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Scam Artist Anna from Yoshkar-Ola


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Note that these pictures show a famous Russian singer Inna Malikova, she is a daughter of a famous Russian composer and her brother Dmitry Malikov is a talented singer. Here is her website:

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2009-11-07, 17:58:08
2009-11-07, 20:09:58
OJAS from United States  
Hola, JJ,
Sometimes it takes time for Admin review, maybe he is traveling, etc.
2009-11-08, 14:08:30
magnus from Täby, Sweden  
writes to the thread of anna ogannisyan.regards.
2009-11-08, 14:33:34
magnus from Täby, Sweden  
anna ogannisyan from sisian in armenia is a very dangerous scammer.
2009-11-12, 09:30:48
anonymous from Morocco  
2010-01-01, 01:05:00
spike61_ from New Zealand  
Dating Scammer Dr Anastasia Barbara Ansahh or Ansah.Yep a american doctor in Ghana last minute hang up with medical boxs etc.passed herself off as a doctor in medicine and oncology.a virgin off course,parents died in 1970's Victorian bush fires.has money and property in Addison Texas just can't locate it.
Like a fool i sent her half of the $4000 so she could fly out.Has a male accomplice who plays the customs official then later a emergency doctor who needs payment etc.Gut wrenching as shes so phone 00233543438626.
Won't ever supply a land line number or a physical address.

2010-01-09, 05:43:38
anonymous from Germany  
My name is Mariya. Excuse but at me not enough time. But I think that we will make friends. I will be very glad with you to communicate. I will wait very much for your letter.
2010-02-13, 13:14:19
anonymous from India  

Welcome to my profile. I am a happy down to earth person who lives a healthful life style. I am handsome , very systematic in life , energetic and thoughtful and like to be active in all aspect of life. Looking for someone you likes to be active but also likes to spend time at home relaxing getting to know one another. Everything is ying and yang in life right??

I am a curious, high energy person. I love learning new things. I’m a well educated person (Master degree in engineering ) a part of top executive in the big group I am well educated and would like the same in my potential partner. I love clever banter and meaningful conversations. I am someone who can speak openly and enjoy that in my companions. I love to travel and want to spend time with someone who also loves travel, and has the time and the finances to experience the world. I like people who display good manners and who regard others with respect. A good sense of humour is a must in my relationships. Being active and fit is important - let's face it - life is more fun when you participate. I am turned off by arrogance but turned on by someone who is very good at their job. I like being with people who have a true sense of themselves. Honesty is imperative in my relationships. I have a fun, crazy side , like experimentation in the bed and a more serious side in life too. I adapt well to most situations. I hope to find a mature fun-loving person to spend time with which can develop into a long term relationship.

Integrity, honesty, trust and compassion are the cornerstones of a relationship for me.
That IS the crux of it, isn't it? I am realizing that the 'getting to know' part is what the relationship is about. I don't know how the process would be possible without the presence of integrity, honesty, trust and compassion. These qualities just make everything better in a relationship. It is my intention to bring these qualities into a soul-stirring, life-altering, mind-bending, growth-provoking, breath-taking relationship.
I am Hindu but I respect all faiths & love human beings as reflection of god, I believe in that spirituality is something I think about (raised Catholic), however I am still looking for the right spiritual fit as an adult. I am open to embarking on a journey of discovery with a partner. I do shy away from people who hold extreme views/fear-oriented doctrines. Spirituality for me has as much to do with how I live my life as with any formal belief system. I try to be aware of local/global social justice issues and practice at least minimal environmental stewardship; I see these behaviours as part of my spiritual outlook.

Sensitivity is one of my strong attributes.

I Always had a relationship w God. Good or bad, he has been there. I believe in being true and honest. Try to do what is right. Life is a rollercoaster. When all else fails, and there is nothing left..if you keep honest and positive you will endure

2010-02-22, 02:44:28
anonymous from Australia  
[Name: Anastasia Evseeva
Address: Efremov Street, house 13, apartment 59
City: Nizhny Novgorod
Country: Russia
Mobile phone: 0011 79600991919

Anastasia first contacted me on 13/12/2009 we have corresponded every day since

Hello Bob!

Thank you for your email and your photo. I'm Anastasia, but my friends
call me Nastya. I live in Russia, in Nizhny Novgorod. Im sorry, I have
not told you that I from Russia, I hope it is not a problem for you. A
little about me: I am 28 years old, work as a secretary. I'm single
and live with my parents now . I enjoy so many things including
Travel, many sports as tennis, and more. I like most music, r&b to
sole, latin and disco. I also enjoy most things creative, friends
consider me to be a good cook and i enjoy hosting dinner parties. I
would say that I am happiest when I am out with nature and it would be
lovely to do that with nice company. I always wanted to visit your
country but haven't quite made it yet...who knows, maybe one day I
will. Now i would really like to settle down and enjoy life with
someone special. And what about you? I would like to know more about
you. So nice to hear from you, please do keep in touch, and maybe we
can get to know more about each other, bye for now.

Anastasia x


the emails are letters of love, my response has been some what creative
Doing drawings and making cards etc
Anastasia told me she would like to visit Australia and that she did not earn much
to assist her in the cost of travel, I sent her the first remittance of Australian $999.99 through the Western Union
Date sent: 01/08/10 17:48:16
Sender’s name: ROBERT THOMSON
Country of Origin: AUSTRALIA
Amount sent 999.99 Australian Dollar
Receiver’s name: ANASTASIA EVSEEVA
Date paid: 01/19/10 05:17:26
Amount paid: 906.64 Bristish Pound
Payout City: OMSK
Payout Country: Russia

Your Money Transfer Control Number [MTCN] is : 3348573950

Please use this number for any inquiries.

Date of Order: 08/01/2010
Amount Sent: $999.99
Money Transfer Fee: $70.00
Total Amount: $1069.99

Exchange rate* 1 AUD = 27.6270632 RUR
Local currency pay out = 27626.79 RUR

Anastasia then asked for assistance for a further Australian $2000.00
Stating the Embassy would require her to have travelling money to cover costs of visitation
to Australia. Her request for this money was on the condition she would return the money to me upon her arrival
as I had stated that I would cover her living cost in AustraliaHello my lovely Bob. I have come back home a pair of hours back and is
very glad to see your letter, it so has strongly cheered me up, I am
very strongly tired on trip and my body demands acceptance soul so I
right after letters to you shall go in souls. At me for you two news
love my good and bad. I have received the visa and with it I did not
have problems so I in any day when will conveniently can fly to you.
But complexity consists in the other, the worker of embassy, has told
to me, that I should have at myself for the period of flight the sum
of money about equal 2000 Australian dollars, he has told that it is
the so-called sum of a living wage of Australia for the term of action
of my visa, I have been very much upset to hear it, she also have told
to me that this condition entered that many citizens of Russia and
other countries at entrance to Australia have no means for existence
and start to search for work or to be engaged to beg, therefore and
are accepted such laws according to which all citizens of other
countries should to have at myself of means for the proof of their
solvency, I explained this worker my situation, but he was not bent
and spoke, that it does not depend on it and money will check at
Russian customs house as arrangements are achieved at a level of the
states. My love, I do not know as me now to be, all is available, but
this money create for me an insuperable barrier which I cannot pass,
that to me now to do, whether you can help me with it if you can send
these means. I only shall show them in at customs house at the airport
and I shall give them to you at once at our meeting at the airport of
your country, I not shall neither spend them, nor to do still
something, and I shall give only to employees of customs house for
check and I shall store them up to our meeting, I simply do not see
other exit. So it is a shame to me to speak about it and I feel the
big awkwardness before you my love, I hope you understand me. I with
impatience shall wait for your answer. Yours Anastasia with all my

Date sent: 01/28/10 22:21:05
Sender’s name: ROBERT THOMPSON
Country of Origin: AUSTRALIA
Amount sent 2,000.00 Australia Dollar
Receiver’s name: ANASTASIA EVSEEVA
Date paid: 02/03/10 05:19:47
Amount paid: 1736.35
Payout Country: Russia

This money I sent through the Western Union Agency Darwin Australia: the transfer fee $100.00 AUS
Money Transfer Control Number: 7547476087 dated 29/1/10
Anastasia sent me an email stating she could not pick up the second amount of money from the Western Union

as I had given her the wrong control number. The number I had given her was the correct number
This is a copy of her email
Hello my dear Bob! Thanks for your letter. But now I do not understand
anything! My dear Bob, I did not receive 2000 dollars!!!! You have
given me not correct number!!! How I could receive money? You can
check up transfer into a site of the western union if do not trust me.
My darling Bob, I did not answer what questions???? I have written for
a long time to you data of my arrival! I will have 2 changes in Dubai
and and Singapore. I will arrive to you February, 11th 2010 04:05,
Darwin Airport. What questions has not answered??? My darling Bob, I
do not deceive you. I tried to call to you, but you have given me not
the home telephone number, and on mobile it is impossible to phone. My
dear Bob, I really do not understand that happens. Anybody except me
could not receive money. And I live in the bottom Novgorod, instead of
in Ekaterenburg! My darling Bob, please call me, we should speak by
phone. And please check up MTCN which you to me have sent
(7547476087), it is wrong number! My darling Bob, I really love you,
and I never wished to do to you painfully. Please answer me soon,
yours Anastasia

She had already received the second remittance on 3/02/2010
I had both transactions confirmed by the Western Union
She had denied receiving this money both in an email, text message and phone conversations
I have all records of the correspondence liaising with this Russian woman
I believe that she has defrauded me of Aus $2999.99 plus charges $170.00 for money transactions through the Western Union
She was very vague when I requested her Itinerary details of travel]
all the detail can be sort in her emails that I have at your request

2010-02-22, 04:16:46
OJAS from United States  
2010-02-22, 06:25:45
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Consumer Fraud Reporting


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HOW TO Report a Fraud or Scam
If you have observed a scam or been the victim of a scam, spam or fraud and want to report it for enforcement, here is a list of where to report different types of scams in the US, UK, Canada and many other countries. In some cases there is more than one agency to contact. Some scams fit into more than one category, also.

For more info, visit this site -


Good Luck!!


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Keywords: .
2010-02-22, 09:52:01
OJAS from United States  
@Bob from Oz
Post a link to her dating profile, or copy including downloaded pix from the dating site
Also the information as shown in http://www.delphifa..88#195518
2010-03-08, 22:44:51
more pictures 2010

Anna is back:


Hello my love *****! Thank you for your letter, he supported me. Today
I was slightly wounded. My mom told me that she did not help me pay
for tickets and visa. She explained that the payment for these things
we must think together. She said she would take care of my passport.
She said that it is very difficult to obtain a passport, and without
her assistance and communication is needed. Jan, travel agent told
me that the contract includes visa, insurance, Green Card and service
agencies. You can pay for the tickets money after I shall have all the
documents for travel. The cost of all documents and works in the
tourist company, $ 520. They want so much money, because all the
agencies so the prices and usually are more expensive. ******, dear I
do not have much money, and I told them that I will speak to you I
will make this contract. Beloved, today I was injured at all these
things. I made attempts to take this money to some people, but nobody
can help me. I hope you can help me this money and that is not a
problem for you. I want to feel you close a lot. Favorite, I await
your response with impatience, and I hope that our Jan together
will be faster. If the money is not so difficult for you, and it does
not become an obstacle for us, tomorrow I'll go to the tourist company
and sign a contract. I will be waiting and hope that we should be
together. I love you. Your Sweet Anna

2010-03-08, 22:48:59
anonymous from Netherlands  
more pictures 2010

Anna is back:

2010-03-08, 22:51:06
anonymous from Netherlands  
more pictures 2010

Anna is back:

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