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Dating scammer Rhoda Naa from Accra, Ghana


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2007-01-21, 20:23:17
anonymous from Canada  
I met this guy on His name is Ericson McClain, lives in Bronx, NY, but is in Accra, Ghana regarding business. He is self employed and purchasing computers from Dell and ships to Africa, Asia, etc. He says he's got six containers in Accra right now and is waiting for them to clear and then delivering to customers. His partnership with Dell Computers is 30/70 - 70% for him. However, he doesn't get the money until he goes back to the states. He has a son Michael who ended up in the hospital and he needed money so the doctors would look after him. Apparently he was at the 37 Military Hospital. I did end up sending $400 through Western Union - after reading all of the above - I'm feeling really stupid. However, am thankful to date it has only been $400. He keeps asking for more cause he needs to pay his driver? I said no.
Apparently he should be finished all of his business in Accra in a week or two at the latest and is then flying to come see me. I told him I would meet him in New York - didn't get a response......

Has anyone seen this picture or similar story before.

I've tried to verify any info he has given me, but it is ver difficult.

Please help - cause I've really invested a lot into this relationship (other than $)

2007-01-22, 01:36:54
anonymous from United States  
would this site be set up by the scammers so they know who is on to them and what is known about them
2007-01-22, 14:01:59
anonymous from United States  

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Keywords: black woman white neglige
2007-01-22, 17:32:12 from Key West in Florida, United States  
About Rhoda Naa, this son of a bitch contacted me back in Febuary of last year. I meet this person on Metro This person used the name 'Jackie Mama'. To make a long story short, back in Febuary (actually around October of 2005) I tried online dating for the first time. Back in Febuary, Rhoda (Using the name Jackie Ampofo) told me that she lived in Chicago,Ill but went back to Ghana, where she was born, for her Granmother's funneral. She told me that she would like to come back to the U.S to see me and professed a lot of love emotions to me. She also said she needed help with getting an air line ticket back to the U.S. Another kicker, I fell for was she told me her grandmom left behind a case of 200 bars of 24k gold. She said If I helped her with the travel issues she would come to the U.S where the gold would worth 3.3 million dollars. This is where the trouble started and it was less than two months later where I found out that this was a hoax. But it was too late and I was pissed and still am. They got me good because, back then I didn't know this scam existed. I lost a great deal of money to false documentation they used. I say 'they' because I also have a copy of the second picture of Rhoda, which she sent me, using e-mail adress: '' and also have five other bikini pictures the person from New Zea land mentions. I sent these pictures to a Yahoo anti-Romance scam forum group, an a representive told me that this person is a stolen model picture used by a 'group' of people I was actually talking to. 'All males' the Yahoo group rep. quoted. something to take note about on this person. Another good site, Romance scam .com has pictures of tons of scammer photo's many of them models, minor exposed celeberities, and sadly stolen pictures of online dating site members. This site annontates the actual people and what sites they where stolen from on these photos. It flustrates me because it is a damn shame that of all other illegally use pictures have been identified, no one knows who this person actually is and where the hell these pictures come from. I already reported this person to the FBI IC3 department. It seems that this person is really getting around and trying to screw people over. This S.O.B must be stop. Any body who knows some thing about this person please report it.
2007-01-23, 10:14:47
anonymous from United States  
precious cooker claims to be us citizen tenn.usa
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Keywords: graduated collgee black girl white jeans small white top
2007-01-24, 18:02:27
anonymous from United States  
Here is a photo send by a Russian Scammer. I have read letters posted on this site that match the letters I recieved to a tee. Beware 50 something men.

2007-01-24, 18:03:32
anonymous from United States  
Yet another Russian girl 'right'

2007-01-24, 18:04:49
anonymous from United States  
I have turned the getting lots of nude photos now. Just tell them you are loaded with money and will do anything to get them over to the USA. What a ball!!!
2007-01-26, 13:47:36
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Stay away from Ghana contacts They are persistent and very patient, even if they know you are on to them they will try and turn it around This girl is telling me she is from Ghana? Same old excuses when i asked for more pictures'my computer is slow tonoght' etc All from
2007-01-26, 13:48:13
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Stay away from Ghana contacts They are persistent and very patient, even if they know you are on to them they will try and turn it around This girl is telling me she is from Ghana? Same old excuses when i asked for more pictures'my computer is slow tonoght' etc All from
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Rhoda Naa from Accra, Ghana

Keywords: brunette garden water hose
2007-01-27, 12:59:34
some are scammers and some are not its a tough choice to make you just have to go with your gut feeling and hope your right
2007-01-28, 16:32:11
anonymous from United States  

2007-01-28, 16:58:43
anonymous from United States  
I have been talking to a Peggy from Accra, Ghana. Of course she wants to come to me in the US and needs help with money for visa, passport etc. She is much younger than I am and I want to believe her, but it is so difficult to believe. God, what do I do. Western Union says, don't send any money at all. I haven't yet.
2007-01-28, 21:58:21
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Dont send any money mate to the lady call peggy from Accra Ghana, she will bleed you dry, trust me i have been Scam from a lady from Ghana her name is Daniella Adu, You cannot trust any woman from Ghana they have a bad reputation they are just interested in your money, these ladies from Ghana are just greedy hungry vampire suckers who is just after to suck your money. They are evil and wicked
2007-02-01, 08:45:19
anonymous from Compigne in Picardie, France  
Hello Do you know a scammer from Ghana who 's name is SCHMINTHINA CRISTONBERG

She is a scammer . I have been stolen Help me !
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Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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