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Dating scammer Svetlana Karsanova from Helsinki, Finland


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Name: Svetlana Karsanova
Location: Helsinki, Finland

She supposedly is the Chief Operating Officer of that phone Coal or Wood company in Finland.

As someone posted:

"I called a few of the phone numbers listed in various offices. What a complicated scam. All of them had the same answering machine message. I assume they have the phone forwarded.

My mom used to say, there is a sucker born every day. "

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2006-11-08, 07:48:19
anonymous from United States  
2006-11-08, 22:30:55
anonymous from United States  
Rob M-Denver writing Svetlana@CoalRo.

Damn, she was cute too. I have several pics. Here's another that's not on this site yet.

This image was also posted here:
Letters from dating scammer Elana Banykh in Sokolovo in Siberia
Dating scammer Svetlana Karsanova from Helsinki, Finland

Keywords: blonde dress bench lake
2006-11-08, 22:31:17
anonymous from United States  
Rob M Denver - Svetlana

And another.

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Svetlana Karsanova from Helsinki, Finland
Dating scammer Svetlana Karsanova from Helsinki, Finland

2006-11-08, 22:34:18
anonymous from United States  
Have also received correspondence from and originally at Same M.O. as others. Same pictures, same sappy story about parents dying, same letter as one posted already. Became suspicious early on when I was asked for photo, but never sent one. I could look like the 'Elephant Man' for all she knows, but the letters and beautiful photos keep coming. Out of curiosity, I ran a Google search on 'svetlana' and came up with a site with 'Russian Goddess Lana' in Philadelphia, PA on IF YOUR FAMILIAR WITH THE 'SVETLANA' SAGA, PLEASE CHECK THE GAL OUT ON THIS SITE, AND SEE IF SHE DOESN'T RESEMBLE OUR DEAR FINNISH FRIEND.PLEASE POST YOUR THOUGHTS ON THIS ON THIS SITE.
2006-11-08, 22:36:47
anonymous from United States  
Rob M Denver - Svetlana

Can't thank you enough for this site.

Here's e-mail No. 1 from Svetlana:

I'm lonely young lady. I have seen your ad on Dating Site and was
I wish to find out more about you.
If you dont mind, please reply to my Corporate mailbox:
In attachment to this letter you can see my pic. And would be a great
to get your pic ;-)
Have a nice day!

E Mail No. 2.:

Hi _______!
Thank you for your fast reply, I am grateful that you found
time to reply. I'm seriously interested in knowing more about you.
Dating is not a joke for me, I never play games. I hope that you are
also serious. I'm a lonely woman that wants to find a man that will
love and understand. I am not really used to the Internet and
everything that is related to it. I decided to try. I don't know how
reliable it is, I didn't even expect that you will answer. And I was
gladly surprised when I saw your message in my mailbox. Let me tell you
more about myself. I assume that I am a strong woman with goals, ideals
and ambitions. I am 29y.o; I was born on May, 15th, 1977. I am 5 feet 5
inches tall. My weight is 121 pounds. I sent you my picture(in attach).
I hope you'll like it. If my message interested you, write me back,
I'll be waiting for your reply.

E-Mail no. 3:

Hi _________!
I was very glad that you found some time to answer me! Thank you so
much for it!
I haven’t written anything about myself –so I’d better do it now.
I live in Finland – it is a Scandinavian country located in Northern
Europe, in the city of Helsinki.
Helsinki is a modern city with the population of almost half a million.
It is our capital.
We have a three-step education here: School – College - University.
I studied economics in the university – now I work for a company that
specializes in wood processing and coal supply.
I’m an operation director there. I like my job. Thank you for answering
In the end of my letter I want to ask you a couple of things (just a
little piece of female curiosity).
What music do you like? What kind of movies do you usually watch?
Sorry that I didn’t answer your letter sooner. I was very busy at work
and my home computer has broken down.
I guess I will be able to write you from my office.
And I think that a little phone conversation will be even better.
;) However, your letters will definitely raise my mood at work.
I will send you my phone number soon.
Sorry that I can’t send it now – I just want to know you a little bit
better before I give it to you.
I hope that you understand me.

P.S You have asked where I found you. The answer is simple – I visited
a local acquaintance agency.
I told them that I don’t have too much time to waste searching – and
they agreed to help me.
I got your address in that agency. I must admit that even though it all
seemed to be very interesting,
I wasn’t hoping to get so much. I don’t know how the agency learned
your address.
I don’t know at which site they found your portfolio.
I hope that you are not very angry at me because of my letters.
I just hope that it is the beginning of something big…

Sincerely yours,
2006-11-08, 22:43:01
from United States  
Rob M Denver- Svetlana

I have about 7 or 8 e-mails from Svetlana. Does anyone want to see the rest? I've posted Nos. 1-4. Just let me know.
2006-11-08, 22:46:14
anonymous from United States  
Rob M Denver

A recent Tele. No. given is from Svetlana is +358-2-3619-0556

E-Mail No. 4

Hi ____________
I was really glad to see another letter from you in my mailbox!
I had thought that you wouldn’t answer me when you realize that I’m not
from your country.
When I saw your letter I couldn’t help smiling…
Of course, it would be great to chat with you a little but
unfortunately I have neither Yahoo nor MSN messenger.
When I fix my home PC I will install them straight away.
I feel I have to write a couple of things about myself more.
I was the only child in the family - and my parents left me when I was
very young.
They died in an accident - I don’t want to say how it happened, it
really hurts me to think about it.
I will write about it later. My grandparents escaped from the Soviet
Union when they were young.
The rest of my relatives live there. I don’t talk with them much these
days -
the distance between us is too big, so it’s really hard to meet them
even if you really want to.
My aunt is the closest to me - but I don’t have the chance to visit her
now. Last four years I was totally lonely.
Well, I guess, I’d better not talk about sad things now.
I know a little Russian but I mostly have to speak Finnish.
I started learning English in college - I hope that it’s not really
that bad.
I’ve never been married - and I don’t have kids. I guess you wonder why
I don’t want to start dating a Finnish man.
The reason is very simple - most of them are incredibly boring. They
know nothing about romance and passion.
And their feelings are boring and monotonous as well.
I’m tired of such men -that’s why I decided to look for love abroad.
I’m planning to leave Finland in the future - everything reminds me of
my parents here.
I want to move to the United States. I’ve never been there - but I hope
I will be able to live and work there.
I think that I’ll be moving pretty soon -
I can’t say the exact date, but there’s a chance that I’ll be offered a
job in the US.
I won’t talk about it now - Russians say that if you tell everyone
about the thing that is about to happen or
about your secret dream, it will never come true.
If everything goes right, I will inform you.

I love different music flows - from classic to rock.
My favorite singers and bands are Madonna, Pink Floyd, Joe Satriani.
I adore symphonic music by Tchaikovsky and Wagner.
Most of my favorite films are American - Gladiator, Groundhog Day,
Basic Instinct.
However, that’s just a tiny bit of the things I like…
I prefer melodrama and comedy. I like skating, skiing and swimming.
Hiking is a great fun for me. I enjoy camping in forest.
I wanted to ask you about the time difference between our cities -
please, inform me if you manage to find it out.
I have to finish my letter now.
I have decided to give you the phone number.
+358-02-3619-0414 -Home
+358-03-7411-8739 -Work
Waiting for the answer

Hey Guys, has anyone gotten Svetlana to send nude photos? Now that I know this is a scam, I'm gonna see if I can get her to do it. What a looser I am. But I intend to be a viscious looser to this one!

Good luck everyone.
2006-11-09, 06:56:49
anonymous from Canada  

Svetlana is my girlfriend. So please be kind. She is coming to USA next week. All the papers are ready and she is going to Moscow to discuss about business. She is the best. I will meet her in the airport, not anywhere near you.

You are the looser. Wait a second...she got stranded in Moscow and needs me to wire her $1000 urgently...
2006-11-09, 07:41:48
anonymous from United States  
Rob M Denver

I'm so happy I've not sent ANY personal info. She doesn't even have my last name. When I get wiring instructions, I'll forward to appropriate auth.

Never thought I'd get wrapped up in this type of scam. Sad.
2006-11-09, 08:19:32
anonymous from United States That is how she found me is through yahoo personals. You respond to it and then you don't hear back. Then a week or two later starts emailing you. Now I know how she got my email. SHe did it the first time but her name was Magdalene and lived in OKC. SHe has tried all that crap on me and now she quit emailing me because I told her that the company she works for is not real and her little friend was on the google search when you typed in
2006-11-09, 19:06:45
anonymous from United States  
Those numbers that those coalro girls leave are probably like their version of our +900 numbers. You call it and get an answering machine and just for those few seconds you are on listining you get charged 2.99 a minute and 5.99 there after. So in return the never have to ask you for money or answer the phone. Ka-cha-ING! That's Boss Hog in the pocket ne-gro. Now thats a scam without every having to ask.
2006-11-09, 21:34:29
anonymous from United States  
Rob M - Denver:

tohunt4 - what is God to foregive you for? Having hope? Wanting to find someone to love? Heck, HE put those needs in place. We didn't choose to have them.

ALL of us here were deceived. Some of us sent money, others gained hope and were crushed. Some did both. Personally, I would have rather been the one sending money. I can always make more of that.

After being a single dad for the last 2.5 years, and 'finding' Svetlana caused me to hope. After I found this site, it was the first time in two years that I cried. Although it felt good to feel again, it REALLY sucks to be humiliated this way. I have no doubt that I'll pick myself up, with God's grace, and move forward as the best father I can be, albeit alone for now.

Anyway, since we are compiling e-mails, Svetlana's e-mail for me was:

BTW, Svetlana's e-mail w/ me has been silent for 48 hrs. Unusual.
2006-11-09, 22:54:50
anonymous from United States  
THanks for the tip on the problems they are having with large photos. I just sent 'Svetlana' a 1.55MB ictue of a forest. I ill look around for bigger pics to send her.
I never got the 'black dress at the offce' pic.. I'm jealous :)
2006-11-09, 22:55:44
anonymous from United States  

2006-11-09, 22:55:56
anonymous from United States  
Chris - Denver

Svetlana has been silent since Monday, 11-6. Usually, no more than 3 days would go by. Anyone else had their temptresses go 'dark?'
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