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Dating scammer Martin Ebert


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Name: Martin Ebert



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This guy is making the rounds with all kinds of different names. Google the image - POW!! This guy has MANY AKA's.
This is the message sent to me - what an idiot
Good morning to you, hope you had a wonderful night sleep and that you're doing well by the grace of the almighty God.Like I mentioned in our previous chat that I will be telling you more about myself so that you'll have an idea of the man you're getting to know. Here it goes ... As you already know, I am First Class Sergeant Martin Ebert, born to a Danish mother and an American father. I lived most of my youthful days in Denmark but used to visit my late father in the states. I lost my parents quite at an early age and later move to the States permanently to join the US Army. Even though my late father was a wealthy business man I still learned to survive in this world on my own and be the man that I've always wanted to be. I wouldn't say I am successful but I am content with what I have and I will never watch my partner and family suffer in life. After I lost my wife and my two daughters and a challenge or two in life. I was deployed to Afghanistan and had to take Patricia to my aunt who to take care of her. Patricia is 21 years currently in the UK studying Mining Engineer. I'm thankful to God for giving me a strong daughter and also bringing me this far as I have a few weeks to leave this place after 8 years in this deadly zone. I have decided to change my life to a business owner when I retire from the army next month. I'm planning on buying a new house bigger than what I have in the Atlanta and I really don't mind buying it in my partner's area or wherever she wants to relocate to for us to start a new life. I have been in the army for the past 25 years now and am well prepared for this beautiful life ahead. I am also concentrating more on my Love life.. Only time will tell the next chapter of my life as far as love is concerned. I only seek one woman, since I am a one-woman man. I prefer quality to quantity in this area. I am largely a positive person. I have an adventurous spirit, a playful nature, a zest for life and I am constantly amazed at the beauty that life has to offer. I am a traditional man.. I don't mind if my partner aggressively pursue the me. All I need is for her to be herself and shouldn't hide anything from me. I seek a woman that is neither perfect nor seeks perfection in others. Yet she must be.. strong, aggressive, confident, caring (Like I stated in my other e mail that am not here looking for a mother for my daughter). In short Exceptional... I strongly believe that with time I will see the true beauty inside her. I might end up writing a whole book if I don't end here. I have also attached a few pictures of myself to the e mail and will be looking forward to reading from you telling me more about you too. I'll also set my alarm clock so that i will wake up early to chat with you before I leave for my morning training. Take care and stay blessed.


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2013-04-25, 23:19:12   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2013-04-26, 08:23:06
Miss Marple from United States  
2014-12-27, 20:35:16
Met on Facebook. Almost immediately wants to go to Skype and yahoo instant messenger. Sgt. Ebert Eric Smith US Army serving as a peacekeeper in Damascus Syria. Says he has two children, son in New Zealand and daughter in Ghana. Will sweet talk you for weeks, all of a sudden he needs to get an iPhone and computer to his daughter. Says Prof Jovia in Ghana is her guardian and to correspond with him. If you don't move on that, his daughter, Kyle, is gravely ill in the hospital and the doctor demands $2500 up front to perform surgery on daughter. Claims to be widower and about to retire from service. Sends lots of pictures. BUT THE ONE THEY CAN'T FAKE IS ONE HOLDING A NEWSPAPER WITH THE CURRENT DATE OR PAPER WITH YOUR NAME WRITTEN ON IT NEXT TO THEIR FACE.

Be careful.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Sgt Ebert Eric Smith

2017-04-26, 02:47:27   (updated: 2017-04-26, 02:58:31)
OzbearinGong from Australia  
Just a heads up on this guy, he is now going by the name Elbert Michael Harry, kind of same deal about peace keeper but in Afghanistan at the moment. Has used the same picture of him sitting at the desk and also sent a couple of dick pics, even when not asked.

Have been chatting to him for a few days, figured it was too good to be true. Never got a chance to ask for money but I think he was building to it.
2017-08-18, 01:20:06
Now he is using the name Eric Ebert ,kind of same deal about peace keeper in Syria. Claimed that he is a widower. Need money for his son's summer campaign to UK. first asked for 550 usd , and send the wrong account and then increase the amount once realized the account is wrong. be careful with this scammer , he must use someone's photo to do the same deal again .
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Martin Ebert

2017-09-30, 17:08:32
anonymous from United States  
He was going by the name lewis Ebert. Wife died kids in boarding school. Was in Syria. We talked for over a week before he asked for money. The conversations were actually good. Because I'm suspicious I often reversed the tables on him. From other research I've done this person - his photos are actually being used by a third party. But not sure. It's sad to see women fall into this trap.
2017-10-03, 16:14:41
anonymous from United States  
Obviously, not who he says he is and the gist of it is to scam you out of money! READ, READ, READ that's the easy way to learn sending them money and losing it is the hard ...
2017-10-06, 11:22:53
Now using name Morgan Ebert. He recently friend requested me. And immediately wanted to talk to me. I accepted because I thought he was someone I met recently. I think he searches Facebook for widows and preys on them. I did a search on him and found this site. I immediately blocked him and am now giving you this additional info. He is using a different picture but it's the same guy. Thanks for showing us he is a scammer.
2018-03-22, 03:00:18
anonymous from United States  
I have read the story’s on here and am amazed. The same man is now calling himself Mark Murphy. He sent me a friends request on Facebook and I accepted it because he had a couple of my family members on his friends list on Facebook. We had chatted for about 2 months then all of the sudden he confessed his love me. He claimed to be a 4 start general in afghanistan for a peace mission. He told me that he wanted to marry me when he got home from afghanistan. I asked him how can he be in love with someone that he has never even seen. He said to me he knows the lord brought us together. I asked if he had any children and he replied just a boy and that his wife passed from cancer 2 years ago. His son is in a boarding school in Florida till he returns. Then came the time for his to ask for money. After him asking for money got me thinking because I know certain thing about military because I was a military brat for 17 years. So I spoke with brother who is really a 4 start general in the Army, my brother told me to bat him because the department of defense is trying really hard to find these people that are portraying that they are military. He told me he was worried I replied worried about what why what is going on. Few minutes later he came back and stated they plane that was supposed to bring them home had been blown up by terrorist. I told him to have the Army send another plane. His message started getting mean after I told him that. He said so you want your future husband to stay here and die. Hello I never once told him I would marry him. Any was my brother told me to ask him how much money he needed. He replied $1,500.00 and that once he got back to the states he would pay it back to me out of his retirement fun which has 1.5 million in it. My brother had me send a web page to him that show people in Nigeria are portraying military people to scam women out of money. When I sent him that I became a liar, bitch, whore and a few other thing. I reported him to Facebook and they shut his account down but now he is back up on Facebook and harassing me again. This dud is crazy.
2018-03-22, 08:56:16
anonymous from United States  
2018-03-30, 17:34:40
anonymous from Canada  
Re: Dating Scammer Martin Ebert. I received a friend request using the same picture with the name Lester Anderson.



Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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