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Dating scammer Wilson Michael Clinton


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Name: Wilson Michael Clinton



Other Comments:
This scammer is a real piece of garbage. He is very methodical in picking out his victims looking for mainly for middle aged, overweight, disabled single women to run his scams. He trolls dating sites, myspace and yahoo for his magas.

His greeting: How are you?hope you are cool?i'm Michael Wilson Clinton a petrol chemical enigneer.i work for shell petroleum international.I'm new to this and also new to internet.A friend introduced me to this sites after several pressure from my friends to look for someone again after the death of my darling precious wife.
I was so amazed when i come across your profile.Infact its indeed wonderful.You are such a rare gem.You are indeed a pretty woman.You look very young than your age.
I'm so excited to come across your profile.Your beauty motivate me to send you this short note.

Babe i'll love to get to know you better.
Do you have a yahoo addy?if you do you can add me to your yahoo messenger list so that we can chat and know eachother the more,my addy is i guess we can be friend for now.Babe your reply will mean alot to me.Infact i'll be more excited to hear from you soon.

And then follows it with this crap: Thanks so much for the sound very great and interesting.As for me distance is not problem to me cos i belive in true love and honesty and i have always been faithful to my wife till she died five years ago.I'm intrested in someone that will be with me for the rest of life i need someone that is honest,faithful,kind and caring and God fearing and i'm not reading for games cos i've never play games in my life.My first love was my dead wife we started from college and we got married.
But unfortunately i lost her.I'm a very kind and gentle man,down to earth.I'm ready to give my life to the right woman for me.
Babe pls let talk and get to know eachother.i mean let us chat.I've just added you to my yahoo messenger list.can't wait to chat with you soon.
I can't wait to chat with a beautiful damsel like you soon.
While i was thinking of you i wrote you a poem cos that what i love doing at my leisure time.Let me know if you like it.

If I could catch a rainbow
I would do it just for you,
And share with you its beauty
On the days you're feeling blue

If I could build a mountain
You could call your very own,
A place to find serenity,
A place to be alone

If I could take your troubles
I would toss them in the sea,
But all these things I'm finding
Are impossible for me

I cannot build a mountain,
Or catch a rainbow fair,
But let me be what I know best,
A friend who's always there

Michael cares

After he is done hooking them on myspace he starts with the yahoo IMs and emails. Thats where he starts introducing his children James and Christy which are just him playing the part. Christy's email is She whines that she needs books for school and she just loves her new mama so much. Her dad Michael will you counterfeit checks which in turn you will be financially responsible to the bank when they bounce. But it is too late because you already sent the money.

He has many other aliases such as Gilbert, Dave and James - has used this phone +2348052867263

But sometimes these Nigerian pieces of garbage screw up. And when they screw up they do it in a bad way. Our investigative sources have uncovered that our scammer is actually this man:

KAYODE JAMES FABUNMI, dob 1/16/1981 Ekiti State Nigeria N0 238, Ipaja Road, Opeki Bus Stop, Victoria Island, Lagos, +2348037181697

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2008-07-27, 22:09:02   (updated: 2008-07-27, 22:27:37)
anonymous from Los Angeles, United States  
Yes you can add me to the list that has had dealings with Gregory Moore Dostoesky's from Modesto, Ca.He told me he was from Russia, lost his wife in a car accident when she was on her way to pick up her son at school.. He told me he was in the U.K. doing business selling computers. And then the requesting money started!! It was his son's birthday the 1st part of May and wanted to borrow money to buy him a computer game priced between $500-700. And then after that he needed money to get his shippment of 1000 computers out of customs. Next when he can up wih a story he needed to get this letter from this guy getting his computers released. The cost of the letter was $300. Well I'm sorry to say that I did send him $300 by Western Union (dump). And the he just kept coming up with more stories from needing money for airfare and paying his hotel bill. I quite IM him 2-3 weeks ago. He kept IM me with no response from me. Then he started sending me some nasty comments. And then a couple days ago I got an email from a person on BBP Singles Site. The note and everything sounds the same as Gregory use to write. So here is the new name the scammer is going under. BBP name (lavalife010), yahoo email ( and IM yahoo Messenger (m.harrison1947). I hope this helps anyone who is being scammed by this person. Please turn this person in to BBP,, Yahoo Messanger etc. Need to get rid of these scammers. The new name that he is using is Michael. There was no picture posted on BBP.
2008-09-01, 22:25:16 from Monterey Park, United States  

About Gregory Moore:

Yes, Ladies - I fell for it!! I came across him at My shock when I scanned down the page to see the exact photos I had been sent, after reading comments by another 'victim' - which sounded remarkably similar to what I had received online. And I also got the flowers and teddybear. I became suspicious when bits and pieces of info didn't quite fit!! Heads up!! Also claims his surname is Glaszcz. I suspect the name Rick JOhnson is another alias. Tried to use the 'computers' shipment ploy on me, unsuccessfully.

So ladies - there IS a valuable lesson here. I was reaching out, I did respond to a kindly voice, I trusted, and I believed. I took a leap of faith. And I was wrong. But you know, I've demonstrated to myself that I am capable of putting myself out there, looking at myself in the mirror, expressing my feelings, and opening up my life to the possibility of a romantic relationship. So I'm ready to shake off the bad vibe, stand up, head held high, and move on. And I wish you all the same!!

thank you thank you thank you to this site for the heads up!! I wish I'd looked him up sooner!!
2008-09-16, 21:38:34
anonymous from United States  
Hello ladies: I've received this email from several times, with different names but the same line of introduction, occupation and even child's name. He's a scammer for sure...

Hi ,
Viewing your profile , everything just seems so cute, i feel like i have the woman i am on here for but i feel that seems and sounds too nosey , we have to get to know each other and know what we are looking for, so here i am trying to introduce myself to you. .I can see that the distance between us is great but i do believe We can overcome the great distance as distance should & does not come between two loving hearts but it does make it inconvenient. However I also believe Where there is a will there is a way.I just got on this site and i'm in search of my Soul & Dream Mate,Lover,Wife and Life Companion,let me give you a brief introduction of me.My name is Michael HarrisonWhite/Caucasian.I'm Self Employed Electrical Engineer studied the course Electrical Engineer with a Master Degree, I have a good sense of humor...I live in Arlington,VA. Arlington County is an urban county of about 203,000 residents in the Commonwealth of Virginia, directly across the Potomac River from Washington, D.C. .Age (60yrs).I'm a widower been widowed for 18yrs now.I have just only 1 lovely son ( andrew)(19 years old).After the sudden and devastating death of my wife,Who was a wonderful,sweet and caring wife and mother..Have been single for the past 18 years, am a man with a strong heart,loving, caring, honest, compassionate,affectionate, i also believe in God.I like swimming, camping,fishing,reading & writing,tennis, Football,Basketball,Baseball,golfing,swim ming etc.When i read through your profile i was really amazed and motivated to send you an email and show my interest..I would want us to continue this conversation further through my email which is or I M me on yahoo messenger m.harrison1947 .. I am online now
Have a Nice day.
2009-04-16, 19:49:33
What a charmer. This is the initial email I received from Michael Wilson through

'hi there, my name is michael wilson,a single man living in texas,kennedale to be precise and i am 49.well i must confess that u got cute pix and i would like to be a friend.its been nice seeing your pix,i choose only what my heart tells me to..all i am asking is if i can be a friend.? I have worked at the same company for about 24 years and have a valid drivers I'm honest, dependable and very good looking... . I would like to meet that special lady that completes me. You know, that someone that makes me feel like, that in spite of the ups and downs, that it's still worth the effort.'

He has moved away from the deceased wife story and went with the never been married but just recently ended a long-term relationship. He confessed his eternal love immediately. He then talked about how he had a daughter in Ghana and that he was going to go get her now that he found a mommy for her. After his arrival in Ghana, he claimed to have dropped his laptop computer. He needed another laptop immediately and asked me to send mine to him. Told him I could only do that after I deleted all information from my laptop just in case someone else got a hold of it. He tried talking me out of deleting the information saying that I could trust him. He promised to return the computer to me just like he found it and he wouldn't even look at my information. I refused and to leave the info on but he pushed me to send it immediately as time was essential. He then asked me to mail the computer to Samuel Otoo in Ghana. I became suspicious with this recommendation and started searching the internet. As soon as I read this sight, I knew I found the scammer. The misspelled words and the charm was the same although the text and the scam was different.

2009-05-29, 16:38:33
anonymous from United States  
Old Michael really gets around doesn't he. I am 72 yrs old, and he kept asking me to talk to him. After a couple weeks of asking, I talked to him on IM. MISTAKE! After 5 hours he was becoming very possesive My Angel was looking over me, she made me accidently kick a cord on my computer and it turned off.
(Every time I didn't answer quick enough he wanted to know who I was talking to!!) When I reconnected, he was mad and said he needed to go eat. I guess he thought I was reporting him.

Another Angel emailed me and warned me that he is not who he says he is! Thank God for these people that look out for others! Thank you Ron
2009-05-29, 16:41:05
anonymous from United States  
I would like to know who the man in the pictre above is, does anyone know, I would like to apologize for using his picture.
2009-06-05, 15:58:21 from Woodburn, United States  
I was scammed out of 1500.00 from a man that claimed to be terry armstrong that lives in london, has a 7 year old daughter, a granny and a brother on drugs that lives in florida. he claimed to be a soccer scout in the uk, he contacted me on myspace in the beging of may. he claimed to have to travel to no.48 Iworko rd. ekiti state in nigeria for work, i felt sorry for this man when he messeged me claiming to be stuck because he had lost his wallet. I sent the money via western union to the hotel manager by the name of busuyi fasanmade, this is the man that got this money because you have to show ID when picking this up. His email is drop him a line hahaha

2009-06-06, 17:30:51   (updated: 2009-06-06, 17:32:50)
[hidden] from Salem, United States  
sunshinejewell Woodburn US

I am sorry to hear You also lost $1,500.00
The same amount as, I did but, I lost a little more than that.
I am writing, You to try to warn, You that, You should never post, Your
e mail address on this site.
You may request to have it removed by contacting the site administrator.
I made that very same mistake when, I first came here.
It has cost me one computer and, My inbox is constantly filled with every
type of scam that has ever existed. LOL
Scammers watch this site and attack like a pack of wolves when someone
new shows up.
Write Peter the site administrator,
Tell Him, You made a posting under Male Scammers
Dating scammer Wilson Michael Clinton
The Date 2009 - 06 - 06 Time 15:28:21 Page # 3
He will be able to remove it for, You.
I wish, I had removed, Mine but that has been to long ago now
and, I posted it in to many spots.
I see it Say's, Your from Woodburn is that Oregon ?
I'm in Salem, Oregon about 20 miles from, You.
Nice storm Yesterday Huh ?
Well have a good day and, I hope, You can stop from being flooded
by Scammers.

Kindest Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//
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2009-10-17, 22:14:21
anonymous from United States  
I also got scammed by, same exact story as the one above. Same exact picture, same story, $2800 later... BEWARE!!!!
2009-10-25, 00:03:29   (updated: 2009-10-25, 00:04:10)
anonymous from Mexico  
My friend was intouch with him some months ago, he asked her for money $7000 usd...he sent her a lovely letter but the pics that he sent to me was another...his job is to be a good scammer,

I know that one day this scammer will read this message so ....Williams or Michael George wherever your name are....I am Angy and you know to whom I am talking will pay every tears that your Queen cried for you, and I wont rest until you be in jail......and you pay all the bad things that you do to all women...

2010-02-05, 21:21:47
anonymous from United States  
I just finally found the Michael Wilson I was(n't) wanting to find in the scammer list and picture to show it. It took me some doing, but I was determined, after IMing him some time. I have had this hidden feeling that there was something fishy, but thought no, just can't be. Well, I sure do know NOW!!
2010-04-14, 07:23:35
anonymous from United States  
He is at Plentyof fish under adorablesoul
i will like us to have a chat on yahoo so as to know more about each other
my yahoo id is ineedmyeve1
2012-04-17, 06:02:08   (updated: 2012-04-17, 06:06:12)
anonymous from United States  
I met this guy on He was nice in the begining saying that his name is Jeffrey Carvan and had lost his wife to cancer 6 years ago and has a young son. He moved from Malibu, California to Edgewood, Florida. He was a mining engineer and has a contract in Ghana for another month. We communicated for two months. While in Ghana, he called and said that his son had an accident and in the emergency room and asked for money for the surgery and that he will repay me after his return. I sent a considerable amount of money to his contact in Ghana through my bank (wire transfer). He kept on asking for more money and I did a background check on him and found out he is a scammer. He also sent me flowers through and a ring for Valentines day from Bradford Exchange. A month later, I received a bill from Bradford Exchange eventhough I returned the ring. He sent me a passport copy of his photo as well as his older photo. In fact he looks much older than his posted photo. He says his mother was Mexican and his father was Austrian. He has an African accent but claims to be Austrian accent. He gives his contact numbers in Ghana, Austria, England and the Unites States. Very smooth talker. Watchout for this guy.

2012-04-17, 09:02:44
OJAS from United States  
Sorry US you got scammed. 2012-04-17, 06:02:08 (updated: 2012-04-17, 06:06:12)

Useful reverse image search tools:
2012-04-18, 05:40:13
anonymous from Australia  
This is the latest one that AKA Derrick Wilson AKA Jack Rapp AKA David Rapp AKA Rapp Daddy AKA Joey Edward AKA Sgt James Clayton AKA Sergeant Joey he is on Badoo E Harmony Oasis Yahoo Singles Zorpia Quepasa Black Plant user name loyal joey Zoosk he uses several stolen pictuers of United States Servicemen and his story wife cheated has son Tony and the crap goes on and on was on facebook but my space but has been reported

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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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