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Vera Zhokova


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This is a place holder for comments on dating/ marriage scammer Vera Zhokova.

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2006-03-31, 22:22:40
anonymous from United States  
Well this one was good and I got burned for he Visa money, before western Union tipped me off. She 'studied' in Kazan, which is what sealed it, but the letters were hauntingly simmilar, and the poem! The unanswered questions and the my Lovely comments. Ouch I feel lame, but am glad i saw this before she/he got a few grand. See this scary hot one that had me going. She was on for a few days 'living' in Sacramento, CA. Then it was suposedly Irkutsk Siberia and then she flew to Moscow and Now I am yanking the chain back hard! I also am reporting this to the, match, the US and Russian Embasies and the FBI. That is recomended.

2006-03-31, 22:24:44
anonymous from United States  
Oh Yeah, she went by Vera Zhokova and she was a doctor. How stupid am I. Too many waves and sand in my head. One more for the different look.


2006-04-06, 07:25:36
anonymous from Canada  
Here is a profile of the post posted on 2006-03-31, 22:22:40

'a sweet candy searching fo her man'

In My Own Words

So what can I tell you about myself?I am young and I am seeking for love. I think you can understand me,how awfull it is to be alone,ecpessially when there are so many loving pairs around you. I need to love and to be loved,I feel that I am ready for the real feeling, and I do not want to be alone anymore. I am easy going, I like to socialise, and I think that main quality of me, which is so rare and valuable is my eagerness to forgive. Yes, I know how forgive,yes I know how to do this, how to forgive a person whom I love. Without this love is impossible. I adore children, nature, I am the last romantic in the world. I hope that this small explanation of me, will interest you, and you will chose the right way. Write me and get to know me better! See you...

Have in common?

My idea of romance includes: a surprise at work, a moonlight swim, a walk along the beach
In my spare time I enjoy:
I Value: a strong work ethic, knowing what you want from life, taking life as it comes

Personal Details

Gender: Female
Age: 23
Height: 5'5'
Body Type: slim
Ethnic Background: white
Smoking Habits: do not smoke
Drinking Habits: socially
Languages Spoken: English
Have Children: prefer not to say
Want Children: prefer not to say
Education: prefer not to say
Annual Income: prefer not to say
Religion: christian - other
Location: Alchevs'k, Luhans'ka Oblast', Ukraine
Lives approximately 1960 miles from your home..
Last Changed: Mar 16, 2006
Last online: Apr 4, 2006

Found @ http://www.lavalife..text=anZZ

I am Canadian

2006-04-06, 07:34:47
anonymous from Canada  
Follow up on this Vera Zhukova...She's found @ http://agencyscams...alova.htm

I am Canadian
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Irina Pirogova from Russia

2006-04-06, 07:35:17
anonymous from Canada  
Follow up on this Vera Zhukova...She's found @ http://agencyscams...alova.htm

I am Canadian
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Irina Pirogova from Russia

2006-05-20, 05:01:06
anonymous from United Kingdom  

This is Natalia Kharkovskaya or Natalya Kozhemyako
2006-05-31, 01:19:35
anonymous from United Kingdom  
You should post 'her' photos and letters on as many antis-scam sites as you can.


2006-06-03, 19:01:50
anonymous from United States  
I meet Nadezhda Andriyauskas through and it was a simple friendship, she initiated it! then form there, she was a dentist, lots of photos!! and then I get a vacation, and then she was short changed for money so i helped out(like an idiot)! and then in moscow, had visa and in moscow was short $500 dollars! so I helped again and then mysteriously gets assualted in subway and has serious injuries and never heard from again! april 29 was last time she wrote! fell for the beautiful sad dentist!!! from Tambovskoe russia!
2006-06-03, 20:10:13
anonymous from United States  
and 1 more thing, in, she used DREAMS_AND HOPES! and it is very sincere, that is what took me!! very smart!!! very smart indeed!!
and what is up with all the photos!! I must have gotten almost 60 photos and and 25-30 were of her with friends??? must not care if her picture is shown?? and face is known??
2006-06-05, 16:17:00
anonymous from United States  
Nadezhda wrote to me through true! and in all the various e-mails, she answered all questions I asked, and was even asking her own, all the photos, of her, the region she was in??? and other ladies with her!? I seriously thought it was sincere and real! and then I sent money(like an idiot) but did not think about that until it was way to late!
then in moscow, asked for more money, which I sent, then mysteriously got injured and never heard from again!!! she is a smart, using visa scam!!! and I mean, just the way she is writing and making it seem, it caught me completely offguard, then a few days ago, a friend of mine in new jersey tells me that this russian supermodel is writing to him and he sends me a photo! and sure enough, there she is....... so she is busy!
she uses the sad doctor type from abusive relationship to win over hearts and never asked for money until 2 1/2 months of writing! and then that is when the true serpent showed it's colors!! me and my friend both met her on unde hopes and dreams so watch out! and one other thing, the photos she sends are real! and nice! and one she makes for all, I am guessing, it is her in a pink suit, holding a sign that says 'my dear (name) I miss you' that took me completely out of my game!! so watch out for her!!
2006-06-06, 08:55:20
anonymous from Canada  
Just a little friendly advise on this Nadezhda...I had sent her a message through lavalife where she had her profile. See above third down from the top. My message to her was, 'Take a look at this site where you are a scammer nothing but a big one' Anyway, she did read the message after a while and suddenly removed her profile completely. So, Yes do take the advise from the poster above this comment. She's one sweet talker and a large scammer.

I am Canadian
2006-06-07, 16:27:02
anonymous from United States  
with Nadezhda, what a waste! she is so smart and definiatelystupid! I mean, her face is all over the internet and I myself have written and sent in the info to Putin himself and anatoly Platanov, and also the FBI. I mean in all seriousness, internet crimes in russia is prison time! I asked a friend in moscow about it, he told me that it is 2=10 years depending on how serious the crime! and he said that no russian prison is nice place to stay! so...... she must truly like living dangerously! I personally think that she is working with another??? maybe another lady, as I myself got several e-mails, where, 1 would write and had horrible english, and then got an e-mail in pure russian, and then 1 e-mail from friend while nad was in hospital?! so.....I am guessing that she thinks she is better, and her true profile is gone! as I looked, and I have not found her on anyother yet! hopefully, this webpage will help others when and if they need it!
2006-06-07, 18:13:33
anonymous from United States  
for those scammed by nadezhda andriyauskas
what was the e-mail address she used??
for me it was
I am asking as I have her isp number and I have a friend in russia tracking her now, and he is tracking her currently through 3 other e-mail address's so please let me know!!
2006-06-14, 05:50:14
anonymous from South Africa  
nadezhda andriyauskas, Vera Zhukova, Yulia Shatkova , Irina Shohonowa, Irina Shompalova, Irina Piorogova, Anna Massanova also Irina Ivanova (as with me) living in Cheboksary, Russia.

I haven't been scammed but she did request money for internet costs.

Her english was not that bad. On other scam sites says she uses letters of 'olga of belgorod' but with me it is not the case.

She found me on ' Since making contact her profile disappeared and of this week (14/6/2006) she has disappeared.



2006-09-18, 15:13:02
anonymous from United States  
Has anyone in here been scammed by someone named Yulia? If so contact me at
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