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Olga Kudryavzeva alias Elena Shamova


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2006-08-01, 12:44:54
anonymous from United States  
Is Santa feeling her up in that pic? Must be her uncle.

I find this to be really interesting. I knew the answer from the begining, but a lot of guys really can be suck in. Oh, and to find out you had feelings for form letters? Man, I gotta start me one of these kind of business, I believe she (it) is probably making pretty good money at this. 2-3 guys out of 100 sending money, and this could be going on for thousands of emails. Wow, this makes us men look like moths around a camp fire, circling for the final crash...sheesh!
2006-08-01, 14:18:44
anonymous from United States  
Funny that I found this site....I knew this was a scam but have been playing her along. I finally got the money request for $724. She also sent me a copy of the Visa. But her name was spelled right on it. At least she is covering her tracks with me. I haven't answered her about the money wire yet and she hasn't written back. Maybe she gave up on me! lol.

Anyway, which one of you got my sweater???? I was looking forward to wearing it this winter. These Fla winters can be brutal!
2006-08-01, 18:25:48
anonymous from United States  
be patient olga/elanas
staff is working hard to get all your sweaters to you all

Keywords: factory junk
2006-08-01, 18:57:49
anonymous from United States  
I was talking to her from 6-10 to 7-07 said she was from kolva and was a pediatrics sent me some of the same pics that are already posted. she never asked for money or ph#,addres ,etc. got luckyt there but i never got any of the erotic letters ....oh well.
on the last letter she said she got back from her buisness trip to usta-usa and they stopped after that i emailed a few more times over the next 2 weeks and then decided to google her email address and came across this website.
WOW what a scam artist.

also someone posted a comment on 7-17-06 about getting an
email about someone being stuck in lagos,nigeria same here except i had 2 woman the first was ablack female 30 yrs old hot pics if i find them i will post but they may already have been deleted. going by the name of laura trissy johnson said is a interior decorator and went there to get supplies for a job and spent all monety on supplies??? that set of a flag said lived in bryan,oh. and the client name is shashank gujar in 1001 holland dr somerset,nj 08873whatch it guys will try same needing money scam.
#2 white female mid 20's said is from uk but spent time in st. louis ,mo and is in lagos,nigeria for fasion school and needs you to cash a check that can only be cashed here same thing diffrent stiry goes by the name of marina or maria sound familar. all of them through yahoo personnels.
If anybody heres anything from these three post info i will be checking back from time to time

also check out http://www.delphifa..f987.shtml
2006-08-01, 21:45:09 from United States  
I also have been contacted by about 6 women supposed to be stranded in Nigeria west Africa, As a matter of fact one told me she was from Nashville, Tn THE story goes like this Her name is Mary she is there collecting art, and she is coming back home in a week, and she will be so happy because she can come visit me for a weekend. I ask what things do you like, She says Honesty, Faithfullness BLAH BLAH, BLAH I ask what kind of automobile do you like she replys E-class Benz. and I ask what kind do you drive she replys 2006 E-Class Benz. Ok week up time for her to come back to Nashville, But oh My God she has a unpaid balance with her travel agent, Oh my she doesent know what to do. I tell her Let me think I believe I can come up with a solution for her problem, I lead her on in other conversation, Note This conversation is on yahoo messenger, She keeps asking have you thought of how I can pay My unpaid balance. Oh yeah I have, I tell her, Bitch why don't you sell that 60k car and get the money like that, Now the difference Ive found between the russian scams and Nigerian is, The nigerian scammers are ignorant, They allow themselves to be put on my yahoo messenger, I have messenger Booters everytime I see one of them online I boot the S*** out of them, My buddy and his wife when I'm at work Boot them for me, I wish that Elena would have put me on messenger but she told me she dosent have messenger, That was second hit it was a scam...But I'll just let Honest Mary and the rest of them keep wondering what is wrong with their Yahoo messenger. They might use their time to scam. And I'll use mine to boot them...The place i have meet all the Nigerian scamers is on
2006-08-02, 17:02:29
anonymous from United States  
where can i get the messenger booter you mentioned???
2006-08-04, 17:05:52
anonymous from United States  
You guys will love this game when I am done with it, I am recording it all and will share when it is done, plus if anybody needs a virus when I get done with this to send to your favorite scammer, just post it with some whereor some how to get it to you. I am not a virus writer, and will only send it to people that have been scammed, to send it to the scammer.
2006-08-04, 17:14:10
anonymous from United States  
I don't get the pretty little birdie story, or the sweater story, or the my girlfriend is in the hospital, or the penthouse forum thing, or how she is a foot doctor that loves children (Stupid Girl) more like stupid business man, nor do I get the horse and wagon thing or the 'LOVE YOU' Bull. What I get now is where is the the western union transfer numbers that are correct. I keep sending her numbers that are close but real, then give her the 'It was picked up in your name' Email confirmed by western union. I hope they are reading this, but I don't think so, too stupid. P.s. F.B.I.
2006-08-04, 17:26:16
anonymous from United States  
F.B.I. = future bulletin's inveitable
2006-08-12, 18:50:25
Henry SAT from United States  
Last year a girl from russia tried the same tactic but I knew it was a scam,so by the time she asked me for money I reported her to yahoo as spam,but before I refused to send money to her when she asked me for it,I always replied to her letters playing her game because I was 100% sure that she was a this other bitch Elena Kudryavzeva used the same 'scam'and 'strategy' but like I said before,I knew it was fake from the beginning,she sent me the same pics and same exact letters that the rest of the guys here have received...Both of this bitches that I just mentioned stopped sending me letters and pics once I refused to send any money to them LOL...anyway,my advise to you guys is to watch dateline on NBC,20/20 and primetime on ABC,and finally 60 minutes on CBS,this tv programs will give you a wide variety of information,and every now and then they talk about scams(in other words this programs will open your eyes about the world around you!) my last words: KEEP YOUR MONEY IN THE BANK AND DO NOT SHARE IT WITH PEOPLE YOU DO NOT KNOW SPECIALY FROM STRANGERS LIVING OUTSIDE THE USA!!!! Thanks!! Sincerely. Very aware guy from SAT.
2006-09-01, 06:03:50
anonymous from United States  
so what's up now did she disappear?
2006-09-03, 00:43:16
anonymous from United States  
2006-09-03, 01:58:28
anonymous from United States  
I know this site is for Russian scammers but watch out for this one saying her name is Mundly Lawson from Silver Spring, Maryland (Met her through Yahoo personals where she said she was so sad and broken hearted). Since I am also from there by the third (last) email I was pressing for us to meet at a local restaurant for dinner. (It's a good way to weed out the scammers if you say you want to take things offline ASAP). Now, in her latest response she spins an elaborate tale of how she met and fell in love with an African man. The week before their wedding her fiance wants to take her home to meet his family in Nigeria. But instead of taking her to the family home when they get there he takes her to a hotel, beats her, steals all her money, and leaves her stranded there. Now the hotel manager has seized her passport so she can't come home without paying the hotel bill. That's all for now. I suppose next email she'll ask for money but I'll nip this in the bud. Makes no sense since roundtrip airfare for two to Nigeria would've cost him a lot more than she'd be carrying on her. But it's a new tale, and imaginative. Amazing how many beautiful American white women end up stranded with no money in Nigeria. Here's her pic.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scam artist Sindy Becky Green in Ashley, Ohio (Lagos, Nigeria)
Another dating / chat scam - USA/ Nigeria connection

2006-09-05, 06:40:43
anonymous from United States  
well, i'm probably getting hit again by another scammer i don't have a last name yet. but, she's going by irina. she contacted me through the personals site called singlesnet. i'm going to play with her to see what's up. if it turns out the way i think, i'd like to know how to start a new page dedicated to her like this one.
2006-09-05, 10:55:16
Peter from United States  
to Anonymous:
I understand you want to start a new page. That's not possible yet. Just post your comments and I will move it into a separate thread.
Peter (Admin)
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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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