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Dating scammer Harry McDaniel Ashwood, in Nigeria


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This is a place holder about dating scammer Harry McDaniel Ashwood, in Nigeria.

He has profiles on
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2009-05-18, 12:31:13
Beware: Micho 46 years. and
2009-05-20, 07:46:41
This man, named Stephen Alexandros, contacted me at, and his self-introduction ('My name is Jack Williams,i deal on all kind of art and craft made works,and i travel internationally to different countries to Buy them,and bring them back to UK to sell,i also own an Art and Craft Gallery where i sell them.. I am a widower and a father of an 11years old daughter..') and letter (' I wonder how God could let you go off heaven so easily, you are like an angel from heaven, seeing you has made me believe that an angel is missing from heaven, WOW ! ...') are exactly the same as this Jack Williams, so be aware... I'd like to warn all the women about this man, who tells women that he would go to visit them first and then he would send them a package to them as a suprising gift. But be cautious, that is only a trick, a very dangerous trick only for tricking you into sending him MONEY...

2009-05-20, 12:45:32
anonymous from United States  
I was winked at by this man (last pic on pg 16) under Harry McDaniel Ashwood--claiming to be from Los Angeles, CA. on I felt it was a scam because i had been scammed by Richard George--so he said--& after I told him off & shut him down he tried to scam me again with this picture & wink. I could tell he was a scammer because of his poor written English & his profile & info was so vague. Beware this guy is using about 50-100 different identies & stories on all kinds of dating sites, sometimes poses as a woman, all over the world, he is a smooth talker & will rip you in two by his deceitfulness & lies. He still tries to contact me using all kinds of tactics--he took me for plenty of bucks!!! WATCH OUT!!!
2009-05-23, 11:42:13   (updated: 2009-05-23, 11:47:46)
This is another picture he send to me.

2009-05-23, 11:54:10
had anybody seen this man's picture?
My British friend, Healey Davidson, whom I am having a relationship with from the, he and his daughter Ann Davidson(12 years old) was traveling to africa, but robbed in Nigeria ( 2009/4/21(二) 12:13 am) He asked for help from the British Embassy but the embassy only promised him to send them back to England. So he asked me to remit money 2500 gb pounds to him.

I didn't remit the money, but I want to confirm his identity by checking Healey Davidson is the reality? In fact I don't know him well except his name, his daughter's name, his e-mail address. I send his some pictures to evry women. If anybody had seen this man, please notify me on this topic.

His name: Healey Davidson
His daughter's name: Ann Davidson
His address in London: great smith stret sw1p westminstre london
e-mail address:;
call number: +2348058190458;+234803959143;+234703915478 in Nigeria
+447045799934 in UK

2009-05-23, 14:09:23
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  
Anonymous Concerning Healey Davidson

Please try to understand trying to confirm this guys identity is like asking
to prove the existence of a Ghost.
Most likely this guy is a scammer a Black man working in a Internet Cafe
with many other scammers. The picture used is stolen, the name is fake,
he has many e mail addresses.
When a scam originates in Nigeria it is usually impossible to track down.
Never send money to anyone for any reason that, You do not know.
These scammers manipulate, You by making, You believe they have families.
They have emergency's, They need medical or Travel expenses.
Its Just a scam.
Please do not listen to the story they have made up to get, Your money.
Never trust anyone White or Black if they are in West Africa for any reason.
There are hundreds of scams coming out of Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Gold Coast.
Ivory Coast. It is virtually impossible to tell if anyone can be trusted.
But the one sure way to confirm its a scammer is if they ask for money.
No matter what made up story.
Never tell a scammer about this site.
Never post your e mail on this site as scammers watch it all the time.
Do not tell the scammer how, You learned that, He is a scammer as all that
does is change his story to keep fooling you.
I hope for your sake you have never sent him your photo.
It can be used to scam someone else.
I wish, You the best and hope, You break off all contact with this scammer.

Kind Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//
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2009-05-25, 18:28:16
anonymous from Australia  
Hello Everyone
I came upon this site by mistake and Im so happy that I did, because Ive been also scammed and I wanted to get that scammers pic out there so other woman will be aware of him..I met him on a dating site and he blew me away with everything he used to say to me, as he always said the right things..It wasnt until he went to Nigeria and he told me that while in hospital with malaria someone broke into his hotel room and stole his money and passport. he begged me to send him the money for another passport so he could get back to his daughter in the UK, so I sent him the money by western union, then once back in the UK it took him 2 weeks to contact me then he asked me for more money.
Last xmas 'Henry' thats his suppose name and he is also known by 'Mamud Omar' was suppose to come to Australia and meet me and he asked me to go back to the UK with him, he asked me if he could bring his 10 year old daughter with him as she wanted to come with him..I went to the airport and waited for hours for them and he didnt turn up, so I came back home again then I found a email from him saying his daughter took sick and now he is taking her to Spain for some specialist treatment then a few days later he told me she died..I slowly worked out by then what his game was but that was after he scammed me again for money..I asked him for all the money back that I gave him but I knew he wouldnt return it..Also at the same time he was scamming me I know he was scamming others because he would tell me that his mother unexpectly would give him sums of money when he told me his mother was flat broke..He now lives in Spain, and he is still scamming because since then Ive seen him on the same dating site but his pic looks a little different and now he says's he comes from Egypt..Ive learnt my lesson and soon as someone talks about Nigeria I delete them fast or soon as someone as me for money I delete them also..There are so many decietful scumbags out there and we girls muct be more alert..For the record this scumbags email

2009-05-26, 06:00:22
have anybody tell me what is the model's name on these pictures?
or anybody have been cheeted by him(healey davidson). yesterday i told him he is a lier, because he used the model's pictures to cheat many women and me, but he told me that he is really a fashion designer as he said before, and insist these pictures are really him. He said as a fashion designer he made clothe for model , and once appear in the model page long time ago. Oh, my God, have anybody give me advise about him? He ask me to help him out nigrea and back to UK, he need me to send 2500pounds to him.

2009-05-26, 11:05:50
anonymous from China  
I seem to remember a Coffee advertisement on British TV with this actor .....

But I am not sure which one , maybe Maxwell House or Nescafe Gold Blend......
2009-05-26, 12:11:44
anonymous from China  
steals pictures of Seth from

2009-05-28, 06:32:35
anonymous from Germany  
i can confirm michotommy63 posts this text on :
'Hello Sweetie!

How are you doing?I cant help but say you are beautiful,you are a pure dublicate of an angel,I am really amazed at your beauty.I am Micho, am 46yearsold,successful business man.I am currently a single,divorced some years ago.I really don't have much to say about my self except I am being asked.I really will love to hear from you.You can add me to your yahoo messnager or msn,my id is (michotommy63)(at)( send me yours so i can add you too...

You are beautiful,Cheers till i hear from you.

Wait with curiosity to hear from you.


He claims to be from London, 46 years old and has no picture. wants to get in contact on msn messenger. NEVER EVER BUDDY!
2009-05-31, 07:37:19
Nick, Nicolas Williams another dating scam from Manchester. Or he says he is from Manchester but he´s accent sounds more like african than british. He´s e-mail is, UK number +44.7045748831 and Nigeria number +234.8068525169.

He says that he is 41, a widower of two small boys of age 5 and 1. Lost his wife a year ago, giving birth to his youngest son. Owns an import/export building materials company and travels a lot. His last journey were to Nigeria, Lagos, where he was going to stay only to deliver the building materials and then return to Manchester but something went wrong and after a week staying there he finally asked me some money. Said that his friend was going to help him out but didn´t turn up for the meeting so he needed urgently money for a shipping company in Malesia. The whole amount was 13,500 £ but I could send him what ever I could and it would help him. He started to give me the Western Union money transfer details, when I said that no need, I will not send any money online, I even haven´t got any to send, so he then disappeared from the map.

We´ve been chatting for about a month and spoke on the phone couple of times. he was in love with me and wanted to come and see me after he returns from Nigeria:-).
2009-06-02, 22:27:59   (updated: 2009-06-03, 03:02:41)
[hidden] from New Zealand  
WOW- I am so pleased I am not the only schmuck to be sucked in by a good looking man. Joe emailled me off the Fitness Singles site. Initially, I thought Joe was from USA, but after a couple of emails he said he lived alone in Colchester, Essex UK and he had his own successful construction business. That he had moved to UK after his wife had died 5 years ago, that he had an 18 yr old daughter who lived with her grandmother in London because he worked so hard (blah, blah,blah). After 100's of emails, texts and phone calls and money for small things to a total of $3000NZD (Yes I hear what you are saying - SUCKER). At the time I was being romanced with poetry, love songs and endless emails about our future together etc and I thought I was getting feelings for this man, well actually I fell HARD for this guy, he had even proposed mto marry me?- tell me what normal girl wouldn't go weak at the knees!!!
Well, guess what days before his arrival from UK to NZ to meet me, I received a phone call to say his mother who was on holiday was admitted to hospital with breast cancer and he needed to go and be with her and his daughter. And guess where they were holidaying - IKEJA, Nigeria. Suprise, suprise. Then I get a call to say that his mother needs extra medication to the tune of $3500USD and he has run out of money and could I help him out and perhaps send some money and when he gets back to UK he will repay me????? Well he is still in Nigeria and I am tearing my hair out whether this guy is for real or a scammer. I told Joe to go to the British Consulate to see whether they could help him? Apparently, the couldn't unless he had a copy of his birth certificate - what about his passport? Well he had given it to the hospital as security to hold until he had paid the rest of the hospital bill off- or some other schumck like me??

So if you come across THIS PERSON called Joseph K Hetcox from UK or USA or Nigeria - be careful. The email address he is using is and the contact phone numbers in Nigeria are :002348024115229 or in UK 00447011132471 or Skype htcxjoe

If anyone else out there recognises this photo or email address, please send me an email. Thank you

2009-06-03, 01:09:36
B from China  
@ anonymous from Australia 2009-05-25, 18:28:16

Hrithik Roshan - Bollywood Actor

2009-06-05, 02:37:47
[hidden] from Salem, United States  

How curious your posting appears after a posting talking only
about Mark Jones.
In, Your posting, You start out by talking about Wayne Smith
but, Your story changes to Mark Jones very quickly LOL
How can anyone believe, Your posting.
You wisely did not sign this posting Darlene, Jones
Or one of, Your other names. Joyie Jones ?
But it should be pointed out that, Your tell is showing.
You may not have said Darlene but the way, You said ( Think You )
Gives, You away Darlene. LOL
So what is it, You want everyone to believe ?
Its getting very hard to fallow, Your postings as You continually
change, Your mind from one posting to the next.

All of Your postings must be ignored as the work of ascammer.
You do not have to worry about any posting being taken away
or being discredited by, You in any way.
As, I see it both Mark Jones and Wayne Smith are two names
used by the same scammer.
So, You see, Your attempts to protect one name or the other
is a wasted effort on, Your part.
I have already told, You nothing gets changed without providing
proof to the site administrator.
So all these other postings are a complete waste of time.
Go Fuck Yourself Scammer.

Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//
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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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