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Dating scam artist Anastasiya Romanova


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2008-07-06, 12:18:19
OJAS from United States  
2008-07-12, 04:33:07
anonymous from South Africa  
same thing happened to me, but it was actually quite funny. was waiting all the time for her to ask for money, then she did, i told her i am actually in jail for rape of 20 women, never got a reply again, haha.... but i thought you were my true love anastasiya, haha
2008-07-15, 13:59:41
anonymous from United States  
I have been corresponding with one of your scamers from above by another name. She just arrived in my city last night with her own money on a work visa, funny thing
2008-07-15, 19:01:54
anonymous from United States  
Probably all the money scammed from the guys that didnt realize they were getting scammed but someone had to sponsor the work visa and they are very hard to come by these days
2008-07-16, 03:03:04   (updated: 2008-07-16, 03:28:13)
Hi guys,
have I been scammed?
those are some letters of Anna from Cheboksary.
then she sent me just one picture of her.
I knew her email from a japanese site: Japan Probe
does someone know if she is a scammer?

Hello my new friend Andrea!!!
I am very glad, that you have written to me!
It is very pleasant, that you have not left my letter without the answer.
I hope, that in the future you we become good friends.
Andrea, I never was in Italy, it is the fine country and I would like to visit there once!
Thanks for a photo! These are photos of your family?!
You could send me your photo?!
I not bad know the English language, I still started studying the English language from school
My name is Anna, me of 27 years.
My birthday on August, 25, 1980.
I was born in Russia, in the city of Cheboksary, republic Chuvashia.
My growth of 169 centimeters, weight of 56 kg.
I have hair of the blonde and dark blue eyes.
I have been given birth in the summer, and my parents tenderly name me «summer girl»!
They were very happy in day of my birth!
I was the unique child in family and my parents in the childhood have presented me all love!!
My parents very strongly love me and care of me!
I send you my photo. I shall hope, that it is pleasant to you...
I shall be glad, if you will write your opinion on my photo in the following letter!

I have higher education, and I work as the stylist - visagiste in a beauty salon.
I like to make women beautiful that they liked men!
I think, that each woman should look very beautifully!
You have what work?
I never was is married, and I have no children.
In my life men with whom I could not construct serious relations came across me.
It happened, probably, because to me simply did not carry with men .
They were not ready to serious relations, the some people behaved is ill-bred or behaved as children.
I would like find present the man which could to take care not only of myself, but also about beloved.

My parents have brought up me the kind and brought up girl.
I do not smoke, because I know as far as it is unhealthy.
I do not understand people which smoke! For what they are injurious to the health!?
I do not drink strong alcoholic drinks,
but sometimes I can drink a little in the good company, but it happens very seldom.
You like to drink alcoholic drinks?

I live together with the parents in a two-room apartment.
My parents work as teachers, my mum works as the teacher of elementary grades at school.
My mum very strongly loves children whom teaches at school.
Many children tenderly name her mum!
At my mum very kind loving heart!
Mine the daddy teaches at the State University of the city of Cheboksary.

I love the parents and I prepare for them for a supper, when they on work .
At leisure, I very much like to sew, knit, prepare for a meal on kitchen, to read various books!
Most of all I like to read romantic books, novels about love and detectives.
Sometimes I with the friends and girlfriends go to cinema.
It happens not so frequently .
I like to look films about love!
I am bewitched simply with films about love when the man and the woman sincerely like each other.
Sometimes I would like, that my life has appeared the man which
would grow fond of me as it occurs in films about love!
I write to you this letter from the domestic computer.
This computer has presented me my brother .
I am grateful to the brother that he has learned me to using a computer.
I not so spend time behind a computer much, at me not so it is a lot of time to sit at a computer.
It is time to me to finish this letter .
I hope, that you will write the interesting story about yourselves and will send the photos!
I shall be glad to receive news fryou!



Hello my lovely friend Andrea!!
I am glad to receive the answer to your letter!
I am glad that you have sent me your fine photo, you are beautiful,
at you a beautiful smile, little bit mysterious.
Andrea, I heard about this well-known tower.

Sometimes I meet my girlfriends, some from them are married and have children.
They ask me how many I would like to have children!
I did not think yet of that, how many I want to have children, probably, much...
I only want, that my future husband was happy with me!
I am ready to present the husband a lot of love, it is a lot of children...
I the lonely girl who could not find the person whom I would grow fond in Cheboksary....
I want the person who becomes the good father to my children.
But men whom I met do not approach on that to begin my husband...
Many men in our country abuse alcoholic drinks, behave roughly in a society of the girl...
To me do not like behaviour of some men...
The man should address with the woman with love and respect.
I want serious relations, I was bothered with that men frivolously concern to me...

I have houses a computer, despite of it I not so well am able to use it...
I wanted you to tell that I, probably, cannot write to you every day...
At me not so it is a lot of time.
The majority of time I spend on work, at me it is a lot of girlfriends,
which want to me for work to make a new hairdress.
I love the work, I like to make people beautiful...
Yes, I to myself make hairdresses, but it is sometimes inconvenient
also my girlfriends make to me a hairdress.

I drink a little, only on holidays and in the company of the friends...
I like to drink red wine...
I do not smoke and never tried to smoke, it so harmful!!
I understand your anxiety on distinction in the age of,
but for me it not a problem for me and I hope for you too.
I think that the man which is more senior than me,
can learn much me and at him rich life experience.

Tell more in detail about the work, about itself, the city...
It would be interesting to me to learn about you more....
I at leisure listen to music, I walk with the girlfriends, I go to cinema...
I send you a photo of the girlfriends...
I hope, that you too will send me the photos!!
I shall wait for your letter...

in this letter she sent me a picture of some of her friends
but I have several dubts
elmoro from Italy

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2008-07-16, 04:37:03
OJAS from United States  
2008-07-16, 06:33:01
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Herewith a collection of seven standard scam letters. Hope these are a help to anyone out there who has been receiving anything similar

Letter 1 from

Good afternoon!
First of all I would like to let you know whom you are talking to. My name is Ekaterina, and am from town called Devlikeevo that is situated in Russia. I am 28 years old. I hope, you are all right with me sending you this email. Somehow I managed to find your email at UK website is Isingles .And I emailed you at once. Hope I don't bother you with my email. I am writing to you because I am looking for a life time partner. I do not want to have a man from here as I find all of them rude. I am not too much at the internet and this is the first time when I explore such thing over the internet. I tired of being alone and I want to feel a family cosiness and warmth. I want to love and be loved. I want my man to love and respect me for who I am. I am intelligent, kind, loving, devoted, with sence of humour. I want my partner to be the same. I don;t want you to think that this is a spam letter. and I hope you are not angry with this email.
Please let me know if you are interested, and respond and we will start chatting.
You can email me at my addres is
I am sending you also my photo and hope you like it.
Waiting for your reply

Letter 2:


Hi my dear friend Nicholas. I was very glad to receive a letter from you. We now do not have warm weather. I live in an average strip of
Russia, from Moscow it is approximately 800 km away. There are very beautiful places, there were a lot of people, but I was with my mum, and it was not so cheerfully. I hope, that when we could be together we will visit these places . What do you think about it? I love to
cook. I like home business, especially if I do this all for my dear person. My favourite colour is red. In spare time I sometimes go in clubs, but it happens seldom, basically I prefer rest on a nature, on a coast of beautiful lake. We have a a beautiful nature, but also the
city has many beautiful monuments of architecture, beautiful museums. As for me I like to go to museums, but it doesn't tell that I am old-fashioned. Sometimes I love the noisy companies, good friends. But the main thing for me is a family. I dream to create a warm home cosiness and happy family, in which we completely trust each other, care and have mutual understanding. So I will be closing now. Have a good day and evening.

Letter 3:
Hi my Nicholas! I am very happy again to receive a letter from you!
I'd like you to tell me more about yourself! As you know i'm a
shop-assistant and every day i communicate with many people and i
really like it! I want to know more about your work! I like pets very
much and you? I play different music. I like to play the music of the
composers such as Shopen, Mocart and others. My favorite food is sea
products, and also various fruit salads, but i also can cook other
dishes. I think that i cook good! In my free time sometimes my freinds
and i go for a walk to the forest or to the lake, when the weather is
warm. On winter evenings i love to lay in my bed and read some
romantic books. I also like knitting sweaters, socks and scarfs. I
like very much sports competitions. I was engaged in gymnastics! Also
i like to watch football, hockey, basketball and volleyball on TV. I
am very happy, that i found you! I always wait for your new letters
and photos. Yesterday I with my mum went to the village to my
grandmother and we had good time there!!! We went to the sauna with my
mum! It's really very beautiful! I told my grandmother about you and
she said 'HI' to you! Today i will go to the walk in the park with my
friends. And how do you spend your free time? I hope interesting,
useful and cheerfully! Please write me about it! It's really
interesting for me! I will write you soon! And now i hope to hear from
you soon too! I wait your following letter with great impatience!

Hugs and kisses!!! Ekaterina.

P.S. I to ask to write in the following letter your phone number on which
I can cause you and when I shall have an opportunity I to try to cause you.

Letter 4:

Hi my darling Nicholas! I'm very pleased to receive news from you
again and again. You know I very much like to cook various tasty food.
I will prepare for you the most tasty dishes when we meet. I live now
with my mum. My daddy left us, when I was 6 years old. I
unfortunately, have no brothers and sisters. It is pity. I very much
love to read your letters and they deliver to me a lot of pleasure.
With every your letter, I begin to understand, that something can
appear between us! I already reflect on our relationship more serious.
My opinion is that the most important between the man and woman is
complete trust! I hate, when the people deceive each other. You
probably think that I am a very serious woman, but it not so. I simply
do not want to be mistaken in choice in the future loving man and
husband. In this moment my feelings to YOU are already more than
friendly and it's really so! I begin to understand from your words
that you are the man of honour. Your words, which you write to me heat
my soul and heart. So it is wonderful, when there is a man in this
world for whom I am not indifferent. Probably now i will finish this
letter and will wait for your following letter! Hugs and kisses!

Your Ekaterina.

Letter 5:

Hi my Nicholas! Today I got up early make various salads. I don't eat
a lot of food to support my figure! I often jog after work not to grow
stout. I will be very pleased to receive your photos. I often tell my
mum about what you write me and she likes to listen about it very
much! She is very glad for our relationship! I was never married, but
want it very much. It is a shame to me to write about it but I am not
so skilled in sex and I hope that I will have this experience with
you! It is very pleasant that we understand each other well! I think,
that it is very important factor in our relations. If we want to
create strong union, we should trust and understand each other
completely! Please write me as it is possible more often! I very much
like to read your letters, they deliver to me much pleasure! When I
read your letters, my mood rises at once! It would be good to believe
that we will meet sometime soon! I will look forward to hearing from
you today. Many hugs and kisses for you my darling! You are in my
heart every minute! Your Ekaterina.

Letter 6:

On 11/07/2008, wrote:

Hi my Nicholas! I decided to go to the internet-cafe today early in
the morning to check your message and was very admired to see your
letter. Today i already have such feeling, that I have received large
energy for all day. Write me about all - about your life there, about
your firends, relatives, work and free time and etc. I would like to
know about you all! Darling I want to tell you, that I have chosen in
you your soul superior in love others, in mercy, in powerful desire to
love and to bring happiness! And please, be with me honesst. You see,
the deceit breaks huge quantity of families. Today I will visit
church, and I will ask for us with you! Be healthy and in the good
arrangement of spirit, and please know that you always in my heart. Is
fidelity and tenderness necessary for you? I have chosen destiny and
fidelity, as closest to my character. Hope you will convince in it in
future! How I would love to see us together, evening, in a room! We
would start from a long conversation, which I like; we would talk
about people, things, past day and other! Near us our children is
sleeping and we look at them and we are sitting very pleased of all of
it!!! I am really dreaming of it and i will be very happy if my dreams
sometime soon will come true!!! And you? What do you think of it? How
you present it for you? Please write me about it because it's really
very interesting and important for me! Recently i have found east
treatise of love and i would like to read it to you if you not
against! Three sources have propensities of the man: soul, judge and
body. Propensity of friendship of derivative number of souls.
Propensity of opinion and respect of derivative number of relations.
Propensity of desire of derivative number of a body. Connection of
three loves of derivative numbers of propensities! I hope you
understand all what i wrote you and i hope also that you like it! I
will wait for your following letter with great impatience!

Your Ekaterina!!!
Letter 7:

Hi my loved Nicholas! I was very pleased to get a letter from you.
When I read your letters, sometimes I even have tears of pleasure in
my eyes. I see, that we are necessary for each other. How are you
there without me? I am here not very good without you+ I miss you and
you are in my thoughts always with me. You show very strong interest
to me and it is very pleasant to feel. I began to think very much of
us with you, what waits for us in future? Write to me all questions,
which you interest. I will be very pleased to answer to you! You now,
second man in this world, that is necessary to me most of all. The
first man is my mum. I am very grateful to you, that you trust me! I
really trust you too! I think that to communicate through the internet
is not natural, we should take each other's hands and to look into
each other eyes and speak concerning how the world is perfect! Today I
have a very good mood! You are very important for me now! When I began
to communicate with you, I had hope, that everything will be good for
us and our relations and sometime we will be together! With each your
letter I begin understand, that I have found that, which really is
necessary to me! I want you to inform that my senses and words
concerning you always truthful and I am really very sincere with you!
Now I am sure concerning all on 100 , that I can trust you. And that
you are the man, which is necessary to me! When I read your letters, I
see in it your sincerity and behavior to me! I have made immediately
large conclusion from your letters, which is possible to express in
three words 'I LIKE YOU '!!! Today I even felt so highly, all was so
easily, because my ideas were directed concerning you. Today for the
sake of interest I decided to go to the travel agency and find out
about the papers to reach you. And I was surprised very much. The cost
of the visa is about 278 euros. I really was very surprised. It's so
big money! Then, when I continued going home, I thought about it so
much. You see between us should be a complete trust, and we should
know about each other all! Also today I decide to go to walk with my
best friend Tania! And if true I already know what we will talk about!
I think you know too! It's YOU and ME!!! Sometimes I see such dreams!
But if true it's a shame for me to speak concerning it... I saw such
dream today at night. ' We have supper with you which I made myself
for us at your home, we drink some good white wine! Light and slow
music and light of candles make romantic mood! We begin dance slow
dance, we become some drunk, but not of the wine - of our LOVE and
then we go into dreams, and we begin to make love' But in term of
storage I know about making love rather small. And I would like to
find out maximum about it with you my darling! Sorry that I speak with
you about it so sincerely, but I think, that only you should know all
concerning me! I would be happy to meet you! It's limit of my desires!

with love!!!

your Ekaterina!!!

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2008-07-16, 08:23:07
OJAS from United States  
2008-07-16, 12:49:43   (updated: 2008-07-16, 13:20:37)
after some general researching and analysis of this info, i'm not sure the person contacting me is the same anastasiya.

does anyone know where i can find the ' newest ' scammers ?

contact me here loliverofmc [AT]

if you spam me i will penalize you, if you help me, i will reward you

honestly ...

2008-07-24, 07:20:48
anonymous from United States  
More photos of : 'alias' Nataly the aeroflot stewardess
This image was also posted here:
Recognizing similar images

2008-07-24, 07:21:39
anonymous from United States  
More photos of : 'alias' Nataly the aeroflot stewardess
This image was also posted here:
Recognizing similar images
Dating scammer Natalya ( from Russia

2008-07-29, 23:35:22
anonymous from United States  
Here is one more guys. She keeps calling herself Anastasiya but now she's got a new picture. It seems she cannot think of other name more Russian than Anastasiya.

Her address:
Anastasiya (Internet Cafe) (

It is definitely too good to be true.
I am on the third letter and I plan to keep writting. Maybe I can get an indecent picture from her without sending money, ha,ha. And, for those who already sent money, shame on you guys. Instead, send me the money and I will hook you up with my sister's friend, and if you send enough, I might hook you up with my sister, ha,ha.

I am attaching Anastasiya's picture. Maybe we should make like a club and exchange the pictures we get from these ladies. Well, good like in your seach of true love. Some day we will find it. See ya. If you want to send me more of Anastasiya's pictures let me know on this page.

2008-07-31, 12:37:38
Well it seems I'm another guy thats been taken in.Ekaterina a.k.a.'Katysweet'has it seems been sending the same messages to everyone else.
2008-08-01, 10:49:03 from United Kingdom  
I too am having correspondance from her but she now calls herself 'Ekaterina Denisova'
I have recieved 12 letters and replied umpteen times but the second letter she sent twice. That is when the alarm bells started ringing so now I am having fun promising her the world!!!! And while she is chatting to me it saves someone else being scammed

2008-08-01, 12:18:56
OJAS from United States  
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Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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