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Dating scammer Tony (Antonio) Willson


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Name: Tony (Antonio) Willson


Nashville, TN; Accord, MA; Acton, MA

Other Comments:
This was typical of the other scammers from what I'm reading. I approached him on Within two weeks he was saying he loved me. He said that he had raised his sister's son after she died when he was 27 and that because he was so work oriented, no relationships worked, so he was still single. He said he was born in the US but moved to Portugal when he was 2 after his parent's divorce. Then, his parents reunited when he was nine and his father and sister joined the mother and him in Portugal. He claims to be a lawyer in Portugal who has now spent the last eight years running family businesses.

He said he was 45, ran his uncles construction company in Nashville, TN as well a diamond importing and stock brokerage company that his father started. the toll free number for the construction company is 866-980-7773 and is answered as Teneton Construction, but the first two times I called it was Nantec Construction. The phone number is owned by a VOIP company in Nashville. I assume that is how the scammer managed to make outgoing calls from that number.

He said he was originally from Portugal, and also spoke Spanish, Italian, and French.

The pictures he sent along never included a pic of the son/nephew, but beware,I asked for ne wpictures and got two that day with the correct time stamp on them. I have no real idea of how he managed to do that.

He claimed to be travelling all the time when I offered for us to meet in a neutral place like NYC. I often wondered why he never seemed to sleep, now realize that there was probably more than one person at the other end.

It is amazing that he/they managed to keep all details of my life straight, and yes, we talked on the phone almost daily.

I hesitate to post pictures out of respect for the other victim in this, the person whose photos were passed off as being 'Tony Willson'. I am sure that the person whose pictures I received was probably the victim of a female scammer. I will post two pics that I received, and for one reason...because I almost believed that this was not a scammer simply because I did not find his pictures anywhere on this site.

I did, int he last month, received two dozen roses and also viewed an intinerary on line to the name of Tony Willson, no doubt paid for with a stolen credit card.

Without this site, I would never have thought to check for the originating IP address, thank you for the info. Every email I received from him came from Ghana, regardless of where he said he was.

There were a couple of slip ups that I not only noticed but called him out on. One was when he took a trip to Vegas and said he was flying home at a particular time but I checked flight scheduled and found no flights that would have put him back in Nashville as quickly as he got there. The second slip up was when he sent me an email that had the exactly same paragraph that I'd received in an email two days earlier. I think you have to pay attention to that stuff, but it's far easier to just find out where the email is coming from. Tennessee email does not route through Ghana.

In checking some web sites about Ghana, I found that the USN ship the USS Tennessee is docked there and has been for months, so perhaps that is where the Tennessee connection came from. I met this man on MATCH.COM...which I had always thought was a safe place to meet someone. Since reactivating my profile on that site, I have received approximately four or five emails a day from far flung users, and all of them sound consistent with teh scammer MO I saw...'I will treat you like a Queen', misspellings, bad grammer, etc.

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2009-08-15, 20:05:17
I also got the same email below:

Seen this before, ladies:

from an email he sent me:
Honey, you have changed my life completely. You're the one who makes me great man with so much courage. You're the one who makes me strong. You're the one who makes me so important; you're everything to me.

You show your love to me every day and even every minute when we are chatting and in your email. How lucky I am to find a woman like you. Thank God about us! Honey.
All that I can offer you is a family. A family that belongs to us; a family where we can share our ups and down and stay together till the day we die. Honey, that's all I can give ... I hope you like it.

I really wish that you were near me, and when I needed help, you would appear and help me. I want to do the same for you too. However, knowing that you love me so much is enough and if I can be your husband and, then this would make me proud for the next 60 or 80 years. Remember, you need to take care of me for 45 or 80 years and so you've got to take good care of yourself to do it. Ti Amo tesoro mio, you're the only one that I want..

Love always,


or earlier on, this one:
I have totally accepted the way that I feel about you and promise to love you, care for you, respect you, listen to you, be there for you anytime and anywhere and will always try to bring you happiness and peace in everything we do. These are simple human emotions yet when 2 people commit to each other and truly feel this way every day,it must be LOVE because No human have ever make me to feel this way I feel for you.. I know that I love you and will always be there for you. I have to send this now..I will write more later..

Sound familiar, ladies?
2009-08-15, 23:33:40
anonymous from United States  
Anonymous 911,

Boy does that sound familiar. With only a few contacts and nothing but there could be potention as a response.. did those e-mail started to come. Have you got the poetry yet and roses? The pictures are stolen from modeling agencies and men who have sent pictures when they are pretending to be girls. Talk about a sexual identify crisis. :) They also plagiarize from songs, poetry, and YES... our e-mail to them. If you get a photo of a poodle with parts of the snout missing and a sob story of how he survived cancer... That would MY dog. True story, but MY dog.. :)

What's his screen name and location on match? Is he using a different name. That's where first contact was made originally from then moved onto yahoo.

As far as the FBI........... Without 100% cooperation from the Nigeria or Ghana government, their power is limited. We know the government is just as corrupted as other countries in many cases so that makes it even more of a challenge.

I have a retired friend of the FBI and his perspective was, scammers are wrong, but in the overall sense of what occurs on the national level of the other issues, a priority needs to be established. It does make sense even though, I'm predicting part of the money is probably distributed toward other issues, the proof is limited. So basically, people should be smart and not suckers. Valid point, but unfortunately, others don't protect themselves with this.

2009-08-16, 09:27:44
Yes, got the poems too, and they cut and paste from somewhere and forgotten and cut and paste the same one again a few days later. Did not get the roses. You got REAL roses sent to your physical address? Got your dog pic though.
2009-08-16, 09:36:38
Once the money is gone, it's gone forever. Even to nap them for jail is hard because of corruption all over the place everywhere, at every level. So, in the end, the scammers always win. When we report them, we are the ones who are embarrassed, yet they will escape because the authorities don't always do a good job. To avoid them, one should avoid internet dating forever. His screen name is some wierd name (I forget now) and from the U.S. He used some American slangs in his emails. I am sure they will use our pics and others they can copy from the internet for more future postings to scam others.
2009-08-16, 10:39:09
anonymous from United States  
I gave them the address to the florist...... I know the owner and I wasn't educated on the scammer thing, but I felt something wasn't right.

So, the little shits are using my dog to gain trust and sympathy. Thank GOD I didn't send a picture of me, but ouch.... I don't want people to be suckered in by his picture or the cancer story.

WHAT SCREEN NAME ARE THEY RUNNING ON MATCH? People need to KNOW that so they can't get scammed.

It's really sad the on-line dating sites don't take time to check out the information prior to accepting payment, pictures, and even profiles on the non paying members. They do have a responsibility of keeping members genuine and providing education on the scammer with an insert page prior to signing up that HAS to be checked before accepting payment. If they would just check the addresses from the credit card to that of what they provide, they would catch a lot of these guys. I wasn't even contacted about Tony being a scammer and to stop contact which is wrong. I'm sure people would volunteer to do this to assist in keeping their future contacts real and wouldn't mind waiting a week or two to use the sites knowing checks are being done on all the information provided.

The police departments and FBI should really get involved from the beginning by providing certain access to basic data bases that could assist in eliminating the fake. This would probably decrease the number of reports they have to take and the time they take to listen to these victims and receiving the information. Who knows, they could even be preventing the money from getting into the hands of the very groups they are trying to stop. Not that they don't care, but it boggles my mind that they haven't even considered the money could be going to the same groups that have terrorized these countries or others in certain aspect. MIGHT be a crazy and unrealistic idea, but a hypothesis worth a thought.

Are you still in contact with them? If you are, send them an attached picture with a virus with a picture of whatever... :) That's what we need to start doing.
2009-08-16, 10:43:24
anonymous from United States  
Anonymous 911,

Even a location he was using would help as it did before. Last time it was Nashville, TN and that made others aware of another scammer from match.
2009-08-22, 15:15:09
anonymous from United States  
Ths is Exchange the same letters you got and spent a lot of time talking to 'Tony'..he definitely is not American. I got roses, paid for with someone's stolen credit card, no doubt. Probably pics of me are circulating somewhere...Nothing I can do about it. When he was talking to me, he said he was from Accord, MA, Acton, MA and Nashville, TN. The rest of the story is already detailed at the start of the post.
2013-04-12, 23:22:13
anonymous from United States  
2013-04-13, 10:43:34
~Bax! from United States  
AnonUSA, Greetings!

The stateside connections to romance scams have many answers.
The 1st being within the directives maintained and viably enforced
by U.S. Territorial Law.
However, The Clear and Present Danger Doctrine, as ratified by the
US Supreme Court in 1919 for the 14th amendment to the Constitution,
with major opinion by Supreme Court Justice
Honorable Oliver Wendell Holmes in the case of Schenck vs. USA. In
determining what the limits on freedom of expression ought to be, says;
'One may not shout 'FIRE!', in a theatre, causing a panic. Also,
1919 Abrams vs. USA. 'The Best test of truth is to get itself accepted
as competition in market.' These lead-up to questions of censorship.
Which leads to the free and open communication that we have today!
All in all, I do not dismiss the premise of US Citizens scamming upon
one another and ignoring the impending legal punishments due. More over,
many notorious scam cells have moved from their countries to the US by
coming here physically themselves or by establishing sleeper contacts
with US citizens who are criminals. Nearly all scam cases are known
to be performed outside of our country and are disguised by proxi base,
as in the locations you have given. They are Yahoo and other net links.
You must provide much more information about your contacts to find them
and your opinionated comments are the beginning of this. ~Bax! Apr.2013

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