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Dating scammer Tatiasna Ivanova from Tibelti, Russia


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Name: Tatiasna Ivanova


Tatiana Ivanova
my home address:
Russia, Irkusk region,
Tibelti, Oktiabrskaya str. 18

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2007-04-08, 11:24:10
Hmmm........I went and used Google on that Russian actress Ekaterina Guseva. She has quite a few sites , but the pics I saw looked nothing like Tatiana (Elvira). Sure is a lot of pics of this lady (Tatiana), on this site and through her emails to be scamming anyone, and not have to worry about someone tracking her down.... Like robbing a bank, and wearing a mask, but leaving a picture of yourself behind , just as a reminder, lol
2007-04-08, 18:19:01   (updated: 2007-04-08, 18:20:21)
anonymous from United States  
Hello my dear
I felt so lost and bad. But you even cannot imagine how much happy I am now when I know that
you are tyring to help me and believe me I am thankful to you from the bottom of my heart!!!
When I thought about going to the USA to earn some money, I was going to do that to make life better,
to see other country and improve my English.
I just wanted to change my life better. Is this a crime? No. Besides, I was going to work but not to be
with some 'sugar daddy'.
I thought that it would be great if I am not alone there in the USA because you know it is kinda
dangerous to go to other coutry alone. So, I decided to find a friend or someone who can at least
talk to me. It was you and I know that I wasn't mistaken when I wrote you.
I liked you and somehow you managed to get deep into my heart. You know that I am also single
and want to find that special one. I am tired to be alone. As it turned out It is a big problem to find a good man.
Do you understand what I mean? I don't expect him to be some SUPERMAN ( perfect body, fat wallet,
smart and funny....etc.). I just want him to be a GOOD MAN, who can share with me all happy and sad moments
of life, to be a friend, a lover, a moral support, to be a good listener and adviser in different situation. To be my half...
These are simple things, don't you think so? I don't know if we meet or not because
still my tickets are not paid yet, but I do hope that you will help me and we shall meet.
Somehow you got deep into my heart and I know that it is too soon to talk about us, but we never know
what can happen, right? I like you and you like me. We can try.
Right now only you can make this happen because I really don't have money enough to pay for the tickets.
Like I told you I will work hard as much as possible and give you the money back.
I know that probably it is a lot of money for you.
I understand that though it doesn't make me feel comfortable to ask you for a loan.
I don't know what I can do in this situation. I do want to come to the USA and earn
money, I do want to come to you. I don't ask you just to give me this money. I ask you about a loan.
If only I could, I would never ask you for help. And only you can help me in this situation.
I know that you are a kind man and I beg you to help me. I swear I return you the money once I earn it
there in the USA. I don't want any misunderstanding or mistrust between us, so please tell me all your fears
and everything which is in your mind.
I beg you, don't leave me!!!! Please!!!!

Yours Tatiana

PS Please write me as soon as possible

Well, here it is the day after I found this sight and left a comment about having gotten her airlines reservations. This is her next step in her twisted scam. Everyone BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!
Thanx 4 This Site;
2007-04-09, 00:25:55
[hidden] from Oakland in California, United States  
Thanks very much everyone for posting your experiences of this very cruel hoax/scam. I hope it hasn't soured my view of Russian women in general because of this scam.
2007-04-09, 10:25:00
anonymous from United States  
HI GUYS........I GOT THE EMAIL ASKING FOR THE MONEY ...........READ and laugh and share with everyone.. I suggest everyone is on a singles dating site to report this to the site admin to warn others I ma sure someone fell for it.

Hello dear , this is the info I have got from agency and I think I have the problem and it seems to me I need your help because I must
get this flight. I hate to imagine if something goes wrong, I have done too much to lose all now.I know it sounds like I am pooroutsider
but you see I have not time or somebody to ask about help, you know my parents gave me all that our famile could collect for my travel.
I hate to ask but now I don't have any other choice.
The things that everything is getting more exspensive because so many people want to travel abroad and they tell I need to have round trip ticket,it is new rule from this year. I thought that I have to bye only one trip one. I can promise that I will return all the money I borrow as soon as I can. I will get salary and collect the sum I own you, it is only money, and I think that it is not too hard for you to help me ,you see I have such chance only once in my life. I know you are kind man and I do hope you will be able to help me.
I was in the bank to try to ask them about credit but they tell I have to have something to stay them and I have nothing to stay because I have only a few
dress and shoes, some parfume and it is all I have, and small gift for you from russia with love. I was so silly, yestarday I bought nice night dress, it is so exspencive here but I could't travel to you because it is a shame that it was on me, I have never seen such wonderful things for women.
People in the bank gave me an advise that if I have good friend (I told them about my problems and you ) that you may send me money very fast,they tell that there is the system western union and it works very fast,
I am not sure I know how it works but they tell you need only my name and address here in moscow and
I have to have only passport to get it in any bank of moscow and nobody can get money only me, I think it is good way.
I have about 400$ yet and I need about 1000$ from your side(roundtripticket,visa,interview and some papers yet). After getting money
I will make all payment and I will have an interview, it is nesseary thing.
And I have good news too, they tell that I can stay longer than three months I can stay about six months for first time.
I will have to change the date of my returning flight only and I want to say that you have not to worry if you don't like me or something in my charachter I will not disturb you, you know I will have rent room to live and it is only your wish to share your time with me, and money is money, I will return it all in any case.
I am sorry to send so dry and cold letter but I am getting crazy to think that you can just don't reply and I will stay here without any result of all my hopes and dreams ,and hard work too.
you know my address here in moscow is Moscow, 107048, Khromova street, build 3,room 12. You know my full name is Gallyamova(last name) Elvira(first name).
You should put this info on their list and send me info that you sent it.
well I will close this letter I am a little tired and feel not too well, I know that it is hard decision for you because you know me not too well, but dear please help me and you will be not sorry of it I promise. Please don't leave me alone in hard minute I will pay the same when we meet.
And I will have paper with my and your names when I will be in your airport I don't want to miss you,
Kiss you with hope Elvira

2007-04-09, 10:27:14
anonymous from United States  
With all the money she collected is she did from someone ...She never change her black top..LOL
2007-04-09, 17:16:19 from United States  
Eketerina or any one else pictured in the photos you receive are NOT the scammers. Only their photos are used. The scammers are someone else entirely. Often done by MEN. Yes, men. They use their wife, sister or girl friend to actually talk to you if you call, but most of the scams are done by men. Like it or not.

The person you see in the photo is rarely the one that is actually doing the scamming.
2007-04-10, 00:33:13
anonymous from United States  
Whoever this is has more names, addresses, pictures, etc. than the dictionary has words. I had doubts but let myself go along with all the bull until the money was asked for and then I was sure it was what I had suspected all along. This crap has to stop before somebody really gets hurt if they haven't already. This is a great site to help us keep the idiots straight who think they can scam us out of loads of hardearned money. Damn the bastards.
2007-04-10, 00:59:54
anonymous from United States  
I start playing with these guys just for the heck of it . I told her go to Western Union with your passport, and a driver license . and gave her/him a fake routing number and said is this my gift to you to come to the USA..LOL I will let you know what is the reply.
2007-04-10, 01:19:24
anonymous from United States  
Guys......I found more of her on another site ... look at the pictures her name is also Name: Angelina many names thisd agency is using. LOOK at the 'FAKE' passport .. same picture is above is if you scrole up with different name...

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Angelina Shvaljova
Dating scammer Tatiasna Ivanova from Tibelti, Russia
Various dating scammers

Keywords: fake passport
2007-04-10, 01:19:46
anonymous from United States  
The Fake woman:)
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Angelina Shvaljova
Dating scammer Elena Yanchurova
Dating scammer Tatiasna Ivanova from Tibelti, Russia (modified photo)
Dating scammer Elena Yanchurova (modified photo)
Dating scammer Elena Yanchurova (modified photo)

Keywords: blonde fake hello sign
2007-04-10, 01:21:33
anonymous from United States  
The passport number is the same , but the name and Date of Birth always changing...check it out
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Angelina Shvaljova
Dating scammer Tatiasna Ivanova from Tibelti, Russia
Various dating scammers

Keywords: fake passport
2007-04-10, 01:22:15
anonymous from United States  
here is the second one..
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Tatiasna Ivanova from Tibelti, Russia

Keywords: fake id
2007-04-10, 05:34:10
Snap !!! Meet Uliya Buharina
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Uliya Buharina Cheremkhovo from Russia

2007-04-10, 05:38:21   (updated: 2007-04-10, 05:45:13)
And then there was............Nadezhda Zaprudina
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Uliya Buharina Cheremkhovo from Russia
Dating scammer Tatiasna Ivanova from Tibelti, Russia

Keywords: fake passport with or to get a visa for immigration to the USA
2007-04-10, 05:41:19
It wouldn't be fair if we didn't mention Nadezhda Udowa of <
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Uliya Buharina Cheremkhovo from Russia
Dating scammer Tatiasna Ivanova from Tibelti, Russia

Keywords: fake passport
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