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Dating scam artist Anastasiya Romanova


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2008-03-30, 19:03:08
anonymous from Australia  
Letter 7

Hi my loved Jeff!

I decided to go to the internet-cafe today early

in the morning to check your message and was very admired to see your

letter. Today i already have such feeling, that I have received

large energy for all day. Write me about all - about your life

there, about your firends, relatives, work and free time and etc. I

would like to know about you all! Darling I want to tell you, that I have

chosen in you your soul superior in love others, in mercy, in powerful

desire to love and to bring happiness! And please, be with me honesst.

You see, the deceit breaks huge quantity of families. Today I will

visit church, and I will ask for us with you! Be healthy and in the

good arrangement of spirit, and please know that you always in my

heart. Is fidelity and tenderness necessary for you? I have chosen

destiny and fidelity, as closest to my character. Hope you will

convince in it in future! How I would love to see us together,

evening, in a room! We would start from a long conversation,

which I like; we would talk about people, things, past day and other!

Near us our children is sleeping and we look at them and we are

sitting very pleased of all of it!!! I am really dreaming of it and i

will be very happy if my dreams sometime soon will come true!!! And

you? What do you think of it? How you present it for you? Please write

me about it because it's really very interesting and important for me!

Recently i have found east treatise of love and i would like to read

it to you if you not against! Three sources have propensities of the

man: soul, judge and body. Propensity of friendship of derivative

number of souls. Propensity of opinion and respect of derivative

number of relations. Propensity of desire of derivative number of a

body. Connection of three loves of derivative numbers of propensities!

I hope you understand all what i wrote you and i hope also that you

like it!

I will wait for your following letter with great impatience!

Your Anastasiya

2008-03-30, 19:05:15
anonymous from Australia  
Letter 8

Hi my loved Jeff! I was very pleased to get a letter from

you. When I read your letters, sometimes I even have tears of pleasure

in my eyes. I see, that we are necessary for each other. How are you there

without me? I am here not very good without you+ I miss you and you are in

my thoughts always with me. You show very strong interest to me and it is very

pleasant to feel. I began to think very much of us with you, what

waits for us in future? Write to me all questions, which you interest.

I will be very pleased to answer to you! You now, second man in this

world, that is necessary to me most of all. The first man is my mum. I

am very grateful to you, that you trust me! I really trust you too! I

think that to communicate through the internet is not natural, we should

take each other's hands and to look into each other eyes and speak

concerning how the world is perfect!

Today I have a very good mood! You

are very important for me now! When I began to communicate with you, I

had hope, that everything will be good for us and our relations and

sometime we will be together! With each your letter I begin

understand, that I have found that, which really is necessary to me! I

want you to inform that my senses and words concerning you always

truthful and I am really very sincere with you! Now I am sure

concerning all on 100 , that I can trust you. And that you are the man,

which is necessary to me! When I read your letters, I see in it your

sincerity and behavior to me! I have made immediately large

conclusion from your letters, which is possible to express in three

words 'I LIKE YOU '!!! Today I even felt so highly, all was so easily,

because my ideas were directed concerning you.

Today for the sake of

interest I decided to go to the travel agency and find out about the

papers to reach you. And I was surprised very much. The cost of the visa

is about 490 us dollars. I really was very surprised. It's so big money!

Then, when I continued going home, I thought about it so much. You

see between us should be a complete trust, and we should know about

each other all! Also today I decide to go to walk with my best

friend! And if true I already know what we will talk about! I

think you know too! It's YOU and ME!!! Sometimes I see such dreams!

But if true it's a shame for me to speak concerning it... I saw such

dream today at night. ' We have supper with you which I made myself

for us at your home, we drink some good white wine! Light and slow

music and light of candles make romantic mood! We begin dance slow

dance, we become some drunk, but not of the wine - of our LOVE and

then we go into dreams, and we begin to make love' But in term of

storage I know about making love rather small. And I would like to

find out maximum about it with you my darling! Sorry that I speak with

you about it so sincerely, but I think, that only you should know all

concerning me!

I would be happy to meet you! It's limit of my desires!

with love!!!

your Anastasiya!!!

2008-03-30, 19:06:19
anonymous from Australia  

2008-03-30, 19:07:18
anonymous from Australia  

2008-03-30, 19:07:49
anonymous from Australia  

2008-03-30, 19:09:47
anonymous from Australia  
Letter 9

Hi my love Jeff! I am very glad to see and to read your perfect

letter! Your letters warm me and give to energy for all day. My mum

tell that I LOVE YOU very strongly! I do not know why it happens but it

is the truth I very strongly love you and I can not live without you!

Here it's become a little cold but your letters warm me as i already

spoke about it! It becomes very boring without you and I want very

much to see you very soon! If you too want it so I am very glad to

this! Today my mother felt herself not very good and i went to the

doctor and asked for the medicines for her! He gave me them. She told

me always that she too very much like you! Today I have a lot of work,

so I will not write to you much but I very much want it that you write

me very soon I wait for your letter, whether and it would be still

better, if we could meet with you, I am wait this moment and want it

very soon because I grieve till that day when you and me will be

together! I very much love you really! I want you to tell me if you

not against to see me. Sometimes when I lie down to sleep - I to think

of you, and I open eyes and see that you is not present with me and to

me becomes so alone because there is no you beside and I to begin to

cry. I become very opposite when think that some paper money will not

allow to meet with you. I will finish this letter and wait for your

answer my love! Please write me soon! Millions hugs and kisses!!!

With great LOVE!!!

Your always Anastasiya

2008-03-30, 19:12:05
anonymous from Australia  
AS of 31/03/2008 still awaiting reply from last letter, she has not yet asked me for money yet directly. I have offered to fly to her but no reponse yet. will add letter 10 if it arrives.
2008-04-01, 19:02:37
anonymous from Australia  
Letter 10

Hi Jeff!!!

Your words are very beautiful, you speak very well, it

is very pleasant for me to read your letter, it is wonderful! I told,

that soon we shall be together, because I love you! I am happy

from the only idea, when I think of you, I am very glad. My mum also is

pleased, when she looks at my happy face, do you understand me? I hope

so. Earlier , how it seems, I did not believe in destiny, and now it is

simply interesting, if it not the destiny that brought us together,

then who? Probably it is destiny helped us, that we are now

together, it is perfect!!! I wait with impatience for every your letter,

you write me please, what we shall do with you in the beginning,

may be we shall visit something? I'll wait for your letter. I always

think ofyou .

Bye bye my sweetheart!

Your lady Nastya

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Dating scammer Aleksandra
Dating scammer Aleksandra

2008-04-08, 07:26:55
anonymous from Australia  
Guys...I've also got her email to my google mail it's funny that I found this forum very quickly...thanks to Internet!

How is it getting on there???
I have recently found your profile at website and decided to email to you! I decided to email you as I am searching for my partner and a friend. Sorry if I disturb you by this email but I suppose we can become good friends and may be more than friends.
Well, a little about me: my name is Anastasiya but friends usually call me Nastya. I live in Kinderi, Russia. I am 28 years old. I am looking for a kind, intelligent (smart), loving man. My features are the following: I am intelligent (smart), pretty (beautiful, good looking), kind(-hearted), hard working, loving, caring, trustworthy. You may ask me why am I searching a man outside Russia. I can tell you that men here are not good and I had a relationship with a man from here. Well, later he turned out to be a bastard and. I found him with another girl, besides he was always drunk. Well, I do not want to have a partner from here as I know that they cannot treat a woman as they should.
I hope you are interested in my email and I would be so much flattered to see your reply in my mailbox.
With this email I am also sending you my photo and hope you will like it! PLease respond me at
Best regards, Your friend Anastasiya

I've replied to her email and i'll keep posting to this forum for the update.
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Dating scammer Anastasiya Popova from Kirov, Russia
Dating scam artist Anastasiya Romanova

2008-04-09, 17:06:36
anonymous from United States  
the girl yuliya gordeewa i left photos is a russan singer mtv star her name is nastaya zadorojnaya goto http;// dude.
2008-04-11, 05:52:24
anonymous from Australia  
Good afternoon!
How is it going today? First, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Anastasiya. I am from Kinderi, which is situated in Russia. I am 28 years old. I have recently looked through some male profiles at website and yours got my sttention and thought to email you. I wanna tell you that I am emailing to you because I am looking for a friend and a partner and my future husband. I would like to let you know a little about myself. I am intelligent, pretty, kind hearted, with a sense of humour, loving and caring. I wish my partner to be also loving, caring, tender, intelligent and kind. I want him to be with me in any case and I want to feel safe behind his back. I am young and modern young lady. Please, give me your soonest reply and I will respond to you asap. I am enclosing my photo with this email and hope you like it.

Please, tell me more about yourself and send me some photos of yours at:
Your friend Anastasiya.

this is a email i got from the same chick trying to scam anybody for anything something needs to be down about this

2008-04-19, 04:44:34
anonymous from Rome, Italy  
But for how long you want to take for ass the people? I have the money for the ticket
It is not worth to view of a woman false.
hello from your carlo (italia_roma)
2008-04-23, 05:26:51
anonymous from Australia  
I had few woman from Russia writting the same topic letter's, It is so sad to see woman from Russia and Eastern Europe to be such scam artist's. I was born in Poland but lived all my life in Australia, I have recently visited my birth country Poland, where I learned alot of things that I would not here in Australia. They tought me if a woman loves you so much of what she wrote in the letter, she should have any problems of visisting her in her country or other country which is safer to be at. If they don't want it that way there is only two reason for it, They have something they are hiding or they are a scam artist. There is no way I will ever send money to anyone whoom I dont know, it could be any one writing those letters and the pictures you can get from anywhere. The only thing I like to know what do they do with our photo's of what we send it to them. There are lot of people who exchanged the photo's with those people what does them to stop giving their false name to other woman and sending them our photos just putting different name on them?????? Does that makes us scamers as well. Well I thought about it for a long time, there is nothing better to meet a person face to face rather through internet. If you like overseas woman, like fro Africa, Asia, Oceania, Europe, America and South America go there for a holiday go out and she will be there. That way you can find out in person everything about that person. As they say eye's do not lie.

Thanks Richard B.

2008-04-23, 06:48:35
I've recently received a couple of emails from russians before finding this web site, and I'm glad I did. I have not been asked to send money, but I have never used and have not been internet dating for 3 years. As someone said earlier 'if it is too good to be true then it probably is'.

First Email

Good afternoon, my dear new friend.

I am Nataliya and my age is 28 years, live in town Kinderi, that is in Russia. I decided to email you because I am looking for a friend and a life time partner. I have been looking through the internet web site and found your email and thought why not emailing you, though I am not too much at the internet. I hope that you are interested. I want my partner to be caring, loving, I want him to respect me for who I am. From my hand, I will do the same. I am always honest and sincere. I would like my partner to help me in any problem, to give me a hand of help, to protect me in any case. I am young enough, caring, devoted, loving woman. People say I have beautiful figure and pleasing appearance. I hope you are interested, and if you are, please email me back, and then I will respond you soon.

Please write me at: ??????

Here is also my photo in this email and I hope you will like it.
Hope to talk to you later,

Second Email

Good Day ,do not know what difference at time between UK and me
!!!!!Its me Nataliya.... Thank you that you has found for me time and
has answered me on letter and I hope that our contact will last and
correspondence will be pleasing for us both.Sorry that I can not
immediately answer the letter,but I work and use the facilities
internet-club to look the mail and write for you.I hope that you
understand me.....Today beside me rest time and so I will immediately
go to look at your letter ,honestly,I much waited the answer and much
this pleased..... I hope that we befriend and for this us it is
necessary about much speak and much learn of friend friend,I shall try
to write you more often and you assign their own questions which
interest you and I pleasure shall answer. Bye-bye....Nataliya.I nice
you on these photo?On this photo Im in cafe and at work.... P.S . hope
that in next letter you will please me more detailed letter and
certainly with photo......

2008-04-23, 11:55:25
OJAS from United States  
Richard from Oz, there is only one but important point of dissent. Arrest records show almost all scammers are MEN using stolen pictures http://www.delphifa..?p=3#64966 Thanks for your post, hope you will join the efforts of Oz mates http://www.delphifa..?p=0#72710 You know how hard Kasprowicz did his homework for his baggy green!
Cheers from the States!
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