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Dating scammer Alena Pikusova from Kostroma, Russia


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2006-12-10, 14:29:04
anonymous from United States  
Quick Fact:
In 2004 the United States Embassy in Moscow received 3126 complaints by Americans claiming to be the 'alleged or other-wise victims of fraud. Less than 20% of murders are ever solved in Russia, so do not expect anyone to take your monetary loss seriously.
2006-12-10, 14:47:47
anonymous from United States  
I have another single piece of advice------I'm not implicating all of Russia or Ukraine, ie, ect... Just DO NOT WASTE VALUABLE TIME... to those in Mari-el -(scam Capital), Kazan, generally centralized in the mid-regions of Russia. Lugansk, and some parts of Ukraine is also poor, high profile areas too.. Mostly mobs,gamgsters, and poofters..
Secondly, do not take stock in every social tours as '100-percent' Unfortunately, the so called 'blue-stockings' - those woman looking to steal the show at these socials..Knows how to work the foriegners... Just FYI- My next comment ---has some humor --guys, not all seriosness... Lighten-up!
2006-12-10, 15:55:06
anonymous from United States  
Here is the next influx... of a 'bank-rupt..' -country to look for emerging, with siberian's that will bare the 'under-ground ' whores... rampant' Lets add and Say ---Iran'---The patterns remains the same... Persian's alike will be forced in these realms schemes sooner than later.
When the highly educated is improverished, a culture of scamming is emerged. Scams has a history as old as dated '200-yrs-ago' ...almost as old than America. I digress, Russians are teased by candy behind a store-window. Their faces squashed up-against the glass, almost tasting it. They see the material wealth of our western free-economy and know they cannot earn it by traditional means, 9-5... Mathematicians, PHD's, those simular whom earn 300,000 a year, creating quantitative trading models for hedge funds, earn only $150 per-month working as night-men, and cleaning ladies. The meat-grinder of a failed political systems consumes all, and only spare those whom follows by the rules...
2006-12-19, 12:32:20
anonymous from United States  
Wow, I'm glad I stumbled across this site! I have come across a NEW scammer, by the name of Anastasia - shes a hottie, and its so sad :( anyway here is the first letter and pics----------------------------
Hello dear Brian,
I am very happy to receive yours a prompt reply. I live in Russia,
in city Volzhsk, you are interested in acquaintance with Russian woman?
I search for serious and long relations and in future to plan to create family.
I hope, that we can start to learn about each other more and better.
Tell to me more about itself? And if you are capable, I would be happy,
if you can send me your photo and yours families? I shall tell more about
myself and about the family. That you could know about me more. I have
family from three person, my Mum, my younger sister and I. To my Mum
of 56 years, she teacher at school, also teaches Russian language for
younger pupils. To my younger sister 24 years, she now to study in
institute, She soon already will finish to study and will work as '
Teacher at schools '. To me now 33 years, I also studied in institute
and now I have profession ' manager - bookkeeper ' and I work in shop.
When, I studied in institute, I simultaneously took lessons of the
English language. I hope, that you can understand my letters and we
can learn the friend the friend well, also I hope in the future we can
talk and look each day with each other. It is difficult for me to
recollect the Father, we have lost the father 2 years back, he has
died of a cancer. And, now we live three, together. We have two rooms,
Certainly, it not such big house, but we live together and we try to
live amicably and to help each other. I have no own children. I
already had marriage with the man from my country, we were together 4
years. Our marriage has broken up because of my husband, I
learned, that he had one more woman. I not could think of it and we
divorced. I do not regret, that we divorced, he almost every day came
from the work, very drunk and sometimes damaged my body. It is
difficult for me to speak about it, I hope, that you will understand.
And I had no long time, relations with men, I have not found my future
the man with which I want to be. But, I very much hope, that we with
you can create ours sincerely and long relations and I hope, soon will
meet with you and to see each other in a reality. I do not know, that
you still to tell about me. If, you have questions, I only shall be
happy to answer for you. I do not know, what time now at you, but I
want to wish you good day and night. I hope, that you soon will write
to me the following letter.

Sincerely to you, also I want to send you mine kiss.


2006-12-19, 23:07:26
anonymous from United States  

2006-12-19, 23:10:55
anonymous from United States  
This image was also posted here:
Julia - (modified photo)

Keywords: blonde black bag on airport
2006-12-23, 09:06:56
anonymous from France  
i am in touch with a 'girl' saying she is from volzhsk the ip adress seems to be the same as i have seen in many messages above when i typed it in google i landed on this site, even if i didn't see her picture i guess that it does not mean much, i am waiting for more letters , to see if there is a pattern of scam , even if i feel there is one , how can someone find out if it is a private computer or an internet cafe?
2006-12-24, 12:48:47
anonymous from United States  
I have been contacted bye two of the girls above. They never asked for money. I thought it was to good to be true. Thanks for trying to stop them. They said they got my address from Here's the pics i got. good luck
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Alena Pikusova from Kostroma, Russia

2007-01-02, 11:10:24
this is big scammer i have correspond with her since seven month but finely i have find her picture in the black list it's profestionel scammer she is nummber one she tell me that is nurse and she want me this is the email of her
her name is svetlana soloveva

2007-01-14, 20:22:46
Well, new name, new scammer, but she has the same IP address, so what are the chances she is legit? She messaged me from Name is Irina Pipirka- untils today she used the address; now she is using

Pics below. Conversation is so new, no sense copying the correspondence, but what the heck...

Hello my new friend James:)))
The my dear friend I am happy because I have received the letter from
you. I am very glad that you have
decided to answer me. Because you my first friend with whom I to
correspond and the first person which
writes to me from other country. From it I am am overflown with a
little feeling and I am very glad to
this:))) But I to think that you know that I to search not simply for
the friend, I shall search for
persons with which I to create in the future own family. I very long
searched for persons at home but
and have not found it. Also has decided that I can find persons abroad.
My dear to me spoke that people
abroad on much better concern to women. My dear I shall write to you
letters from the Internet of cafe
and sometimes from the girlfriend.
I would like in the beginning to tell to you slightly about myself. To
me of 29 years, I was born April, 1.
My name Irina. My growth approximately 170 centimeters and weight about
56 kg. My color of hair the blonde
and color of eyes blue. I know English in perfection, in the beginning
I when studied studied it and have
then continued to visit tutors to know it in perfection. You should
describe yourselves as. I to live in
city of Moscow. My dear it is very big city and as it is capital of
Russia. But I to think that about it
you know, and if not knew that I has informed you. My dear what your
city??? It big or small??? Also what
you think about him??? It to like you??? I to live in the big city his
name of Sochi. Here it is very warm
in the summer and there is still a sea. I saw the sea and now I very
much to want to see ocean. You beside
have ocean???? I saw it while only by the TV set, but dream to see in a
reality. To like me my city, it very
beautiful but here happens very hot. But if at me has appeared my loved
and it lived in other country that
I undoubtedly would arrive and lived there with it. I already for a
long time to not live with the parents
because at me they were not... I have only my sister, our parents very
much for a long time were lost in
automobile failure, to me then was 16 years and my sister 20. They have
gone to a garden to water there plants
or still that that to do, and from a counter strip the Jeep directly on
them has taken off, there was a
failure and my parents were lost at once. The driver of a jeep was
drunk it has remained is alive and my
parents were lost. As my sister was full age she has taken me with
itself and we lived together with it in
an apartment, it was very hard but we with all have consulted. She not
when did not leave me and there was
all the same that my mum. I very strongly love for it mine the sister.
I shall send you a photo of me and my
sister but later, well??? My dear that with your parents???? You live
together with them??? You have brothers
or sisters???? I always as dreamed that at me the brother was. But I to
think that it is possible to finish
about sad....
My dear as I to want to tell to you about that that I to want from our
correspondence. I search for persons
with which I can to create our happy family. I very much to want the
family, I want that I had daughter and
the son. What you think about it??? You reflected about creation of
family???? I to think of it recently very
much and have decided that already it is time to me to create the
family because me already 29 years and I
to think that at this time to me time to become thoughtfull about it.
And how you consider????
My lovely friend as I to want to tell to you about my place of work. I
to work in shopping center, in a
department of souvenirs. I sell different souvenirs of a nested doll
and so forth. And I to receive
approximately 200 dollars per one month, it is not enough but I try to
find the best place of work, but while
all unsuccessfully: ((((. Than you are engaged??? Where you work??? And
what your salary if not a secret????
You may not speak how many you receive if want. My dear but me all the
same to like my work, but that is more
me to like that at me very many girlfriends there. And we always
support each other. At us very amicable
collective. My dear at you it is a lot of friends???? And amicable
collective at you at work????
The my dear friend excuse but I should finish the letter, I shall look
forward to hearing from you. I hope
that you will answer all my questions because I to want to know about
you all. If you are certainly adjusted
seriously.... And I would like to ask you to not cease to me to write
because you sympathize with me... And
conversation with you because I not when did not talk to men from other
countries is very interesting to me.
I wait for your answer. For ever your friend Irina.

2007-01-16, 12:52:04
anonymous from Canada  
Newest e-mail:

Hello my friend!!!!!

My dear I want to ask you to write to me your letter on my new post address: I want to speak you, that my old address: to not work!!! I shall wait your new letter. Yours Irina.

New IP-

Old IP:

2007-01-16, 23:26:06   (updated: )

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Alena Pikusova from Kostroma, Russia

2007-01-16, 23:28:05
i love your site and thank you kindly for everything now it's on... what should i do test her and ask her for money or just stop. hey, if i get any money out of her kseniya what should i do? send it on over err what?
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Alena Pikusova from Kostroma, Russia
Dating scammer Natalia Kovalewa from Russia

2007-01-16, 23:37:46   (updated: )

Keywords: brunette black top apartments lake
2007-01-16, 23:39:47
anonymous from United States  
like i said before where should i send money if i get some out of her? i want to toy with her... she has written 4 emails so far and i tried to find out more about her so here i am!!! i'm from lawrenceville not norcross
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