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Dating scammer Linda/Anna Gavrilova from Moscow, Russia


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Name: Linda/Anna Gavrilova


Russia, Moscow area,
Lotoshino, Lesnaya street 23-9,
Postalcode 143800.
My full name Anna Gavrilova.

Other Comments:
I don't know if she is up to anything, cause when I check all the sites, I find nothing on this perosn, so if you know of anything send me out a e-mail


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2007-04-13, 19:19:27
anonymous from United States  
Hey, guys yea I got the same emails but some different pics. Love the one with her bitting the cherry. Last email from her was about her sick mom and all the food she likes to make and eat. If any thing enjoy this pic. Too bad because she is fine, but not fine enough. Peace out guys.
2007-04-13, 19:22:16
anonymous from United States  
Screwed up on attaching the cherry picture. Here is my second try.

2007-04-14, 09:57:40
anonymous from Netherlands  
Yes i confirm she is a spammer ,but the photos that i have are different .She say she is a teacher an a bookkeeper.she lives with her parents after a week writing to her .She tld me to meet me here in holland and that she ask me to help het with her visa and glight tickets.From the moment she ask to help her in money i thought no she can be seious to me i told her i m gaoing to russia.i wait for her answer .there is about 5 photoo of her. this is the last one,
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Linda/Anna Gavrilova from Moscow, Russia (modified photo)

Keywords: blonde black bra glass
2007-04-14, 10:14:06
anonymous from Netherlands  
Many thanks for it you have found time and have written to me. I very much waited your letter. It was very important for me for

Receive the answer from you. Now I have a smile on the person because you have written to me the letter.

Giorgino, I hope, it has not made to you work to understand, which I write to you. Tell to me, you understand my English language?

I have studied the English language at school and institute. I had the maximal item in English. Please, have patience to read mine

The letter.

I very much worry now when I write to you this letter. I at all do not know what to write to you, probably, I should write to you

About me it is direct, about tastes, interests also my purposes by lives. I do not know to begin the letter. I am a usual girl from Russia;

I never had familiar people from other country earlier. It is very unusual to write to me the letter to you.

Well, now I shall tell to you about me directly.

To me of 29 years, I have been given birth on August, 8 1977. Also it is interesting to me, when your birthday? My growth does 175 sm, my weight

Approximately 51 kg. I send a photo in the letter, I think, that it will allow to judge I wash appearance better better. Tell, that you

Think of my photos? These photos are made by my girlfriend in my place. Whether I worry very much, loved my photo to you?

I try to support beauty of a body in good condition. I visit employment by aerobics, also I visit association. Giorgino, it helps me to

Support my beauty. I very much worry, that you will not love my photo, and you will not answer me. I till now cannot overcome excitement

Which I check now.

In me the husband never was, and I have no any children.

I live together with my parents, in an apartment with four rooms. In our apartment not so it - is a lot of place, but it satisfies us. I have

The younger sister who also lives together with us. I very much respect my parents. Tell to me about your family?

I have higher education. I have been trained in “ Pedagogical Institute of city Chelyabinsk ” and also I have finished correspondence branch '

Economic institute ' Yes, I have higher education of the teacher.

It very much to similar me. But at present while there is vacation at children I work on one of firms as the bookkeeper. I dream to have the

child, sometime in the future. Children - flowers of a life, you heard such proverb?

I think, that is necessary to be very responsible to have children. I already adult girl, and I think, that I am ready to such important

Step in a life.

I think very responsible work, actually from I now teach, what formation to guys their future life depends. Yes, all depends from

Initial stage of a human life his further life. You agree with me? My work takes from me many forces and energy every day, but all

The same I very much love her!

Work as the teacher, brings to me of money which are necessary for my life.

I try to live irrespective of my parents, because I already adult girl. I help also to my parents.

My main vital principles it - sincerity, kindness, decency under the attitude to all people. These qualities have been lifted in me

My parents,

And I am very grateful to them for this purpose. I do not love lie. In people I respect sincerity, compassion to poor people, love and

Respect for relatives.

Well, my purpose and dream - search, loved the person and creation with it families. To love the person who will support me always

When I demand his support. For me the main thing, that the person loved me, respected me, and has paid to me attention.

I live in city Chelyabinsk, our city, to be in Ural. You heard, sometime about the Ural mountains? I very much love city in which I

Alive. You probably heard about city of Moscow, our city, be on distance of 1700 kilometers from city of Moscow. Moscow - the capital

From Russia. In our city we have many beautiful places, it - parks, museums, theatres, still it is more many than cultural establishments.

In summer I with pleasure I spend a free time with girlfriends in parks. I like to visit cultural establishments, such as museums,

Exhibitions and theatres. Tell to me how you concern to similar entertainments?

Giorgino, tell a little about itself! I very much would like to study in the biggest degree about you!

What do you search in a life, what you want from your partner in a life? What happiness for you? I am happy, when I see around

Independently happy people of people, parents, friends and girlfriends!

I think, what you already have wide experience in your life, please, tell to me about it?

Well, Giorgino, I should finish my letter on it, and I hope, you will concern all serious to my letter. Please, if you search serious

Attitudes, I am ready to continue to write to you. I have written to you so, and I hope, that I have not cleaned a lot of time

From you.

I send you a photo, and I hope, that it is pleasant for you. I hope, that you will love my photo, and you will send to me a photo!

I shall be

To wait your answer Giorgino! Have good day!!!

2007-04-14, 10:19:46
anonymous from Netherlands  
Only my ideas about you and about our meeting have added to me many forces and energy to search for

a way for our meeting.

I had good trip, and have successfully come back home. Already enough last time here.

I have many news to you, and I hope, that it will be very interesting for learning to you about it.

There are some good news and the some people not so good. I shall start with good news.

When I have arrived to early in the morning, I should go in travel agency the. For me it was necessary to

write many applications and I had to spend a lot of time for this purpose.

Lady in travel agency to help me with it and has told to me, that is very difficult for the lonely girl as

I to arrive in the Holland.

For me there was a lot of a new information also.

I have consulted at that lady, and she has told to me, that I can receive the visa of the tourist.

I can visit you as the tourist and is pleased, that there is a way however for our meeting my dear Giorgino!

From me the passport, medical survey will demand; also I should show the information concerning the marital status.

My dear Giorgino I hope, that you understand that everything, it costs not a few money. I would like to inform

you about charges for my documents to arrive in you.

The visa will cost 200 EURO, and it includes also various taxes.

Also it is necessary to have the passport, and it will cost 100 EURO, medical survey is necessary

for me, and it will be required around of 90 EURO.

My loved, I should tell to you, that I do not know when my documents for arrival in the Holland will be ready,

It will demand, approximately 2 weeks before I can receive my visa and the passport.

We should go together, and I really need in your help Giorgino.

Mine Giorgino, now let me to sum up to my charges on our meeting. So, my documents will take approximately 470 EURO,

also it - really big money.

I should tell to you, that I worked very much, and I have some the saved money. I have 6900 roubles and it

about 250 EURO.

Mine Giorgino to receive all necessary documents I should have residing at Moscow to wait the answer from embassy,

I hope, that you understand me my dear Giorgino.

And, hence, to be necessary for me 250 EURO to live in Moscow.

I hope, that you are pleased, to hear about it, as it - rather real prices, and we should spend this money to achieve

our meeting. You agree with me?

Giorgino so it - shame for me to speak about it and I never thought that I should ask the help with money you!

I really am upset a little with it as I have no such big sum of money.

You are ready to help me with this money? I promise you, that I shall very closely and cautious it as our future will

depend on it and our happiness too.

I the strong woman and I shall find forces for our happiness.

I also thought of the ticket onboard the plane. I shall demand it also. And we should speak about it also. Unfortunately,

I shall not have Money for my ticket.

If you could buy the ticket for me then I would be very happy, also our meeting was very soon.

Please, learn for me this information, and inform me most of all about the airport which closer to you in which we for

the first time shall meet! Well?

I shall hope, that for you it there were good news about our meeting.

I do not want it, we have been prevented by money. In our life of Money play the big role. But I do not want, that money

have prevented for our attitudes.

Excuse me, please, that I ask you about the help. I think, that it is fair.

I shall hope, that I shall take all things which only it is possible. I spoke my director, and I shall have holiday

for trip to the Holland. I can take all things from here, and now only it is necessary to solve a problem with money.

I shall hope very much for you.

Giorgino, I have written to you today, and have very much got tired now.

I am valid, that have done the big way today and, probably, I shall have very much sound sleep today.

I shall pray to the God today concerning our meeting, and I hope, that it will hear my prays.

Once again, it - me is very a shame to ask you about the help.

I shall be, probably, one of the happiest women in the world if we shall unit soon our hearts.

I want to arrive to you and to live with you some time!

We should have some time to stay together to continue our attitudes further.

I hope, that you have correctly understood me in my letter to you and to this is valid, it is necessary to us to consider all.

Now our future in our hands and we should make the correct decision.

My heart will beat now in some times faster, and I very much worry.

I listen to my heart, and I hope, that you will listen also to your heart Giorgino.

Well, I should go now I to finish my letter. I with impatience shall wait news from you with impatience.

All good! Only yours Anna
the picture comes from computer 655131121 may will help you

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Keywords: blonde black bra
2007-04-14, 15:00:17
anonymous from United States  
She has been Linda to me so far, but I have just been waiting for the $$$ question to come up. I have also received similar letters from other Russian girls with almost the same text. She went bowling and dancing and got jealous of her friends kissing their men this past weekend if that sounds familiar.

Have fun with it , but DON'T SEND $$$ or give out personal information.
2007-04-14, 18:52:04
anonymous from United States  
Yes these two ladies are very attractive
2007-04-14, 19:08:08
anonymous from United States  
This guy must be busy. I have been talking to him for over two weeks. Thought it was a scam , now I'm sure. Thanks for the info. The girl in the photo sure is pretty. I have all the ones posted and a few more. None nude, but I'm working on it. Wish me luck.
2007-04-15, 14:56:38
anonymous from Denmark  
More pic of anna I can share with you guys, she sent after a few round of play.

2007-04-16, 14:23:14
I know a guy who just sent 'poor' Linda a bunch of money to fly to the states. She is supposed to be here in the next week or so. He is to stupid to see the scam in it all, but she is still playing along by e-mailing him even though she already go the money. When will she take the money and run so he will realize he just blew $1000 dollars on a really good laugh for us all!!! Has any one else gone this far with her? Or is it a real deal this time? Let me know what you all think. Thanks
2007-04-16, 17:54:10
anonymous from United States  
Hasn't hit me up for money yet. Maybe when she hears about my new house and how I need someone to help with decorating. Have fun with this guys.
2007-04-18, 00:22:52
anonymous from United States  
Linda (Anna) and I spoke on the phone and e-mailed each other for a month. I see the same pictures and e-mails as some of you have. She asked for about $940 from me so she can visit. I told her no and the relationship ended almost immediately. She was convincing, and the pictures were nice. She was the dentist, her father the lawyer.. and he wanted to go fishing with me, etc... I am glad that I did not send any money. Don't get suckered in guys. There are many Russian women scammers. Do your research..learn about how a Russian woman can obtain a visa to the U.S.. It isn't easy. I'm sticking to cheap, local broads for now on!
2007-04-18, 14:13:38
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Anna Gavrilova was a name used by the Anna Ivaniuk I was contacted by though she doesn't look like any of the girls here and claimed to be from Ufa not Moscow.
2007-04-18, 20:41:47
anonymous from United States  
anybody seen this one? I have about 12 pictures with similar letters. asking for the typical 950.00. Girl is absolutely stunning looking saying she is Anna Gavrilova from someplace starting with a U,450 miles from Moscow, forgot the city. Told her she was a fraud and she wrote me back a very long sob story about how she doesn't want me to write any more. Somebody please tell me they have seen this one. I would never send cash but goddamn is she hot!!
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Dating scammer Marina Chouvashova (modified photo)
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Keywords: brunette black shirt says chanel
2007-04-19, 02:28:27
anonymous from United States  
I just found out today that this girl is not from the US like she originally told me. Am I stupid or what?! Here is a photo of her that has not been posted yet.

Keywords: brunette eating calimari
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