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Dating scammer Katya from Helsinky, Finnland (or Russia?)


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Dating scammer Katya from Helsinky, Finnland (or Russia?)

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2006-11-10, 13:50:01
[hidden] from United States  
Just to add to the fun here...I've been receiving e-mails from 'Katya' with the pic(s) posted below. Just exchanged a few e-mails, playing it until she asked me to go look at her company's web-site which didn't exist. That and asked her some easy questions that were not answered, clear no e-mails are being read here... I feel left out, I never got the sexy pictures of Nadezhda or Svelenta like most of you did...I feel scammed already :)

Hi my dea!!!
How do you do? It is very good, that we write each other. Today at me
very difficult day as there was a lot of work. I am very tired, but
âcå I have decided to write to you and to tell about my hobbies and
I very much love productive leisure on the nature. I love campaigns on
foot to wood lakes and camping in the summer. I very much like to sit
at night at a fire with my girlfriends. We look at stars and to sing
songs under a guitar. You like to have a rest on the nature? It is very
romantic!!! I think myself very romantic woman. I love gentle embraces
and kisses. I like to walk under the moon, keeping for hands. It now very
much does not suffice me, as I wrote to you that 2 years is lonely.
Also in the summer I bathe, I sunbathe, I run in the mornings. In the
winter in cold weather with my girlfriends I go in fitnessclub or to
pool. And when weather warmer, I love walks on a ski or to skate. I try
messages healthy îáhàç lives. You go in for sports? You like to look
sports meets on TV? I like tennis, gymnastics, ski races, sports dances
and dances on ice. Still I like to look films and musical programs on
TV. My favourite films ' Lord of Rings ', 'Transporter', 'Taxi', ' Green
Mile ', ' Star wars ', ' King Kong '. I like to look films of various
genres. Also I like various styles of music from classical music up to
rockmusic. Sometimes in the evenings when I have a free time, I prefer
to read the classical literature (Tolstoy, Chehov, Lermontov, Pushkin,
Duma). You know these authors?
I have the license for management the automobile, but I have no my own
automobile. But I hope in the future to have the own automobile.
Therefore I go for work by the bus. You have own automobile now?
My favourite color dark blue (color of the sea and color of the sky). I
love roses, orchids, camomiles and tulips. I love pets, is especial
cats and dogs.
Still I want to write to you about my parents. You likely are
surprised, what at them Russian names??? My parents have arrived in finland in
1970. Mine the daddy was the ambassador from the USSR. They and have
remained to live in finland. I was born and have grown in Helsinky.
On work to me frequently to have to go across Europe, also I sometimes
am in Russia. I very much would like to arrive and look on the USA. I
hope, that it is fast at me will turn out. Because our company will soon
open office in the USA. I hope, that me to send in your country.
I should finish the letter as it is necessary for me to buy the
foodstuffs. Also I will be necessary for tidying up an apartment.
Your girlfriend from Helsinky Katya.
2006-11-10, 13:55:30
anonymous from United States  
More e-mails and pics from Katya

Hello, my friend!
I had to wait hour as all computers in internet-cafe have been
I want to tell to you about my parents. My mum call Olga. She all life
worked at school as the teacher of chemistry. She very kind and
sympathetic person. My father Andrey. They have died 5 years ago in accident,
it is very hurt to me to recollect it. It was irreplaceable loss. We
had very amicable family. We constantly spent time together. My mum it is
very tasty prepares I peep also she has learned this me. I hope that
you know that such pies?? My mum it is very tasty them does with
mushrooms and meat. Tell about features of your kitchen, it is very
interesting??? I very much like to eat with meat, vegetables, fruit. I know that
at you very much like to drink wine, write about fault. I like to drink
red wine, but I drink alcoholic drinks seldom.
I think, what I am an attractive woman, but from the side probably it
is visible, whether I am valid is right? I have black wavy, long hair
and deeply grey eyes. At me good sight also I do not carry glasses. My
weight - 58 kg. My growth of 172 centimeters. You should know, that I
support my body at a high level, and I am very pure woman. I to conduct a
healthy way of life.
At leisure I spend with friends. We like to sit in cafe and to speak
about different events for a week and we drink tea or coffee. We meet
usually in weekend. Also very much frequently we go to play bowling or a
pool. I constantly win in a pool. I very much like and I appreciate the
girlfriends, is especial Katya, my best girlfriend from university. I
today to it{her} have told that we with you write each other. She was
glad to see pleasure in my opinion. her advice has helped us to find each
I wish you pleasant day.
Yours Katya.
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Dating scammer Katya from Helsinky, Finnland (or Russia?)
Dating scammer Katya from Helsinky, Finnland (or Russia?)

2006-11-10, 14:02:24
anonymous from United States  
Another e-mail and pic (this pic is posted on a message above already)...


I am sorry I can't write back fast. I was so busy at my work and was so
tired. Now I feel better and I will write you some information about
me. I think you want to hear it. I live in Helsinki, capital of Finland.
How are you there? What is the season and the weather there in your
country now? Here is a autumn and today is snow. We have not very good
days and temperature about -8C because it's north. I'm single woman, never
married and havn't children. I was born here in Helsinki on 15 june
1977 and now I work as manager in coal company. You can see about my work
at I write you in the first time in my life I am some
worry. It's a first experience for me to correspond with the man who live in
another country. How much times you had corresponding with another
people from other countries? Before this moment I wrote just to my
relatives who live in another cities in our country. I want to tell you that I
am very interested in you. I want to know about you more and want to
learn about you better via your letters. I hope you will give me this
opportunity. I would like to continue our corresponding and will do all
what I can for it. Some information about me. I am from Finland. It's on
the other side of the planet. Wow, so far away. I want to find man
for long term relations(marriage) and therefore I decided to find
someone in the internet. I understand it's may looks some strange to find
someone via internet, but in town where I live I has failed some times in
relations with males. They used my opened soul and soft character, they
just used me for the personal purposes of them and left me alone.
I tired from this and I want some better in this life for me. Don't you
think that I am very frank for the letter? It's just because of I don't
want to hide something from you. I want to let you know about my
purposes and about my sights because I hope only for serious relations. I
heard many stories about girls who found males from other countries, had
married and now live in the other country and happy with their husbands
and therefore I want try to find foreign man too. I want that the
destiny would smile for me at once and I would be happy. This is so that I
want now - find a man for my life. Do you have finland friends? I want
to let you know I can't write you every day or very often (because I
have to use services of internet cafe for sending/receiving
letters) but I promise I will try to write in any time when I can. I
write you from my home. I have a computer at home. With computer I can
write you letters from home. Where you write me from.
That's all for the first letter. I hope it's enough for now. I will
write more, soon,
will send picture of me and will tell you about me in more details.
Please send me some pictures of yourself. But please don't send very big
size of pictures, it's very hard to get it in internet cafe. Internet
and using computer is very expensive things here. How much cost internet
in America? If you really interested to know me better write back. I
will wait your response with impatience.
I am sorry for my bad english. I hope you could understand my words
correctly. I really hope for it.
P.S. I hope I asked not a lot of questions?

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Dating scammer Natalya ( from Russia

2006-11-10, 14:07:59
anonymous from United States  
Last e-mail from Katya... Hope this helps...

I find you in yahoo. I'm interested in knowing you! I have to tell you
that my real name is Ekaterina and I live in Finland. What is your
realname? I close my profile on yahoo. I am not good in computers. And now
it is not important, because you can reply me personally.
And I can tell you about me personally and truly. I'm 29 now and want
trusted relationship. I'm hope that you are interested in me too and
we'll learn more about each other. How is my english? I learned it several
years ago in university. Are there too many mistakes? Maybe in future
we can meet? But I think before that we have to know more about us. I
send you my photo and I hope you like it. And I'd be very glad if you
send me your most recent picture too.
I'm waiting for your answer as soon as possible!
My e-mail:
2006-11-11, 20:10:14
anonymous from United States  
Looks like she struck again.I woundered why no questions were answered.
2006-11-13, 14:25:28
anonymous from United States  
Well guys......I'm a cop and it took me 3 or 4 letters to catch on. Never lost a dime though.....hope nobody else did.
2006-11-13, 14:43:48
anonymous from United States  
Here's a little piece of advice.......stay off yahoo personals LOL thats how they got my address. Hope you catch on as quick as I did.....never lost a nickle.
2006-11-14, 00:53:59
anonymous from United States  
i have written with this woman five times, I knew it was a scam from first letter. I am trying to scam her back. any time a person contacts me outside of a dating service, and tells me they got my name from that site. that is a sure sign of a scam. wake up dudes, have some fun with her. here is her latest pic that she sent me

2006-11-14, 12:37:53
anonymous from United States  
2006-11-14, 13:24:37
anonymous from United States  
this is the last letter from katya

I am very glad to write to you again. In the street a snow and it is
cold. It is a little sad, but I love winter. I hope that you too? I have
much work during a week and I could not write in any way. I send you a
photo with my smile, I hope, that it is pleasant to you. Also I want to
ask the application for you. Probably I not always answer your
questions. I shall write to you more about myself everyone and the letter. I am
sure, that you will receive all answers to the questions.
received 11/14/2006
2006-11-15, 17:22:08
anonymous from United States  
New letter from Scammer picture is above of her smiling.
I am very glad to write to you again. In the street a snow and it is
cold. It is a little sad, but I love winter. I hope that you too? I have
much work during a week and I could not write in any way. I send you a
photo with my smile, I hope, that it is pleasant to you. Also I want to
ask the application for you. Probably I not always answer your
questions. I shall write to you more about myself everyone and the letter. I am
sure, that you will receive all answers to the questions.
Notice that she meantions questions that i ask but does not answer as well as an application.This kid is tricky watch out!
2006-11-16, 08:00:37
anonymous from United States  
too funny !! I hope someone catches these assholes. BTW, never send personal info or money to someone that you dont even know. Guess I better run a scan on my PC, I saw in another thread that someone picked up a virus from this crap, Remember if it seems too good to be true, it usually is
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Natalya ( from Russia

Keywords: brunette black jacket
2006-11-16, 12:51:06
anonymous from United States  
Hi all!
Follow the link below for more scamming from that address. They are coming from the ollowing addresses

Here is the report of their activities...

Svetlana Karzonova
Anna Golovina
Nadezhda Lopteva

See the 'our team' page at: A FAKE COAL/WOOD COMPANY SECONDARY WEBSITE THAT FORWARDS TO is: - apparently they needed to add a NEW website and mail server since some sites are already onto the deal.

The 'business' is supposedly a Russian / Finnish Coal distribution company - the
employee page (our team) has pics of several businessmen and 4 women, 3 of whom at
least are involved with this scam. The website and mailserver are actually in St.
Louis, MO. The 6 international phone number listed on the contact page all go to
voicemail in English, except for the German numbe which is a voicemail in German.
Nobody ever answers the phone. The 5 English version voicemails are exactly the
same message, most probably all of them are forwarding numbers to one voice mail system.

On the front page are 4 logos, of MORNINGSTAR mutual fund research company (makes
little sense), a logo of Arch Coal (a St. Louis based coal distribution company), a
natural gas company (this is a coal/wood biz, why would there be a natural gas
connection), and finally a Cyrillic lettered energy company of some sort. The
'women' in their emails at some point refer to their 'business website.' It adds a feeling of legitimacy to their tall tales...

This website is being used by

The SECONDARY SCAM is on their JOBS link. It is to get American citizens to set up
private bank accounts, receive money from American clients then forward to COALRO
the funds, less a nice 5% commission - by Western Union OF COURSE! This has SCAM
written all over it - any legitimate international corporation is quite able to
receive international funds without the need of some American with a private checking account! ;-)

FINALLY, I do not know as much about the pics of the other 'girls' but
NATALYA@COALRO.BIZ aka ATA@COALRO.BIZ is a porn star. She was featured in at
least 3 magazines and several videos. In fact, on the front page of the website (First Time Video Girls website), she is the blonde on the left! Her porn name is 'Alison'

Here are pics of NATALYA / ALISON -

2006-11-17, 02:52:38
anonymous from United States  
this fucking ruskie is ugly as sin she needs to get a new face!!
2006-11-17, 11:16:46
anonymous from United States  
It again Katya!!!
I hope, that you are glad to see my letter. Our correspondence brings
me pleasure. It is pleasant for me, that I can speak with such good
I wrote, that I now one. Why I cannot find the favourite person here? I
cannot answer. It rather complicated question. Likely because it is
very difficult to find the half and understand, that the person has found
that. Likely you with me will agree. I wanted to try to search the man
through Internet and have found you. It is very pleasant for me speak
with you. I hope, that we can meet in one fine day.
I very much like to travel, but I never was in the USA. I went across
Europe much. Basically I go on work. I to go to advertise our firm and
to conclude contracts with new clients. I should communicate with people
much. I very much like to have a rest, but not always is time for it.
I work now very tensely. I the working person. I believe, that
happiness not in money though money are necessary for a life. The happiness for
me is to have the beloved beside, to be love.
I know, that in the USA many various religions and nationalities. In
finland as set of religions and the different nations. For me distinction
of religion and the nation has no value. I hope, what for you too? I
catolic. I believe in the god, but I not the fanatic. I visit church on
church holidays.
Tell that it is pleasant to you and what irritates you? I very much
want to learn about it. I like: to laugh and joke, the truth,
understanding, trust. I do not like: a deceit, treachery, hypocrisy, cruelty and
violence. Now I should return to my work. I with impatience wait your new
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Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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