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Dating scam artist Anastasiya Romanova


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2006-04-30, 16:26:48
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Hi Sandy
What i am saying is that the photos and emails that were sent to you baring the name Elena Kuklina were also sent to me with same photos baring the name Anastasiya Ramanova she has or should i say he has multiple email addresses and names for the same set of photos this was the address i meant then look at the photos for Anasatasiya they are the same i've found several address al same name same emails. I also love Russian girls, and have met many 100% genuine really beautiful girls whom i could marry, its just make my mind up time. But be careful many sites are corrupt scammers. It seem we both have the same taste in women. My ex-wife was really beautiful she was Turkish but absolutly stunning, Religion problems thats all. http://www.anti-sca..13-2.html. Anastasiya
Best Regards
Craig UK
2006-04-30, 20:40:57
anonymous from United States  
Craig, thanks for your help. I have been corresponding with Elena under one email address only. I am reluctant to elaborate in this public comment in case she (he or it) might read these comments. I'm in the middle of corresponding with her and I really need to allow it to play out further before I blow the whistle. My email address is above. If you could write me at that email, I will spell out what has been going on. If not, I will post my comments here but I don't want to risk exposing my intentions just yet. Incidentally, I have spoken to her at least 6 times on the phone.
2006-05-10, 19:46:51
anonymous from United States  
I leave you this letter that was just sent to me...........I will alwso leave a photo of who she is claiming to be now.

Hello my love Rod!!!

I waited for the moment when I again shall receive from you the letter and this
happy moment has come, and I can learn, that you think of my previous letter.
Your letters fill my life by sense. I to start to understand, that my life, it
does not mean without you because I love you.

I have told about us with you with the girlfriends and they are very pleased,
that I have found happiness and I shall soon leave to you. All my familiar I
shall miss me, but all of us already adult and should understand each other.
Also I have told to the aunt that I shall soon arrive to you and she only to be
glad for me. The aunt is completely sure, that I strongly love you. And she is
sure on 100 , that I shall be happy only with you. She to trust you completely.
Also the aunt asked to transfer you huge greetings. Also the aunt to ask, that
you to care of me and loved only me when I can appear near to you. It seems to
me, that we already on are close with each other, we as if the husband and the
wife only, unfortunately, divided in huge distance so much. But, not looking on
we should continue to love it each other and to trust each other, you with me

I that can not do with myself, it is love, she sings in me as a bird in the
spring sky, I think, that it is destiny it can be dangerous, but I am madly in
love with you. Your letters are filled with such heat and care, and at me tears
of pleasure sometimes run. I think 'My God, thank, that you have helped me to
find my unique person, and I hope, that we shall incorporate to it and we shall
be happy'. I dream of our meeting and how we shall walk with you to keep for
hands as we shall look after one after another and as we shall do love.

Yesterday in our country 61 anniversary was marked from the date of a victory
over fascists. And almost in each city on May, 9 in 10 o'clock in the morning,
parade begins. I too went in the city on parade and it was very interesting to
observe procession of soldiers which have been well prepared for this statement.
And it is very a pity to me, but the Internet of cafe it has been closed this
day how everyone on May, 9 is considered the day off. I hope, that you have not
been upset and now the holiday has ended also we with you we shall correspond
again every day.

You it seems to me to not understand at all me how I should not wait for 3-6
months to receive the visa. If I to have now money I cannot reach up to Moscow
and to start to do all necessary documents for reception of the visa. And I also
could find out, that on registration of all necessary documents it is required
to me about 2 weeks. And you even cannot imagine, that through this time I can
receive the visa and arrive to you.

I cannot find money how also me very much it would not be desirable to ask it
you, but it is possible, that you want to help me with money. I shall be very
grateful to you and as soon as I can arrive to you, I shall search for work to
return to you of money. For me the point of honour will return it to you of
money. I want to tell once again to you, that you can help me if only you have
desire to do it. Do not think, that I to ask it you how I never to ask money one
person. I always try to solve the problems without whose that of the help. It is
a unique case when I cannot solve this problem without your help. Today I have
found out, how it is more convenient to you to send money to me. To me have
told, that system Western Union the most convenient and fast system of
remittances. Only it will be necessary for you to send money to my name and to
it the address of bank:

ZIP CODE: 248023.

After you to send me money to you should give a special code (MTCN) which is
necessary for informing me. Please, do not overlook to write to me this
information, differently I can not receive money in bank.

will carry me on hands to embrace me, to kiss and caress my gentle body. It is a
pity, that it only dreams and whether is fated to them to come true the God
knows only. I hope soon to see your letter.

Your letters have filled in my heart pleasure and happiness. You have shown me,
that I can love again, I know it because I grieve without you. I to love you and
I start to understand, that love this such strong feeling, I am glad, that I
could test it due to you.

Yours forever Anastasiya!!!

2006-05-10, 21:24:20
anonymous from United States  
this should be your next letter

When she ask for money you can tell her to use the $5050.00 she got from Russel

insert your name

Hi my love Russell!!! I really happy to read your beautiful letter. I love you and I miss you so so so much!!! My lovely, my unique man on this Earth, I so want, that we faster to meet, I can not wait to our meeting. I to imagine, as you me meeting in the airport, at me probably even I shall be tears from eyes, but it will be the tears of happiness, because I at last shall see that and I can embrace my expensive love! I to represent each minute and second to think of us with you, as we with you to be engaged love, as you caress to bring me by the gentle hands, as I caress you and in your house warmly and cosiness. You are happy near to me, and I am happy near to you, and we with you happiest pair on light. Unless it is not perfectly mine lovely? It is simply wonderful, I do not know, how to me to thank the God, that I have found you, the man, which I waited all life. Last night after work, I to sit and to think of us of a two, and on me such mood again has found and I would like to write a poem, my feelings can not so long restrain, I want as soon as possible to show you all my love, because madly I love you by all heart. I to read this poem to the mum, it very much to like, she has told, that at me well it has turned out. I hope, that this poem to like and you, mine lovely. She about you and about about my feeling to you.

My lovely fantastic hero!
You a beam of light in a dark empire.
Be a number well with you,
You bring pleasure and happiness.
With you around all to wake up,
All blows tenderness and heat.
Heart is beaten, becomes transfixed,
But... All disappears then.
I so am afraid, that all will disappear,
Will leave absolutely and for ever,
I want only, that this fairy tale
Did not stop NEVER!
You see leaving, you take away
It would be desirable to love all that.
And me you only leave
Heat from your gentle hands....
Hopes and dreams....

You have presented me a fairy tale in my life, I do not want, that this fairy tale sometime to be finished, we should necessarily be together and then this fairy tale will be even better and more perfectly. I hope, that you liked my poem. I very much love you and I want, that we were together. I'll be waiting your next letter tomorrow. Bye bye for now. I love you! And I miss you! Your love

2006-05-11, 12:28:09
anonymous from United Kingdom  
The Guy who is sending these emails to everyone is a complete Dick Head, using hacked stolen photos of innocent girls, using multiple false email address. And should be stopped. Anyone who receives a phone call should get it tracked, all emails traced by IP. And try to establish the home address. And maybe he'll get a serious shock. These are actually filtered Junk emails, being sent to hundreds of genuine guys. This person has to pay for the S__T caused and will. It's just a pity that many of us had to learn the hard way. (Genuine Russian Girls WILL NOT Ask For Money!!!). I think we must all be blind, especially when looking at the various photos we receive. She changes skin colour with every photo recieved. Just a pity they wern't genuine, such lovely looking babes!!
2006-05-15, 06:18:44 from United States  
I know someone who is talking to 'anastayisa'. After only two weeks chatting on the internet, she is desperate to meet him, for she loves him, or so she claims. I know shes a fake, so if anyone recognizes her, please email me some information. She hasnt requested for money yet, but she will. I need proof to show him what a floozy she really is.

2006-05-17, 22:54:56
anonymous from Canada  
Ya just got scammed by same person, She said she was from Cheboksary though and her name was Regina Galiullina. Her email was She had me going till she said she loved me after like 5 letters, then by the 7th she is asking for money, and how her parents and friends are so happy for us. I'd be worried if my parents were that accepting of someone they have only read about and after only a week too. Met her on a Christian sight too, and said all this bogas stuff about how much she believes in God, and so on. She basically fit all the warning signs of a scam, as I have since researched. STAY AWAY FROM HER!

2006-05-19, 00:07:51
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Here's another nice photo of ???. She wants me to give her babies. She knows i'm in the army but she doesn't realise that we only fire blanks. I hate to dissapoint such a sweet honest babe. Notice the dress in the early photos. I thought it was illegal to date 12 or 13 year olds. Have to be careful with this babe lovely girl. I can't say the same for the person responsible for sending these photos. I been sent loads. I'd like to meet this person and show them a good time, probably 6 foot under. Maybe all these girls work at the same house for the same person or maybe the person responsible knows how to hack identities, photos etc. I think the latter, and i think that all these emails etc are coming from one location in Moscow owned by a male species. He has obviously got a fetish for men, i suppose it takes all kinds of people. By the way we do fire live amo, just ain't told him yet, don't want him getting excited just yet. Need more evidence before we go into battle and blow his balls off. if he's got any!!! Keep him happy and get as much info as possible. USA
This image was also posted here:
Dating scam artist Anastasiya Romanova

2006-05-21, 11:11:08
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Has Anastasiya transformed because now she looks like the photos below. And everyone else can forget thinking about dating her because she's all mine - she told me so, she told me she loves me, will bake me lovely pies and kiss me tenderly and...yeah, okay, it's a con. Disappointed I haven't received the black panties photo though...
2006-05-21, 15:56:58
anonymous from United Kingdom  
There are more photos to come, she can transform herself to any design woman you prefer. And it ain't baking you lovely pies you gotta worry about, it's more about baking your bank. I suppose if she removed her little black panties it may be worth a couple of dollars. But certainly not big bucks....USA
2006-05-21, 17:56:10
anonymous from United States  

I think she will transform herself into a ATM Machine..Just swipe you card in her ass-crack and kiss your money good-by
2006-05-22, 08:09:08
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Nick: SOska


IP address:

Mari El profile, but says she is from 'Kazan'

This image was also posted here:
Dating scam artist Anastasiya Romanova

2006-05-22, 19:23:34
anonymous from United Kingdom  
I think you will find that IP address listed above is actually a German address not Russian...
2006-05-23, 06:12:15
anonymous from Australia  
Thank Goodness I found this page!

It's been a little over 3 weeks since I last heard from 'Anastasiya'. In the last response she said that she was really happy that she received my e-mail and the usual 'I love you' stuff. The sudden termination of our correspondence made me suspicious, which led me to typing 'Anastasiya Romanova' into Google. That is what led me to this page!
In my correspondence with her, I kept asking her about her friends and relatives. She always kept responding with the love trowel, coated on thick!
She encountered me through my Lavalife profile. Her profile and mine seemed to be pretty similar. She left me a reverse-charge mail, which I accepted. Something that gave me cause for concern, and something that never left my mind during our correspondence, was that her Lavalife profile said she was from Arroyo Grande, in the USA. After sending her my first e-mail, she said she was from Kaluga, Russia.
I got barraged with the majority of the pictures shown above and a message VERY similar to that address to Rod above as well, except I didn't get the bit about the 61st anniversary of the defeat of the fascists!
I see that some other people here fell for her charms and sent her money. In my case, having a rather large credit card debt was a good thing, because it meant that I couldn't afford to send her any money!!
I'm glad that all the agonising over 'Anastasiya' has been put to rest, despite it not being in a good way!
2006-05-23, 15:59:36
anonymous from United States  
hay anonymous
have some fun with her and send her some of the letters from the' humorous ideas 'page.
Mrs. C
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