Its the jerk who sent, You the picture of, Her that's the scammer.
Nearly 100% of scams are done by men.
They use fake web cam appearances, Even have girl friends or relatives
talk to, You. They now can use a fake voice also.
Please in the future learn to find out if its a scammer before making
a posting.
You gave us no name nothing as to where she is from or anything.
Simple rules to go by.
Never ever tell a scammer about this site or how You found out the truth.
Never post, Your e mail address on this site for any reason.
Be prepared to be scammed again as soon as, You end it with the scammer
You have now. Scammers never give up. They will contact, You again
using more stolen photo's, another fake name, another e mail address.
Never fall for any Beautiful Girl on line who contacts, You and says
she Loves You in two or Three E mails.
Never send money to anyone, You don't know.
People, You meet on line are people, You don't know.
You need to learn how to recognize a scammer without asking for help.
So take the time now to learn all, You can because right now, Your
a sitting Duck.
If You are ever contacted by anyone from Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal, Dakar,
Gold Coast, Ivory Coast, Refugee Camp, All of West Africa.
Its a scammer. There are no White or Black, Men or Woman on line
from West Africa that are not scammers.
It makes no difference at all what the story they use is.
It doesn't even matter if they ask for money or not.
Some scammers wait month's so they can manipulate, You.
Bottom line Your being scammed right now.
You can believe me now or, You will later. Your Choice.

Kind Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//

2009-06-24, 18:38:57
anonymous from Madison, United States  
From BadDog:

Thank you OJAS & WanWan. You are too kind.

@WanWan Question 1.) Why should you not open *.zip file attachments to your incoming emails?

Answer 1.) They may contain a compressed virus ,'exploit' or remote control program that can do many things including harvest ALL your email addresses stored on your computer.These compressed files may be undetectable by some anti-virus programs. They can even force your computer to email all that information RIGHT BACK TO THEM and continue to do so indefinitely. The size of these attachments are very small, some as small or smaller than the photograph or document they rode in on.

NEVER open attachments until you are sure they have been scanned thoroughly and all components identified!!!!!!!!!

Note: Most viruses are transmitted to you by friends or families infected computer who have YOUR email address stored, they replicate themselves and email copies anytime you are connected online or when 'triggered'.

OJAS what is your recommendation for best inexpensive or free ANTI-VIRUS PROGRAMS???

Mata-Ne all!


2009-06-24, 20:39:12   (updated: 2009-06-24, 20:40:43)
OJAS from United States  
I used to use (for 30 or 90 days, don't remember how often I was uninstall / reinstall) real time protection
This November (I think) Microsoft is planning to give away anti-virus free of charge.
On demand scan http://www.delphifa..=85#105241
2009-06-25, 09:14:01   (updated: 2009-06-25, 09:20:00)
wanwan from Japan  
Bravo !!
Great explanations !
Thank you very much !!
It is a very scientific and technical report.
Our BadDog,,Kudos !!!

@computer user newbies !!!!
Please read and learn lots from this special reports !!
You can protect your personal computer!!

I respect you and am proud of you ,my BadDog !!
Say hello to your doggie,so cute !!
By the way your doggie Emma is a big eater?

@ OJAS !
Thank you,nice supporting !!
I am proud of you !
Kudos !!

Mata-ne ,my mates !!
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer alena
Dating scammer hudu mumuni
Dating scammer Sandra,Sandy little

2009-07-13, 17:14:41   (updated: )

These pictures were also reported as the following identity:

Name: monica balogun and percy


name : monica balogun and monica percy
24th avenue kana st
cantoinment road accra ghana
ghana west africa
zip code :00233
H08241589 pass
monica balogun
nationality ghanaian
Birthday: 1st july 1979

Other Comments:
She is a perfect love-scammer. She has nothing to eat, need money. Then she want to come to you, need money. She alway call you in phone, she has a good voice, but be carefull, she dont love you, she only want your money, she ist absolut ruthless. The ask you if you have kids, she want to speak with your kids so that she also get the kids heart to get money.
Be care of this ruthless women!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2009-07-13, 17:14:41   (updated: )
monica balogun and percy
name : monica balogun and monica percy
24th avenue kana st
cantoinment road accra ghana
ghana west africa
zip code :00233
H08241589 pass
monica balogun
nationality ghanaian
Birthday: 1st july 1979
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Janet Appiah
Dating scammer Safiyanu Abubakari

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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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