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Dating scammer Natalia from Russia


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Does anyone have more details on this identity?

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2007-03-04, 20:59:39
anonymous from United States  
Show me the money scammer

2007-03-04, 21:02:09
anonymous from United States  

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Letter and photos from scammer
Dating scammer Natalya, Natalia

Keywords: brunette white dress table window door
2007-03-04, 21:04:18
anonymous from United States  

2007-03-04, 23:59:26
I have fallen victim to the infamous Naily, too. Here's the next to last e-mail:

Hello honey! I'm glad to hear from you, and i'm waiting impassionately
when i can cay you 'hi' personally, in reality. John, my day was very
difficult and i'm very tired. I went to the office and signed all the
papers. Now the agency will prepare all the documents for a trip, buy
the ticket and help me with a plane. From my town there are no
airplanes, so firstly i have to go to Moscow, and only then i will fly
to you. My agent needs some information, please tell me the closest
airport to you where i can come, (your full adress). I need this
information tomorrow because that agent has to make the way, the plan,
and say all the amount of money for the trip: visa and the other
papers. Today i have paid the first part of money, but it was in some
times more than i planned. I planned that the visa will cost only
$200, but because of the difficulties of receiving it was $700. it
cost more because need do some paper and pay for medical insurance and
consular tax. and i will need go to moscow to embassy for interview.
Dear, i will need your help with paying for another part of the visa
and travelling. I will need pay other $500 very soon. I hope it isn't
a problem for you, and may not worry about it. After my visa will
ready i will need only tickets to you. Agent told me that find
cheapest price for it. and she told me that will try do discount for
me about 5-7 %. i hope that she will can do it. i will know about
price for tickets and tell you soon. I told you all the news, and now
i'm going to sleep. I'm very tired today. Hope that soon i will
embrace and kiss you, John. Waiting for you letters. My kisses and hugs,

Yours lovely Naily.

P.S. Do not forget to tell your adress the closest airport.

The last one:
I read your letter, and I understand you very much, this is done on basis and as other
people suffer from it. I see, you understand that in a world a lot of evil, not of the
truth and fraud. Yes, anywhere from it will not get to. It very much and very bad. Many
people think only about the material things or about another same things but they do not
think of feelings and experiences of other person. They do not reflect, how it hard, it is
the very mean and malicious people. On my opinion they have not anything sacred in the
heart. It is a lot of such people in a world and in Russia certainly too. I was very good
to understand you and to respect for that you be not afraid to tell me about it. Yes
certainly people should trust each other, even if they be far apart. The all this truth is
very unusual. Even itself when i wrote you, first time, i too very strongly doubted to
find good man. But i have chosen you, because you has seemed that man which i search. I
searched very long time. I look not at age, i hope we can be good friends or more than
friends ( i hope). I wanted to find my really good man i think we can have chemistry, at
least i hope for it. Please trust me and i shall trust you and all at us will be good. I
shall try to you to call but me your phone number is necessary And still that information
on me which interests you

my adress:

Nataliya Shevnina
Mayakovskogo 8 a/y 4,
Tsivilsk, Chuvachiya,
429900 (Russia)

I would have fallen for it had I not found your web site. All I have to say is THANK YOU! If it looks too good to be true, IT IS!

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Naily

2007-03-05, 00:30:07
Another Naily picture

Keywords: brunette pink dress or top
2007-03-05, 00:30:49
And another

2007-03-05, 00:32:43
And one last one. BTW-Her e-mail address is:

2007-03-12, 22:44:04
anonymous from United States  
Hi my groom Steve, I shall be very glad to be your wife. I at all did
not meet you in a reality, is already capable to have feelings to you.
I worry, that when I meet you, I cannot leave you. Though it is
pleasant if you too cannot let off me. I want to speak to you thank
for your letters which will always make my day happy. I very lonely in
the middle of day and when I receive your letter, I feel much more
comfortably, and to cease to think, that I lonely.
dear, I can have 35 free days since March, 14, I leave a way back open
I should pay for the ticket of $1400 and after that I can fly to you.
It is the sum it is desirable to have now as I found out, that the
prices for tickets increases when take it close to a departure...
Yes I know your phone numbers, it is written down at me, and I
possible try call to you is fast. When I receive probably call you, I
inform you it.
I did not speak to you, that yesterday we had a holiday here. It was
the international women's day. All women were in attention, and had
congratulations. I wished, that you would be with me this day, but I
only knew, that it not possible. I saw happy people which already
found the love. All of them had an entertainment, went at cinema, in
restaurant... And I was lonely this day, and felt like very badly. I
know, that be you here with me this day, I was very happy. I would
have your care, and your attention. And I very much hope, that my
lonely evenings will be finished soon. I very much want to meet you,
and very much I hope, that there is a god which helps us to meet. I
very much love you and I hope, your beautiful letter does not give me
to miss, and to be lonely. I kiss you. Your Naily.

Keywords: 2 two girls
2007-03-12, 22:50:20
anonymous from United States  

Hi my lovely Steve,
It is very a pity to me, that I could not write soon, I have caught
cold, and had a body temperature of 39 degrees. I could lay only on a
bed, and swallow tablets. Today my state of health is better, and
probabl, that soon I recover absolutely. It is very a pity to me, that
you it was not close at this time when you would take care for me, to
me it would become better quickly. And you could have attention to me
which would become for me pleasant.
It is a pity to me, that your friends think of me, is similar, that I
use you only for citizenship in the USA. I do not accuse them in what
as we really live in the terrible time where it is a lot of evil. But
I have no propensity to accept these words close as I know, that it
not so. I think, it is possible to distinguish the present love from
lie and if my letters speak you that I have feelings to you then you
should listen that speaks you your heart. I know, that I want, I want
to be close to you, all this that I want. Citizenship USA is not
important for me the, and please speak it to your friends. Your
friends speak, that I too young and too perfect then Steve approach to
a mirror, and look at itself, really you do not count yourselves young
and perfect, and in general the beauty is not externally, and it is
more internally. Those letters which you to me write, they light in me
love to you, and only after your words I can feel care, and happiness.
Well, now you ask me, ' that I want from life? ', I want to be close
to you always...
I very much love you, and very
much I wait for your letter. Kiss you/Your Naily.

ps. my time of a depart 16 March 2007, 14:20, Sheremetyevo Arpt
I arrive to you 16 March 2007, 17:30, Los Angeles Intl
My flight: SU321

Trip segment: Moscow (MOW)-> Los Angeles (LAX)
Airline: Aeroflot Flight: SU321
Depart: 16 March 2007, 14:20, Sheremetyevo Arpt
Arrive: 16 March 2007, 17:30, Los Angeles Intl
Seats: Economy class
Travel time: 13 h. 10 m.
2007-03-13, 06:09:47 from Australia  
Steve...thanks buddy

i got exactly the same email only last week...look

& yes all those photos i got as think i almost believed her!!!

howcan we track him/herdown?

we haveto bust her!

-----Original Message-----
From: Naily []
Sent: Sunday, 11 March 2007 6:03 AM
To: tony boffa
Subject: What do you think?

Hi my lovely Tony, It is very a pity to me, that I could not write
soon, I have caught cold, and had a body temperature of 39 degrees. I
could lay only on a bed, and swallow tablets. Today my state of health
is better, and probabl, that soon I recover absolutely. It is very a
pity to me, that you it was not close at this time when you would take
care for me, to me it would become better quickly. And you could have
attention to me which would become for me pleasant. I very much love
you, and very much I wait for your letter. Kiss you/Your Naily.

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Naily

2007-03-14, 16:32:46
carpetlayer695@yahoo. from United States  
Hey Guys,
I got the same emails Too! She finally gave me her full name and address so I was able to goole it and found 'Her' site! My pictures are a different girl, but it's her alright!
I don't want to let on that I know yet so maybe We can get this scammer caught, who ever it is!

Keywords: girl white top red skirt red purse
2007-03-14, 16:38:54   (updated: 2007-03-14, 16:59:36)
anonymous from United States  
some more!

2007-03-14, 17:03:05   (updated: 2007-03-14, 17:04:55)
carpetlayer695@yahoo. from United States  
one more!

2007-03-14, 18:36:48   (updated: 2007-03-14, 18:40:33)
carpetlayer695@yahoo. from United States  
HERE IS ONE OF MY EMAILS FROM HER ! After I told her I had no money to send her!, she a good one! Wed, 7 Mar 2007 07:56:19 -0800 (PST)
From: 'fiololonaaa' <> View Contact Details Add Mobile Aler

Hello my honey Tony!! How are you?? I understand, that
you are upset the same as also I. I
spoke with mine the daddy and he has problems as on
work now and the daddy have told, that
at he now on work there are not enough orders... He
has no enough incomes that in bank him
gave the credit... But the daddy as has told, that
will search still for some ways to
receive money... For him it as is difficult, because I
see, that he is upset with that
cannot help me.... I as well as you want to be with
you because my heart speaks me, that
you that unique the man, intended for me in this life,
and I do not want to lose you....
Without you and your letters my life becomes empty and
senseless and I cannot live without
you now!!! You became for me necessary as water is
necessary for a fish as the sun is
necessary for plants!!! I want to be with you and to
grow old with you, and it is
important for me, that our desires are similar,
because we feel equally!!! I shall be
never upset with you because I love you and I wait for
you!!! I shall not search for
another the man because I know, that any money will
not make me the happy man with
another. I shall be happy only with you!!!! We are
really familiar only month... 1 month
it sounds a little... But it already practically 5
weeks, 35 days, 840 hours, 50400
minutes, 3024000 seconds, and it is enough to
understand, as far as we approach the friend
for the friend!!! My ideas now constantly about you
and about our future!!! I dream of us,
about our family, and my ideas give to me of more
forces and confidence that we
necessarily should be together!!!! I very much hope
for you and I believe in you and in
our future!!! I hope, that you will not have despair
and we together shall find the
decision of this problem!!! I shall wait for your
letters!!! Your russian lovely girl

2007-03-14, 18:59:15   (updated: 2007-03-14, 19:21:04)
carpetlayer695@yahoo. from United States  
And here's the one that I got with her address so I decided to check it out with google and found this site!! She told me she was sick, (same sickness) so I wanted to send flowers to get an address! Hello my lovely! I'm glad to hear from you. Thank,
that you want to send me flowers!!! It
so is pleasant for me!!! But it will be superfluous
charges, and I do not know, whether
there is a delivery service in our city.... Besides I
think, that for us it will be now
better, if we shall save more money, and you can give
flowers to me when I shall be with
you!!! Concerning a meeting in Europe I as would
require the visa there, and some
countries take for the visa more, than your country,
and cost of tickets sometimes happens
less only on a few.... And I think, that so we should
spend more money and time to meet in
Europe.... I was very tired with my work yesterday,
and has hardly come home. I went to
bed to have some rest, and fell asleep, and got up
only in the morning. And now, Tony i
will tell you some news, that i have learnt from the
agent. He said that they don't take
for the payment the bank transference of money to the
bill, from private people,
especially from foreign citizens, Only from
organizations and groups, so the second part i
need to pay in cash. He said that in our town there is
a transference of money from other
countries. It is very quick, about a day. In our town
work these systems: 'Money Gram' and
'Western Union'. I haven't more time today know about
money gram but i was know about
other system. i mean western union. To do it, you have
to go to the bank which has Western
Union. They say in the bank that this system is
popular all over the world. When sending
money, you are to write my full name and country where
i live. i will send my address in
end letter. When i receive money, i have to write your
full name and address. I also have
to say in the bank the secret number. They will say
you it in the bank, and you can say it
to me in a letter. Frankly i think it is a good way.
Dear, please, be ready to make it in
several days because my agent ask pay for visa full.
Honey, i have to go now. Remember,
please, that i miss your letters and write me often,
please! Tell me please, what clothes
do you like more on a woman. Maybe i will prepare it
for you. Hope to hear from you soon.
My kisses, your darling Naily.

my adress:

Nataliya Shevnina
Mayakovskogo 8 a/y 4, Tsivilsk, Chuvachiya, 429900

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