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Scam Artist Anna from Yoshkar-Ola


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Note that these pictures show a famous Russian singer Inna Malikova, she is a daughter of a famous Russian composer and her brother Dmitry Malikov is a talented singer. Here is her website:

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2006-06-25, 17:10:06
anonymous from United States  
I too have recieved emails and pictures from this tatyana,or anna,or irina.she has been known under all 3 names.I have some of the exact photos that you have posted here,that were sent to me.I feel like these pictures were sold to an agency then used to try and get someone stupid to send money.I did not send any money but did play the game for 17 emails before I let them know I was on to them.when I did, someone imposing as irina from russia called my phone twice within 24 hrs.The last phone call I told her to show up in atlanta, call me and I would pick her up in 40 minutes and would pay all her costs.I have heard nothing the way, she used irina domracheva on me.

2006-07-13, 03:01:45
anonymous from Switzerland  
2006-07-21, 07:36:01
anonymous from United States  
I am currently writing to this gal. She is now going by three names, Olga Antonova, Elena Gordeeva and Olga Tsepaeva. The photos she sent to me are of Vera Zuhk. This is a pic. IP Address:, E-mail Address: She contacted me on Handle is Super Olga. I've been corresponding with her about 6 weeks. She just asked me for money. This is the letter:

Dear Sandy. Is glad to receive again from you the letter as your
affairs as work? I hope all well, I am touched with your letter I is
glad, that you want to see me. My heart is full of tenderness to you.
I present our meeting and that as we shall spend time together, we can
speak with each other, learn each other. We can laugh and dance, touch
together to each other. We can see eyes each other, likely it would be
the most remarkable time in my life. You know even more difficultly to
think of it and to realize, that this dream probably cannot come true,
as it is a pity … And in fact simply wanted to be happy, but three
days ago there were many events which likely will prevent our meeting.
I was in agency of travel and have learned how many there is a trip to
you. It is the sum I am very high also could afford it if only worked
year and did not spend money even for a meal. I wanted to find an
output from this situation, having returned on work after a lunch
break I have dared to tell about all to the director and to ask for
him the help. I have asked for him the loan, having told it all is
fairly about our attitudes and that I want to arrive to you. I was
simply struck with his reaction, it has very strongly become angry, I
have told, that a lunatic, that all American men idiots, that they
want only sex, that they use Russian women as the house of working
women. It spoke, that you use me and will throw out me as not the
necessary thing. I have very strongly taken offence at him and tried
to explain to it, what not such, that you really love me and want to
be with me together. I could not listen to that that it spoke about
you and I have boxed it ears, but it very quick-tempered person, it
has become angry even more and has dismissed me. I think, that it
simply greedy person and did not want to help me. I know, that you not
such as it speaks. As see I have no opportunity to arrive to you and I
now even do not have work. Certainly it was not so poorly to remain
without work if I had an opportunity to arrive to you because I could
lead much more time, than to my holiday, but I cannot dare to pay this
trip and I can arrive to you only if you will help me. I ran three
days on familiar (therefore I did not write to you these days), I
tried to borrow from them money, but I could not find the necessary
sum. Tell to me, Sandy, whether you can help me? I shall wait very
much for the letter from you sincerely yours Olga.

She only reads some of my emails and doesn't give personal info about work, home address, phone # or even parents names.

2006-07-22, 20:38:56
[hidden] from Kuwait  
Hello there
Three names : Olga Antonova, Elena Gordeeva , Olga Tsepaeva . No real name , No address , I am sure that you know who is this girl , Her last name is ' SCAM ' Don't send her money , Check these Websites :
IP Address :

2006-07-23, 06:20:32
[hidden] from Kuwait  
I am not sure but she look like your girl ( )
2006-07-23, 06:44:38
[hidden] from Kuwait  
She Still calling me a friend and she is not in love with me ,
That means she will not ask for gifts and money for the visa and airplane ticket yet .

Name : Diana
Email :
This image was also posted here:
Julia -

2006-07-23, 06:46:11
anonymous from Kuwait  
From Mandengo

Name : Diana
Email :
2006-07-23, 06:49:12
[hidden] from Kuwait  
From Mandengo

Name : Diana
Email :
This image was also posted here:
Julia -

2006-07-28, 08:39:39
anonymous from Canada  
Completely stupid those observation, running after a picture why spend your time and money like that if you want to know russian girl go over that place.
2006-08-24, 06:46:55
anonymous from United States  
oh yes I have wrote her too ..
She is bad news..
Stay clear.I did not send any money as I can pick up on these scammers fast.
2006-08-25, 04:52:01
[hidden] from Kuwait  
Completely stupid those observation, running after a picture why spend your
time and money like that if you want to know russian girl go over that place.

To the anonymous who posted that !
Are you talking to me and what do you mean ???
2006-09-01, 13:38:58
anonymous from United States  
person: Nikolay Nikolaev
address: Volgatelecom Mari El branch
address: Sovetskaya 138
address: 424000 Yoshkar-Ola
address: Russia MariEl Republic
phone: +7 8362 421549
phone: +7 8362 664435
fax-no: +7 8362 664151
nic-hdl: NN-RIPE
source: RIPE # Filtered

As soon as I asked for her address and surname it stopped. This guy Nikolay ought to be shot!
This image was also posted here:
Dating scam from Kazan, Russia - Part 5

Keywords: blonde bushes
2006-09-02, 19:07:35
anonymous from Australia  
Amazing what a bunch of scammers. I to started a chat on-line and then on to e-mail after she had told me were she was from and her so called family history I thought I would go for a search of yoshkar ola, gee what a trip.
after reading some interesting info I found that this was either electonic mail or someone was just on the other end editing names and other info.
As soon as I pointed these things out to her on another e-mail, well your geuss would be right she did not reply to any further corrispondance. Russia by name rush by nature.

Keywords: brunette black dress on bed
2006-09-09, 08:16:11
anonymous from Australia  
Speaking from a woman's perspective. If it is too good to be true then it bloody well is. Do you really think these drop dead gorgeous pictures (Model Material) would seriously be interested in finding their dream man on line? Get a life. I have found all your postings very interesting, I just have to shake my head. It is so obvious that they have all been written by women capitalising on all your fantasies I'll give you lots of children, keep your house spotless, career not important rah rah rah. Desperate people do desperate things...that has just made you vunerable now hasn't it. If men are stupid enough to send money and be sucked in by a beautiful face then good luck to to the Russians and Thai woman of the world. I mean if you can't find decent a woman when they meet you in person why the hell do you think a picture perfect woman would be genuinely interested on line. If they are that good they'd be all married up with someone respectable from their own country. Oh and another tip for you...the english they are using is totally fraudulant, broken english in places and perfectly correct with more difficult convensions of the english language-pros just reeling all the suckers in-AND U FELL FOR IT. Women like brains maybe you should work on that-your probably find the right one then. Nobody wants a dumb arse!
2006-10-12, 02:38:11
anonymous from Australia  
recently recieved an email on friendfinder from this woman by the name of katya from yoshkar ola in russia, her email address is ,i sent back an email blatantly asking if she knew about any internet scams or was involved in any herself,she replied back and it did not even seem as though she had read what i wrote. does anyone know of her, a picture is attached

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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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