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Dating scammer JOHN WILLIAMS


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Hello all,
Forgive the length of my story, but I need off of this anguish, I know that time will help me overcome it, but today it was destroyed emotionally and economically.
I met this wonderful evening page, and really has opened my eyes, Thank you !!!!!, after hearing all the stories and my God! are all the same, or very similar. I did not know anything at all this fabric of Nigerian scammers, or from other countries, totally ignorant of all this. My Mother! If I had known before ....
I have been swindled by a man named John Williams contacted me through meetic. He lives in Compton - California, is German, 43 years, moved to California 5 years ago, two years after the death of his wife at the birth of their only daughter. The same day we started to chat told me it was going to travel to Nigeria for a contract, he is an architect, and it all started here, a week from start to chat me said he had problems with the fees for the work they had done, he was told about high taxes, he had already paid a large sum and had run out of money ... I could not appeal to anyone that his father was very old who was in charge of their daughter, their whole money was in use and could not remove it, even gave me the name of the bank. That was my first contribution by Western Union. Subsequently began love letters, chat every day several times. Then came the ticket to the USA, also helped him, and after you have everything arranged, even claimed the money for their work, and was so happy to use, since the day he was going to catch the morning flight very early, called me to chat with me showing great joy because they could finally leave this country, that afternoon received a call from a Nigerian was not his own, saying he had had an accident on his way to the airport and was in the hospital, then started again with the need for money because they stole everything they had, including money for their work. I helped him back to the hospital bill, but because they could not get out of there, so when the hospital was left to the airport to see if I could recover the flight could not return to help with money and now after almost two months with This story appears with new rates, which I have already learned that there are no PTA that you claimed for this work carried out there. He said he went to the embassy, but he said they had not helped him. I asked him to send me a copy of your passport, and did so when I saw it and print it, counterfeit fraud, the numbers and dates written in another font, as well as his signature was not a pen, but typed. This individual has me off nearly $ 6,000, with great sacrifice they gave. Continuously between these confessions were true love, marriage, e-mails, poems, calls every day by phone, text, etc.. and I fell into this. Even worse, saying that was a swindler, who would not receive a penny from me or more, until yesterday still trying to contact me. I need to do something, I will denounce it, I have written to inform Meetic for the nick you have and that is a scammer, and has two other nick in Meetic, a fully coincide with the profile that is on another web site, same name, age, location and photographs of those sent me .. I'm torn with this. Hopes to overcome little by little. Probably not belong so that I have read in the forum to the same person, I see them as natural, I do not know what I think ... I need support please.
COMPTON - California
AGE: 43
DATE OF BIRTH: 14-08-1.965
Thanks for everything.


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2009-07-23, 16:28:39   (updated: )
[hidden] from Spain  

2009-07-23, 16:28:39   (updated: )
[hidden] from Spain  

2009-07-23, 16:28:39   (updated: )
[hidden] from Spain  

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer JOHN WILLIAMS

2009-07-23, 16:28:39   (updated: )
[hidden] from Spain  

2009-07-23, 16:28:39   (updated: )
[hidden] from Spain  

2009-07-23, 16:28:39   (updated: )
[hidden] from Spain  

2009-07-23, 16:28:39   (updated: )
[hidden] from Spain  

2009-07-29, 21:12:50
anonymous from United States  
It is a scam - you need to quit talkiing to him. I have a similar story - I swear they are all about the same. Pleding love - wanting to spend their lives with you - but they never get out of Africa. My scammer was coming to meet me after 3 months. This was the 3rd time he had told me this. This time he claimed that he and his associate ran over a little girl with their car and that the police took their passports and the embassy told them they were lucky they weren't killed. Don't feel bad about falling for this - I'm an older woman and intelligent - and I got wrapped up in it too.

Since I have found this site - my love notes have appeared on other posts and my poems were found on I know there is a little part of me that still believes that this guy and I had a special connection. They are just actors - this is their job and they don't give two hoots in hell about any of us. Just stop before it gets worse and get on with your life. I had really fallen hard for my scammer - I have been physically ill over all of this. Take care of yourself - that guy doesn't have any problem other than getting you to send him more money. Remember in Africa the cost of living is low so it doesn't take much to live a lavish life style on your hard earned money,
2009-07-30, 21:15:30
anonymous from United States  
This seems like my story too. Jeff Samuel is the name of my scammer. Please publish his emails so others can recognize his writing style. He once told me that he is in Houston. I went to the address but he was not there. The phone number he gave was not correct either. Here are my emails...

'My Dearest ,

I feel so much pain on the inside, my heart is bleeding, full of frustration.

I have to say I wake up thinking of you, I had to make sure I write you.

I am being asked if there is any negotiations with the community so I would be allowed to leave United States to my country.

Are you making any negotiations? I was told they contacted you for negotiations through a little girl called Onyinye, Is that true?

I was kind of relieved when I found out I am in Texas hoping it will be easier to come and see you but this is cruel! you are kilometers away, I can not hold you in my arms, I can not kiss you, I can not talk to you, I can not know you better, I can not see your eyes, I'm really, really sad, when this pain is going to end?

I was happy to read you, but suddenly I got sad when I saw you are not here, beside me, close to me...


I'm crying.

Bye for now my love I hope to feel better about us later.
I'm feeling sad.
Make negotiations to let me come over to meet with you from here.
I don't want to go back to Nigeria.
Hugs and kisses!
Jeff '

He writes very skilfully. One more sample.....

'You have done enough for me, I respect you so much and don't feel I will stop loving you because of all this complications. You are a god send, my dream come true, my true love and the woman I wish to spend the rest of my life with.

Don't suffer me because you are in a position to help me at this point in time. Think about tomorrow. There is this adage..........What goes around comes around! .........And I have never seen where some was paid back with bad for good. I will make you happy, that is my word to you.

Ask god for the right decision.
I am not conning you.
Help me.

One more sample....

'My Heart Strings,

I read something yesterday night.....Trust is the full of a relationship in which you know you are loved. This is true, I know! I also know that I love you and pray our god will work on the wounds of our hearts...I am doing this as I write to you. Forgive me for ever disappointing you but have little more faith and don't feel you are not on the right track....I have given you my whole heart and soul.

The idea of posting a profile on Russian site was of Michael and he did it himself when I told him I would love to relocate to Mount Pleasant long long time ago, If you can log on to the site to check it out and confirm once more you will realise that I have never logged on to the site ever since we met, I don't even remember such profile exist there and no one either contacted me.

The best thing that can happen to us at this period is to meet each other. If I had to die today, my only wish would be to meet you in any circumstance before I die. Why would you feel I am hiding my identity to you? Even when I had to request they are posted to you through courier service......Hmmmm!!!! It's hurting you feel I have a skeleton at my backyard. I am who I said I am and there is no doubt about that, keep up faith and have little more patience, everything will be fine. Mr Brian was given orders to cease / stop the case till the report comes up, there is no how he would either release the case number or files for me. There are no receipt for the payment rather a blue copy of the deposit slips. He is not denying it either.

I am not taking you for a fool and will never.


Mr Brian said the bank will let me pick up the money with a Police report, his influence, the reason he money was sent and the fact that I have $1000 dollar deposited to the bank for an account opening earlier, It is enough to prove my identity with regards to my present situation / difficulty with my documents.

I will talk to Mr Segun about a scan copy of the License.

If you can remember, I told you sometime ago that every last Saturday of the month is sanitation and environmental down here and shops, offices, firms are closed for sometimes besides it was hectic at work on Friday that I couldn't email you. Don't find faults in everything. Give me little respect as a man in this relationship. Don't take the advantage that you are the one helping me this period to insult me or feel that I am not man enough to take care of you and the kids. I will make a good partner, give me this chance in your life, we would live long to enjoy happier times. Life will not remain like this for us, be strong and faithful.

If you can raise the fund, be courageous and strong to develop this confidence and do me this favour. Try and make the payment with my name, I confirmed with the bank that is running the money gram, they will pay me since I am running an account with them. It is enough!!!!!!

Please don't be mad at me, GOD WITH US!
Hugs and kisses!
I will always love you.
Jeff '

2009-07-31, 00:33:01   (updated: 2009-07-31, 00:45:01)
anonymous from Canada  
Dating scammer, posibly from LA, USA, goes by the name of Curtis Wood also Richard.
Claims to be 50 years old, wife died of cancer has a son 11or 12 who goes by the name of Kelvin Brown. Handsome male photos sent , most likely not him in the photos. Photos are well posed , portrait quality. Wants to be married, doesn't care if the women is older, inquires about physical and financial health. Once challenged got angry and cut out the long letter writing and messaging. Said he does not want to waste his time if not trusted. By mistake he signed one of the letters Richard instead of Curtis. Claims to be in the import export of computers and computer related hardware. Uses 'G-D' a lot in the formula letters. His email
2010-01-13, 23:09:41   (updated: 2010-01-13, 23:12:17) from United States  
The pics I am attaching pertain the above pictures posted from a person that dealt with 'John Williams.' The man I dealt with went by the name of Karlson Medley Banks, and I met him on Singlesnet...Very polite, very charming...fell in love so fast with me, coming to see me in Iowa, going to take me to see different countries with him...yada yada...I thought I had it all figured out when it came to players, but I have to tell you, I fell for this one hard. I have some of the same pictures as above, so I will try to only attach those that are different, but of the same person. Can someone tell me? Who the hell is it in the pictures..It's soo embarassing to think that I fell in love with someone that doesn't even exist. Well, Im sure he exists, just not anyone I know or no association, I'll put it that way..Thought this would be of some help. Something that he did that still boggles my mind; calling me in the middle of the night - from the Uk it was anyway, half-asleep, telling me he just needed to hear my voice and that he loved me...That is what kills me!!!! Such sincerity in his voice; who would have thought???? This is all the contact info I have on him:
Karlson Medley Banks

2010-01-13, 23:14:02 from United States  
Pertains to the text Karlson Banks, as well as John Williams..

2010-01-13, 23:15:55   (updated: 2010-01-13, 23:17:08) from United States  
In addition to the above...which is more bizarre than anything; he never wanted anything but a few pics..some were mildly inappopriate, but otherwise, nothing else that I KNOW of anyways!
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer JOHN WILLIAMS

2010-01-14, 02:21:08
Agent 86 from Salem, United States  
2009-08-12, 12:14:00

This is a Racist piece of crap.

Bupkus this posting as Doc also requested.

Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'// <><
2012-01-04, 23:07:23  
that photo/photos were sent to someone who was tricked by a poser, too. I had one joker actually show me he 'stole' my photo from eHarmony. hate that site. was third scammer I met on there. So, whoever this bloke is, it is not John Williams or any other name mentioned here.
there's someone using the same name that's scammed a woman in her advanced years.
they care only about themselves. this was/is on Facebook.
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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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