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I saw a picture of her in the list of scammers. Does anyone recognize her? She says her
name is Julia. I posted some pictures she sent me recently. Her email address to me was
My address is

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2006-10-24, 04:13:07
anonymous from United States  
YeI am going to have to say my name is Dumb Ass, and she is coming to visit me in THREE WEEKS MAN YAAY!!! I cant hardly wait. I have a question tho, do I have to drive her to you guys? Or is one of you going to drive her to me? Or are we all going to meet in Utah and live there? I have got so many of these russian girls sending me emails from my personal ad on yahoo it is awesome, i might start a harem. All kidding aside anybody recognize this email here than you might be coming to Utah with the group..........Hi, my dear friend Dumb Ass!!!!!!! How are your now?
Thank you for the Your attention to my person! I also as you,
do wish I had more time to write to you but I don't. So, I have to
you seldom but a lot.
Excuse me, that sometimes I speak not clear questions, type,
Partners for a life? or other words, which to you are not clear,
the reason for this all, it my loneliness. I try to be afflicted never.
But the
loneliness frequently forces to sadly. I tried to find love and
happiness here, but I have tested man's roughness and disrespect. It
has wounded me. I want to find the partner in life, together to enjoy
life and to go in the future. I want to find the man, with whom we
shall create the world of love, kindness and honesty. In the guy I want
to see honesty and kindness. This main thing because the lie and a rage
spoil any relations. I like cheerful people.
I need someone who is open-minded, who is not afraid of a woman and who
speaks her mind. Someone who is small-build but built. Someone who
doesn't mind staying at home to watch a movie but doesn't mind a night
Someone who likes/loves animals. Someone who is kind and gentle
but strong. He must be a loving, kind and caring men that want to spend
time with his family and his friends. He also must like to cuddle up to
the fire when it is cold outside. The last thing is he would like to
spend alot of time with his family. My partner is a cross between a
romantic gentleman, spiritual mystic and adventurous intellectual. He
brings me flowers, gives to the homeless, esteems God and enjoys
It is the one whom I search and I think that you it he. And I am glad
that you have become interested in me, I am too interested to continue
correspondence with you very much. You sounds as interesting and
gentle man. I hope that my English is clear enough for you and our
dialogue will be pleasant for both of us. Please, write more about
I want to learn you better!

What are your thoughts on our difference in social status and
You don't find my education and language to be disappointing?
I think core values are more important than country, language and color
of a skin,
but sometimes the social status is also a factor. I wait for the
With best regards. Julia.
I would say that of all the scammers that I have played around with out of boredom, her letters were the hardest to detect tho, but all u have to do is paste the email in a search and u have an answer see ya in Utah
Dumb Ass
This image was also posted here:
Julia -

Keywords: blonde red west garden work
2006-10-24, 04:33:48
anonymous from United States  
hey dumb ass, this letter is almost the same one i got word for word. hope more people find this site and keep thier money. hope you did't send any if you did hope you didn't lose much. good luck. just got another yesterday looking for my home address. don't be out smarted. good luck to all!
2006-10-24, 07:02:28
anonymous from United States  
Oh Yeah, I got caught in this one two. Same pics, same letters. I thot all along it was some type hoax but I played along. Yep, she's a heart breaker alright. All I can say is I would have bought her!!!! But luckily did some searching, found this site and didn't let it go too far before I wised up.
2006-10-24, 08:13:44
anonymous from United States  
Oh well if she knows about this site my fun has ended. She is now asking me what I can do to help her get a job when she gets here. I also read there are a number of pictures of this lady basically doing porn so i was pushing her as far as i can to see something as naughty as i could get.
Will post the email and her new picture soon.
2006-10-24, 08:14:35
anonymous from United States  
Oh yeah I have 3 more Russian women doing the same crap! Ekaterina, Galina and Katya.
2006-10-24, 10:11:12
anonymous from United States  
This is funny! The same pictures and the same church, same sex habits and the sad thing is every one of these ladies is hot as hell! Yes obimo is Nigerian!
2006-10-24, 11:35:22
anonymous from United States  
I hope you are all right my dear friend!!!!!!! I would not like
never of
your disappearance from my life.

I am in such a good mood today, the weather is so nice here
today. It's about +2 or +4 Celsius degrees outside but sunny with blue
and no clouds, just perfect weather. I look forward to each letter more
and more. I wait with impatience for each one. Your letters and your
thoughts make me very happy now. With you I do feel that falling in
is very possible for me. I do want to get to know you more before I
say for sure. But I do want you to know that I'm also real, everything
write comes straight from my heart and soul. You are very special to me
and I would do nothing to harm you. I really worry that one day you
disappear and I won't hear from you anymore. I want to promise to you I
will never just stop writing to you or anything like that. I would
do that! I feel very lucky that you choose to write me and that I
to write you back. I'm sure there must be a reason for our encounter,
everything does happen for a reason. I believe that if we were meant to
together that it will happen in time. It is a pity, that I cannot write
you more often - I am very much busy on work every day.
I think that you understand that my heart is very pure and true. I
have not a bit of evil in me, I am kind to everyone and treat people
way in which I would expect to be treated. I want you to be assured
that I
am only looking for someone that I can be calmness with, this is the
reason I am looking to meet you, you are the only man I've been
interested in writing from such a long distance away because I believe
that you really are looking for happiness and not out to use me or
me. I hope that you are a true man and are telling me the truth about
everything. I promise to you, that I only tell you the truth. I
do wish you were here with me today and I could reassure you about my
truthfulness and tenderness. I hope that my words can relieve your
I thought of my travel to your country much. I am very grateful for
Welcome me, but I wish not to be you a burden there. I wish to work
I know that it is possible to find the best work in your country with
the good
salary but with the tourist visa it is not possible. I now search for a
suitable variant
of work in your city. I do not wish to be far from you, I want that we
could meet
every day. I think that you approve my actions which I do for the best
I am simply assured, that when we will meet, we shall not be separated
The other picture is me in bowling I very much like to play bowling,
how about you?
I wait for the answer from you. Your Julia.

2006-10-24, 12:02:04
Mrs. C from United States  
your dear Julia goes to church for 4 hours and only had two lovers
Gee I bet there are some ANGELS who would to meet her and teach her the ways of 'love'. she might not be praying but I bet she will be on her knees..Ha

By the way good luck with that loan from her.

I also think she is in america, the flag? the soda bottles? the computers with what looks like a credit card/depit card machine next to it. Also if you look at the plug on the wall next to the flag it is a american style Electrical Socket not the kind your see in the other russan scammer picks

2006-10-24, 12:34:59
anonymous from United States  
Good eye on the power outlet!!!!!!!
2006-10-24, 12:46:53
anonymous from United States  
wow, hard to believe guys, what a scam artist. I can attach the same emails and pictures almost word for word. No wonder she can't write all the time, must be emailing a hundred guys to get someone to bite. Even the first email from womanwithrose. Anyone else get that one? Must be partners. Glad I did search, wants to come here in 3 weeks, we should all meet her at once nad kick the guys ass that she is with!!!
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Julia -
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Dating scammer Olya (modified photo)
Dating scammer Olga Sutyagina from Kotelnich, Russia (modified photo)

2006-10-24, 12:59:53
anonymous from United States  
Just think of how many guys don't know and what she's getting away with!!!!!!!!!!!
2006-10-24, 13:18:21
anonymous from United States  
It IS very frustrating that HE/SHE will get some guys hard earned money. How is it possible to get away with this? Why isn't there any law enforcement agency that can intervene and take this guy out? Don't believe for one minute that the girl in the picture has done anything wrong except make her photos available on the internet somewhere. Wouldn't it be a shame for some angry victim to actually run across this woman and cause her harm when she is likely to be completely in the dark?
2006-10-24, 16:35:15
anonymous from United States  
Since I can't seem to type very well theirst go 'round - I'll try 2 correct and re-send.
Didn't get the pic - the bowling alley yet - couldn't tell the writing on the package on shelf w/ the flag she sent me yseterday. I left a post earlier today as i too received her emails and pix. Did any of you first get an email from someone else first and then after you replied recieve one from our dear Ju-lia-r? That was what alerted me and I tried looking up r whatever it is - and got S. African/ NIgeria crap too. I went ahad and sent an email 'use you gotta admit she's HOT!! then when she replied, none of what I had written or asked was addressed. Then the game began. 'Why - my dear Julia - do you peak so fluently in one email and the next is all broken English?' 'When can we have a video chat?' or 'I am arranging a flight to Russia to meet you I will be on.....' EVERYTIME, I got just another 'form letter'. Then I typed nothing but gobbeldee gook and she replied agian with a 'fl'. I don't think they do not even read the letters we send back! But, I have not let on that I know anything yet.


2006-10-24, 18:24:06
Mrs. C from United States  

about miss julia

seems to me that she in New York that would explain the nyc tee shirt Hu,
2006-10-24, 20:25:01
anonymous from United States  
So we have a scammer pretending to be from Russia and lives in the US? That sucks! Yes mine started with wastetimegirl and the next email was from Julia.
MRS C how do you run what you ran on the IP address to get this information? That's good stuff because I currently have two more playing the same game, one just as attractive but not as good as this one is.
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