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Dating scammer Nataliya Owechkina


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Name: Nataliya Owechkina



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2008-02-06, 20:20:51
anonymous from United States  
I think I miss her.





Bummer though no matter what.

PS for Skeet ... Without a doubt a really awesome motley crew though! I never
expected to be so utterly fascinated.

2008-02-07, 03:50:28

2008-02-07, 16:14:29
Eddie from Sweden  
Nice pics guys, but let's keep things in perspective. They're all ripped off from some poor girl's website.

And sorry to rain on your parade, but you've been communicating with a 20-year-old Russian student working in a Yoshkar Ola scammer office who's been up all night doing the nightshift -- clicking Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V -- while his 'bugor' rakes in the cash.

Hey Skeet...haven't seen you around much. What's going on?

PS...I prefer the term 'vets'.

2008-02-07, 16:47:55
Eddie from Sweden  
This is a Russian article I found on the net about Yoshkar Ola scamming. Took me a fair while to translate, but it will give you a few ideas:

'To do Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V'. -- the most popular joke in the recent Yoshkar Ola comedy stage show. This year, jokes about scammers are very popular. Students are drumming and chanting about the boy who loved money so much as a young man marches across the stage with a placard announcing 'I love Western Union'. The audience laughs out loud, everybody understands it. Because for Yoshkar Ola students, the question 'what does the word scammer mean?' is not an issue -- everyone is familiar with it, everyone knows what it means.

'Hello, my name Elena. I read about you in your profile. You are very interesting to me. I want to get aquainted with you. Write me, I shall wait'. Any customer of an English-language dating site periodically gets these messages. And very soon any interested American, Canadian, British or citizen of whatever country learns that far away in a Russian suburb lives Lena, who has been dreaming about him all her life. Then our 'prince on a white horse' learns that it's love and that it was a gift from God. And maybe (why not believe in fate?) a gullible foreigner will then send a couple of thousand dollars to the Russian princess or a ticket for her to live with him the rest of their lives. Eventually he will learn that 'Lena' is actually a 'fat Boris', but chances are that he will still hate the ruthless Russian women anyway.

You won't find any modern Russian dictionary that defines the word 'scammer', except for possible an English-Russian dictionary. In English, the word 'scam' means fraud, but in Russian it has a narrower meaning: fraud on Internet dating websites. Thus a scammer is the same 'fat Boris' who pretends to be a girl, starts an Internet romance, and then asks for money. The word scamming in Russian has another, more colourful and patriotic definition: 'to take the rich'. Indeed, why not 'take the rich', why not help them share their money? This actually sounds quite just, the weak taking from the strong, the poor from the rich. It also soothes the conscience of the scammers, as we are told that they don't sleep too well.

Scamming stands out from all types of online fraud because it is the easiest variety to crank out. It's a dyed-in-the-wool production process, where everything is divided into stages. To minimize time and effort, the process was streamlined long ago. In the early stages, there's no need to think, you just have to work hard. The scammer usually receives his first money after about two months -- this time frame usually allows acquaintance, friendship, love and the desire to meet in person, which is unfortunately an unrealistic desire. After establishing another generic mailbox such as 'ElenochkaForYou@....' or 'Natasha547@....' and registering on the dating sites, the most boring part for scammers starts - 'zakidka'. This is exactly what the above-mentioned comedy show meant by 'To do Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V'.

Scammers start on the dating sites by looking for suitable candidates to scam. First, they select the country (usually the USA), then the region or state, making sure that they don't interfere with a colleague so they don't pick the same victims. The main parameters: male; between the ages of 27 and 50; race - any, except blacks (scammers say that blacks will most likely take you, rather than you taking them). All letters, including the first introductory ones, are pre-written a long time beforehand, and you don't have to think much about anything, just 'Ctrl-C' (copy), 'Ctrl-V' (insert) and the mails are sent. 'After the overnight monotonous work doing Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V, you become totally dumb and tired' - Andrei, who will soon have to do it for several nights in a row, shares his story, 'this is the most boring job, the most interesting part comes later'.

But the truth is, the further it goes, the more sad it gets. With each new template and with each new photo the scammer becomes increasingly involved in the scam. After the fourth template 'half of the rich' have disappeared: some don't like the girl, some aren't looking for anything serious, but most are just afraid to deal with Russians. In the end, only the most desperate and naive remain. Or maybe it's more convenient to think of them as 'stupid'? Stupid and rich - this way you don't feel sorry for them. 'I just don't get it, how can they meet somebody on the Internet and accept anything?', says Andrei, who although he's been scamming for more than a year still doesn't understand.

Those few foreigners who really want to find their love online learn that they have found it in the approximately seventh letter -- although they have actually been found by scammers. The scammer then proclaims her love, and does it naturally and fast (because the conveyor can't wait). Next, depending on the reaction, 'the girl' immediately, or quite soon, asks for money for a visa, tickets, or both.

'Sure, I feel sorry for them', says Andrei, but refuses to talk more on the subject.
'This month I earned 15 thousand rubles, and two months ago only four' - Kolya considers scamming a real job and for a provincial student it's a large amount of money to be earning. His office pays scammers 20% of all moneys received, in many other offices they only pay 15%. 'We used to have a guy in our office, to whom one American in the space of three months sent more than twelve thousand dollars'. According to Kolya, how much you earn depends partly on hard work and partly on luck. But not everyone can convince their American lover to send more and more - you need a good imagination. You have to invent reasons why his sweetheart can't fly to him: she's been robbed in the subway, her mother is sick, she's been accused of withholding taxes and put in prison and he has to send money for bail. 'A very popular story is that she accidentally broke an expensive antique vase in a museum and has to pay 3000$ in compensation', Nikolai laughs .

And just like love, the desire to send increasing amounts of cash has to be encouraged. To begin with, a foreigner is asked to send just $300 for a visa. If he sends it, later it will be harder for him to accept the idea that his princess isn't going to fly to him and it becomes much easier to send more money because the barrier of distrust has been broken already. Next, $1,400 for a ticket. How events develop after that is determined by the scammer's brainwashing skills. There are lots of half-myths circulating among scammers, how someone took one American for 40 thousand dollars in a month, that another American robbed his own company to get the money together, and that one really crazy lover got himself heavily in debt, fired from work, refinanced his house and sold his kidney for his non-existent sweetheart. In fact, there are still a few people who believe in 'the humble Russian girl Lena', which can turn into an obsession that they are ready to go bankrupt for: this is the big break for a scammer and they can live off it.

So who is this femme fatale? The whole point is that she doesn't exist, she is a creation of the mutual efforts of a scammer and the victim who sets the direction. Some similarities do exist: she is usually between 25 and 30 years old, beautiful and smart, looking for a serious relationship. Men from Russia don't suit her because they are rude and drink too much. She believes in God and loves the most popular movies and music, is using a dating site for the first time, and always uses Internet cafes. 'It's very important that the girl looks natural, so they can believe in her. Not a supermodel, but good-looking', explains Kolya. Almost all photos are stolen from the Internet, so the real girls are completely unaware that they are indirectly helping to scam foreigners. The site has an extensive collection of Russian women gathered from scammed men from all over the world, the so-called 'blacklist'. Sometimes a very unexpected picture can turn up there. A real girl called Elvira discovered her photographs and personal details in this blacklist by chance: 'a friend of mine wanted to prove to me how much scamming has increased in Russia and entered my details, and it turned out that I had been on all the scamlists for ages'. Most photos are simply stolen by scammers from the girls' personal pages and blogs, and if you check, you'll see that the 'blacklists' are also full of pictures of Alsu, Valeria and lots of other Russian celebrities.

According to the old-time scammers there are almost 300 offices in Yoshkar Ola (other estimates make it 500). Each office has five working scammers, and there are also girls who pick up the money. Of course, there are no official statistics and the situation is estimated visually, but if it's true then every 100th resident of Yoshkar Ola is a scammer. And if we take into account that almost all scammers are students, and usually guys rather than girls, the typical scammer is easily recognizable. In Yoshkar Ola, the capital of Mari El and simultaneously 'the capital of Russian scamming', all scammers recognize each other. 'Yes, it's true, our city is the capital of scamming', Andrei says with some pride. He recently received a transfer of $1,000 and is in a good mood today, 'other cities have scammers too, but we have more. There are so many scammers in our city that it's almost a legitimate business.'

'I rent my apartment to scammers', says elderly lady, Olga Mihailovna, a housewife, 'they are nice guys and always pay good rent'. 'In the office where I used to work, if we earned 20,000 dollars a month, the owners would pay us a bonus, but some offices can earn 30,000 dollars or more per month' says Andrei. A good office earns about 15,000 dollars per month. Accordingly, the annual income of an office is about 200,000 dollars. And if it's true that Yoshkar Ola has 300 offices then the annual income of Yoshkar Ola from scamming is sixty million dollars.

Nevertheless, scamming has never become an official industry in Yoshkar Ola. The authorities recently closed several offices: they cut off the electricity in the entire building and when the scammers came out to see what was going on (they need electricity to work!), the cops broke into their apartments, arrested everybody and sealed the apartments. After that, the city was quiet for a while. Of course, during this period lots of foreigners were wondering why their 'love' wasn't writing to them. But just two weeks later everybody returned to their offices. There's enough work for everybody: scammers scamming, and law enforcement agencies catching them red handed from time to time.
2008-02-07, 19:41:36
anonymous from United States  
Thanks, Eddie. I know, but, you know. The first few emails really did sucker me in.

That said, though, thanks for new pic, Anonymous!

She's no Nataliya, but, she'll do for now. LOL.

I rate Nataliya 7/10*'s on the Flesh Missile Rating System.

The new one ... 4/10*'s.

I know I know I know. The Russian judge will rate her an eight and the
high and low scores will cancel each other out, but that's just tough shitskee!



Great article, btw.

2008-02-08, 13:57:59
wait till you here this, ive been leading her on still telling her im trying to get $ but, i cant believe it SHE CALLED !! (yeah, yeah, i know dont give your number out, but i was one of the clowns who did.) it was the same voice as in the emails, didnt say much, called me by name and said she was sorry she wouldnt be on the plane today, and she would email me soon. might of been a recording?? imagine that !!! its amazing how far they take it. nataliya lives on. i wonder what comes next? ill keep you posted. peace.

great article eddie, its right on the money. almost word for word the emails i recd.
2008-02-08, 14:29:48
OJAS from United States  
OMG Eddie! You could have saved yourself a lot of translation time!!
UK has posted 2008-01-11, 14:17:11 http://www.delphifa..p=2#69892
Has acknowleged credit to your previous month post 2007-12-13, 01:40:53 (updated: 2007-12-13, 02:01:27) http://www.delphifa..=25#65922
UK has traced the original Russian of your post, and added supplemental analysis to your post. I hope you guys review and settle on the closest existing translation, you both have already expended so much energy on!!

Peace! V :-)
2008-05-17, 13:56:47
anonymous from United States  
i just got on here for the first time. Svetlana is her name to me. Leaving soon for moscow. I have to say that i thought is was too good to be true. Fukk it is.
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2008-09-02, 19:08:10   (updated: 2008-09-02, 19:11:03)
anonymous from United States  
Nataliya Owechkina

She Also goes by the following emails.
Nataliya Kondayrowa' <>
Nataliya Kondayrowa' <>

She wanted money 3 emails into it, she was already on her way to me as she said, never saw a picture of me or even knew were I lived, I would think that she is a dumb ass if she ask for money with no knowledge of who she is talking too.
2008-09-11, 21:18:32
anonymous from United States  
She contacted me as Evgenija Skripuntsova

2008-10-19, 03:09:01   (updated: 2008-10-19, 03:14:03)
Add Nataliya Baryshkowa,, from Torgashino as a new alias.

2008-10-22, 16:18:23   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

These pictures were also reported as the following identity:

Name: Nataliya Baryshkowa

Email:>View contact details

Russia, Torgashino, zip code : 141332, Lomonosowa 82 street, flat 15

Other Comments:
Travel Info ' Gosytravel ' client: Miss Nataliya Baryshk.
This reservation will be automatically cancelled if the ticket is
not purchased until on Friday on October, 24th

Travel dates for: Miss Nataliya Baryshkowa - Reservation code: RE4TS

Please label the inside and outside of each piece of baggage to be checked in
with your name and where possible your address. Suitable baggage labels and
stickers are available free of charge. In advance of your journey, please note
the current free baggage allowance included in your ticket price. You can find
this information in the internet or via your Airline contact person.

In case you booked a special fare please note that it can be subject to restrictions.
Should you have further questions please call your Airline contact. J-1 Visa,Travel.
Travel Abroad: When preparing to travel abroad for less than 5 months, it is
important to ensure entry to another country and reentry to the U.S.
Depending on the country to be visited and the student's nationality, it may be necessary
to apply for a visitor visa. In order to return to the US, a student must have:
a valid passport or travel document, valid visa and an DS-2019. Furthermore,
page 4 of the DS-2019 must be signed by the RO. Travel to Canada, Mexico or
adjacent islands other than Cuba for less than 30 days, does not require
a valid J-1 visa in some cases. Travel Within the U.S.: No special permission is needed,
but it is important to have a valid passport, DS-2019 and I-94.

Thank you for your booking and have a pleasant journey.

Kind regards,' Gosytravel '
195320 , Saint-Petersburg, Volknaya steet, 50 office 70

Please use our service. Manager - Ms. OlShelestova
---------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------
Dr>Data flight: Friday on October, 24th

Flight 3817
Departs: 6:10a Pulkovo (LED)
Arrives: 8:55a Barajas (MAD)
Flight 6275
Departs: 12:05p Barajas (MAD)
Arrives: 2:20p O'Hare Inter­national (ORD)
Flight 7209
Departs: 3:30p O'Hare Inter­national (ORD)
Arrives: 5:00p Kansas City (MCI)

The open date of return flight.

Price: USD 1390.00 + .Eco.clas
-------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------

hellello,this is the info I have got from agency and
I think I have the problem. and it seems to me I need your help because
I must get this flight and nearest possible flight for me only in October and
I hate to imagine if something goes wrong, I have done too much to lose all now.
I know it sounds like I am pooroutsider but you see I have not time or somebody
to ask about help and I have nobody to help me, you know my relatives gave me all
that we could collect for my travel. I hate to ask but now I don't have any other choice.
I booked the tickets but I can pass my interview only when I pay for my tickets,
I didn't know about it. I ca receive my visa only after I pay my tickets so they want to be sure
I have a roundtrip tickets so I am not going to stay there illegally.
I think their rules are too strict...
The problem is that everything is getting more exspensive.
Oh, I forgot to tell you that the date of my return flight can be changed.
I promise that I will return all the money I borrow as soon as I can.
I will get salary and collect the sum you lend me, it is only money ,and I think that
it is not too hard for you to help me. You see I have such chance only once in my life.
I know you are kind man and I do hope you will be able to help me.
I was in the bank to try to ask them about credit but they tell I have to have something
to leave them and I have nothing to leave because I have only some clothes, some parfume
and it is all I have, and small gift for you from russia with love People in the bank
gave me an advise that if I have good friend (I told them about my problems and you )
that you may send me money very fast, they tell that there is the system Western Union
or Money Gram and it works very fast, I am not sure I know how it works but they tell you
need only my name and address here in St-Petersburg and I have to have only passport
to get it in any bank of St-Petersburg and only I can get the money when you send it,
I think it is good way and like I was explained it is very safe and takes a few minutes only.
I have about 710$ yet and I need about 680$ from your side, you can send me it ?
I am talking about American dollars. After getting money I will make all payment and
I will have an interview, it is a must.

I also have good news!!! They say I can stay longer than three months I can stay about
six months for first time. I will have to change the date of my returning flight only.
I also want to say that you don't have to worry if you don't like me or something
in my charachter I will not disturb you. It is only your wish to share your time with me,
and money is money, I will return it all to you anyway.
I am sorry for such a cold letter but I am getting crazy to think that you can just
don't reply and I will stay here without any result of all my hopes and dreams , and hard work too.

Oh, silly me!
I almost forgot to give you my full name and
my address here in St-Petersburg( where I rent a room).

Country : Russia
City: St.Peterburg
Address: Volodarskogo 41-89
postal code (zip) : 194324
First name : Nataliya
Last Name : Baryshkowa

You should put this info on their list and send me info when you send me the money.
I will need to know MTCN (money transfer control number) or Reference number which will
be given to you when you send me the money and your full name.
Well I will finish this letter since I am a little tired and feel not well.
I know that it is hard decision for you because you don't know me well enough,
but dear please help me and you will not sorry of it I promise!!!
Please don't leave me alone in hard minute I will pay the same when we meet!!!
And I will have paper with my and your names when I will be in your airport
I don't want to miss you,
Kiss many times!!!!
With great hope,
Your Nataliya!!!!

2008-10-22, 16:18:23   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  
Nataliya Baryshkowa>View contact details
Russia, Torgashino, zip code : 141332, Lomonosowa 82 street, flat 15
This image was also posted here:
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Dating scammer Juliya Glushkova
Dating scammer Natalia Tregoubova from Moscow or Yakutsk, Russia

2008-10-22, 16:18:23   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  
Nataliya Baryshkowa>View contact details
Russia, Torgashino, zip code : 141332, Lomonosowa 82 street, flat 15

2008-10-22, 16:18:23   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  
Nataliya Baryshkowa>View contact details
Russia, Torgashino, zip code : 141332, Lomonosowa 82 street, flat 15

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