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Dating scammer Linda Scott from Lagos, Nigeria


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Name: linda scott


first western union address

Reciever's name: Amos Clement
Country : Nigeria,
state :Lagos
City :Ikeja
Textquestion : The Lord is Good?
Textanswer : All the time

158.arakale hospital road lagos ikega nigeria

2nd name and address

reciever name........royal francis
text question............what is your name
text answer..................linda scott

Other Comments:
this person contacted me through a website known as
supposedly she is in a hospital and needs 560 dollars to get out of the hospital with her passport and ticket. she also does not have anywhere to go in the us and has asked for accomodations here in the US. I have had a long internet conversation with this person if anyone knows anything else about this person post it. if anyone wants to see the Im conversation post that as well

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2007-06-08, 00:31:34
anonymous from United States  
OK... here goes. This is everything I have on Gladys Duggan. My notes are in brackets.

This is all the info from her eHarmony profile:
gladys (houston, Texas)
[photo was posted here with this message:] all i desire is love and care...
Occupation: am a padiatric nurse,but not practicing at the moment
[I don't know how I missed this originally, but she misspelled 'pediatric.' Who misspells their own job title?!?]
Height: 5'8
Ethnicity: White, non-Hispanic
Match Delivered: May 27, 2007
Religion: Christian
Want Kids: Yes
Drinks: Never
Smokes: Never

The one thing gladys is most passionate about:
i am most passionate about kids,i love them so much and its part of the reasons i trained as a paediatric nurse,kids are innocent,wonderful and easy to interact with..

The three things which gladys is most thankful for:
My kind heart and my resilience in trying times
my parents,for giving me all i needed during their lifetime
my life,being able to be alive,every day is a testimony...
The most influential person in gladys's life has been:
Lady Diana,she touched the lives of people,both black and white her generousity took her across borders,she believd in making the world a better place for all,that was why when she died i wept like a kid,even though i had never met her....
gladys's friends describe her as:
Three of gladys's best life-skills are:
Helping those who are less fortunate or in need
Volunteering my time to causes I care about
Communicating my innermost thoughts and feelings
The most important thing gladys is looking for in a person is:
An open heart,i cant stand someone who isn't plain,i detest dishonesty,so i'll rather go for someone who is honest,the truth is what i desire,even if it will hurt.....
The first thing you'll probably notice about gladys when you meet her:
my generousity and large heart,i am a survivor,a fighter....i never give up...
The one thing gladys wishes MORE people would notice about her is:
my emptiness,my loneliness......the fact that behing that cheerful smile,there is something i desire...which is a healthy and happy home....
gladys typically spends her leisure time:
reading,watching movies.....
The things gladys can't live without are:
my bible
fresh air
kids..i love them around me
and my comb
The last book gladys read and enjoyed:
the street lawyer..John Grisham...about an illegal eviction,which claimed lives,saw people homeless,but in the end justice prevailed and so many lives were touched...
One thing that only gladys's best friends know is:
my desire to have a happy home with kids and a loving husband,and my drive to help the needy.....
Some additional information gladys wanted you to know is:
i am a baby,all i need is love and care....
[Somebody put a bit of time into this profile, filling out even all of the optional boxes, but look at all of the spelling and grammar errors!]

[Her first eHarmony message to me was:]
Hello Ben
my name is Gladys,pretty new to internet dating,went through yoour profile and feel we have some things in common,dont really know how to go about meeting people on this website,so i decided to send you this message,dont be offended i didnt go through the stages,just didnt understand those processes very much...i would really like to hear back from you,if you would like,my email address is to hear from you....
you can aslo check out my profile as well..take care...Gladys

[Her second eHarmony message to me was:]
RE: Hello Gladys
am glad you are also interested in me,well,i will like to tell you something about me.... My name is Gladys Duggan,i was born on the 16th of May 1979 ,in Essex,England to British parents.....
I'm a Paediatric nurse,i said in my profile that i was currently not practicing because, at the moment i am working as a volunteer,in a childrens hospital in Lagos,West Africa ,i am there right now but i'll be back in the states in a few weeks.....
I have had a very bad expereince as regards relationships, in my last relationship,i was almost married when suddenly i discovered my fiance was having an affair with my supposed best was such an expereince, and it was one of the reasons i relocated to the really had an effect in my life,and since then its been pretty hard getting myself together...that was why i took up being a volunteer,at least to keep my mind off so many things.. .

Now,I'm looking for a new relationship i dont know if its you ?
But the kind of man am looking for must be very responsible,honest,caring,loving and open minded.

As for the type of companion I desire. It is rather simple. Race, ethnicity, and physical appearance in general is not a problem. My interest are in a good personality and a sense of humor for I need someone to lift my spirit.I am a very open minded person willing to share anything and go the extra mile for my beloved,provided he is willing to do the same. I hope to find a man that I could possibly have a new life and beginning with, when i get back.
I need a man who will make me happy till the end of my life and the man i can spend the rest of my life with. I am looking for love,relationship and a father figure.....

Hope to hear from you soonest.if you are interested then, I have some questions for you...i wouldnt mind seeing photos of any can a send them to my private email add as care


[Her third eHarmony message to me was:]
RE: Hello Gladys
Hello Ben,
i got your email and wow the picture was .......cute,anyway in response to your question,i was born in a small town called ILFORD in Essex,i moved to the United States barely a few months back,precisley in February,i did this because i wanted to start a new life and probably rediscover myself...did i tell you both my parents have passed??i lost my dad in the spring of 1993,and mom in 2003,it was shortly afterwards that i met the guy i told you about previously,so you can see the reason why it really hurt so bad what he did to me.....actually i guess i have most of the qualities you require and i guess you are just on track for me too but i'll let time do the how are you right now???what is a typical day like for you???hope to hear from you soon....Gladys

[After that she closed her eharmony account and sent the following messages via the email.]
Re: test photo
Hi Benjamin,
Wow...the sight of the big gun really scared me!!!!! [Note: I'm in the Army and I sent her a photo from my recent deployment overseas which showed me manning a large machinegun.] but it was nice though,so what year was that??and are you still serving???i am so glad i got to know you and will only hope we get along just fine..feel free to ask any questions okay??take care and have a pleasant day....Gladys

Re: more photos

Hello Benjamin,
i am so sorry i have not been able to respond to the email you sent me,i am so glad we have started talking so much so that i have cancelled out my subscription on eharmony so as not to get distracted....i have been busy all day so i decided to send you this short email to let you know that i am thinking about you...i will send you a better and more comprehensive one by tomorow...take care Gladys

Re: warning: long message follows!
Hello Benjamin,
i am so sorry i have been away from the computer for quite a while has been so hectic,but in anycase i hope you are not mad at me....i want to know if we might be able to talk over the phone once in a number is 0112348024761275...Omega Hotels,Room 107,Miss Gladys Duggan.....take care and talk to you soon....Gladys

[At this point it occurred to me that she might not be who she said she was. I can't believe that I had forgotten that Lagos was in Nigeria (she had only referred to West Africa)! But I was about to call her when I realized that she was in Nigeria. That instantly threw up some very big red flags in my mind based on what I already knew about the level of corruption and fraud in Nigeria. So I did some online research and found 'Gladys Duggan's' name and picture on this website. However, at this point she had not yet asked me for any money, so I sent her the following email. I tried to write it in such a way that if she was innocent it would sound like I was genuinely looking out for her, but if she was guilty it would sound like a veiled threat.]

I've been doing some research on Nigeria, and it seems that there's a lot of fraud and scamming going on there. I assume you must know what I'm talking about. In any case be very careful about whom you trust. And don't ever give large sums of money to strangers you haven't even met in person yet! Be warned: these people come up with really sad stories to try to get you to send them money. I wouldn't want such a very, very pretty girl as yourself to be taken advantage of. I hear that many of the scam artists target Westerners, so beware. In fact, I've heard that some Americans are so irate about being deceived by Nigerian frauds that they're putting money into a fund that will pay mercenaries to hunt down some of these bastards. I say good riddance to the scammers. I can't stand thieves and liars. You know, sometimes I wonder what I'll do when I get out of the Army in a few years. I've always thought it would be cool to be a 'good-guy' mercenary, and from what I hear there are plenty of bad buys that need to be taken care of in Africa...

[Apparently she didn't take the hint and sent me this the next day.]
Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2007 01:27:58 -0700
Subject: Re: scam artists in Nigeria
To: [my email address]

Hello Benjamin,
Awww you are so sweet,actually before i came here i have been told to be very careful,and since i got here i have been trying to be careful,dont go out at night,dont have business dealings with anybody and besides i just go straight home after work,no talking to strangers....i am fully aware dear,just keep praying for me...okay???from what i know now it is obvious that you are so caring,and i will like to get more deeper with you....can we talk over the phone???maybe if i have your phone number...i could give you a call.....take care MY SOLDIER!!!!!!! i care...for real!!!
[Wow. Talk about playing it to the hilt. Well, since the more subtle approach hadn't worked I decided to lay it all on the line and see what she'd say.]
Subject: some scam artists are very tenacious
I think for the time being it would be best if you did not call me, at least not until you can answer a few questions for me:
1. What does the name [name of someone who told me about her scam] mean to you, and how does he know you?
2. What part of Houston did you live in? Tell me about your neighborhood.
3. Were you living in America under a visa, and have you applied for citizenship? How long are you planning on living in America? And how long were you in America before you left for Nigeria?
4. What organization sent you to Nigeria? Where did you get your nursing degree? What hospitals/clinics have you worked at?
5. Are you planning on asking me for money? Because if you think I'm going to send money to Nigeria to a person I haven't even met, you are sorely mistaken.
I've received some conflicting information about you. That means that someone is lying: either you, or my other sources. If you can answer (in an email) the above questions in a satisfactory manner then I will believe you. If not, then please don't waste any more of my time.
Let me explain what I mean by satisfactory: If you answer 'I don't know' to number 1 above, you might as well forget about me and start scamming someone else. I know people who live all over Texas, including Houston, so don't try to lie about number 2. I have worked for (and/or have friends who still work for) American embassies, Immigration, State Department, and the FBI. I know all about the immigration process, so you'd better describe it exactly the way it really is. I hope you're not going to tell me that you went to Nigeria all by yourself. If so, I recommend you come back to America immediately. Lastly, I don't want to hear about how you broke your arm in a car crash on the way to the airport and need money from me.
As I said in my last email, I know that Nigeria is full of frauds, so I don't think you can blame me for being extremely cautious. If you really are who you say you are then let's just put things on hold until you get back to Houston, where I can meet you in person.
Again, don't call me until you've emailed an adequate response to the above questions.
[She hasn't responded for several days, which I take to mean that she's given up and moved on.]

2007-06-13, 13:45:08
Tom from United States  
The information about Gladys Duggan is not true,i have personally met her and she is a very wonderful woman...i saw her picture posted and i could not believe she could do something of that nature,at a time she was in Nigeria and had some problems but at the moment she is in UK,so i beg to refute such false allegations about a genuine and decent lady.....Tom
2007-06-14, 03:50:26
anonymous from United States  
what???there is no truth in this at all,i have worked with Gladys and her character is contrary to what is speculated here,people doing this are just trying to cook up stories to destroy her image,i am sure this story must have been fabricated by her former boyfriend....Sara
2007-06-14, 05:04:21
drod from United States  
Tom and Sara,

We, the scammed, understand what you are saying.

Now, you must understand these posts.

Whoever is sending the emails and photos is a scammer. Pure and simple.

Understand that the scammers take identity, name and photos, from anywhere. Dating sites, myspace, personal web sites, etc.

They use photos of actor/actresses, models, singers and ordinary people from around the world.

Your Gladys may be a real person, now perhaps another victim in a line of many.

But the letters and photos posted from scammers are here to warn others.
2007-06-14, 09:27:36
anonymous from United States  
Some proof of this would be nice! People don't just randomly post this stuff! And I'm curious as to how you two{Tom & Sara}found this site and post???
2007-06-14, 18:16:07   (updated: 2007-06-14, 18:31:17)
Thomas from United States  
Hi folks. Thought I would add to this discussion as I am familiar with this young lady (or whoever he/she is).

I am using eharmony and I thought the whole thing was bogus from the start. She used the same exact picture as Ben has posted. 'Her' profile seemed like total bs. I mean, come on, the whole thing at the bottom?

'Some additional information gladys wanted you to know is:
i am a baby,all i need is love and care....'

Would any legit woman put that down? In any case, I sent her communication and, just like I suspected, 'she' did the Fast Track option and gave me a yahoo account she wanted me to use to talk to her.

I gave her a bunk e-mail account I use and also sent a note to eharmony and told them I thought it was a scam. I love how she wrote almost the same exact e-mail to me saying she closed her eharmony account because she was so happy to have met me. Ummm... No, you didn't cancel your account because I got your ass kicked off of there (with others help as well I assume). You'll find eharmonys response from my intial request below.

eHarmony Customer Care <>
Thursday, May 31, 2007 3:29 PM
Re: Concerns about a match [Incident: 070528-002422]

Dear Thomas,

Thank you for contacting

We apologize that you received such a match from our service. Please know that we do take action to remove anyone attempting to use the service with a falsified profile, and 'Gladys from Houston' has been removed from the eHarmony service as well as your list of matches.

We certainly trust your instincts when things 'just don't feel right' in communication with a match, and would like to refer you to some safety tips that we ask all eHarmony members to keep in mind when communicating:


We thank you again for bringing the match to our attention, and apologize for not having located the individual before she was matched with you.

We wish you all the best.

Customer Relations

Funny thing is I am still talking to her via e-mail. She finally asked for money today. I was thinking about sending her 'all I had'. I think 78 cents will do nicely. LMFAO.

Glady's, sweetie, if you're reading this? We all love you, long time.

I would also assume the Tom and Sara posts were totally bogus and possibly someone either having some fun with the other folks on here or the actual scammers themselves. Be safe guys and be very careful who you communicate with on 'Free communication weekends'. I believe that's how all of this started as that is when she was sent to me as a match.

2007-06-14, 19:54:00
drod from United States  

We all know about proxy servers and the ability some scammers utilize to 'appear' somewhere else.

In the scamming world, we know that not all is what it appears to be.

Also, the now defunked '', an Arkansas (if memory serves) based scammer email clearing house, I'm sure there is another to take it's place.

good hunting...........drod
2007-06-15, 07:32:07
Thomas from United States  
Here is the latest e-mail she has sent me. I'm probably the nicest guy you can meet but I don't tolerate stuff like this. Not sure if I should send them a buck for shits and giggles or just tell them to f off. Either way - Awesome sauce.


Thank you so much for your care and concern,i am so sorry,the internet on my end too got cut off,i hav been told the safest way to send money is through western union money is the information with which to send the money,i will so much apprecaite it if we can work it out that way,i will just assure them the balance will be paid next week,here it is....






i will be looking forward to your email.or rather i would like to have your phone number so i would be able to call you than you for your concern...Gladys
2007-06-15, 17:05:00   (updated: 2007-06-15, 17:42:16)
anonymous from Australia  
is this the same lady? anyone? Iam sure it is that same joker (from batman) smile.
I too was contacted by her from
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Linda Scott from Lagos, Nigeria

2007-06-15, 17:11:09
anonymous from Australia  
is this the same lady as the one above?
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Linda Scott from Lagos, Nigeria

Keywords: brunette cat
2007-06-18, 05:20:31
anonymous from United States  
hey aussie, these photos are not the same there is a big age difference and skin color as well maybe you should make a eye appointment!
2007-06-18, 11:53:03
anonymous from Australia  
Look a little closer at the blemishes.Not to mention the background light too.
2007-06-18, 12:03:50
anonymous from United States  
The first one is African decent. Completely different facial features!
2007-06-25, 14:15:55
anonymous from United States  
Here is another Linda Scott from Ohio that contacted me thru Singlesnet same kinda story yadda yadda yadda. Never got around to askin me for money but said she loved me and missed me etc... Bunch of BS here is a copy of our last conversatrion. I smelt a rat from the beginning and did a search and found this place. Here is a pic she sent me also.

Bobby Kerr: u there?

LINDA SCOTT: hey bobby
Bobby Kerr: hey what?
LINDA SCOTT: what you mean my what?
Bobby Kerr: nothin
LINDA SCOTT: why do you said what to me ?
LINDA SCOTT: are you mad at me befor?
Bobby Kerr: no
LINDA SCOTT: so dont need to say what to me okay
Bobby Kerr: yes
LINDA SCOTT: so how are you today?
Bobby Kerr: not bad, hot . u?
LINDA SCOTT: am cool
Bobby Kerr: good
LINDA SCOTT: so how is your work today?
Bobby Kerr: not too bad, im trying to find paperwork. How was ur day in Africa? What country u in ?
LINDA SCOTT: cool here
Bobby Kerr: I know u in africa, but what country ?
LINDA SCOTT: Nigerarea
Bobby Kerr: uhuh.
LINDA SCOTT: Lagos State
LINDA SCOTT: you know there?
Bobby Kerr: ya
LINDA SCOTT: hvae get there?
Bobby Kerr: what?
LINDA SCOTT: i mean have you go there?
Bobby Kerr: no
Bobby Kerr: ya so what town you in there? Have you done any thing yet?
LINDA SCOTT: lagos City
LINDA SCOTT: why do you ask ?
Bobby Kerr: cant i ask questions?
Bobby Kerr: so what have you done ?
LINDA SCOTT: Well i told you what i came to do now
LINDA SCOTT: have you forget?
Bobby Kerr: You said u came to spread awaremess about aids, is that what you been doing?
LINDA SCOTT: am still on it bobby
Bobby Kerr: i see. what do you do to spread the awaremess?
LINDA SCOTT: spread the message not the virus
LINDA SCOTT: And we being move from city to another
Bobby Kerr: ya? how much longer your going to be there?
LINDA SCOTT: i told you 2wks
Bobby Kerr: ok
LINDA SCOTT: so do you miss me ?
Bobby Kerr: not too much
LINDA SCOTT: but i miss you here
Bobby Kerr: why?
LINDA SCOTT: cos i cant wait to see you in preson
Bobby Kerr: ya
LINDA SCOTT: because the way you talk
Bobby Kerr: talk? uve never heard my voice
LINDA SCOTT: so do you want to called me?
Bobby Kerr: u can call me
LINDA SCOTT: i mean you?
Bobby Kerr: i dont know
LINDA SCOTT: can you give me the number now?
Bobby Kerr: i said i dont know
LINDA SCOTT: i mean your number
LINDA SCOTT: i want to called you
Bobby Kerr: u do?
Bobby Kerr: what are we going to talk about?
LINDA SCOTT: anything
LINDA SCOTT: just to say hi
LINDA SCOTT: dont bother am not calling you again since you ask what am going to talk about
Bobby Kerr: lol ur funny
Bobby Kerr: and also a bullshitter, lier and a scam artist. Hope you rot in hell u fuckin peice of shit get a real job. Whats the matter nothing to say to me now? Im smarter than the average bear here and im not fallin for it
LINDA SCOTT: what do you mean by that?
Bobby Kerr: u know what i mean, if you was genuine you could type english alot better and wouldnt get uptight about me asking you questions and playing hard to get. Also people who are genuine dont fall in love right away. Oh ya and I forgot Im with the Internet Scams Division of The FBI and I got your information on file. You will be arrested
LINDA SCOTT: fuck you
Bobby Kerr: No thanks I dont like black men
LINDA SCOTT: dont mail again
Bobby Kerr: me mail you? LOL im dying here
LINDA SCOTT: pls live me alone
Bobby Kerr: ur the one who contacted me in the first place
LINDA SCOTT has signed out. (6/25/2007 3:11 PM)
2007-06-25, 17:24:14
fuck offf asshole...... don't send money to colorado micheal anderson is a scammer
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