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Dating scammer Natalia from Russia


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Email address:

Does anyone have more details on this identity?

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2009-05-19, 18:55:15
anonymous from United Kingdom  
ok, wonder if you guys can help at all?
I've been using a uk dating site which is free for girls to use. found a little hotty on there who claimed to be from london, though from the look of her i guessed she was eastern european.
I made the first contact.... something like 'cor! youre lovely!' and she responded with a message containing her e-mail address, which was a UK yahoo address. I sent her a mail asking where she was from,(assuming that she was a foreigner living in the UK, bloody loads of them here now!) and she replied that she was in fact Russian and living in Russia, and very apologetic, pointing out that she hadnt sought to decieve me, and that she could not register on the site as a Russian citizen.
I've traced her ip, and it gives the location as dead centre of London, in fact if you then use google earth and type london, it will take you within a few hundred yards of her ip location.
So, how do ip locaters work? if she has registered the user of the uk e-mail account as living in London will the trail run cold there?
A google search of her e-mail address turned up nothing.
So far she has written nothing that makes me suspicious; no over the top romantic crap, her pictures are quite sophisticated, not at all slutty, and she is within 3 years of my age.
What can I do next?
2009-05-19, 20:22:25
anonymous from United States  
US 2009-04-13, 16:36:55 (updated: 2009-04-13, 16:39:00), http://www.delphifa..=5#138001
UK If she writes ordinary English, she nay have traveled overseas, may have a UK mail domain. If ''she'' writes scamlish, lives in Russia with dating profile showing UK residence,
2009-06-05, 06:26:13
anonymous from Sweden  
I got a letter from Natalya. I played along and sended 2 e-mails back. Strange enough she never answer my questions directly.

Here is the first letter:

Hello !!!!!My name is Natalya, I am from Russia, what about you?I am attractive, emotional and vigorous woman of 27 years old.I have big interest to find good friend in your country, because I would like to visit your place. You should know that I am single andwas not married.I am open for friendship and for relations.Please write me only on my personal e-mail address : ois44@yahoo.comI want we will continuer our talk by the letters and know each other better.I have big hope that if you read my letter, you will have the sameinterest in our communicating, I would like your reply will not let mewait very long!Wishes of good!

I sended her a reply:

Hi! Where did you get my e-mail adress from cos I am a little confused. You look like a really nice girl, and a cute one too ;)

Best Wishes! //Andreas

...and guess what?

Nice to get your reply my new friend!Thank you very much!As you know my name is Natalya and I live in Russia.I want to visit your country in nearest future, for me I would like to have good man such asyou, which will be my company and I search man for close relations, because I am not marryand never was married and also I have not boyfriend.You will ask me, why I am in the Internet and how I found your adress.I think Internet helps people to find new friends and their love in our busy daily life.I did not think before that it is possibly to find man or woman in the Internet and to connectlife with whom the one whom you did not see before, but some my girlfriends foundmen and friends through Internet, so I decided to meet man in the Internet too.I decided to use this unusually way. I wanted to find friend in your place and I came in the firmof acquaintance they helped me to find your adress, they worked with acquaintances through the Internet and in real life, so I get your e-mail addres and I decided to write you!If you will have interest in me, I will glad to tell you more about myself and write you more in mynext letter. I use this e-mail adress.I do not visit noisy clubs and parties, I work very much, and I had not a lot of time to meet friend on the street, I think it is nice opportunity to know each other better at first, thisis the reason of my presence here. I can not find man for me among people, which around me, I wouldlike to create serious relations with good man.But this is as about my future and now I want to visit your country, because as I found here,your country is lovely place and such as I never was in your country, I think there is one way tomeet each other, this way is Internet line.I am 27 years old, I live in Russia, in town, which called Krasnii Steklovar, I am 170 cm of height.I work in small shop, I am the seller of cosmetics and perfumery. I like my work, even it doesn't brings me very big salary. But it is enough to pay for my flat and myself. Tell me please about your family, do you have big family???I live in the flat on the third floor. I am single and I do not have children. Also,I have not parents, what is why I live alone. I lost my mum and dad some years ago,I was the late child in my family and my parents were rather large age. It was very large loss for me as I have not any more close relatives, I have not brothers and sisters.I have very much interests, I like doing sport a lot, for example skates. When I have freetime I like to go in sports hall with my girlfriends. I try to care about my health, what is why I do not smoke and drink alcohol. I would like to know, what do you like to do in free time?My girlfriends are married already and they have children, I like visit them in different holidays.To spend time with them, but I have dream to create my own family, with lovely man and child.I think what every woman was born to be good mother and wife, every woman should care about her family and about her husband, I would like one day my dream will come true.Now I Don't think about family, because I have not man with which I can create family.I am sorry for my English, I speak English not very well, because I have not practice. I would like to know more about your daily life and about yourself.I hope you will have interest in our communicating, and you will write me back.I think we would be become nice friends at first, and we have a lot to tell each other.I will wait your reply with impatience.Yours sincerely Natalya

...yeah. Long letter as hell, and no direct answer to my reply. She just kept saying she thinks internet is an interesting place to meet new people :S She sended me a picture too. She mailed me from a Yahoo adress and asked me to reply to her personal e-mail.

Here they are:

What do you guys say? :D
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Anna Ogannisyan
Dating scammer Anna Ogannisyan

2009-06-08, 07:36:40
i got the same mail from natalya i wonder what that is strange?
2009-07-08, 14:11:14   (updated: 2009-07-08, 14:24:31)
[hidden] from Alkmaar, Netherlands  

2009-07-15, 11:02:19 from Italy  
ciao sono eddy un kiss for italy...ciaoooooooooo..........
2009-07-15, 11:09:35 from Italy  
ciao sono eddy un kiss for italy...ciaoooooooooo..........
2009-08-07, 03:48:17
anonymous from Belgium  
Hi guys !!

I've got an e-mail two days ago (on my company's mail acount, from Natalia.
This is what she wrote the first time (in Dutch):

Mijn vriend, ik wil proberen te leren kennen je beter als je geinteresseerd bent in socialiseren. Ik vond uw email site en besloot te schrijven aan u om te weten. Mijn naam is Natalia, ik 25 jaar. Als u geinteresseerd bent in kennis, ik wacht op uw antwoord op mijn email en ik zal u mijn foto. zodat ik beter spreken in het Engels en als je Engels kennen, zou het beter met hem praten. Natalia

It means she found the e-mail address through, and she wonders if I'm interested to conversate with her and that she wrote better in english.
I wrote to het who she is and what she wants, this is her answer:

Hello my friend! I am very glad to receive your answer. I will be very glad to begin our dialogue and to learn each other better. I would like to tell about myself a little at once! My friend I live in Russia and you probably are strongly surprised that I have written to you, but I simply wished to find the good friend in other country that interesting dialogue has turned out. I not when was not in Netherlands, but always dreamt about such travel. If you want to continue further our dialogue, I would like to tell a little about myself, mine put a birth on August, 30 1984, I was born in small city Yoshkar-Ola and now I live with mum in apartment which to us have got from the grandmother.
I almost do not remember the father, because he has thrown us in the childhood. As I would like to tell a little about the work, I work as the manager in firm and my work very much is pleasant to me. My friend would be remarkable to begin our dialogue and to learn each other better. I think that the distance between us will not stir to our dialogue and I trust that in the future if we well get acquainted, we could will meet and to spend a good vacation together. It would be pleasant to me to receive your photos and to learn your name full the presents that to me it was convenient to address to you. My friend if you were interested by our dialogue, I with impatience will wait for your letter. Natalia

And some pictures (I think she looks nice)!
I will try to keep in contact with her, interested what she's gonna do!

2009-08-07, 03:50:20
anonymous from Belgium  
And this is the second picture of her
This image was also posted here:

2009-08-07, 04:22:45
anonymous from Belgium  
Too bad that many of these girls are scammers !!!
Some girls really look nice, if the distance was not as far as it is I drove directly to them just to see what would happen !!

2009-08-11, 06:29:40
anonymous from Belgium  

This image was also posted here:

2009-08-11, 06:30:16
anonymous from Belgium  

2009-09-03, 12:56:46
I just got one from a woman calling herself Natalya but the pics were of a different girl... I have to give them props. I responded to the first with general information and it was responded to hastily. She also didn't ask for money in the first two... I am on a dating website and when she said I had sent her an email, I checked my previous emails and noticed I hadn't sent an email to any Natalya especially in Russia. She also used a different little town called Shestakovo. All I can say is do your research guys and gals before persuing anything like this.
2009-09-17, 06:58:20
anonymous from United States  
[it is gentle also passionately whole you]

2009-10-22, 16:26:39
Hello Guy!
Strange letter with yours e-mail has come to me! I see you profil on a site
Also it is spoken, that you search for new date with girl for serious
It is really truth? I do not know who have sent me this letter, but it was
really strange,
But I think, that you are real man.
I wish to tell you a little about myself:
My name is Nataliya, in Russian Natasha. Yes, I am Russian also live in Russia!
I am 28 years old. I am slender and beautiful Russian girl. I am alone. I also
search for the man for serious relationships.
I do not know how old are you, but I search for the man from 27 till 55 years, I
think, it is the most suitable age for me.
I do not know from what the country you are, but I think, that it is the Europe!

I also do not know why this strange letter has come to me here to Russia,
Therefore I wish to ask you if you search for serious relationships between the
Because I think, that you live far from me.
Guy, if you will answer me then I shall be very glad to have contact with you,
first we have only friendship,
but in the future we shall have something more serious!
Please write to me on my personal email:
Please, be not frightened of it!

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