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Dating scammer Josh Kelly


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Name: Josh Kelly


only the phone


Other Comments:
This man telling about himself that he is buying antiques in Nigeria. Is a big scammer. getting often sick and getting different exidents and always need money, a woman to help him.

He cheated on me and unfortunately I spent a lot of money by sending them through the Western Union. Very unfortunately, cause still have economical problems because of him. By that time I knew nothing about the Nigeria scammers.

The man is saying that he lives in Miami but originally is from Manchester. He is divorced. He says that he is rich but need money JUST NOW because of the problems he is getting through.

Attention! He can send a false check in order to cash money. I know him from the Cupidbay. He is not an owner of a house in Miami, just telling lies, gives wrong adresses, speaking about partners, lawyers, all false.

The phone above is his phone nr in Nigeria. That is all I have. There is no need to say how depressed and stupid I feel. Just want to warn other people. He has an ID on yahoo joshkelly1960, see also the e mail.

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2009-04-12, 03:19:29   (updated: 2009-04-12, 03:21:37)
anonymous from United States  
Hello Anonymous from Sweden
I first off want to apologize to you for misunderstanding you.
I understand you were hurt by your scammer. I have not tried to post anything here
for awhile. I have learned from this experience how easy it is to misunderstand what is being said. I also did not help anything by responding the way, I did. I watch many postings on this site and, I am sorry now for not saying something much sooner.
That may or may not have helped. I believe you were very suspicious of anything
and may have come off as something to do with your scam.
I try to help as many people as I am able to and, I am far from perfect.
I also have been hurt by being scammed. That is why, I try to help others.
It has been a difficult task at best learning about scammers and how they operate.
Again, I am sorry for the whole mess that, I created.
I hope you can forgive me for my mistake.
Kindest Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//

2009-04-12, 03:48:42   (updated: 2009-04-12, 03:49:29)
anonymous from United States  
Hello Anonymous
Please do not become discouraged because it seems that no one is paying
any attention. I wish, I knew more about the scum bag Josh Kelly so, I could
help you. Please understand the way this site up dates every few hours that
some things drop off the main list. Most people see the postings in the last
48 hours. Just keeping up with those alone can take several hours to go through.
Be patient and someone will notice what you post here. There is no one person
who watches every listing. There are just a hand full of people who take it upon
themselves to try to help. Many people look and read things on here and never
post anything. It would be great if more people gave of their time to help others.
Everyone contributes something in their own way. Just my posting this now.
Will put this thread back up with the current listings. Also your scammer Josh Kelly
could easily have changed the name he is using currently. Scammers change
their names all the time. They watch this site and may not use that name again
because it is being reported on here. Look at other threads where the same photo
has been used. You may discover the same MO and same photo just different name.
This happens a lot. My scammer has used as many as 20 different names that, I
have found. With over 3000 listings their are endless possibilities.
The fact the scammer is from Nigeria means there is a very good chance he is
just one of a group that works together out of a Internet Cafe. So in reality he may
be several different guy's that play that role. The photo's are stolen from innocent
victims. So you haven't seen your scammer at all. I hope this helps you in some
way to understand better what really is going on. Happy Easter
Kindest Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//

2009-04-12, 04:29:46
anonymous from Sweden  
Thanks for the message. It was very kind of you to take time for this mess again. I do understand you want to help. After all, reading again the previous messages I think I might had made a misstake by judging you. One need to read it more slowly :-) :-(, meaning here - staying cool.
BUT, you are right, I am very suspisious nowdays and my answer to you depend on how helpless I ACTUALLY still feel. BECAUSE even if i can see many good people trying to help the victims and even 'educating' myself, also reading different forums, I can see that the authorities, I will say here, IN MY CASE, dont help AT ALL.

Now i know they read and probably do something BUT to particulary cases....its a long way and IF.

NEVERTHELESS and to your message again - thank you very much and Happy Easter!
2009-04-12, 04:49:10
anonymous from Salem, United States  
Happy Easter to everyone
Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//

2009-04-14, 08:54:30
To all of you that took the time to really listen to all that has been written here. I am so glade that some of you understand I am not a scammer. I am thankful for all the help you have given to me that is so important to me. This has really helped me more than you will ever know. Again thank you for changing your mind about me it has at leaset put a smile on my face and I can hold my head up high. Agagin thank you!!!!!!!
2009-04-14, 08:54:31
To all of you that took the time to really listen to all that has been written here. I am so glade that some of you understand I am not a scammer. I am thankful for all the help you have given to me that is so important to me. This has really helped me more than you will ever know. Again thank you for changing your mind about me it has at leaset put a smile on my face and I can hold my head up high. Agagin thank you!!!!!!!
2009-04-14, 23:52:55
Get lost instead! Some people understand pretty much what you are doing and what you compose here. Your time is limited.
2009-04-15, 01:55:05
anonymous from Salem, United States  
Hello Anonymous again since there appears to be two now ?
Please understand, I am addressing Both Anonymous postings at once.
To the first anonymous that was saying thank you. Your welcome, and Please disregard the comment Anonymous #2 who posted last. In the future please give a clue or nick name to yourselves so it is easy to tell postings apart. OK Again to the first anonymous. I am sorry for your pain and do understand how all this must hurt you.
To be scammed then when you try to get help have the very place you turn to
turn against you. You know that, I myself questioned if you were a scammer.
But there is a old saying. That is Your actions speak louder than your words.
Your actions have shown me at least your not a scammer. So Anonymous number 2
You may want to go back a ways and carefully read everything that has been said.
If you have seen my postings at all which are all over this site hard to miss actually.
You should understand by now that, I chew scammers up and spit them out.
So when you read everything again like, I suggest you do then take into account
the fact that, I have decided this person here is not a scammer.
There are some marked differences in how a scammer reacts to what, I say.
If you think otherwise that is your choice but please do not harass this person without being 150% sure of what you say. It is best to drop the Anonymous thing and
be brave enough to at least identify yourselves. I'm not saying give up your identities
but rather at least sign what you write as, I do and many others who help people
on this site. Make up your own name. I'm Agent 86 for example. By staying behind a wall of total anonymnity you do yourselves no good. It hurts no one to know what country
you come from. The site automatically puts your flag up if you let it.
I sign what, I post because, I stand behind what, I say. Right or Wrong and as you
can see, I am not above apologizing for mistakes. I am a human being that makes
mistakes. Just like everyone else in this world. So if you have some knowledge about
the anonymous #1 then make your case and make it clear. OK
Which, I do not believe you do at this point. Then stay out of this. OK
I think if you do look you will find anonymous #1 only asked for help.
Now is the time this should be put to rest and see if anything constructive can be
done to help her. OK Also if you have a problem with me then say so direct to me.
This posting should get back on track about Josh Kelly the dirt bag who as, I see it
has hurt more than one person. Anonymous # 1 Thank You for your postings and
I really do hope more information comes out about Josh Kelly.
Anonymous #2 Let it go unless you can substantially give reason why anyone should
think different. There's enough pain already for the victims of this dirt bag.
Kind Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//
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2009-04-15, 08:43:38
The ANONYMOUS 2 is speaking, thanks for the attention. And my message is to anomymous from Salem USA. I MIGHT have a very very good reason not even to put my country here, not to mention the city! For those who are serious and know how to help, I WILL PUT IT, cause they will know HOW TO CONTACT ME and not only talk.

I hope its not only about how we express ourselves after all what happened. Because when I listen and reading here your message I REALY want to know IF YOU have some INFORMATION about anonymous 1 that he or she is not a scammer or IT IS JUST a FEELING you have.? Because feeling is somethig you are telling us here not to trust to BUT INFORMATION is to trust. you or dont you have an information whether the anonymous 1 is a scammer or not.

Cause you know man, you are not the only one who is sitting here with experiences and we are not in the Church. You are teaching us here what is right and what is wrong and that is very sympathic BUT only if you, yourself have a lot of information and not only a feeling. My personal information is based on things I LEARNED very hard , based on own intelligency and absolutely the scammer style. And since the anonymous 1 wanted help in a very strange way, ATTENTION! and believe me not only because this person doesnt know how to use e mails, or people are NOT exactly cooperating with him/her to forward the message, strange website-email adress etc etc

Believe me I COULD SAY MORE but dont see now how it would help. Too much of nothing is what became of it. Not good.

So, it seems to me that we are about disagreeing now but put the real facts and I will take it all back.
2009-04-15, 16:19:36
anonymous from Salem, United States  
Thank You Anonymous 2
Your right in what you say. Anonymous #1 took the wrong approach to asking for
help on this site. But that could be from not knowing about what is going on here.
I sure was clueless when, I first got on here. Many people post their e mail address
the first time they post something. That is not good. Anonymous #1 has poor
English skill's but still despite that simply asked for help. When, I have confronted
other suspect postings 100% of the time there is a very strong and immediate reaction.
The scammers are control freaks and their true nature betrays them.
Anonymous #1 showed only ignorance not the reaction of a scammer.
Now as for proof how can you really know anything for certain. I know, I don't have any.
But in this case all, I wanted was to give this one the benefit of the doubt.
I only told her / him ? Post questions and wait for answers.
That seemed the best course of action. I have no problem with what you have said
at all. Please just try to understand there is no harm in #1 posting questions that
everyone can see. It should be plain to see what the intent of #1 is that way.
If its a scammer it will come out by what they say. Your choice not to put your country
is fine no worries. It is very helpful though for clarity to have the ability to address
you as #2 that way their is no doubt as to who, I am speaking to or reading a message
from. Unless of course your #1 pretending to be #2 LOL I'm not saying your doing
that either. So you see at the end of the day it comes down to what comes out of
a person only then can any judgement be made. Right now, I thought the best
course to take was allow a possible victim to speak and get help.
I know you want proof but don't worry about proof it will speak for itself.
It is just a matter of watching and hearing what comes out. If its garbage it can be
dealt with directly. My proof is based on actions shown as that is all there is to go by.
#1 May never attempt to post again ? That would be tragic to turn someone away
needing help. Your observations are good and you need to question things to
stay safe. But as, I have no proof either way neither do you.
Lets see what comes of it for now. I know you will be watching and so will, I
I really mean it when, I say Thank You for your posting in response to mine.
It has at the very least opened up some dialog on how to to deal with this kind
of situation. Please do not be offended by my kitty picture, I put up.
I have sense of hummer. OK Believe me when, I say my first reaction to #1
was anything but accepting. Only time will tell and there is no harm by trying
as there cannot be anything said without somebody noticing something wrong.
Working together scammers are unable to slip through anything.
Kindest Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//
PS: Strange how at the point #1 said Thank You is when this question arose.
I can see nothing wrong at all in a Thank You.
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2009-04-16, 00:57:11
'ANONYMOUS 1' ishere by own person lol. Thank you, welcome and very kind. Yes. But I still can not see any help. No matter what and how we discuss it. We mught have several and different opinions here sometimes but its a sad fact that it also stopps here. NO HELP, MAN. I am not optimistical as you are. Or are you??

NO HELP is the scammers big revenge. Or as 'my scammer' said to me : ' Who is the winner?' And he got an answer as well BUT I got no help.

Regards from ' Sherlock Holmes'. Or what do you say? lol

2009-04-16, 01:02:19
wrong again it was the anonymous 2 in own person performing this morning = The detective lol Sorry for miss (judgement)?? lol
2009-04-16, 03:19:14   (updated: 2009-04-16, 03:25:07)
anonymous from Salem, United States  
Hello Anonymous #1 and #2 I think ? LOL
Please know that there seems to be some sense of peace as it were.
Now maybe some progress can be made in the pursuit of the real scammer
here that being Josh Kelly. No matter how much time passes never give up
trying to get the answers you seek. Remember this site is basically a help
one another kind of place. Also the more postings on this thread keeps it more
visible to more people. Most casual users of the site see the last postings for
the last 48 hours. Then the system automatically puts this thread on the back burner thus fewer people even notice it. You must also keep in mind the name Josh Kelly
is most likely a made up name used by the scammer. So looking at other threads
and even ones with different photo's. Read the postings and look for similarity's
Same phrases and dialog used by your scammer. Many times with some effort
you can locate the very same scammer using a different name, photo's, e mail
address. Keep in mind also most scammers are busy scamming people working
as a team. Your scammer most likely is several guys or even a woman working together.
Never get stuck thinking Your looking for the exact same name and photo.
My scammer as, I have discovered by looking at every posting on this site.
By the way that took weeks to do. Many hours. Anyway back to what, I was saying.
I found my scammer under no less than 20 different names. This happens because
the scammer gets caught using a name for awhile and then abandons it when it
doesn't work anymore. People Google the name and they find it. So remember
this that scammers are constantly changing. Another thing to be aware of is
they watch this very web site and do try to stop posting's about there current
name or photo's. Somebody may come to this site with a lot more information.
Never let a scammer win in your mind. Giving in is a terrible thing to do.
For you to be able to heal you must take control back in your life.
You must be able to trust your own judgement again. The scammers scars run
very deep. Just like a Bank gives real money to its tellers to handle and learn.
When they become familiar with the real thing, they instantly recognise the fake.
The scammer brought you into this mess. So please learn all you can from it.
Then if you are able to share your experience with others on here.
The more that gets posted the better the odds that you will accomplish several
things. You will help someone else at the minimum and most likely get the
answers you seek. No one comes here knowing what to do. Its easy to bet
everyone that has ever been scammed never even dreamed it would happen to
them. I may be wrong about this but it appears to me there must be a very large
number of woman who do not report they have been scammed. The truth is
the section that lists men scammers should be as big as the woman scammers list.
I say this because in many cases the scammer is both a He / She
I just found a woman who's scammer that she thought was a guy is the very same
scammer, I had that, I believed to be a woman. So what sex is the scammer ?
Who knows. The numbers say that they are mostly men. But, I have seen
photo's of a large number of woman. Scammers work around 300 scams at the
same time. So its just a job to them and they don't care about what becomes
of their victims. Obviously the Governments are not doing enough to stop this.
But, I have already seen by my postings people who listened to me.
They are no longer being scammed. My victory is from taking the business away
from scammers. Hurting them is a good feeling. The more you tell other people
about this crime the more it becomes harder for them to get more victims.
Currently. I have only known one woman who posts on this site regularly that is
giving of her time to help others. There are a hand full of guys but with over 3000
postings sadly many get ignored. Any posting of your story helps stop scammers
and ultimately helps you. OK enough on that for now. I will always watch this
thread and do my best to draw in more attention to it. Just so you know being a
optimist has nothing to do with it. I'm a very persistent person. Giving up is not
a option. The low life trash that hurt me will be in jail when this is over.
Every time a victim breaks away from being scammed and everyone that is helped
that is saved before they are scammed is worth it. I'm disabled so my view is a bit
different than most. It does not give me a excuse not to try.
A old saying applies here [ Learn all you can and can all you get ] If that doesn't
give away my age nothing will. LOL Please never give up.
Kindest Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//
PS : The caption of my picture should say [ Oh Man I almost had it !!!! ] LOL

2009-04-16, 05:54:17
Anonymous 2 - the scammed detective . FIGHTER.

I know that Josh Kelly appears with many different names and also have one woman ? who helps him, well they are a group. But he does have connection with USA in terms that he gave me telefon numbers to check or to speak with his 'partners' in USA. He is using by himself several mobiles, fax but the amazing thing that hi is still using the number he gave me, cause I checked it. That is also his kind of revange. HE DOESNT NEED TO HIDE, he thinks. He is 'honest'. Cause nobody is making an operation against an unregistred mobile number, hmmmmmm. No actions at all in other words.

I like your picture. lol Wish i saw it before I got scammed. Because after - I dont give much for intelligency, you know.
2009-04-16, 06:22:30
anonymous from Salem, United States  
Anonymous 2
I understand your frustration My scammer can be found simply by Googling
her /his name Cosmos Faibi. Usually shows her listing on dating sites right above
the Delphifaq listing. There is another listing for Cosmos Faibi in the US
but that has nothing to do my scammer. I go to that dating site to have her / him
removed but she / is right back every time. I know that feeling of not seeing
what, I want to happen. But that only makes me more determined to keep
taking business from them. It is difficult to be patient.
Talk to you again. Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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