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Dating scammer Osei Kwesi Accra Ghana from Accra, Ghana


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Osei Kwesi Box ms 395,
mile seven-Achimota,
Accra Ghana 00233,

more info to follow with pics..

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2009-05-18, 16:21:46
anonymous from United States  
2009-05-18, 16:28:08   (updated: 2009-05-18, 16:30:59)
annonymous from United States  
2009-05-18, 16:35:11
anonymous from United States  

2009-05-18, 19:51:14   (updated: 2009-05-18, 20:02:45)
Anahit Nahapetyan

Armenia, Armavir, Charentsa str., 73

Hello my love !!!

I am very glad to receive your letter. My Love, thanks you huge, that you do not turn away from me difficult minutes and want the help to me, I never it will forget. If I had a possibility I would pay for my travel to you. Probably, when I together to you we will arrive to search to me for small work that I could give you money which you will help me. Today also I went travel agency to learn the information on a remittance. The tourist agent has told, that they do not accept for payment, bank moving of money for the account, from private persons.
They accept such payment only from the organisation at travel by groups. Therefore money for payment for wash documents to me it is necessary to do by cash. He has told, that in our city there is company Money Gram which is engaged in remittances from other countries. Today I also came into bank to learn the information on a remittance of the companies. In the companies to me have told, that they are engaged many years in remittances, and do it safely and quickly. It is necessary for you descends in office of companies Money Gram in the city to send me money. Also data will be necessary for you mine: my name and a surname and also the country in which I live. Here these data:

My name - Anahit,
My surname - Nahapetyan,
My city - Armavir,
My country - Armenia,
My address - Charentsa 73.

Here all information which will be necessary for you in companies Money Gram. After you make a remittance, the company to you will give a confidential code which you should inform me. Here all information which to me have informed in companies Money Gram, I still never used this the companies, but I think, that the best variant to take advantage of services of this of the companies as it is very easy, quickly and safely. On the companies you can learn more detailed information on its official site, on this site you can find the office closest to your house. Also in my city more known company, but one of these days Western Union worked, but it times is closed, from for the state problems and nobody knows, when it to renew the work. I once again wish to thank you, that you for me do. I very much wish to be with you in the near future and now is completely assured, that anybody and can will separate nothing us. I want, that you knew, that in this huge world, there is one young girl who loves you and its heart belongs to you. I will look forward to hearing from you, as soon as possible.

With love your Anahit.

2009-05-19, 09:48:13
OJAS from United States  
Anon 2009-05-18, 19:51:14 (updated: 2009-05-18, 20:02:45), http://www.delphifa..=37#147088
2009-05-19, 09:54:49
wanwan from Japan  

Agent86 is a homeless,has no money.When I hear it,I am very sad.Because he is a great person.Sure he has no money but he has a beautiful fighting spirit to scammers. And you say '' Why a homeless has a personal computer? ''. I will explain you,so listen to me.There are many computers in Library,cafe,publick spaces.It is a social service in US. A homeless can come to the publick space then will be served by .Our agent86 often visit there and will get a social service in publick space like library.It there he can use PC ,investigate info of scammers,then busting them.When you will visit USA,you can see the social service in USA.And when you will come to the Library,you can meet him,then you can see his real face.
And agent86 can see your face then he can check what you are a Ghanaian or Swedish,,,,,.
Please come to USA !!

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2009-05-19, 13:33:47  
Agent 86, cage thinks we are the same person.
2009-05-19, 21:44:21   (updated: 2009-05-19, 21:49:29)
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  

Hello, I just finished two long winded postings to Cagekopia.
I mentioned his confusion to, Him.
But from what, I have witnessed today. This idiot isn't reading, My
postings. I tried to correct, Him last night about this when, He made
His posting right below where, I told, Him several things.
It Was painfully clear, He never read what was there in, His face. LOL
Please check out my postings on Rhoda Naa and Rhoda Addo
If, He doesn't get a clue after both of those. He needs medical attention. LOL
Please everybody Wanwan, Fred, jrpete@432, anyone else fallowing the Cagekopia
story. Stop wasting, Your time on this mental midget.
I will keep on, His case until, He gives up.
But for now because of, His disregard for what everyone has said
it is clear, He is acting just like the other scammers, I confronted
on this site. He will keep wasting everyones time.
There are real people who need real help they are much more
important than this loser.
Please read my postings on both Rhoda Naa and Rhoda Addo OK
I'm tired of repeating myself. LOL
Keep up the good work everybody this fool will give up after awhile.
In case, You hadn't seen, He has a new front man singing His praises
as to, Him being a scam buster. This new guy claims to be moving to Ghana
to work as, His partner. All of this Bull Shit is over Cagekopia Inc.
So please leave, Me to keep watch over this mess and everyone else can
get back to being more productive with people who really need help.
Well, I don't know when this mess will end. LOL

Kind Regards Agent 86 AKA Jerry not Joe Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//
I'm getting tired of being called Joe LOL

I'm ready for the next round LOL

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2009-05-22, 09:02:01
2009-05-22, 15:55:52
anonymous from United States  
This is picture of a woman claimimg to be mary Nuhu At
See is very good at what she does a scammer

2009-05-22, 15:58:36
anonymous from United States  

2009-05-22, 15:59:57
anonymous from United States  

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Aleksandra Erasowa

2009-05-22, 19:24:30
rating, this is Joe, i'm not homeless, and i do have a computer , and i have 3 cars . I have a 4 story home with a yard. And I 'REALLY DO FEEL SORRY FOR YOU ' i'm going to get one of'GHANA SHIRTS.'
2009-05-22, 20:24:15   (updated: 2009-05-22, 20:26:13)
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  
Joe My friend

If, You get T Shirts about Ghana, I want one too. LOL
I know somebody will say, Your just making money like Cagekopia.
But, I think for the sake of getting a T shirt about Ghana, I'm willing
to look the other way this time. LOL
He may not come back and play anymore so Hell just might freeze over before
we will hear from him again. LOL Some people are really tired of the never ending
story. LOL O well, You can't please everyone. LOL
Don't let Forgetkopia know this but my daughter just gave me a pick up truck.
Good grief forgetkopia would have a fit if, He knew, I had a old beat up Mazda truck.
But what the Hell, I would fit in with the other gang operated trucks in Africa minus
the guys in the back with guns. LOL
Well enjoy the Memorial Day weekend. I'm going to its warm and sunny in Oregon.
Imagine that its not raining. LOL

Kind Regards Agent 86 Jerry not Joe not Mad Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//

2009-05-22, 20:53:51
anonymous from United States  
So were back again sendingto all humans in love[with internet]see what you want?think its as cheap as going and getting it?WRONG Look closer to home,these are fun to funk with,send a few dollars,but they all came out of,before they transfered from virginia beach,this was addy point then now addys changed starnet,bk
as all net goes thru intl send points now so all who need pig shit to survive get it,Sorry fellas,truth is truth.paint it perfume it doesnt change it,if in america go to county library,reference room,ask,big questions,most wash clothes by hand then use water for a bath then wash clothes again not done here very few rich in ghana,im thinking of moving there,,as ive found place comes with live in servants,if allowed to follow him will deal to get respect, a white man as leader of them provides food counsel,love for theyre family,and mostly respect,i can get a estate for 45.000usd,ten hectares,,or twenty,just search soil find provide housing ,shitting place,and water[clean] and provide malaria protection,worker families will bend over backwards for the provider of life,a man must go see a newborn[foforo]child congratrulate parents give food for family,hug,and ask forgiveness before god,,THIS IS AFRICA[west]when child is of age a man must take this onse and all to futball game to see the black talons,as the best team in africa,white men are allowed to approach players with coach permission because they ask only for copies of the pics!!!everyone in stands cheers when a white shakes and hugs a player in congrats[they know]NEVER HAND MONEY say meet me later ,futballers are strongest,most agile fellows on this planet,never drink,smoke,swear[a ghana tradition]unlike togo,and shaking the hand of refs and saying double skhake with a few shillings in hand works to insure family is sound and well,i miss KOTOKA[intl airport] greg writes Be Well!yie

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Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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