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InterBase is slow


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I have setup Interbase 6 on an XP Pro computer and it does run however it is extremely slow. What can I do?


  1. if on Windows XP, try turning off system restore
  2. If you IB is runnig on a processor with hyperthreading, search the web for IB_AFFINITY.ZIP.
    At the time of writing, you can find it at
    IB_Affinity is a utility to set InterBase's affinity to a single CPU. Needed on SMP servers for InterBase databases before version 6.5, not needed for Firebird. IBServer has to run as an application for this to work.

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2005-12-08, 07:03:36
nsfzor from Finland  
this helped in dos-promt giving command in DOS promt
C:\Program Files\Borland\InterBase\IB_affinity>ib_affinity -A1
Affinity mask set to 1

C:\Program Files\Borland\InterBase\IB_affinity>ib_affinity -q
Current affinity mask: System=3, IBServer=1
2006-01-12, 11:38:35
AndyDm from United States  
Great Job!
It works now on WinXP with Hyperthreading!
2006-05-04, 10:34:52
Delphi Programmer from United States  
Its great !!!!!!! Thank you !!!!

2006-07-19, 02:04:49
anonymous from Philippines  
does this work on interbase 7.5.1? i'm having trouble with my applications developed from delphi 7.
2006-08-13, 22:30:44
anonymous from Lithuania  
For 7.5.1 you must find second service pack. Version works fine with hyperthreading.
2006-10-19, 11:05:48
[hidden] from Mexico  

i have a W2K3 server, with a xeon processor, i install the IB_affinity, now i can't connect my remote users with RDP to my application with the Interbase DataBase

somebody knows what can i do , to connect my remote users by terminal servers

2006-11-22, 01:32:42
anonymous from Vietnam  
I also have W2k3 server, I using InterBase 7.5.1. The data base be come 1 more GB but run Dackup and Restore very slow. The windows show 'finishing ' but the messenger 'Backup Data complete' long time for come out, may be 3 or 4 hour. Everybody knows pls give me advise. How can i do?
2007-02-02, 19:55:40
anonymous from Indonesia  
the ib_affinity really worked to speed up my ibserver. Thanks!
2007-03-10, 09:09:41
anonymous from Thailand  
Good Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2007-03-27, 03:22:10
anonymous from Egypt
2007-07-01, 21:04:21
anonymous from Taiwan  
Thanks a lot ~~
Also thanks to nsfzor from Finland!!
2007-09-18, 09:26:32
anonymous from Mexico  
Somebody get it works on windows vista?
2007-09-18, 11:01:20
anonymous from Mexico  
ok, in Windows Vista the interbase must be run as Application
2008-02-22, 03:45:20
anonymous from New Zealand  
Many thanks for your advice, I installed a dual processor motherboard on my computer and subsequently Interbase 6 became VERY slow. I downloaded Firebird-2.0.3 ( http://www.firebird..ngine_203) and now my databases fly!!
2008-04-29, 17:58:28
newbie from New Zealand  
ib_affinity really works and speeds up interbase 6 and it's great.

However, I have a problem and I hope someone could advise me?

I'm using Delphi 2006 and OS is Windows XP. I configured the processor to run on processor 2 using ib_affinity (ib_affinity -Q -a2). I can't be certain that the access violation error which I'm getting now in module dbkdebuggide100.bpl is related to configuring interbase on run on single processor, but I only started getting this violation error after I started using IB_Affinity.

Any advise will be greatly appreciated.

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