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Dating scammer Smith Williams


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Name: Smith Williams


ZIPCODE: 23401

Other Comments:
This man is scamming with women trying to get account numbers and telling them he loves them with all his heart. Delete him do not chat with him at all!!

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2009-11-11, 09:41:45
PS: still would like to see the M pic if you have it Miss V...PT
2009-11-11, 10:11:09
Miss Marple from Sweden  
@Miss V

I know that you are having hard times now both of you..
And i really do understand what you are going
through for the moment... you are very
vulnarable and confused...and also angry...
You are NOT ALONE!!
Here you have friends and great contributors
that will help and support...

But thats for its important now that you dont tell the scammer
that you suspect ore that you know that he is
trying to scam you...
and dont tell the scammer about this site...

@PT i know you are hurt and have a lot of pain
for the moment..and im really sorry for this..
but i know that you will feel better soon..
and you have hard to let go...
but i can insure you that if you just take the
step you will see this from another wiev ...
so just take the step,ok????

All regards //Miss Marple//
And keep on fighting!!

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2009-11-11, 10:15:58
anonymous from United States  
Thank you, thank you, thank you, keep the support coming! Love it , need it! And the kitties are darling. Unfortunately He already knows about this site, tried to remove his pic by posing as a person who wrote lies about him here. Just one more thing to add to the anger of it all. I will be strong! PT
2009-11-11, 12:17:42
ww from Japan  
@miss V
@miss marple

Good friendship !
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2009-11-11, 20:17:23
To Miss V, Miss Marple, & WW...Well, havent heard from him, think he knows I am on to him. Just all the better for me. Wanted to thank you all again for your support, this is hell & I feel like a stupid fool. But, what hurts us makes us stronger, right! Just hope he gets what he deserves! Wait, I have faith he will get what he deserves! Power to the girls :)
2009-11-12, 01:26:00
Miss Marple from Sweden  
@ PT

Now you have to be very carefull...
This is just the way he is going to
try to convince maybe dont hear from
him in many days..but he will be back!!!!

And then he will make up lies why he havent
heard of him WATCH OUT!!!!

This is the methods that scammers use..
The scammer thinks that he can convince you now..
He is an psychopath...
YOU must BLOCK this guy now...!!!

Please PT the man on the photos is not
the man you want to be..he is not ELVIS N COLEMAN...
He is just lying to you...they never ever stop!!
And you dont have to feel stupied ..we are all in the
same boat..we know how it feels...
We are REAL..not that man on the photo...!!!!

Do you really know why im here as an contributor
here at Delphi???
I was once in youre shoes also...
I am a victim also...I felled in love
with an photo..the real man is an
photomodell..he has nothing to do
with scammers ore havent been to africa
either..he has money so he doesnt need
to scam people..but i was also in a chock
when i found out that i was fooled...
i was angry at the photo..because that is
all what you have ..nothing more than just
a photo..what are you going to do??

Delphi has saved my life...becuase i found
out my scammer here at this site!!!And thats
for im gratefull !! And to all great contributors
here...who have helped me..and others..

So i decided to fight these scumbugs who
destroys and ruines innocent peoples lifes!!
And im helping victims also at this site now
and that is an great thing...
And i know my work here at delphi makes
also to reduce the scammers actions also..
and the best reward is save somebody
from being scammed...

so once again YOU girls are not ALONE
and i will be here...

All regards //Miss Marple//

2009-11-12, 02:30:30
WW from Japan  
2009-11-12, 06:48:55   (updated: 2009-11-12, 06:53:33)
OJAS from United States  
2009-11-12, 06:51:46
@ Miss Marple
@ PT

I also thanks both of you and Delphi... It was hard but now i'm stronger and more carefull. And guess what... I've met someone else and this time he is real! So don't give up PT, and stay strong!

Miss V
2009-11-12, 08:47:12
Thanks again girls, don't think I will ever be able to thank you enough. So happy for you Miss V, that is great news! I nice to have you all showing me their dirty little plans, the timeline of how they work their scams. I don't have hate for the guy in the picture since I know he is as innocent as we are, poor guy, wish there was a way we could let him know how many girls are in love with his picture, haha. Anyways, I feel much stronger with all of you on my side! Keep up the good work, and I will keep coming back here to help me be strong. PT
2009-11-12, 11:20:08
007 from United Kingdom  
Always remember the basic rule!!



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2009-11-12, 14:42:45
Well our man picked the wrong girl here, you see, I have no money, or any credit, so he would be barking up the wrong tree. Too bad he wasted all of this time making me fall in love with him :) You girls are great! PT
2009-11-12, 17:44:51
Miss Marple from Sweden  

Its good that you are stronger keep it up!!
I think you will make it ..with little
support you will do just fine soon..

But when you feel the weakness coming
look at the postings here and look around
delphi and read other threads as well...look
at the other male threads..because learning
about the scammers and how the work also
is very good for you now..and if you wonder
about something please ask!!

@Miss V good luck and i hope you find
youre happiness in life!!

@Agent 007
Aah..we have the very special agent on visit..
Thanks for the informative posting!!
And could you please go to Nigeria
on a mission and blow the scumbug asses of...(LOL)

All regards //Miss Marple//

2009-11-12, 20:33:49
Again, you girls are awsome. I kinda feel like I made some new found friends. We all have something in common which brings us together, even if it is an ahole of a man, boy, whatever it is. So, still have not heard from him, thinking after being educated by all of the videos & articles, that this must be the time he is getting robbed, in the hospital, needing lots of money, one of those wonderful stories. Actually looking forward to hearing the story. I might just play with this for awhile. But, you all have helped me to harden my heart & realize this is not what I so hoped it would be, and for that I am eternaly grateful. I will keep checking here, as it gives me strength I never knew I had inside me! You rock...PT
2009-11-13, 02:02:32   (updated: 2009-11-13, 02:23:13)
Miss Marple from Sweden  
Its good to hear that you feel stronger!
But now i must give you an advice right
away..this is just for youre own good
im gonna say this to you..

I really want you to listen to me now!!
I strongly advice you to CUT totally!!!
Dont play a game that you are not ready for!!!

You must HEAL first from only
play with scammers when you have knowledges
about how scammers work and how they behave
You are emotionally connected to this scammer
he is still affecting you and you are vulnarable!!

You only play with scammers when they dont
know that you are only playing with them..
I dont my self either do that,because im not
ready for it...

You can have a lesson that you never rise from
to continue have contact to this scammer is
dangerous to you for the moment!!
Even if you want to hear the story and what lies
he is going to bring you..if you admit youre self
this continue you are only pushing forward
youre process...

So PT..NO NO NO...i dont advice you to
continue having any connection and any further
contact to this scammer now...
There will be a time for you also that
you can play with scammers...when you are healed!!!

I hope that you take this as an good
advice and a recomendation..
and that i dont wanna offend you..
i just wanna save you from tears and sorrow!!

So be strong now!!


I send you a link from my own thread,please read the postings!!

All regards //Miss Marple//

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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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