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Dating scammer Cedric Benson


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Name: Cedric Benson



Other Comments:
He said he was originally from Scotland and transplanted to America as an adult; Florida, New Jersey and New York. An only child, father passed away. He said his fiance had died in a car accident 4 years previously. Met him on His profile name was 'lovingmonk...' it had numbers at the end, but I don't recall them. His picture was of him in a small kitchen, wearing a white T-shirt and jeans, holding a bowl or pot lifting a spoon with a blob of something and smiling really big at the camera. His profile said he was a 6'3', 44 yrs old, non smoker, social drinker, had 2 cats, favorite color yellow, graphic designer, income 75-100K @ year. Said he went to London for an art exhibition to display his work. He gave me a phone number for while he was there: +(44)704=577=5703. Notice the +44. After he was done in London he said he was going to meet me. At one point I gave him my home address. Then he said he got a contract for work from the exhibition and was going to Africa to design graphic billboards. He said he went to Lagos, Nigeria. The number he gave me for there was: +2347033473665. Soon after being there, he said he could not access his funds for cash, but could only do things online. Yes, I believed him and sent $1500 Western Union. He was going to have a driver pick it up. The driver was supposedly a man given to him by the government who had offered him the job. The name of the driver was Ken Williams - possibly his real name. Supposedly, the man was robbed after picking the money up. He gave a very good performance over the phone with people in the background upset and the whole works. Yes, I sort of believed him and sent another $1500 again. He said he would go with the driver this time, but he still had me send it in the driver's name. Shortly after that I received 2 dozen red roses and chocolates and candy. Then he told me that unbeknownst to him, he was supposed to create a presentation to secure the contract and he didn't have the funds or equipment to prepare it. He said he needed $9000. I said I had nothing left to give him. He didn't believe me. I tried to suggest ways he could access his own funds. He said all he had was a bank card, but it did not have Visa or Mastercard or anything else on it. He said his bank told him he would have to return to the states to access his funds. In the meantime, he was putting pressure on for the presentation that was coming due and how he would lose the contract as well as the fact that he had an accruing hotel bill. I kept telling him I wasn't going to give him any more money. He would vacillate from being nice, to begging, to being manipulative trying to use guilt or sympathy or make me angry. Then he would apologize and then it would start over again. I asked him why he thought I had more money. It finally came out that he knew I recently had been in a car accident and was planning on getting a new car and believed I had 15K set aside to do so. I researched his story. Found out that the bank he said he had only gives bank debit cards with Visa and actually requires this. I wanted to call the hotel he was supposedly at. I did find a hotel by the name he gave (The Limits) on a touristy website for hotels in Lagos, but no identifiable phone number. I tried calling directory assistance. Conveniently, Nigeria does not participate in directory assistance. So I called the number he gave me with the name of the hotel manager he gave me knowing it could be fake. When I called, the person who answered began with 'Hello' not 'Thank you for calling The Limits Hotel, etc' He said he was the manager. The thought crossed my mind that it was interesting that the manager had an accent like Cedric's. Nigerian vs. Scotish/American - interesting. The 'manager' gave me all kinds of personal information about his guest including what he owed, as well as let slip a curse word and strongly suggest that I help pay the hotel bill. The whole conversation would never have happened by a legitimate hotel professional manager. The last bit of research I did was to look up the IP addresses for every email he had sent me. The locations included: Lagos, Nigeria; Abuja, Nigeria; Chicago, IL; PA (no city); and New York, NY. On one day one hour apart I received 2 different emails - one was from Nigeria and the other was from IL. I tried to see if there was a difference in grammar, tone, anything in the emails to show a pattern between the US emails vs the Nigerian - nothing discernable. This was the first I had heard of tag team scamming. Nothing else I had read suggested such a thing. I sent him an email addressed to 'which ever one of you gets this first' and simply said ' You have been found out.' He replied with 'I hope so...' Then another email saying ' i got your mail how foolish can you be, i always knew you had been listening to people and you always denied that fact........i know you so well... so why are you avoiding me...why not stand me and tell me crap' He also wanted me to connect with IM and was online for 2 days after each evening after I got home and each morning before I went to work. I did not connect with him. Then I received another flower delivery with a card saying he was so sorry - again. I called the company that delivered it and asked if they could determine the source of the order. They told me it came from Atlanta, GA. The last I heard from him was an email the next day saying 'hope you got my gift...just a little token that i appreciate all that you ever did for me but when i come over i will pay back the cash...bye.'
Other notes:
He said his mom was doing great in Scotland visiting with friends and family, but when I suggested he ask his mother for financial help she conveniently was suddenly in the hospital for high blood pressure.
He also said he was hit by a bicyclist while walking and hurt his head during all of this.
When asked about childhood stories he always said he played the guitar and sang as a youth for the elderly in Scotland - no other story. He was able to whip out the words for a Scottish ballad.
He's very generous with flattery and big promises of travel.
Lots of mention of love.
Can be interested in talking sexually.
Likes to use lyrics of songs and poetic quotes to express ideas.
Avoids answering questions.
He didn't know what 'BS' stood for even after supposedly being in the US for years.
He asked me when the last time I had a 'hag' - meaning to go shopping.
He asked me if I could go anywhere in the world where would I go and why. He incorporated that into his promise of travel later.
He always asked about my children (I'm a single mom of 5 -all still at home).
He sent me two pictures. All 3 (including the one from his profile) match as the same person.


2010-03-27, 00:49:18   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2010-03-27, 00:49:18   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2010-04-08, 20:28:53
anonymous from United States  
I had the same experience with this guy. Thanks for writing it up, he is trouble
2012-08-16, 11:37:21
He is on Plenty of Fish as hnhcluver71

2013-05-25, 05:59:25
anonymous from United States  
He tried the same thing to me, but I was wise and didn't give him a dime. I still have all his emails too.
2014-09-17, 23:48:49
anonymous from Canada  

2015-06-12, 23:02:32
collinsmary670 from Germany  
hello how are you doing there am marycollins by name i just like ur profile so i just wish to know more about you there
2018-02-20, 07:50:48
Looks like he is still out there. He's from POF., I met him, we have talked on the phone..and at that point I ran the picture because his voice didn't .is all the above picture this Cedric guy.?



Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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