Name: Nancy Milman


po box 10540 Accra-north 00233 Ghana-West Africa Phone# 233 246 664 649

Other Comments:
This woman is very very good at her job I even have been talking to her on the phone.... She is very patient and has some really good stories... She did make a mistake after 1 month of being in love and true to only me she slipped and clicked on my name when sending a response to someone else who's name started with a d like mine... Hell I'm still in love with her and I know it's a scam, Thanks.......Dave

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2018-06-29, 08:47:45   (updated: 2018-06-29, 09:27:54)
anonymous from United States she is still using this email. I checked and proded her a bit and she responded. She makes mistakes and that is how i caught her. She is mad because she spent so much time and i caught her so she didnt get the money she wanted. Also be aware of the fake skype scam where they use a video of bryci or whoever and make it seem as if its them. If you here Africa jjst run away. Was using name leticia adomaa by the way. Also note they will call you on the phone but note thier heavy accent and the girls in the pics they use have none. I also was called by a man kenneth achamapong who was some sort of partner. If they say they want you to bring them to the USA and ask for money to get them here as 'cash in hand' only it is a scam. I got her to slip up by not telling her i had a credit card with a 6000 dollar limit. I told her i would need to borrow one and as she grew impatient she made more and more mistakes. Even after she was caught she tried to say she was bryci zebra and was out of porn then she sent a picture of the worst fake id ive ever seen. Telling them you dont have a credit card but can borrow one is a good way to make them slip up. But as i said Africa is not where these super hot snow white skin women come from. Be wary lonely guys and just join eharmony or something. One last thing take a good look at photos sent because i got some where you could see bryci zebra wearing her wedding ring.Fake tits are another dead giveaway. If you are looking for something to do email her and harass her because it would be hilarious. As i said she is definitely still using it. I got her to respond this morning so im sure of it.Tell her Bolg sent you she will know and it would be a great way to give one of them a little taste of their own medicine.
2018-06-29, 09:30:17
anonymous from United States  
Why is it I was contacted on Skype by at least 10 woman from Ghana and they all say they love me?

That's because Ghana is a virtual cesspool for scammer sleaze and there's always a pimp on duty !

Meet maestro Leroy aka the Ghana 'Candyman' who says not since Philip IV King of Spain worn a gold chain [1605-1665] has anyone wore a gold chain as big and as elegant as his gold chain.

Of course, you know a real 'first class' pimp always has real gold chains none of this silver shit !
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2018-06-30, 03:05:44
anonymous from United States  
Hey if anyone gets her from the email i posted above let us know here what happens. You could help others see maybe and have a little fun with a dumb scammer. Again it is and she is definitely still using it.
2018-07-04, 17:24:02
anonymous from United States  
calls her self Sandra

2018-08-10, 00:36:10
anonymous from United States  
i was being scam by some posing as linda Ghartey also Linda Renner using the photo of Aria Giovanni picture
2018-08-10, 15:03:33
anonymous from United States  
I have been talking to her since March. She’s good but she started throwing red flags up after the second week I knew her. The very first time was she said she was needing to go to Africa for work. It was strange because she claimed to be a nail and make up tech a beautition. She claimed to live in Mayopac New York. Also in the past had her own shop. What also began raising suspicion she was just looking for money she asked me to send i-tunes cards just one at first. Shortly after I was able to talk her into not going in witch she didn’t put up a fight to go she gave in very easy. After a couple days she said she was going to Wisconsin for the same company that was based in Africa. No specifics location in Africa she claimed to just know of a major city nor did she know if it was North or South Afraica. After she went to Wisconsin only one week went bye and she needed money to pay for her motel. She claimed they were only paying her $400.00 a week and could not afford the motel. I tried to tell her it was the company’s responsibility to house her not mine. And I have never heard of a beautition only making $400.00 a week. I wouldn’t get out of bed for that little amount. Her reason for staying was she felt obligated to help them and not leave. I mean come on seriously. After about 2 months and she was only supposed to be ther for two weeks. She claimed to have traveled to South Carolina. I found out after the trip there again she needed money for food. Had enough for a motel just no food she was complaining she was starved and was starting to get weak then she couldn’t work for almost two weeks. At that point I was trying my best to convince her just to go back home but she would not hear of it she could abandone them. I was almost at my end with her and it really started to become bizarre with the demands of money she needed. She in till took $ 15,000 plus. And now she needs $ 35,000 this is still good on as I type this she is sending me a text.she goes by Juanita White and I have pics and text from her. I want to hand them to the authorities with eveytjing I have. I want her stopped I’m not expecting my money back I just want to prevent her from scamming more people.

2018-08-10, 16:39:55
anonymous from United States  
rating is scamming my dad right now so I was so so glad to
Find this extra proof. He will absolutely not believe us and is sending his money to Ghana. Thank you so much for sharing. Unfortunately I’m not sure even this proof will help him now. He’s to far in and brainwashed. I’m so saddened by this.
2018-08-10, 22:52:44   (updated: 2018-08-10, 23:11:11)
anonymous from United States  
WOW ! Your 'dad' has certainly picked a hot number ! Hmmm, I can understand his enthusiasm for the latest AVN (Adult Video News) coveted award in Las Vegas given to Bryci for some outstanding pornographic scenes on Pornhub in 2017. Yes, she's a Canadian adult model and pornographic actress, using the stage name of 'Bryci Zebra' aka 'Bryci Lea'. Romance scammers love using her sexy pictures.

Oh, tell him the 2018 awards will be given again in Las Vegas in a few months, and if he stops by Bryci's booth buys a video and registers, he could be the lucky guy selected to appear in one of her future movie scenes.

2018-08-12, 07:25:19
DOC from United States  
Natalie Sparks


2018-08-17, 00:27:48

2018-08-21, 11:18:49
anonymous from United States  
Gardenwhite422: She is not presenting herself that way to him though. She is talking about her sick mom and how she is a nurse and making him feel sorry for her etc. He thinks he can change her yadda yadda. There have been no sexy weird porn things. She just presents as a sad soul who lives in poverty and can’t afford her moms medical bills and stuff. She sends him emails confessing her love and how she wants them to be together. It’s sad. My dad recently told me he has showed her proof of this scan from the stuff I found and he says he will not tell me why he is still choosing to Talk to her and I should stay out of it. She is a very smart and cunning bitch! She preys on the lonely. It’s disgusting. She has a lot of personalities apparently. She pretends to be who she needs to so she can suck you in. She knew exactly what would play to my dads heart.
2018-08-21, 20:50:56
You can do a 'Reverse Email' search on using the link below...

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2018-08-24, 10:43:15
anonymous from United States  
2018-08-24, 10:45:06
anonymous from United States  
2018-08-26, 18:52:10
anonymous from Germany  
And I've almost become a victim of scamers on the instagram
Seeing picture and adress for Western - Union.
Girl Name: Nancy Johnson

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