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Dating scammer Yuliya Solovyeva


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Name: Yuliya Solovyeva


Russia, Republic Marij-el, Zvenigovo 425060. Street Lenina 38 Box 1

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2008-03-01, 13:44:17
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  

2008-03-02, 19:27:10
OJAS from United States  
Anon US2008-02-29, 02:36:25
1) On the blackboard is high school level Algebra
2) From her eye-brows separation, and boobs still in formation, she can hardly be 16

The scammer is a pedophile
2008-03-09, 11:21:43   (updated: 2008-03-09, 11:24:55)
Droog from Russian Federation  
Hi to all!
Dirk, if it is not too late: about comments on pictures of Nastya Zadoroznnaya (Zadorojnaya). Don’t know why someone have deleted some of my comments in this thread. I met her pics in other threads. All pictures on pages 4, 5 and 2 pics on 3 (mostly from the movies) are her.
I always post comments on a pictures if I see known Russian actress/singer/model etc but normally do not review.
As for your post 2008-03-01, 00:58:14 (updated: 2008-03-01, 01:04:20) this link http://club-girl.bu..viewentry/ its her. On second pic with a guy this is not her. Its some girl named Sasha.

She is a singer and actress from the childhood. She pretends to sing and play roles in movies for teens. She is a movie star in MTV Russia teens “soap opera” CLUB. You also can google this movie by name Russian Сериал КЛУБ and see her by searching sites also.I will post info below .

She names herself (and its understandable why) Stasya. Here is her official site: Click on “РОЛИ” then “КИНО” and “СЕРИАЛЫ”and choose certain movie by picture, click on pic and then hit “Кадры” and will find plenty of her pictures on a right side.
Also you can google her and find over the Russian searching sites such as and by her name in Russian: Настя Задорожная and then hit the button Найти (Search). There are plenty pictures of her over there especially on Google.
Her on MTV

2008-03-10, 11:15:28
Dirk from Netherlands  
Hi Droog,

Thanks for adding the info. Interesting to see, that the one who asked about Nastya doesn't reply to my postings.

See you on other Threads, Dirk
2008-03-10, 21:18:55
anonymous from United States  
Here is another sample letter from Yulyia -- I also rec'd form letter number 1 from above as well as the same photos. has not asked for money yet.
Attached another photo

Hello My Friend ____________!!!!!!
______________ I again smile because have taught your letter. I with
impatience waited when the working day what to receive your letter
would will end.
Very much it was pleasant to me your photos. I liked a beach. This
very beautiful place.
I have now a cat. I have named it Brave (Hrabriy - so it sounds on
russian). I always liked animals, especially cats and dogs. I like
your dog.
I very well can cook, almost just as my mum. To all I was learnt by
she. I from most my childhood when my mum was going always was near to
mum and helped her to cook. I likely can not tell to you about about
all Russian meal. For example my favourite meal it golubci. These are
the leaves of cabbage stuffed with meat forcemeat, vegetables and fig.
It it is really very tasty also to me always was pleasant. Probably
you too have something similar. It certainly only the small part of
that has learnt me my mum. Probably once you can try and feel all
this. The domestic meal is useful and healthy meal.
I wish to talk today about your friends, I wish to learn more about
that who surrounds you and as them call. Than you are engaged
together? How for a long time you together? _____ how you think, in it
world to have the present friends? They at you to have?
At me to have the best girlfriend, is name Nastya. We grew with it in
one house and went to one school. After school it has entered the
institute and now water works in the company on sale. I have acted in
medical college because I should work and I would not have time to
study in institute. Earlier we often were together, now we meet on
weekend and we talk about much. ______ as you think that it speaks
about you? ________ it would speak that I was is cautious communicating
with you. I know that it speaks it because almost does not know you. I
have told about you and it has told that you probably the good person.
It would speak that we with you did not hasten, I too do not wish to
hasten, I think that we all over again everyone should learn one about
other and then together to think of the future. My girlfriend spoke
about that what to have bad men which deceive women. The photo of
girls are necessary to them only, but I am assured that you not such.
I am right, _______? I so am glad that have met you because you
understand me. You understand all about what I to speak. Or not all? I
hope that all. I hope that tomorrow I learn about your friends as.
I shall wait for your letter.
I have made it photo with my girlfriend Nastya!!! I now shall go home
and I shall think of you. She is my best friend to whom I can trust in
any situation. I with impatience wait for your letter.
Your sincere girlfriend Yuliya.

2008-03-10, 21:29:49
anonymous from United States  
Another letter. Curious to see how long this game will go on-- looks to be getting very creative

Hello My Best Friend __________!!!!!!
I am glad that you are interested in me. ______ you understand my bad
English? I hope that and is correct. if you that that do not
understand that can ask me and I shall answer you with pleasure.
Today I am very tired at work. There were very many businesses at
work. Very many people address to us in hospital! But that is
unimportant for me that I get tired, for me main that that I have an
opportunity to help the people!
My city Sovetsk is approximately in 900 km to the east from Moscow. To
Sochi 2000 km there are more.
________, I wish to learn from you about your work. What do you do on
work? ______you respect and liked with yours the chief? I think what
yes, because you very good person. I work usual nurse and in all
help doctors and another the medical expert. I work about 7 years and
me my work is pleasant. I wish to be with people, I am pleasant to
them to be helped. It is pleasant when they are happy. But I very am
afraid blood. I do not know why but I am afraid to look at it. I have
already got used but all the same have fear. Likely because I would
not have man which me has protected. ______, me at very terribly
night when I come back from work and one. It would be good if I haze
to embrace you and you would go about me. ______, you would protect
me? I work sometimes even at night when to me appoint watches. To me
to pay for it the premium and an increase to the salary.
Tell now about itself which are ______, tell to me about the work,
it is pleasant to you or not, what is not pleasant?
You know about what I think, about that that we with you as two birds
which fly towards and more increasing and learn one another and then
meet more. But all depends only on us. In fact at any moment
one of birds can back be developed and depart. I do not wish to fly
back, and you ______?
I sent you photo. On a photo I in hospital in which I work in the form
of the nurse. Tell more about itself and the opinion on our
I wait for yours letter and I hope that you will soon write.
Your trusting Yuliya.

2008-03-27, 01:04:27
anonymous from United States  
I also just recieved an email on Yuliya. I'm glad i searched her name and found this. Good evening Chris!!!!!
I am glad to receive your letter. I at all did not expect to receive
it because not know you will answer me or not.
Suddenly I that not so have written that also you have not received my
letter. I hope that you can see my photo. On it I am represented
in the apartment. I hope, what I was pleasant to you? I hope what yes.
Because I like you. But I very much would wish to learn you
better. I ask you read my letter and to answer my questions. Chris you
are very interesting to me and I wish to know about you all. Chris I
do not wish to hasten, I know that if to hasten that of anything good
it will not turn out. I search for serious relations and I wish to
find the man of the dream. I do not wish to play or simply to
communicate. I wish to learn about all of you. In men I to appreciate
sincerity and the truth. Because only these qualities help people to
create mutual understanding and happiness for both. I so think, and
you Chris???
I am glad to receive your photo. I hope that I shall receive them more.
My name is Yuliya. To me of 28 years and I was not married and I
do not have children. I live in small city which refers to Sovetsk, in
the Kirov area. The population of ours it is proud about 16,8 thousand
people. I work in hospital, I look after patients. My speciality
nurse. I work six days in a week, I go to cinema, theatre, I go on
dances. I wish to learn from you, what most of all interests in girls?
What you like? What qualities? How it should look? We in city do not
have man with which I could be happy. Therefore I have decided to get
acquainted through the Internet and have written to you. At us to have
the Internet of cafe and I can to come and receive your letters. I as
would like to receive more than your photos. I hope that you will send
them to me. I shall wait for them on the e mail
I with impatience wait for your letter tomorrow. I hope that you will
answer me.
Chris I shall wait your answers and questions, I with pleasure shall
answer them. I wait and I hope.......
Your new girlfriend Yuliya

P.S. I as wait for your photos!!!

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Yuliya Solovyeva

2008-03-29, 16:40:07
This is the last letter I received from Yuliya. I don't even know if this is really the person perpetrating the scam for all any of us know this could be some group of ubergeeks sitting in a room somewhere scamming people left and right. wrote:
Hello My Lovely Man and my Sun Christopher!!!!!!!
Christopher I shall give all for that what to be with you, I want to be
with you for ever and I would want that we with you were happy and
that our happiness never would come to an end.
I LOVE YOU Christopher!!!!!!
But I do not know where to find this money, I tried everything, I each
day with itself morning searched for money, each day, ran everywhere
but I do not know where to find them. Forgive me. If I could I have
made it but I do not have money and I do not know what to make. I
shall try to go in pawnshop and to sell things which at me is in shop
which accepts old things, I shall sell mothers rings and which I was
presented by the grandmother, I shall sell all that at me there is
also I shall try to find this money.
I love you and I go to you and only to you what to be with you for
ever. I always dreamed about such to the man as you and I shall make.
All for the sake of your love, your kisses, gentle and passionate and
I hope that I can be very fast with you and we shall be happy for
I ADORE YOU Christopher!!!!!
I send you your most fine and gentle kisses and I hope that you
receive them.
Yours and only your loving and gentle Yuliya.

This image was also posted here:
Dating scam artist Anastasiya Romanova

2008-04-06, 19:02:46 from Galston, Australia  
Hi. It seems Yuliya Gordeva at address She has sent me exact letters as have read above about Nurse in Sovetsk and mum Galina works factory and Grandmother, which lives from us in 80 - 90 kilometrov to village Aksenovo. Her name Zinaida. So thanks for this website for showing me the truth about this scam. I've searched and seen that these pics are from a singer called Nastya?! and guess what, most of the pics I recieved are on the website! So, looks like we nearly fell for it ehh! Anyway, I haven't let on about knowing yet so may lead them on a little and get in touch with guy I know in Federal Police here and maybe they can work with Russian Authorities to catch these bastards!
Any more info on this just email me OK!

2008-04-16, 01:35:33
anonymous from United States  
Have gotten the Yuliya, nurse from Sovetsk emails - but not with the pics shown here. This is what I got:

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Dating scammer Juliya from Kirov, Russia
Dating scammer Yuliya Gordeeva
Dating scammer Yuliya Solovyeva

2008-04-16, 01:37:06
anonymous from United States  
Got exatly the same info as, Yuliya, Nurse in Sovetsk, grandmother, etc. all the same. Here is another pic she sent me:
This image was also posted here:
Is this Russian girl scamming me? How to recognize scammers
Dating scammer Yuliya Gordeeva
Dating scammer Yuliya Solovyeva

2008-04-16, 01:40:18
anonymous from United States  
One more pic from Yuliya, nurse in Sovetsk - this time posing with 'mum'!
She has not asked me for money yet - I think I'll play along for some fun, then copy and send a grand FU! letter in cyrillic when I get bored with it.

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Yuliya Solovyeva
Dating scammer olechka

2008-04-16, 02:51:42 from Engadine, Australia  
I thought I'd post more emails from Yuliya in Sovetsk for your entertainment. Paul.
For this web sites convenience, the photo I've posted has Russian name. So can it be picked up as keyword too even though in other language? Let me know and I'll post all the others for everyone's convenience. Regards',
Paul From OZ!

Hello My Lovely Man Paul!!!!!
I waited for your letter and my heart to knock strongly when I have
received it. I am very glad that you have written to me. I do not
imagine as it is possible to live without your letter. When I do not
receive your letters, to me is very sad nothing also wish to make.
Thanks you for pictures. I like it.
My dear Paul, I very much would want to have 2 children. I very much
would want, that it there was a girl and the boy. I think, that anyone
the man wants to have the boy cheerfully to spend with him time. Any
woman wants to have the girl that she could help her any on the house.
I do not try, that the love to both will be different. The love will
be identical to both children. Simply it likely desire of both
parents. Are you agree with me?
I love you, you perfect man. I not when did not meet such as you. I
necessarily shall come to you, but in the beginning I need to be sure
in our feelings. I need not much time to consider all. Paul, when I
shall decide all I shall inform you! Wait slightly. Well? My mum, the
grandmother, girlfriends will miss on me. And I will miss too on them.
But they know that my life without love is not necessary to me. I love
you Paul!!! And I wish to be with you. I already spoke with mum
yesterday about that that probably I will go to you. We spoke with her
about it much. She has told that my happiness this her happiness. If I
is happy, she too will be happy. I plan to go to the grandmother soon.
I will speak with her about you also. I will write to you about it.
Paul, I think of you and I wish to be with you. On work I today went
to the girlfriend. She makes to me massage. I look just as she makes
medical massage and I remember. Sometimes in the evening when we with
mum look cinema I make massage to her. She speaks that at me well
turns out. Paul and you are able to make massage? You would would
like that I have made massage to you? Paul I do not know precisely,
but I think that when massage make with kisses and caress it is always
fine. I would like to feel as your hands embrace me, to caress my
body, to give heat and passion. And you would would like that I have
made the tender hands to you massage after work? I very much would
wish to make it to you. I am assured to you it was pleasant.
Paul as you represent ours with you kisses? Ours with you of walk?
Ours with you a life every day?
I think that all will be good, we shall make all together, and at all
of us it to turn out. Because all of us we shall make with love.
I hope that to like you my photo. I would want that today the fine
dream has dreamed you, that the dream would dream me, and we have met
you in our dreams, and I think that all will be very fine, if it to
Paul I send you the kisses and I hope that they warm your heart.
Yours Yul.


2008-04-16, 04:58:14
anonymous from Turkey  
you are very atractive girl
my email:
2008-04-16, 12:52:37
OJAS from United States  
Paul from Oz,
Thanks mate, for providing a romantic reading !!

@Oz newbies http://www.delphifa..p=1#81366
All newbies:
Please watch the clips

Also read
Welcome thread http://www.delphifa..412.shtml
and the next 3 posts http://www.delphifa..l#comments
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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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