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Dating scammer Irina from Russia


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Only pictures have been posted for this pseudonym :-)

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2012-03-13, 01:27:29
Dating scammers: Irina is back

So Irina is not a reader of my blog I guess because after a days pause she is back again.... I think she have been busy moving her server from McColo, United States to LLC GlobalWholesaleTrade, Russia but she says she have been busy going to the doctor and visiting the travel agency. :-)

2012-03-13, 01:47:02
Dating scammers: Irina is back

So Irina is not a reader of my blog I guess because after a days pause she is back again.... I think she have been busy moving her server from McColo, United States to LLC GlobalWholesaleTrade, Russia but she says she have been busy going to the doctor and visiting the travel agency. :-)

2012-04-08, 16:32:54
anonymous from United States  
Anyone know this to be a Polish worker in Ghana......wants visa money and a ticket to America

2012-04-08, 22:23:35
2012-04-08, 16:32:54 anonymous from United States - Anyone know this to be a Polish worker in Ghana >>>

Sounds as phony as a three dollar bill ! There's a match for the pic on Facebook, but the real identity appears to be this one of the porn girl Natalie Sparks ...
This image was also posted here:
Accounts on this web site

2012-04-09, 05:12:57   (updated: 2012-04-09, 05:13:44)
OJAS from United States  
2012-04-08, 16:32:54 anonymous from United States, listen to 2012-04-08, 22:23:35 anonymous, and keep your wallet in a safe place! There are NO Caucasian / Asian / Hispanic girls seeking online dates from West Africa!

Useful reverse image search tools:
2012-05-06, 23:53:22
anonymous from Australia  
scammer Anastasiya Pavlova, other alias's unknown, this name has been used with other photos as well. She(he) scams you for travel documents, airline tickets, visas etc, will report the money got 'lost' and asks for more.

2012-05-07, 00:19:26
2012-05-06, 23:53:22 anonymous from Australia - scammer Anastasiya Pavlova >>>

Ooops... the pic belongs to 'Anastasiya Sweet' as she calls herself. It's a scam read her scam letters on the link below ... :: View topic - Would you like some extra › ... › LOVE / DATING SCAMS FORUMCached

25 posts - 5 authors - Jan 2
A 419Eater member wrote: Hey folks, here's a few Vlads I haven't gotten around to yet and probably won't be able to, so have a bash if ya like.

2012-05-08, 10:22:56
OJAS from United States  
2012-05-08, 10:25:56
OJAS from United States  
Delphi killed the last URL. Try
2012-11-28, 13:56:02
anonymous from Australia  
Another Irina...pity it's a scam...she's hot. Hahaha!
Rambles on without answering any questions. But funniest of all, contacted my fake account with last name Phukder. ( fucked her ) Hahaha!!!! Oh...she's a stripper who loves sex....lolololol

2012-11-28, 20:09:11   (updated: 2012-11-28, 20:19:28)
DOC from United States  
@anonymous from Australia,

Please post the scammer email address. Cheers!

Scammer using pic of Inga C.



2012-11-29, 13:11:50
OJAS from United States  
Thanks Oz.
Grande Finale articles start with

G'Luck @ Perth!
2013-01-07, 07:11:52
Hey :-) it is Irina!

sorry, today I will fix my mistake and I'll send you what I promised you in day before yesterday!

I was sure that you will answer to my letter! thank you!I hope you will like my pictures.

write me back and tell me about yourself please :-) ...

I will answer you on your letter today evening or tomorrow morning .. write ..

I will waiting... Send to me of more photo... you do not mind??

Irina (I hope and wait that you will not ignore me!)

Merry Christmas!! I hope that destiny prepares for us a great gift :-)

Hey dear ) thank you! today I am sending you my best pics :-)! I am sorry for my strange attitude. My thoughts are so contradictive.

This pics was taken by my girlfriend...I want you to see all of my body so you know how I look and don't get too much surprised if we will meet.

I regularly do manicures, pedicures and hair removal! I understand that it is important to all men and you're not the exception. I respect men's attitude.

Once again, I am sorry and I hope you don't get me wrong for sending this photos to you...I have no more similar pics! sorry! I'll write a little bit about myself and what worries me as a girl .. :-)

ok....I am patient,generous, kind, and loving. I am always upbeat, have a positive attitude about most things and I like to have fun.

I love museums,romantic dinners, and sunsets and I am a fun loving person who is ready to love and hook up with a man for fun its

my first time of trying this Internet thing, so I am new to this and I pray it works for me. ideally, YOU are older than me...

although I know cases where a man younger women - on 30 years

I will be 25 soon. I'm seeking for Someone special to capture my heart and knows how to handle it with care!Someone who's willing to love me unconditionally,

whom is kind, sincere, honest, passionate, loyal,sense of humor, someone that can make me laugh loving and wants lifetime of passion..

Now I'm a lonely person in a big world and I'm looking for a honest man! Life is not so easy and I am too naive to understand this.

I believe in happy future. Maybe you too? So, though my life wasn't easy,to find my desire. I need a man who will be strong enough

and won't use me and my feelings. I do not need your freedom or your money ... I need a friend ...

by the way between friends can be anything and sex including :-) (I do not exclude this)

I can talking about the children ,to dream about family - all this is typical for girl .. your task it is to be a man and do what a man must to do!

a real man would not ask me : 'Do you want I meet you?'or 'Do you need my help?' - he just will meet and will help without words.

I kissing like French ... I am drinking like Russian ... I swear like Italian ... I scream like German!, I'm leaving, like English ... :-)

I hope that you understand my English? :-) My native language - Russian (my country)..

Well, how do i start this just feel free to ask me any question if you want to know more about me.

and will love to read more about you with some pictures. :-)

I hope all is fine?


Kate, hello!

Thanks for your pic!! You look very attractive!!

today I will tell my friends and my parents about you! ....

or it is not necessarily?, .... I'm sure they will be happy! :-)

This time I will write you more about myself.

I think you should know more about my life and my hobbies so you will know if we have any common interests.

first of all my full name is: I r i n a G a d o u s h n j a k

24years old (via 2 weeks - 25), not too young I think )?

mybirthday is: 28 January , I'm 156 cm , 54 kg.

my address here is: Kamishenka, Traktovaya street 7 flat 3, post code(zip)-659668.

so now you have a representation of who I am....

I don't know exactly my waist, hips measurements,

I don't have a reason to measure it because I think it's OK and my body is proportionate ))

I take care of my body, I do aerobics three times a week and I go to the swimming pool twice a week.

I live alone. I rent a small apartment ... As I wrote you I live in Russia.

The name of my city is Kamishenka,

it's near Barnaul city.

Kamishenka is very small and Barnaul is a large city, the main city in our district.

I graduated from university in Barnaul two years ago. I`m a menager of the big shop, my city is small but we have a

big shop here.

Sometimes I attend courses in Barnaul so I have several diplomas,

but you know in russia we don`t have good work opportunities.

But this work help me to take care about myself.

ops...I forgot to write to you about my plans in a previous letter ..

today many used a special program for young people who wants to work abroad.

I also decided to do so and to use it.

This program just helps to register documents,

organize travel tour and sometimes find work for clients in any state(town)of USA, Canada or Europa (or other big country).

I just need to choose. I think I can choose your city :) ?

I already started to register documents and now I need to decide in which city I want to work..

I plan to work in sphere of services or trade!

I decided to find a men and make his city to be my purpose. I will leave my town in a few days or so.

I can't tell you everything exactly right now......

I do hope that you will be not disappointed to meet me in the real life if we will meet.

When I come to your city I think it won`t be a problem to find work on my specialization (I shall work as the simple seller).

I hope I will be able to come to your area!


my mother is a teacher of music in the school.

I also could play a piano a little.

I like classic music, jazz, rock, lounge. I like all kinds of music!

A little about my father: he is in a good shape because we usually make exercises together,

he doesn`t work now, because he is retired already.

I love both my parents and I'm happy my parents support me when I leave them and will go to another country. Of course I will miss

everybody but I want to have my own happiness! I write you my emails from Internet cafe, I don't have my own computer...

I'm sorry! I can not quickly respond to your letters...

All computers in this Cafe are very old and have no any messenger so we can only keep emailing

each other.

I hope you are not getting bored to read my e mails? I have no idea what might be interesting for you I like to try new things.. :-)

do you like my photos? Today I am sending you my loved photos .. tomorrow I will send more .. I just can not choose)))

I know about the photos what men are love ... but I do not have these photos. I'm sure you're a good person and you will not ask about it.

kiss :-)



Before I write you, I have read interesting articles on the internet ...The vast majority of men in the blogs and in the comments on the forums,

write that women need money that they loves money and that they are prudent. but I do not agree with this! from my own experience and the experience of my friends,

I'm sure 80 percent of men will not bring flowers to girl, inviting her on a date They will not take her to cafe .....! My girlfriend told me how one The Internet guy asked her out.

She was wearing a skirt, heels and lightly dressed (in cold weather). Was autumn.Do you think they would go to cafe? No! four hours they walking on the streets

of the city and of course the next day she was sick! Four hours he spoke how much he is cool and he wants loving relationship with a girl!

many of the men perceive women desire to have a cup of coffee for $ 3 like mercantile?

And most men, coming to visit girl, will, at best, with one rose or a cheap box of chocolates. Few people will think how the woman's head broke about what to cook for dinner for him.

no one wants to see near him ugly girl! All men want only a very slim and beautiful girls. However, most of the men are pretty nasty: yellow teeth, stomach,dirty hands !

Men think that women do not invest nothing. Have you any idea how much cost for a woman to be beautiful? Thought about how much is the normal underwear?

Have you ever looked at the prices of cosmetics? how much is in the salon to dye hair, do her hair? Manicure? Pedicure? Beautician? Gym? Solarium .. etc. ..

Do you know how much a good cream, from which the skin so smooth? A shampoo, from which hair are shine? And do not tell me that YOU INDIFFERENTLY how girl looks - this is nonsense!

I want to say that girls do not want to give itself some loser, who has no money even for a movie!

This is a normal instinct - to assess a man in his abilities. After all, the main function of men - to produce and be able to protect, to be strong.

Men offer sex and no obligation and supposedly fun? Wake up, boys! :-)

Men cum always, but a woman - no! Because women generally difficult to have fun with the greedy and stupid man. We are so arranged. this is nature!

Many men consider themselves good lover and think that all girls want them !

perhaps it is not so ... I'm sure that what I wrote does not apply to you.

I think I wrote you not all my thoughts...My mind is always in a mess when I write you because

it's hard to write everything to somebody who is so far away. I don't remember if I wrote last time I've never been married, don't have

kids but I love them and they love me! I and I want to tell you that I always wanted to find an older man.

Why? I have two answers..

Firstly, I think older men are much more serious and they can take care of me, they are more experienced in life and can teach me many

things. Have you heard a saying 'The older the violin, the sweeter the music'? I believe in it... I think I'm not that young already but I

don't have much experience in life and I want to have someone who has more experience in life then me.

Secondly... maybe I'm not right about it... but I want to be honest I've always had such worry... if I marry a man nearly my age...

and after some years I will become not that young and beautiful... I think it's more hard for a woman to be attractive then for a man...

and he will find a younger mistress and I will become very miserable. I don't want my man to be unfaithful. I know I can be faithful to my

man and I will never cheat on him. But this is just my worries. This is not my goal. Please tell me if you think you will love your woman at any age and not find a younger

one? Can you be faithful? Also I want to tell you that I learned English in university, so I don’t use any translators, and I can speak English as good as I write on it.

I hope we will have no problems in communications. I feel that you are very nice man I really want to meet you. If you will not like

me or something else we can be just friends. I hope I will get my work visa soon in Moscow and all documents and I come to you! I don't have any area limits with this visa so I can work

where I want. I don’t know exact day of my arrival, but as soon as I will know I will write it to you. You know, I'm just trying to be honest with you and write you all my thoughts on

different issues. Please be always honest with me also....


do you have an INTERNATIONAL-Airport in your city? please write me it's name an code. or write me the name of the nearest Int-Airport to you.

If you want I can call you when I will be in Capital, it would be nice to talk to you. We don't have international calls here. I suppose in few

days I will fly to Moscow and start my trip! I will stay there about a 1 week, making out some papers, and then after it perhaps I will be able to fly to you.


take care :-)


hello! you know...

my friends dont worry about me as before because now

they know you are a kind man and can help me if I will need your help.. :-)

I am surethat you can show me your city and tell me about the life over there!

Kate, I like to think of you and look at your picture!! :-) !

so...I think I didn't write you I like cooking.I will cook the slavic cuisine for you!

russian cabbage soup (schi), meat dumplings (pelmeni) and bacon (salo)!!

you will like it! I like the Austrian and Balkan cuisine!

they are very similar to the Russian! because the ancestors of these people Slavs!

and not only those people!

the ancestors of the Native Americans are Slavs too..

I mean the white part of the population of the northeastern part of the country (Alaska).

it became a U.S. state

in result war between Russia and America in the 18th century (1771-1775).

in American life - it is a war of the North and the South.

Now historians say us that America bought from Alexander-1 these territories.

Romanov dynasty did not have 100 percents access to these lands itself

before win in the long war E.Pugacheva with the support of future America !

ok :-) I love spaghetti and pizza! I like bananas! I can't live without it!

I dont like Mexican food because it's very spicy,

and I don't cook Mexican dishes. I've been told that my cooking is very tasty!

I like to cook cakes. my favorite is cabbage pie!

When I talk about food I'm getting hungry )

I am eat everything and I'm not on any diets but usually I don't eat after 7 pm. This

helps me to be not fat! I can cook many tasty things for you when we will meet! You know..

almost all Russian men are like bears!

They are so rude, they can't be nice and polite.. :-( I think you are not like them.

I like to go to the cinema! I really like to watch a good movie with my friends.

50 percents of movies in our cinemas are Russian and about 50 American. actually

my favorite actors is Arnold Shwarzneger and Silvester Stallone :-) and I like all movies with him.

these guys more than 60 years! this is incredible!

I've watched 'The Expendables' Have you seen it? could you recommend me any American movie so I can watch it?

What is your favorite movie and actor? .I dont like only cinema! I like theatre and opera too, I like ballet.

I am dancing modern dances a little!

Unfortunately there is only one small theatre in my city and there is nothing interesting.

If I want to go to ballet, for example,

I shouldgo to Barnaul,

there sometimes can come famous Russian actors and dancers but I can't go there often because it's very expensive :-(

Soooo... what else could I say? :-) ok, I shall write to you again in the evening!

take care, Irina news...
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Kate Udarbe I have some good news for you!

after sending this email I will go home, take my packed bags and go to Barnaul!

From there I will fly to Moscow!

I`m really afraid to fly on a plane!

I hope my plane will not fall down! I'm really afraid!

It is several hours from Barnaul to Moscow.

when I come to Moscow and settle down I will write you an email.

Please don't worry about me if you don't hear from me today or tomorrow,

that will mean I was not able to find a place to stay and I will write you after tomorrow.

In Moscow I will spend a 3-4 days or maybe even more,

I should make all final arrangements with my documents and after it I will come to you!

When I will arrive I will rent a room, and I hope you will be my guest ..

if you have cheaper options - where I can rent a room let me know ..

but I have one condition that there would be a huge bed :-)

I really want to talk to you by phone, but as I don`t have a mobile

phone, I will find a public phone in Moscow with international calls. you know...

I had such great desire to start my trip already.. and now

I feel myself like a newborn kitten who has even didn't open it's eyes...

Soon you will hear some news from me from Moscow!

hope I'm only for you! love you and kisses!

Hello! I have done it!! I in Capital of our country!!

I have good news! I was in a travel agency, all my documents are ready.

now they are checking a possible flight to your air port.

They will give me all information (date and time of my arrival, etc.)

tomorrow I think or after tomorrow. tomorrow I will continue to see Moscow, like a tourist.

In Moscow there are so many different museums! Here good weather, about -1`C, but I feel myself so alone.

Everything here is very expensive, not like in my city...

Everywhere are big crowds of people! Everyone rush somewhere and I don`t know anybody here.

I feel uncomfortable because of it but I hope I will be OK soon.

I can tell you a lot about Moscow! I read about it in the books.

I mean the book, buyout not read in schools and colleges.

I will do it at our meeting! Now I will say only a couple lines that you would be interested.)

Moscow is a mystical place!

It is a medieval 'Jerusalem' ... or how many people say 'Third Rome.' is very beautiful architecture ...

and the extraordinary beauty of the temples and churches.

In the center of this ensemble is the Kremlin - the most mysterious and beautiful place on earth!

I'm going to say probably stupid,

but I read about it in books that the construction of this monument of architecture was described

in the biblical texts of the 'old covenant' ... it sounds stupid, but it's true ...

Moscow was and is the capital of the

polity with 10 time zones (in the U.S. there are only 5) ... 17 million square kilometers

(Second place after Russia takes Canada - 10 million square kilometers)

in Russia there is one drawback - it is the officials (fools)

and roads (on which you can ride on the tractor only) :-)

here do not respect privacy and intellectual property, there is not loves the rich people...

this is a bad place for the elderly and socially oriented sectors of the population ..

There is no confidence in the future here are rude guys :-)

perhaps this I can motivate my actions planning a trip....

You can't imagine how happy I am because I already started my trip to you!

I still cannot believe I've done it!!

Something amazing occurs inside of me after

I have received your first letter! My heart lost calm since then.

But it's interesting that it does not want to find it again! :-)

I'm finishing my letter and I want to thank you for hope you offer me.

Please CONFIRM the name of int. airport (and his code) and be sure you wrote it right.

Kiss you )

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Sun, Jan 6, 2013 at 9:19 PM
Sun, 9:19 PM
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FROM Irina TO You
I am happiest girl in the world!!!
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Kate Udarbe

Hello! How are you? How is your weekend?

What did you do today?

Today I was in Russian art Gallery, I really liked it.

In past I saw this paintings just in books on pictures and now I’m able to see in real life.

I feel myself like I’m able to do everything in the world!!!

Do you know the band Scorpions and their song Wind of Change?

Walking down the street

Distant memories

Are buried in the past forever.

I follow the Moskva

Down to Gorky Park

Listening to the wind of change.

Take me to the magic of the moment

On a glory night

Where the children of tomorrow share their dreams...

With you and me.

Take me to the magic of the moment

On a glory night

Where the children of tomorrow dream away

in the wind of change....

Scorpions is one of favorite bands of my parents!

That's why I know the words (unfortunately I don't know all words).

I'm not great fan of Scorpions but I like this song very much!!!!

Kiss you!!!! :******* I will write you tomorrow morning :********


Kate hello! I can not believe!!! :-)

I am so glad to see that we are almost near our goal,and our meeting wait for us.

I bought the ticket to you on Saturday, 12 January

I will be very thankful to you if you can meet me at Ni Noy Airport and hope so much it's a good day for you to meet me!

I think I will call you from airport before my flight.

Before my last interview in embassy remains three days!

They will ask about my travel, financial capacity, about my personal life ...I must to show them my ticket!

but you know... :-(

today, I was shocked!

Russian customs, the law prohibits to travel abroad those citizens who dont have debts payment for municipal services(gas, electricity, taxes, fines, etc.)

I did not know that I have debts for gas and electricity .. the amount of 1300 ... :-(

I did not know that this rule gives the right to Russian customs authorities to restrict my freedom :-(

I has been forced to pay these debts ,that would let me go to abroad ....Now I do not know what to do ... I had $3000

Now all what I have it is 1,700!

My last interview in embassy will be after 3 days and I must have 3000 (pocket money to travel abroad), otherwise I will not get visa.

I see that its a very strict rule.

as I was explained that each person from former republics of Soviet Union arriving to your country should have this amount of money.

It is necessary to prove my 'financial stability' and ability to travel In the your country and to pay for all.

It is necessity, because many people especially single women arriving to your country do a lot of crime or something illegal.

Now the rules to pass the Customs are harder especially after terrorist actions which happen in your and my country.

Now I can pass customs only showing this money to prove. I understand, that it is a good rule for your country from the point of view of safety.

But what shall we do now? Unfortunately for example your support letter will not help me.

if embassy learn about you will not give me the visa, they decide that I only wish to marry!

But I have good news - my friends and my mother agreed to send me $ 330!!!

My dear, now I hope only for your help. I shall pray God about it.

The happiness is so close, but I cannot make anything. It is not in my power.

if I don't pass the Embassy now as planned my visa will become invalid and I will not be able to enter the your country at least a one year.

I am shocked and only you are my hope in this situation.

I was in the bank to try to ask them about loan but they tell that I must to have something to give them

but I have nothing to give because I have only a few dress and things,some perfume and it is all I have,and small gift for you from russia with love.

I have two choices

1. postpone my vacation for next year

2. to ask you to help me

I am very ashamed .... but I'll ask!

I will not spend the money!

I need money only for that I would SHOW IT IN EMBASSY - confirmation that I have money for living for 3 month abroad!

again - I'll bring money with myself! I'm not going to spend it!

I have $1700+330.... In embassy I need to show $3000

I need $970...

please send it today by Western Union or Money Gram I will write you details: send it to russia, this is my full name:

First name : Irina

Last name : Gaydoushnjak

Also I've got an advice to send you a scan copy of my passport in case you need to confirm my details.

this is my full name used in all official documents.

They said this is all info you need. But please for any case write down more info.

The address where I'm staying:

Myasnitskaya 28,fl. 57 , post code (zip) 101990.

I rent a small room In an apartment of an old policeman here,

it's cheaper then hotel. in the room of the subjects of civilization only a TV and refrigerator.

There is no telephone. and I must finding public telephone.(((((

The address of the closest Western Union (or MoneyGram) here is:


Please help me! After it please write me all details about the transfer your FULL NAME and Money Transfer Control Number

We cannot lose each other , especially now.

The positive moment in this situation is that I repeat againI don't need to spend this money,I will only show it at the Embassy.

I need only show money, I shall not spend it. I am worried very much.

You are my sunshine in the darkness because in this world full of cruely you managed somehow to get deep into my heart.

You are really a man and I ask you not to give up.

Maybe if you don't have this money you can borrow from your friends for a few days and I will give it to you as soon as we meet at the airpot.

Please try to get the money....

Please Please Please :-( I need in your moral support! I am alone in this cold and angry city and only you are my hope and support!

> TRAVEL INFO : Irina Gaydoushnjak

&g- -------------------------------------------------------------------------

> © Travel Agency 'Sun-Tour'.

&g- -------------------------------------------------------------------------

> TRAVEL INFO : Irina Gaydoushnjak - private tour.(work visa)

> Russian-English


&g- -------------------------------------------------------------------------

> Travel dates for: Ms. Irina Gaydoushnjak! Please label the inside and outside of each piece of baggage to be checked in with

> your name and where possible your address. Suitable baggage labels and stickers are available free of charge. In advance of your journey.

> please note the current free baggage allowance included in your ticket price. You can find this information in the internet or via

> your Airline contact person. In case you booked a special fare please note that it can be subject to restrictions. Travel Abroad: When preparing to travel

> abroad for less than 3 months, it is important to ensure entry to another country . Depending on the country to be visited and the worker's nationality, it may be

> necessary to apply for a visitor visa.The worker must have: a valid passport or travel document, valid visa .Furthermore, page 4 must be signed by the RO. No special

> permission is needed, but it is important to have a valid passport,valid visa and all travel documents.

> Thank you for your booking and have a pleasant journey. Kind regards.'Sun-Tour' is a licensed and officially registered travel agency.

> Travel agency 'Sun-Tour'. Our goal is to provide quality services for group and individual travelers.

&g- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

> Please use our service. managers: Marina

&g- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

> The flight is - Saturday, 12 January 2013. From Russia, Moscow,Sheremetyevo Inter Airport.

> Price: foreign passport,visa,tax,consulate fee,ticket Eco.class.USD 1150.00+

&g- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

> The ticket is purchased on Saturday, 12 January 2013!

> Last interview in embassy will be Friday, 11 January 2013.

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2013-01-07, 13:54:06
anonymous from Canada  
she write the same letter to me !

2013-01-07, 20:34:14
DOC from United States  
anonymous from Canada,

Looks like you and Dave from US have something in common! http://www.delphifa..=16#238457
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Dating scammer Tatiasna Ivanova from Tibelti, Russia

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