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I saw a picture of her in the list of scammers. Does anyone recognize her? She says her
name is Julia. I posted some pictures she sent me recently. Her email address to me was
My address is

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2006-10-28, 23:06:42
anonymous from United States  
Hey guys dumbass here again. Wake the hell up ok, seriously I love all of our genuine acts of trust here but man. It is a good sign that we are all attempting to belive this shit, really it is I think. I just wanna give u all a nudge and say, ummmmm hey man. You are all just opening 1 eye here. You say the girl is hot, and lets kick the dudes ass that she is with. WHAT GIRL!!!!!!!!! all we have is leters and pics. I am going to take astab and say there is no girl, just a few dudes sending emails and pics. You figure that out iu wont get to upset, just turn the page............................
2006-10-28, 23:16:50
anonymous from United States  
Ok she is pissed at me because she saw my email address on this site and here is what she wrote.
Will post from Russian Tea Room and I'm done! I met somebody that actually lives here and is better looking than this bitch!

Oh and check out how her English improved!!!!

Thanks for your comments on dirty WEB SITE.
I called the phone number that was indicated on the bottom of the page
the site about how to contact them. first couple of
nobody picked up and I constantly heard the message 'the number is
temporarily unavailable'. but finally a man picked up and he told me
that he
has nothing to do with this site, that indeed he works in the police in
Lugansk but he has nothing to do with this site and it was someone's
joke to place his phone there, that he doesn't know who did that. and
it is not only me who was calling him since there were many other girls
were calling him about the same matter since they have been placed
there on
their site without any reason. I asked him if he knows how I can
people form the site and he said to me he did not know. I asked him to
me advice how to deal with this and he said there was no way. but he
suddenly started to ask me who I was, from where, my name, etc. finally
said to me that he was tired of all the calls, he has nothing to do
with all
this and this site and he is going to change his phone number
therefore. I
was discussing all this with Maria and she said that probably this site
uaprofiler is just making money out of men for so-called investigations
they are just doing their business and they are probably not going to
at all because they do not even reply back to her. indeed, the
that the site gives deliberately the contact phone number which is not
or especially if the man on the phone was lying to me abut his
with the site, it clearly shows that the site itself is a scam. I
also other internet services to ask how to deal with this site since I
my name to be removed from the scam list since I am not a scammer. I am
waiting for reply from them about how to stop the scam activity of the
site itself. this was my story. thanks, Julia
P.S. I wanted that you knew that Maria has given not only yours @, but
other men. I also have written to them, but I have chosen you, but he became mad and has bought a place for me on
dirty website.

2006-10-28, 23:21:24
anonymous from United States  

Name: Anastasiya Golubina
Alias: Anna of Lugansk V, Elena Veronina, Elena Voronina, Irina Dovlatova, Julia of Cheboksary III, Tatyana Kuzovkova


City: Cheboksary, Yoshkar-Ola

Country: Russia


Address: Street of the World 80-145, Cheboksary, Russia (bogus)




Word on the Street: Running the Visa and Travel scam. Identity Theft.


Additional Photos

2006-10-28, 23:23:56
anonymous from United States  
More Russian Tea Room

Keywords: various
2006-10-28, 23:29:57
anonymous from United States  
Hi, my dear!
Today, here it is cloudy and it's not very warm and will be for the
next month or
so. After reading your last letters you has touched my heart deeply. I
await your letters with impatience and again my heart beats rapidly. I
very flattered by your words and feelings about me. Everyday I worry
something might happen to you. I wait to hear back from you to know you
are alright. I do want to meet you Rick, everyday I think about the day
this come true.
Your offer is very flattering for me, and I feel like a most especial
woman. But how I can answer right now? I am a simple woman as well, but
concern to a question of a marriage seriously. I feel that we can have
future, but I want to learn you more. And when my heart will tell me
I should meet you, I will meet you. And I will be happy to hear your
offer of a hand and heart, being face to face.

Today my boss and me had conversation about my future career here,
I have told him that I want will leave from office because has found
work in
Northern America. I wish to remain in your country for ever!
But he informed me that does not approve my action to find new work, he
old (To him of 65 years) and has been brought up when in Russia there
not democracy, not freedom of a choice and a not freedom of speech. Old
people do not approve American democracy, because they lived in the
communistic USSR, Young people on the contrary is approve democracy,
because it has given them many opportunities and prospects in their
I have also told to him, that I want to receive the salary as soon as
Me take for work, I need the visa, but the labor visa very expensive.
I do not know precisely how many to me will pay, but I hope that will
By the way, I can sell some things. I very much hope that my money will
suffice for
the labor visa. : ) I for a long time planned to search for work
because here to me
paid very little (Approximately 200 dollars a month).
I understand that to me will be difficult first time in your country,
but a life here also very
difficult. And I very much hope for your help. May be you do not know
all my life here,
but you already know me a little. It is very difficult to live here,
the government does not help anybody! Makes taxes big. I know that your
can travel everywhere because they receive normal pension and loves
Here veterans receive very much small pension also cannot travel
everywhere. as also with young families or with young mothers without
the husband, If I had now a small child and I could not work, My
government would pay to me of 700 rubbles it just 25 dollars a month
for full care of the kid. Diapers cost 20 dollars a month.:) Also need
to pay for clothes, meal and municipal services, but the
government has not thought of this:) I am not wondering why Russian
ladies search the best place for a life. America or the Europe, whose
government take cares of people. It is small aspect of a difficult
Russian life.
My heart wants very much for us to be together. I feel that
if we can be together I will make you very happy, Rick. Your letters
mean so much to me and I print and keep everyone since we started
to each other. I write to you in my house on a paper after I copy it
here in the
Internet cafe. This way very fast and effective. I do care very much
about you
and need you also. Everything I say has great meaning and comes
from my heart. I wait for your answer.
Yours Julia. P.S. My best girlfriend lives in village near to
I like to go in village, there clean air and there is no city vanity.
In village is fine a relax. : )

2006-10-29, 00:34:01
Mrs. C from United States  


everywhere. as also with young families or with young mothers without
the husband, If I had now a small child and I could not work, My
government would pay to me of 700 rubbles it just 25 dollars a month
for full care of the kid. Diapers cost 20 dollars a month.:) Also need
to pay for clothes, meal and municipal services, but the
government has not thought of this:)

Gee she seems to love our govement and has reserched how much money unmarried mothers and veterans get for pentions....

does she want to come to america (from her home country of New York)and be a welfare momma?

hay Ashman
maybe she will let you be the baby-daddy. seem like the least she could do. with you dieing of cancer and all. ha ha
2006-10-29, 00:34:44
anonymous from United States  
Ashman, did you get your liver transplant or whatever it was? You out of hospital?

2006-10-29, 00:36:12
KW from United States  

2006-10-29, 00:41:33
KW from United States  
WE'D have to forward copy forward copy etc. in order to get a LOT a MASS all going in, but it could be done, Couldn't it? Set like a day and time and all do it at once? Since I ain't going over there to show her all the pleasures of sex now, and since she dumped me for one of y'all- i got the time!
2006-10-29, 06:03:17
anonymous from United States  
Sorry guys but I'm tired of it! I honestly have three others doing the same thing and when I have to go back and check on what B.S. I wrote to them the last time I just want to make them go away.
But the guy that pegged her for identity theft good job and the guys that gave her your address I would be covering my ass!
I long story short told our dear Julia to prove she is who she says she is and the only way she can do that is to come meet me in Italy this week, I am going for real guys or come to the US in a couple weeks and it won't cost me a penny! Figure it out!
Shouldn't hear from her again but if I do I will let you know.

God I just got an email from this Ekaterina one.......this shit is getting old but this one is borderline having sex in her letters! Nice approach don't you think?
2006-10-29, 11:41:55
anonymous from United States  
A little hint for all.....when you get contacted by one of these ladies from Russia go to The Russian Tea Room and just look!
Hundreds of gorgeous ass women scamming us and our girl Julia if you search new scammers is on just about every page under as many names as you can think of.
2006-10-30, 08:07:39
anonymous from United States  
Hi Rick.
Really you believe that if I was not real, in reply to your
question I
simply would answer you truth? Think, if I deceive you, what a sense to
ask me to tell the truth? You thought to hear - ' yes, I deceive you '?
Never and anybody in my life reproached me in insincerity. You the
person. And if to take into account that you at all you do not know me
you do not know my life, I think it was uncultured and incorrect. I
enough money to support myself. But I absolutely precisely do not want
begin my relations with mistrust and checks, as though I am criminal. I
only want to ask you in next time first think and only then spoke
something because sometimes to knock by word is possible much more
strongly than by hand! I sincerely regret that my experience of
with the American was reduced to your request to prove something.
I wish you luck.
Sincerely and without intentions to offend.
2006-10-30, 13:11:03
anonymous from United States  

This image was also posted here:
Scam Artist Anna from Yoshkar-Ola

2006-10-30, 13:27:56
anonymous from United States  
She is still fighting to get more money!!!

This scammer has been contacting to Amir and I. She is still fighting to get $480 more from me. She still write every day. It is clear enough that she is really a scammer and very greedy and evil. Let's get her. Last time she was in Yoshkar-Ola when she picked up the money (the last $200). I think she still in in Cheboksary or Kazan, otherwise she moved to Yoshkar-Ola.

All the money were sent to her name and she picked in Cheboksary except the last one she picked up in Yoshkar-Ola. Here are the record from western union:
1.March 06, 2006 MTCN 425 137 9117 $500. P/u in Cheboksary.
2. March 12 2006 MTCN 318 254 2028 $200 P/u in Cheboksary
3. March 16 2006 MTCN 332 876 5478 $500 P/u Cheboksary
4. March 26 2006 MTCN 928 915 6245 $1500 P/U in Cheboksary
5. March 29 2006 MTCN 165 128 1455 $1000 P/U in Cheboksary
6. April 1 2006 MTCN 905 338 7955 $999 P/U in Cheboksary
7. April 5 2006 MTCN 509 783 5970 $200 P/U in Yoshkar-Ola

I have more than 90 letters from her and she is still writing to me every day and fighting for more money. I believe that she is in Cheboksary or Kazan or Yoshkar-Ola. Last week on the 7th of April, she picked up my remittance in Yoshkar-Ola.

2006-10-30, 13:28:37
anonymous from United States  

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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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