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Dating scammer Nancy Milman from Accra, Ghana


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Name: Nancy Milman


po box 10540 Accra-north 00233 Ghana-West Africa Phone# 233 246 664 649

Other Comments:
This woman is very very good at her job I even have been talking to her on the phone.... She is very patient and has some really good stories... She did make a mistake after 1 month of being in love and true to only me she slipped and clicked on my name when sending a response to someone else who's name started with a d like mine... Hell I'm still in love with her and I know it's a scam, Thanks.......Dave

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2009-05-30, 02:07:11
wanwan from Japan  
@anon aussie

calm down,,,,.
Don't be mad,,,,.
Don't say '' may rot in hell ''
because it is not beautiful words.

by the way ,will you do me a favour?
I hope so.
I don't know the commonwealth bank of Aussie.
I have no info.
Then I have got few info.
I have found the clue IP address '' ''
I don't know this IP address concerning commonwealth or not.
So please investigate the info and please put your results on ,ok?
I don't know the Aussie bank's info.
It is very hard for me to look up your country's banks.
I want to know ,the commonwealth bank of Aussie is what?
This mail is hoax or not?

I need your friendly hands.

2009-05-30, 07:15:53 from Iran  
hi my dear
2009-05-30, 11:05:22   (updated: 2009-05-30, 11:06:07)
wanwan from Japan  
@2009-05-30, 07:15:53 from Iran

hi my de
stop your scam,
stop your spam,
stop your fool ,
stop your idiot ,
And you have to say
'' I am idi-o, ttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt''
shame on you,
your idiocy disgraces the Asian's name.
you are not wise,eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

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2009-05-30, 13:30:21   (updated: 2009-05-30, 13:31:24)
anonymous from Netherlands  
'WARNING' is this a new one guys??
see for your self and check it out.
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Scammer Jane Mabou from Ivory Coast, Africa

2009-05-30, 13:32:01
anonymous from Netherlands  

This image was also posted here:
Scammer Jane Mabou from Ivory Coast, Africa

2009-05-30, 13:32:40
anonymous from Netherlands  

This image was also posted here:
Scammer Jane Mabou from Ivory Coast, Africa

2009-05-30, 13:33:33   (updated: 2009-05-30, 13:34:34)
anonymous from Netherlands  
now it Janet.
2009-05-30, 13:35:55
anonymous from Netherlands  
2009-05-31, 00:53:50
wanwan from Japan  
2009-05-31, 16:54:37
anonymous from United States  
Yes, 'Vivian Liza,' whoever she really is or whoever is using this young woman's pics and identity is still very active. I suspect it is perhaps several several people working together purporting to be her. I have had contact with her over a period of several months. At times her dialogue seems inconsistent, especially in the beginning. I have suspected at times that it is even a man using this woman.

She will say to her supposed Lover 'Innasonka da rei na duka,' which supposedly is her native Ghanaian language for 'I Love You with all my heart.' She claims to be living in Accra-Newtown, a region or district within greater Accra. She is on Yahoo Messenger. She may have other addresses as well and I believe she may be working with others of similar pursuits, perhaps like a small corporation of women or perhaps even men and women, scamming men all over the world. She will eventually tell you about her inheritance of gold from her father and seek to set you up with a contact with a white man living in the USA named James Watts who wants to buy her gold, of course, initially to be covered buy you, with your credit card. Obvious crap.

In my contacts with her, she claims to be 34 years of age, born on July 1, 1975. She sent me a photo once with a pic of herself in her room with a tiara on her head. In the background hanging on the wall, you could clearly see a small license plate with the name Melissa on it. When I asked her who Melissa is, she was unable (or unwilling) to give me a straight answer. She can come on very sweetly and convincingly, but watch out! She wants into you wallet for sure!

2009-05-31, 19:58:45
anonymous from Madison, United States  
From BadDog:


Thank you for your posting about
and the ABC reports on 419 scams.

This was a nice effort to open the eyes of us poor fools who did or (ALMOST) send money to men, women or 'BANKS' overseas in an effort to further our own greed or even lust !

Keep up the good work WANWAN. If more men and women took time to read the articles and watch these videos there would be a great decrease in successful scams.

Thank you for the enlightenment.

2009-05-31, 21:48:07
wanwan from Japan  
@2009-05-31, 19:58:45
anonymous from Madison, United States
From BadDog:

Nice to meet you,my Bad(?)Dog !!
Thank you for your friendly words.
I am very happy to read your post,thanks.
We togther try to bother,prevent,play with,
waste their time !!
So please give me your friendly hands !!

See you my Good Dog,
Mata-ne( it means '' see you again '' in Japanese )

Take care!!!!

from donkey

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2009-06-01, 02:11:34
anonymous from United Kingdom  
2009-06-01, 08:13:49
wanwan from Japan  
@ 007

Hi,my 007 !!!
How are you ,fine?
For a long time
I haven't seen you.
Everyday I worry about you.
I wonder you are not in good condition?
But today I can see your new posts.
I am relieved to hear your voice.
I love your posts and pictures.
Recently there are many Hitlers,scammers
on Delphifaq com.They try putting scam posts on here.
Our 007 please support,help us.

I expecting your new voice,picture,posts.
See soon my 007 !!
2009-06-01, 11:05:12   (updated: 2009-06-01, 11:16:44)
anonymous from Madison, United States  
From BadDog:


You are so welcome ,so is your sense of humor and your wisdom.

NOTE: Although it is supposed to be UK based (IP was Japan) why is the return email: Hong Kong? DUH!

(inspiration by ebolamonkeyman ,WanWan and agent 86}

below is the original email I received, preceded by my reply (Little do they know just how frigging nuts and angry their attempts to steal what little income I have enrages me and inspires me to vicious retaliation wherever possible; I hate human predators of any sort!)

Dear Robert,

I am so happy to hear about my windfall winnings through the UK lottery. Please E-mail me giving further details and how to get my hands on all this cash.

You have no idea how happy this makes me for I am bigendered; that's right a true hermaphrodite and I can now afford to support a lover and spouse of BOTH genders.

MY official name as requested is now 'JOE BLOME' I require that all further correspondence be directed to that moniker or I will not respond.

As far as giving you any further personal information I will consider it as we have never had intimate relations (HAVE WE?) a little more information about you is necessary first as we have barely met.

Maybe intimately yours,

U. Joe Blome
(end of reply)

NOW the attempted scam:(I have chosen to let the fish run with this and will post further emails in this saga)

To: baddog
Sent: Monday, June 1, 2009 4:25:28 AM
Subject: Your email address has won you $4.6M from the UK Lotonlin


Your email address has won you $4.6M from the UK Lotto online draws held on 10th/May/09 Lucky #: mh014925154 and Free

ticket #: dza236566303179. Contact Robert Wyne with your official names, Nationality

and resident country, address, tel/mobile #, date of draw, sex

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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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